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This Relapse Prevention worksheet can help addicts in recovery to prevent relapse and live a life in recovery free from drugs and alcohol

Relapse Prevention

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It's No Secret...

The relapse rate of addicts is much higher than anyone in this community would like it to be. Studies show that 40-60% of addicts that leave long term treatment will relapse within the first 30 days of leaving treatment, while 85% will relapse in the first year! 

A relapse prevention plan for addicts to prevent relapse.
Prevent relapse with this relapse prevention worksheet and relapse prevention plan

Relapse is defined as...

Someone suffering from substance use disorder that has abstained from all mind altering substances for 30 days or more and then going back to drinking or using. Someone that uses drugs or drinks before getting their first 30 days is not someone that is relapsing, but someone that is trying to find recovery. Once we find our path to recovery, and have obtained the first 30 days clean and sober, we now have a foundation to work with that is important to build on to stay sober and beat all the statistics saying we can’t stay clean for good.

This worksheet is
a resource for everyone

Everyone who wants to find a life in recovery they love and can feel proud of. This worksheet is a reminder for all of us on what life was like in addiction and what life can be like in recovery. This resource has helped Adam and others to stay steadfast in their recovery and their goals and get through the hard times that inevitably lie ahead in our recovery.

Download this free worksheet and take your time to fill it out and keep it somewhere visible so you can stay clean and sober and keep fulfilling your dreams in recovery!

Relapse Prevention Worksheet