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The Harmon Brothers podcast Poop To Gold was a great experience and we discussed everything addiction which was not a normal topic for their show.

Empowering Recovery: Adam Vibe Gunton on Ending Addiction Through Story Telling With The Harmon Brothers

In a refreshing departure from their usual topics, Benton Crane of The Harmon Brothers podcast “Poop To Gold” recently sat down with Adam Vibe Gunton, the CEO of Recovered Purpose. Their conversation delved deep into the often overlooked but crucial subject of addiction, exploring Adam’s journey from rock bottom to leading a movement dedicated to healing through storytelling.


A Journey of Redemption

Adam Vibe Gunton’s story is one of resilience and transformation. Once caught in the throes of addiction, his life spiraled into chaos, culminating in homelessness and despair. Yet, out of that darkness emerged a beacon of hope. Gunton, now at the helm of Recovered Purpose, champions a unique approach to recovery: one centered around the power of personal narrative.


From Poop to Gold: A Different Conversation

The Harmon Brothers podcast, known for its witty and insightful explorations into marketing and entrepreneurship, took a meaningful turn as Benton Crane and Adam Gunton delved into the heart of addiction recovery. Gunton’s appearance marked a departure from their usual fare, but it was a conversation that resonated deeply with listeners.

Gunton’s mission through Recovered Purpose is clear: to end addiction by harnessing the power of storytelling. He believes that by sharing personal experiences of addiction, recovery, and empowerment, individuals can find solace and strength in connection rather than isolation.


The Power of Connection Over Isolation

During the podcast, Gunton emphasized the transformative impact of human connection in healing from addiction. He shared how isolation often exacerbates the struggles of those battling addiction, while connection through shared stories can offer a lifeline. By fostering a community where individuals feel heard and understood, Recovered Purpose aims to break the cycle of shame and silence that often accompanies addiction.


Turning Life’s Lowest Point into a Catalyst for Change

Gunton candidly discussed with Crane the pivotal moment that altered the course of his life. Facing his lowest point, Gunton realized that he had to make a choice: continue down a path of self-destruction or embark on a journey of recovery and self-empowerment. He chose the latter, and from that decision, Recovered Purpose was born.


Empowerment Through Personal Narrative

Central to Gunton’s philosophy is the idea that empowering oneself is essential to sustained recovery. By reclaiming their narratives and owning their stories, individuals in recovery can redefine their identities beyond their past struggles. Gunton himself exemplifies this ethos, having transformed his life from addiction to becoming a respected advocate and entrepreneur.


Inspiring Others Through Storytelling

Gunton’s appearance on “Poop To Gold” not only shed light on the realities of addiction but also offered hope to listeners grappling with similar challenges. His message resonated with those who have felt the crushing weight of addiction and provided a roadmap to recovery through storytelling and community support.


Looking Ahead: A Future Free from Addiction Stigma

As Recovered Purpose continues to grow, Gunton envisions a future where addiction is met with compassion and understanding rather than stigma. Through platforms like The Harmon Brothers podcast, he aims to spark conversations that dismantle stereotypes and foster empathy for those affected by addiction.


Conclusion of Poop To Gold with The Harmon Brothers and Adam Vibe Gunton

Adam Vibe Gunton’s journey from addiction to advocacy is a testament to the power of resilience and community support. His conversation with Benton Crane on The Harmon Brothers’ “Poop To Gold” podcast underscored the transformative potential of storytelling in healing from addiction. As Gunton and Recovered Purpose continue their mission to end addiction through connection and empowerment, they pave the way for a future where recovery is not just possible but celebrated.

In sharing his story, Gunton offers a beacon of hope to individuals and families affected by addiction, proving that from adversity can emerge profound growth and purpose.

Poop to gold with Adam Vibe Gunton

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