Meet The Team

Board Members


Executive Director

Adam is the founder of Recovered On Purpose and author of From Chains To Saved. His story of addiction and recovery has reached millions of people worldwide and his vision for this community rising up together to end addiction is what keeps his energy and fire for life growing. Adam brings well over a decade of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience to this team. Before dedicating his life to this mission full time, he broke sales records in two door-to-door industries and built a multimillion dollar business-to-consumer marketing company with a team of twenty three employees in three states. Adam believes this cause is God’s Purpose for his life and left the corporate ladder to help build a world impacting community here at Recovered On Purpose.

Cameron Sprenger


Cameron is the founder of the 7-figure company Growth Marketing Media and an active real estate investor. He is recovered from a 10-year battle with drug addiction which resulted in 10 hospitalized overdoses. He brings his recovery journey, expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship, and passion for personal development, growth, and relationship building to this cause. Cameron desires to help addicts suffering like he was find the freedom and happiness in recovery he now has. Cameron is happily married to his wife Naomi and they brought their first son, Gabriel, into the world on August 1, 2022.

Dr. David M. Berry, MD

Medical Director

David M. Berry, MD, attended medical school at Tulane University where he received his Medical Doctorate in 1998. Dr. Berry then did his Emergency Medicine Residency through 2001 at LSU’s charity hospital Earl K. Long Medical Center. Dr. Berry has served as Assistant Medical Director at Louisiana State Penitentiary, Emergency Department Medical Director for Calhoun Health, Director of Emergency Department at Trilakes Medical Center, and Chief of Staff and current Director of Emergency Department at Tallahatchie General Hospital.

Dr. Berry has a deep and profound connection to addiction, SUD treatment, and finding a real solution to the pandemic in the United States. He states, “I aim to shatter SUD stigma, educate primary care doctors, increase treatment opportunities, impact healthcare policy, and provide effective SUD treatment.” He founded and served as Medical Director for Providence Recovery Services in Craig, Colorado utilizing his extensive experience in pharmacological treatment of SUD until selling in 2022 to a company able to bring the services to more patients in need. Dr. Berry is excited and passionate about the mission of Recovered On Purpose and how we couple the real life experience of addicts today, with the medical professionals and resources available, to offer a nuanced solution so desperately needed.

Denise Meyers


Denise Meyers is a retired Administrative Assistant after a 40-year career working with Colorado Businesses. She worked at Thrive Ministries helping replenish women’s ministries overseas for the last 6 years of her career. Denise volunteers on the Recovered On Purpose Board because she is passionate about the cause to keep addicts clean and help addicts suffering find recovery.

Kris Van Wormer Treasurer


Kris brings thirty-five years of accounting experience overseeing the financial reports of businesses and nonprofits, and has worked for nonprofit ministries for the past 15 years.

In the past five years she has focused on accounting for churches, new church plants, and small ministries. Her passion has been to assist, train, and help ministries to get on the correct path with their finances. Kris has served on the Women’s Ministry team in her church. She graduated from Colorado Christian University with her degree in Non-Profit Management.


Kyle Mallien

Business Strategy Advisor

Kyle Mallien is a business strategy mentor and co-founder of Acquisitionpreneur – an exclusive national mastermind of top-level entrepreneurs buying, scaling, and selling businesses. Kyle is a leading expert in the art of scaling businesses through systems, network partnerships, and bootstrapping hard work – his businesses currently generate over 100mm/year in revenue.

Kyle began this journey of success after the dog leash he used to try to end his battle with alcoholism broke, sending him to the floor with a new lease on life in 2008. He has not had a drink since. Kyle and Adam connected in January of 2021 when Adam cold-messaged him about a business deal he was involved with. After spending days together talking business strategy, ethics, growing ideas that change the world, and the desperate need of a movement like this in the recovery world today, Kyle became a close mentor of Adam teaching him new levels of growing businesses that impact millions of lives. Kyle lives in Carlsbad, California, with his wife Amanda, their daughter Addilyn, and their just-like-dad son, Maddox.

Tamara Lowe Phillips

Spiritual & Business Strategy Advisor

Tamara Lowe Phillips is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Get Motivated and the founder of Kingdom Builders Academy – a global education company that has helped over 100,000 Christian entrepreneurs build their businesses online – where they currently have over 1,000 students, 300 auditioners and 100 coaches in her yearlong mentorship program. She is a spiritual powerhouse able to take leaders from a space of self-doubt and fear to a place of confidence and power in just one statement on a call. Tamara has been mentoring Adam since his first year in recovery in 2018 and continues to help this movement behind the scenes by keeping Adam faith-driven, inspired, and grounded on the actions needed to be taken to grow this mission and help more addicts. Tamara lives in Florida with her husband Matthew and has two sons Zack and Andrew.

Josh Khachadourian

Spiritual Advisor

Josh Khachadourian is a husband, father, leader, coach, and founder of – a faith-focused community of Kingdom men committed to raising the standard as they follow Jesus to be the men God created them to be. Josh has spent over the last 15 years ascending the corporate ladder in a Fortune 500 company where he focused on building high-performing teams and developing best in class leaders. Josh is also the #1 Bestselling Author of The Standard and has made it his mission to show men everywhere that Jesus is accessible, relatable, real, and relevant. He is the founder of the Standard59 Mastermind and the host of the Raising The Standard Podcast. 
Josh and Adam met in September of 2019 at the 100X Expansion conference where the Recovered On Purpose mission was birthed and have stayed close ever since. Josh has played a pivotal role in Adam’s development as a faith-focused and godly leader – staying in his ear and “calling him out” in the four personal areas of life all men must take dominion over: faith, fitness, family, and finances. Josh lives in Pennsylvania with his beloved wife Rachael and their 3 children, Elyse, Jace, and Gavin.

Staff And Volunteers

Frank Hernandez

Director of Marketing

Frank Hernandez is a software solutions, custom crm systems, and automation architecture specialist with over a decade of marketing experience. Frank began helping Recovered On Purpose at the start of the movement because, although not an addict himself, he has been impacted by addiction in his personal life and believes strongly in this cause. However you wound up at this page, Frank had something to do with you finding us. His goals in life are to keep making impact while continuing to have fun doing it! Frank is married to his wife, Ashley, and they have four amazing children: Heath, Olivia, Hannah, and Joanna.

Eric Borja

Web Designer

Eric Borja is a creative designer specializing in graphic and UI/UX design. Eric has worked with Recovered On Purpose with graphic design and web design since 2021 building the site you are on now and ensuring this message is able to reach the most amount of people. Eric believes Recovered On Purpose is a cause to stand behind and help because although he has not used hard drugs himself, he has watched family members and friends fall victim to meth addiction and says, “Addiction is no joke.” Eric’s goal in life is to impact more people with good causes by creating attractive graphic art that gets a message delivered to those who need it. Eric’s son is just as talented in the arts as he was at his age and hopes he continues to follow in his footsteps to continue to develop his talent to help humanity through art.

Heather Fitzsimmons

Director of Resources & Coach

Heather Fitzsimmons is a Recovered On Purpose Recovery Speaker graduate and certified coach. After recovering from a 14-year drug addiction, Heather found her passion in helping addicts navigate the resources available to them to achieve recovery. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colorado State University and currently works in Denver, CO, helping the unhoused population obtain safe housing and treatment. She loves using her story of addiction and recovery to better connect with those she is serving and looks forward to every opportunity to do so.

Crystal Lavender

Events Booking Manager & Coach

Crystal Lavender is a Recovered On Purpose Recovery Speaker graduate and certified coach. After struggling with addiction for over two decades, Crystal found recovery after coming to an event where she heard Adam speak. Crystal was inspired to be able to say I AM Recovered On Purpose and set out on a mission to live her life filled with purpose in everything she does. Crystal published her first book Say You Love: A Testimony of Triumph Over the Darkness of Childhood Sexual Trauma and Addiction on October 2, 2022, and it quickly became a #1 Amazon Bestseller. She now does guest appearances on podcasts to help others with her story every week while she continues to live purposeful in every area of her life. Crystal is passionate about this cause and community and uses her skills of connection and networking to grow this movement in the space of national recovery events. Crystal lives in Colorado with her son Irie.

Courtney Petty

Booking Manager & Coach

Courtney Petty is a Recovered On Purpose Recovery Speaker graduate and certified coach. She struggled with addiction and alcoholism for over ten years, but after losing her child to CPS, she was able to get custody back and her record expunged in her recovery. She has been clean and sober since 3/3/2018 and is currently working on a book to help women who are going through the same battles she went through. Courtney is passionate about the Recovered On Purpose mission and the message of this movement getting out to more people who need hope. Courtney is engaged to her fiancé, Joey, and has a beautiful daughter, Brayleigh.

Kimberly Clark

Content Editor & Coach

Kimberly Clark is a Recovered On Purpose Recovery Speaker graduate, a certified coach, and a Navy Veteran. Kimberly struggled with trauma and addiction for over a decade after serving in the military and found herself in and out of jails, rehabs, and psychiatric units. After being saved and finding recovery on January 3, 2021, Kimberly published her first book Stuck Between Pleasure and Pleasing God, and regularly speaks on stages to motivate audiences with her story of overcoming her past. She is now a certified Peer Support Specialist, Personal Development Coach, CEO of Motivation From the Heart, and the state leader for the national nonprofit organization Mission 22 where they raise awareness for Veteran Suicide. Kimberly is passionate about serving the recovery community with content development, video, and powerful message delivery.

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