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This Relapse Prevention worksheet can help addicts in recovery to prevent relapse and live a life in recovery free from drugs and alcohol

Relapse Prevention

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A Relapse Prevention Worksheet For Addicts Made By Addicts

Receiving Help & Guidance From Others In Recovery Brought Many Of Us Here

Early Recovery Is Hard Alone
You Are Never Alone & Are Part Of This Family

We believe working with medical professionals is good for anyone in recovery, or trying to obtain recovery, and adding in relapse prevention techniques others with long-term recovery have used is just as vital for success!

Recovered On Purpose is living on a mission to end addiction and we need YOUR HELP to get there!

Yes, YOU!

We need you to stick around in recovery and show others that are struggling that a life in addiction recovery is one worth living! This worksheet was made by us and formatted for you to do right on your phone, tablet, or computer and print it out and hang it on your wall. 

In this worksheet you will learn:

  • Positive Affirmations For Addicts In Recovery
  • How To Set Goals In Addiction Recovery
  • Everything That Reminds You Where You Were
  • What You Really Want With Your Life and How To Fulfill It
  • How To Find The Best Ways To Help Others In Recovery


This resource was made to be free so we can help make a dent in the problem with relapse going on in our community. We hope you will download this and take the time to fill it out and reall think about who you want to become now that you are living Recovered On Purpose in recovery!

Need A Relapse
Prevention Plan???

"This Relapse Prevention Worksheet Works"

The relapse rate of addicts coming out of addiction treatment is 40-60% in the first 30 days, 70% in the first 90 days, and 85% within the first year. 

Medical professionals use psychotherapy to prevent relapse and we believe every relapse prevention plan can use a little more planning of the future!

This relapse prevention worksheet will guide you into recognizing who you are and who you want to become in the future of your addiction recovery!

A relapse prevention plan for addicts to prevent relapse.
Prevent relapse with this relapse prevention worksheet and relapse prevention plan

To Prevent relapse...

Someone with SUD that has abstained from all mind altering substances for 30 days who then goes back to drinking or using uncontrollably has relapsed.

To prevent this from happening in your addiction recovery we have created a relapse prevention worksheet to help keep you excited about and working towards a future in your recovery you love!

With a section that teaches how to set goals in addiction recovery and another section with over 100 positive affirmations for addicts in recovery, this worksheet is one of a kind made by addicts for addicts!

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this worksheet is for
everyone who:

  • Is ready to leave drugs and alcohol behind for good
  • Wants to live a life in addiction recovery to be proud of
  • Wants to learn positive affirmations for addicts in recovery
  • Has relapsed before but wants to prevent relapse for good
  • Wants resources to build the best relapse prevention plan
Relapse Prevention Worksheet