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Recovered On Purpose Origin Story

After overcoming homelessness and drug addiction, Recovered On Purpose founder Adam Vibe Gunton set out on a mission to help as many addicts find recovery as possible. To do this, he knew he had to first work on becoming the best version of himself to attract other people suffering in addiction to a life in recovery. 

In his addiction, Adam went to personal development conferences, graduated Landmark Worldwide, and was even coached by NY Times Bestselling Author Gary John Bishop – but his addiction made it impossible to truly implement the teaching he was receiving. In his recovery, he restarted his journey of personal development in his first 6 months sober by investing in Kingdom Builders Academy with founder Tamara Lowe Phillips where he began to learn how to serve more addicts with coaching.

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Tamara and Adam are still close today and you can see more about her in the Advisors section of the Meet The Team Page

Just months after this, Adam was offered a partnership in a marketing business where he quickly helped take the business from 48k revenue in 2018, to over 1.2 million in 2019. 

With this new success and income, Adam continued investing more and more into personal development courses, masterminds, conferences, etc., with this personal why statement written on his white board that he read every day:

In September of 2019, Adam went to a 100X Academy conference in Vacaville, California, where the premise of the conference was learning how to bring God into your business and every area of your life. 

On the first night of the conference, while in the crowd listening to a worship band playing on stage, Adam heard the all-too-familiar Whisper come from above and land in his heart saying, “Your new company is called Recovered On Purpose.” 

He looked up in the sky and said back, “That’s Good!” Without knowing exactly what it was going to be, or exactly what that meant, Adam pulled out his phone and purchased the domain name on the spot.

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About Recovered On Purpose Origin Story

Later in the conference, a speaker came up on stage and began speaking about self-publishing a book. Adam was rigorously taking notes in his notebook because he thought, ‘I have always wanted to write a book…’ 

Then, the Whisper came to him again saying, “If you publish your story for your two years clean and sober date, you are going to inspire many others to do the same.” He thought, ‘Two years clean and sober date? That’s in five weeks!’ But, knowing the importance of these moments in life to follow that Whisper, Adam went home and let everyone in his life know he is going to be unreachable for a few weeks, and he sat down to begin.

On the first day back, Adam thought, “I’m not going to be able to just sit down and write this book out in five weeks. I need to come up with a plan.” 

So, for the first two days back from the conference, he began meticulously planning the book by deciding the message he wanted to deliver, dumping out every story and experience he could think of from his life into little phrases that reminded him of those experiences, and picked the stories and experiences that matched up with his message. 

He did not realize at the time, but the way he was planning his own book would become the foundation for the mission of Recovered On Purpose.

He wrote and wrote and wrote, did edit after edit after edit, and on November 6, 2019, Adam published his first book From Chains To Saved: One Man’s Journey Through The Spiritual Realm of Addiction

With the help of his launch team, and strategies he learned from his course in Self-Publishing School to get your message to more people, his book became a #1 Amazon Bestseller going on to sell over 5,000 copies and he has given another 5,000+ away.

From Chains To Saved Adam Vibe Gunton Recovered On Purpose Origin Story

Messages and emails started coming in from all over the country from people who had found the book and were deciding to quit drugs and alcohol themselves. 

Adam began using his social media as a platform to reach more addicts suffering with the message and using his inbox as a place to discuss recovery options with those who reach out for help…

About Recovered On Purpose Helping People

Then, exactly 30 days after the launch on December 5, 2019, Adam was at a conference in San Diego, CA, when a man he had never met before came up to him with a copy of his book and said, “Bro, your book changed my life, I have three weeks clean, will you sign it for me?” 

Israel is still clean to this day…

About Recovered On Purpose Story of israel
Brittany Priestley mommy Drunkest About Recovered On Purpose

Adam began recognizing the power of a recovery story reaching the masses and how vital it could be to reaching those suffering with the message that will ultimately deliver them from the grips of addiction. 

So, in January of 2020, Adam began coaching and mentoring others in recovery how to write and publish books about their stories. One of his first graduates, Brittany Priestley, published her book Mommy Drunkest: How Losing My Little Angels Freed Me Of My Demons for her four year clean and sober date in April 2020.

Amazingly, the same District Attorney that prosecuted her four times in her addiction bought a box of her books he now gives away to women he is prosecuting who are in the same situation she was in. 

There is no telling how many people have been impacted by the stories told with Recovered On Purpose and lives continue to be changed every day.

On November 6, 2020, Adam launched The Recovered On Purpose Show to share encouraging stories of recovery and to expose the recovery community to personal development, motivation, and mindset shifts not talked about in treatment or 12-step fellowships. 

The Recovered On Purpose Show has had guests ranging from Neurosurgeons, to Psychologists, to treatment center consultants, to multimillionaire entrepreneurs in recovery, and many more. The show has given a place for addicts suffering to find community and a place to reach out for help and has also given a place for addicts in recovery to come and share their recovery journeys in an online platform where they celebrate recovery time together.

During the years of 2020, 2021, and 2022, Recovered On Purpose began being featured in top industry magazines like Recovery Today Magazine, Treatment Magazine, Addiction Treatment Magazine, and many more.

Adam continued to do guest appearances on other podcasts like The Addiction Podcast, The Harmon Brothers Podcast, RISK!, and over 100 more.

During this time, Adam developed the one-of-a-kind digital course for addicts in recovery Recovery Speaker: Share Your Story Powerfully, where students learn how to turn their stories into a powerful message and reach more people with it. Graduates of this course are sharing their messages on podcasts, stages, social media, YouTube videos, and conferences, and addicts suffering continue to reach out to graduates who are prepared to connect them with the right resources to find recovery.

About Recovered On Purpose The Recovered On Purpose Show Adam Gunton

In 2023, with new partnerships developing, Recovered On Purpose will be offering scholarships to the addiction recovery community to go through the Recovered On Purpose courses at no cost. Students will go through Recovery Speaker and be certified as Recovered On Purpose Recovery Speakers. 

They will then have the option of going into a leadership development course where they will be coached weekly by Adam on how to coach others in recovery through life and the course, or, go into the new Recovery Influencer: Increase Your Impact course, where they will learn to grow their reach online through every available network to reach more addicts suffering with their story and exactly how to help addicts reaching out. The course following these programs will be Recovery Finances: Take Back Control, where students in recovery will learn all the basics of money management, credit building, budgeting/expenses, job training and obtaining, as well as be offered employment with the Recovered On Purpose community to share their story in their local community and raise funds for this cause.

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There is an underlying seriousness to everything we do in our community, not only to reach addicts suffering and help them find recovery, but to help addicts in recovery pursue a life of purpose, mission and passion without falling back into the dangerous grips of relapse. Every course is focused on directing the student’s attention away from just the clinical side of relapse prevention, to focusing on the life they want to live in their recovery – taking back control of every pillar of life to ensure their success.

If you believe in this cause and would like to partner with Recovered On Purpose through giving, please visit our Donation Page to see which option best fits you. Every partnership goes directly to helping this mission.

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