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We have found the NUMBER ONE relapse prevention for addiction recovery, and it’s not just daily 12 step meetings. Addiction treatment success rates are under 15% for over one year and we have found what works to get addicts clean and keep them clean!

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To equip and empower addicts in recovery to share their stories with those suffering, to encourage and help addicts recover, and to share their experiences in the school system to deter the future generations from going down the path of addiction.

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FREE Relapse Prevention Worksheet.

This worksheet is for everyone who wants to find a life in recovery they love and can feel proud of. This worksheet is a reminder for all of us on what life was like in addiction and what life can be like in recovery. This resource has helped Adam and others to stay steadfast in their recovery and their goals and get through the hard times that inevitably lie ahead in our recovery.

Download this free worksheet and take your time to fill it out and keep it somewhere visible so you can stay clean and sober and keep fulfilling your dreams in recovery!

FREE Digital And Audio Copy Of From Chains To Saved

Adam Vibe Gunton wrote and published this book about his story of experience strength and hope for his 2 year clean and sober birthday on 11/6/19. It became a #1 Bestseller and has been in the hands of thousands of people and he now has the opportunity to give it away for free!

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