Relapse Prevention Strategies For Addicts In Early Recovery

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A detailed guide for relapse prevention to help addicts in early recovery and alcoholics in early recovery. A free resource for relapse prevention with positive affirmations for addicts in recovery, mindfulness relapse prevention techniques, and a healthy diet plan for relapse prevention and addicts in early recovery.

Our Collective Call: The Purpose Of Recovery

AA is the only way to find recovery! No! AA doesn’t work! You’ve got to go to treatment or else you’ll never get clean! I tried treatment, I have been four times! Suboxone isn’t sober! There is so much in-fighting within our community right now, but for what? What is the ultimate goal of us […]

It Is Never Too Late: Becoming 7 Times Stronger Than Ever A lot of us were in addiction for many years taking us backwards and backwards and backwards in life… And now, looking back, we can feel like that time wasted was our opportunity to get ahead in life and fulfill our purpose and our dreams in life.  What if I told you everything that […]

Success Vs. Recovery: From Playboy and Oprah To Addiction Treatment

For years, Deborah Driggs was a master of putting on a brave face and looking like she was having the time of her life. She was in movies and magazines–she was even on the cover of Playboy three times! Oprah booked her for her show…but it was all a lie. She was miserable.  Deborah said, […]

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Becoming The Hero Of Your Own Story

As always on WeekEnd ReCap we are celebrating clean/sober time and coming together as a community to cheer each other on and talk recovery! I have had a lot of heroes in my day that showed up at the right time in my life to teach me, show me the way, or even save my […]

Life Is Shorter Than We Perceive: Live Everyday For God

It seems like just yesterday we were in school, we were using drugs, we were finding recovery, and we were living starting our journey to a free life. How can time go by so fast while we never really notice ourselves growing older until so much has changed? Today we are going to discuss time, […]

How Bad Do You Want It? What It Takes To Succeed.

Thank God it’s Monday! Today on Monday Motivation we are talking about the effort that is needed to succeed at finding recovery from addiction and the effort needed in finding success in our recovery. Do we want to just get by, doing the minimum, and staying off drugs and alcohol one day at a time? […]

Other Opinions On Your Recovery: How To Make Decisions For Your Own Life

Other Opinions On Your Recovery: How To Make Decisions For Your Own Life Jamie Tall began her recovery journey on July 20, 2015. With the help of a sober living facility and a 12 step foundation,  she became Certified Peer Specialist for Addictive Disease and a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist.  After being certified through […]

Getting And Staying Sober: 7 Tips For Wherever You Are In Recovery

Like always on WeekEnd ReCap, we are celebrating recovery time together so bring your recovery dates and wisdom for those out there wanting to get to where you are! We are going to be discussing 7 tips to getting and staying in recovery with topics ranging from mental health to relationships! For the free Recovered […]

Relapse Prevention Worksheet