Divine Opportunities: Finding God In Communication w/ Dr. Ryan Montague

On today’s episode of The Recovered On Purpose Show, I interviewed Dr. Ryan Montague about the reality of Divine Opportunities and God showing you the way to your purpose and destiny in recovery from addiction.

I share some of my experiences of God bringing me to where I am and how you can practically begin your listening and following of the One who created you.

RYAN MONTAGUE, PH.D. HUSBAND, FATHER, SPEAKER, AUTHOR, PROFESSOR, FOUNDER Dr. Ryan Montague (PhD in Communication, University of Missouri) is the founder of Divine Opportunity Ministries. Before starting the ministry, Ryan spent over a decade as a professor of Communication Management in higher education specializing in emotional intelligence in personal and professional relationships.

Ryan is the author of two books:

1) Divine Opportunity: Finding God in the Conversations of Everyday Life

2) Untapped Potential: Moving from a Mediocre to a Miraculous Testimony.

As for the ministry, Ryan specializes in teaching three content areas:

1) Kingdom Coupling: How to Attract, Date, and Select a Godly Spouse

2) Kingdom Mindset: How be Set Free and Stay Free Despite Fierce Pressure from the Outside World

3) Kingdom Moments: How to Demonstrate God’s Love and Presence in Everyday Life

Ryan has been married to his wife Debra since Jan. 3, 2009. Debra and Ryan have three kids–David, Makenna, & Bella. They live in greater Los Angeles, CA.

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