Embracing The Journey: How I Got And Stay Sober Without AA w/ Gentry

On today’s episode of The Recovered On Purpose Show, I interviewed Gentry about how to have fun in sobriety while passing a message of hope to people all over the world.

Gentry did not get and remain sober by doing the 12 step fellowships, she has found recovery without the 12 step fellowships, and in this episode, we take a deep dive into what that looks like in her life and how she is helping over 100,000 people today with her influence on social media telling her story and having fun!

On May 1st 2018, after struggling with alcohol abuse for over 10 years, Gentry finally surrendered to sobriety. Since that day she has been dedicated to learning as much as she can about her addiction, mental health and personal development so she can use her voice to help bring support and community to others suffering.

Gentry built her social media platforms around her life as a sober single mom and sharing honestly about struggles, joys and confidence that can come after addiction. Her goal is to use her influence to provide hope and humor to the mental health struggles of navigating sobriety and life as a sober single mom.

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