TV Star, Social Media Activist Team Up to Prevent Campus Sexual Assault and Alcohol Abuse with Breakthrough Science

Post-COVID Partying Comes with Increased Risk of Assault LOS ANGELES (9/12/22) – Film and TV Actress Claudia Christian and Social Media Personality Adam Vibe Gunton are speaking to college audiences about a breakthrough science-based method to prevent alcohol-related sexual assaults. “I experienced my own alcohol related sexual assault and it deeply affected me,” said Christian, whose credits include Babylon 5, NCIS and 9-1-1. “I feel it’s my responsibility to do what I can to prevent other young women from going through this.” In 2013, Christian founded the nonprofit C Three Foundation to change the conversation about alcohol use, misuse and treatment.

College campus sexual assault has increased more than 363 percent during the past 15 years with 75 percent of new cases reported being directly related to alcohol incapacitation. A new study found one in three female students will experience sexual assault during their time in college; sorority members are four times more likely to experience sexual assault. “Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, more students are on campus and on their own for the first time,” said Gunton. “The ‘partying lifestyle’ at college has become more dangerous than ever before.” Gunton is the founder of Recovered On Purpose, a nonprofit that works with addicts in recovery to prevent future generations from experiencing addiction.”

“The Campus Prevention Speakers” presentation opens with Gunton’s personal story of going from a successful student athlete at Columbine High School to having a traumatic event his freshman year of college that sent him down a path of drug addiction, homelessness and being found dead by the police from overdose.

After showing the audience police bodycam footage of his overdose and explaining the warning signs of substance use disorder, Gunton shares coping skills and resources for students who have experienced trauma or believe they are in danger of becoming full-blown addicts.

Christian follows with her personal story of sexual assault and the effects it had on her life, breaking down the probability of college students experiencing assault themselves without the proper awareness and preventative measures.

She then shares the breakthrough science-based “Sinclair Method” of alcohol misuse prevention. Unlike the common abstinence message, The Sinclair Method gives the power of choice back to someone choosing to consume alcohol. By taking “One Little Pill” before going out to party on campus, students are given the power to not go over the limit to incapacitation from alcohol, dramatically reducing their chance of sexual assault.

Gunton and Christian then take the stage together for an extended question and answer session followed by breakaway groups for males and females to discuss topics and questions specifically related to their college experience.

“If I could go back to that night in 2008, I would change a lot,” said Gunton of his college trauma. “But I can’t. My purpose is to help young people avoid coping with life through drugs and alcohol. I believe, together, we can begin lowering the number of young people dying from overdose in America.”

Gunton has been featured in “Treatment Magazine,” “Recovery Today Magazine,” and “The Good Men Project.”

Christian has spoken at the University of Southern California, the United States Senate, and TedX London Business School. She is the executive producer and narrator of “One Little Pill,” a 2014 documentary film about The Sinclair Method.

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