Using Influence For Service: The Sinclair Method Of Recovery W/ Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian has been in the film and television business as a performer for over 35 years. She has starred in over 50 films and hundreds of hours of television. Sci -fi fans around the world know her from her work on the Hugo and Emmy award winning show Babylon 5. She is currently on the hit FOX show 911 and stars in two Netflix series “Blood of Thor” and “DOTA” both released in 2020.

Claudia is the most recognized advocate for The Sinclair Method, a treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD). In 2013 she started her non-profit C3 Foundation to help raise awareness of the treatment, she also became an accredited substance abuse counselor in the UK and US in 2015.

In 2020 she became a National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and launched an international coaching website:

In 2014 Claudia’s award-winning documentary about The Sinclair Method, “One little Pill” was released to critical acclaim. It is currently streaming on many platforms including Amazon.

Claudia has spoken at UCLA, USC and at medical conventions around the world and has appeared on Larry King, Extra! and Megyn Kelly to educate people about this inexpensive, life saving treatment. Her interviews on TSM have been published in The Atlantic, NYT and Reader’s Digest among many other periodicals.

Claudia’s passion is to educate people so that they can empower themselves by choosing a science based treatment, in 2016 she spent a month in India working with The Chinmaya organization for rural development (CORD) and taught in villages throughout the country.

Around four million people have viewed her TEDx talk on TSM: How I Overcame Alcoholism helping thousands of people learn about TSM and speak to their doctor about it which has resulted in the entire USA being covered by doctors who are willing to support their patients who choose TSM for their alcohol misuse.

She works with the harm reduction advocacy group “R-Street” in Washington, DC and spoke at the US Senate imploring government officials to make naltrexone, the generic medication used in TSM, over the counter. She is currently training coaches in the UK and US and developing a physician-training program for release in 2023.

Claudia is a published author of fiction and nonfiction and lends her distinctive voice to some of the biggest games in the world such as Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Halo, Fallout 4 and Call of Duty. In 2021released her first series of cooking shows based on her passion for creating easy, healthy dishes. Claudia lives in Los Angeles and London.

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