Write – Speak – Serve The Three Step Process To Sharing Your Story And Making Impact

On today’s episode of The Recovered On Purpose Show, I take you through my story of addiction and recovery in under 20 minutes and then show you the exact process I use to map out mine or anyone else’s addiction recovery story to be a powerful message to share anywhere and any time.

By the end of this episode you will have the exact tools you need to put your recovery story together as a powerful message that helps addicts suffering. What you learn here will help you gain confidence in sharing your story and never finish sharing it and think, “Dangit! I should have said…”

For the first 20 minutes, I share some of my story and experiences of life, addiction, and recovery through the spiritual lens and exactly what I did to recover.

For the next 15 minutes I will share about writing my book in 5 weeks, how it became a bestseller and in the hands of thousands of people around the world, and share some stories of people I have helped in recovery share their stories through writing a book…

The last half is focused on YOU and how to share YOUR story. I share the exact methods I used to write my book and how I use the same methods to share my story on podcasts, videos, social media and other stages…

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