Addiction And The Brain: Rewrite Your Mind With Neuroscience

Dr. Darlene A. Mayo is a Neurosurgeon, Neuroscientist, and the Founder and Chief Freedom Minister of Healing in the Kingdom, a global organization designed to bring healing to your body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Mayo’s passion is to help you get breakthrough in your health by revealing keys in science that unlock truths in scripture so you can achieve your potential and fulfill your calling. 

Dr. Mayo earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University, completed medical school and neurosurgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia, clinical and research fellowships at UCLA, Emory, Mayo Clinic, and the Atomic Energy Commission in Grenoble, France. She practiced as a neurosurgeon for 10 years and has conducted research in how to use neuroscience to maximize the function of the brain for the last 20 years. She has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Fox News, CBN, Inside Science, Thrive Global, and many more media outlets. 

She is certified as an executive coach, an educator, is a widely sought after speaker and is a celebrated author with over 25 publications of scientific manuscripts and four books. In her latest book, The Science of God’s Healing Power, Dr. Mayo shares with you the key that connects the spiritual and physical worlds, along with practical strategies, based in neuroscience, and in scripture, to help you be healed.

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