Success Vs. Recovery: From Playboy and Oprah To Addiction Treatment

For years, Deborah Driggs was a master of putting on a brave face and looking like she was having the time of her life. She was in movies and magazines–she was even on the cover of Playboy three times! Oprah booked her for her show…but it was all a lie. She was miserable. 

Deborah said, “I was using attention, relationships, and addiction to cover the wounds of my past.”

Deborah has taken her experiences of finding success in life from the views of society (while still finding herself miserable and addicted) and transformed into a personal coach and mentor for high-achieving and high-functioning addicts who are struggling within their success like she was. 

Deborah and I are going to speak live about her story and how she found peace in recovery from drugs and alcohol. 

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