Do It Like You Love It: The Small Actions Towards Success

Getting up and doing the work is hard. Going to the gym is hard. Doing the school work is hard. Doing the steps is hard. Getting off drugs and alcohol is hard…

There are many life decisions and actions that are had to make and take, but the ones that move us toward the life we truly want are worth doing and worth doing like we love them!

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what’s up recovered on purpose family thank you so much for being here for Monday motivation right here on the recovered on purpose show so happy that you’re here we are going to be talking about doing the things that we don’t all want to do but doing them like we love them on our way to success love you guys so much enjoy the show and keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

good morning everybody Welcome to the recovered on purpose show Monday motivation I’m so happy that you’re here let me know if you’re coming in on the replay or if you’re watching this live let me know your clean and sober date where you’re coming in from today we’re talking about doing the things that we don’t want to do as if we love them because we know that we’re that they’re taking us to success so I’m super excited that you’re here we have a whole new week this week there’s so much to do so much to live for and guys we are as clean and sober we have so much work to do we have success to lead we have our Our Lives to live now so I took some uh I took some some ways to do this from an article in Forbes and I’ve got five undeniable Ways to Live towards success and when we’re talking about the things that we don’t want to do nobody wants to get up early nobody wants to you know do these things that they don’t want to no one no one wanted to do the steps in order to get clean and sober we all had to you know buckle up and do the work but if we are knowing that this is taking us towards success if we know that this action is going to lead us towards the life that we want to live then doing it like we love it will actually help us to to grow into the person that we want to grow into and we can enjoy the process because I hated addiction I hated the fact that I had to consistently go to the dope man I hated the fact that I had to pawn everything that I owned I hated the fact that I was living on the streets but if I was able to get clean and sober I found something that was going to get me clean and sober that was going to free me from this then why wouldn’t I do it like I love it do it like my life depends on it do it like you know like it’s the only option that I have and if we’re looking at our life like that there’s there’s five undeniable ways to live life when we come to a decision okay so number one we’re gonna talk about move quickly move quickly towards the dreams that you have move quickly towards that life that you want the longer that we are sitting stagnant the longer that we are going to be laying in bed or the longer we’re going to wait to do the process that we’re talking about the longer it is that we’re missing the time that we’re able to do it for instance I’ve been down here in Colombia for six seven eight months now and at the beginning of my life here my first month here I wanted to join the MMA gym I wanted to get back into training I wanted to fight and for some reason I didn’t move quickly I I allowed myself to not go do it I was going to the gym I was being healthy doing other things but in the back of my mind I had this idea that I wanted to train and I decided a little over two weeks ago now you guys might have seen it on a show but I decided that I’m going to train I’m going to fight I’m going to lose this weight I’m going to get my skills back in order and I want to compete and when I when I made that decision it was it was a couple days ago maybe and I was at training and I was wondering like what would have happened if I would have done this six months ago if I would have made this made this decision and actually done the steps gone to the gym and started working out where would I be at right now what would my body look like what would my my skills be at right now if I would have done it six months ago so whatever you’re thinking about whatever you want to do with your life do it quickly if you make the decision do it now there’s nothing holding you back and there’s no reason not to do it do it like you love it and if you know that this thing is what you want to do with your life whether it’s going to school or if you want to if you want to speak or you want to write a book if you guys saw the episode last night with Crystal like the whole mental game is the hardest part of of life making the decision telling yourself oh I can’t do it because of this or oh I’ll wait till this day or something like that all of that is the hardest part of doing things that we want to do and then once we start doing them we actually feel better we feel better about our life we feel better about what we’re doing doing and it just feels great so get up and do it there’s no reason not to and I did the steps for instance when I I couldn’t get clean and sober I couldn’t do it I was homeless and I I couldn’t stop using the needle I couldn’t stop using drugs and when I made the decision that I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get clean and sober and the only thing left for me I tried everything the only thing left was the steps I did them like my life depended on it every single day every free minute every free hour I was spending my time reading the book and doing the steps and what that did was it freed me from that bondage it freed me from the obsession to drink and use I did my first ever fifth step on day 25 clean and sober on Day 26 the obsession left and it hasn’t come back and that’s a big deal for someone like us that’s a big deal for someone that can’t stop using a needle that can’t stop drinking that can’t stop using it’s a big deal to be able to get freed from that so I did them like I loved them I did them like I enjoyed it I and and I actually did during the process I switched my mind from not wanting to do something to knowing this was the only thing that was going to free me from this bondage so I did it like my life depended on it pop it in the comments saying what’s up everybody good morning Aaron from Australia good to see you brother good to see you Pam good to see you Pam what’s up Bambi good to see you Trisha good morning good morning Carolyn good to see you yep I’m a couple of years away from 70 and slowing down I understand it Pam I understand it there’s things that you know there’s wisdom to be shared there’s life to be shared there’s lessons to be shared there’s all kinds of things to do in at all seasons of life so move quickly another undeniable way towards success learn from failure when we have failed at things in our life we we have to take the lesson from it we have to learn that this thing doesn’t work for us maybe that’s you know using drugs and alcohol for me I learned that lesson hard I learned that lesson that I can’t drink or use I can’t have just one drink I can’t have just one drug because for me I go in this spiral I go in this spiral I can’t stop using I don’t know when I’ll stop using I don’t know how much I’ll use and I had to learn that lesson I’ve also learned a lesson in my recovery about being very careful about Partnerships being very careful about friends that you keep the the society that you keep around you the people that you keep around you the environment that you have I’ve learned that lesson hard in my recovery and now I I pick and choose my friends I pick and choose my partners and I love doing it you know I do it respectfully I do it like with love and everything but I’m I’m hard nosed if I see something in somebody that I don’t want in my life I’m not going to have them in my life I’ve learned that lesson I’ve learned the lesson I’m not going to learn it again so learn from your mistakes learn from failures learn from things that you know you’ve been through in your recovery that you don’t want to live over and over and over again there’s there’s a better way to to live life than to constantly do the same thing over and over and over we’ve all heard that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result now another level of this is learn from other people’s failures if we have somebody that we trust and we’re listening to them and we’re we’re learning from them and they tell us something of failure that they had a you know something that they did that really didn’t help them in life and they’re talking to us about that we’re able to learn from that person and not go down that same path so be be wary of who you’re allowing to speak into your life who you’re allowing to Mentor you and spiritually advise you but if you allow somebody to be in that position of your life then listen to them learn from their failures don’t let that that time be taken away from you because things if we have a mentor if we have a coach a spiritual advisor someone that is telling us how to do something something that we want to do that might take five years because we’ll be failing we’ll be learning lessons those whole five years we’ll be doing all that for five years with the right guide we could cut that back to a year because we don’t have to learn those lessons we don’t have to go through those failures because they’ve already gone through it and they can show us the way so be wary of that be wary of that well as the tablets turn tables turn Sunday morning waking up happy rest and full of Positive Vibes drinking coffee smiling waiting in anticipation from my drunk husband to wake up oh boy he wakes up sick and tired and sore and everything and has a headache I giggle silently he looks so ashamed and disgusted in himself I am almost sorry for him but I’m not I realize that telling him was an ass he was last night won’t be needed my kindness and silence makes him feel worse yeah Carolyn I I hear you we’ve all been at a place where we you know we woke up from a night before that we are embarrassed about for sure um and Carolyn I don’t know I don’t know the situation but you know just love him I know you do and I know it’s hard just love him there’s I don’t know the situation but feel free to message me and we can we can talk about it It’s All or Nothing amen that’s another one learn from failure take risks take risks this is an undeniable fact of success taking risks in your life with and what this means is like taking a risk of you know go talk to her go talk to him that that guy or that girl that you’re afraid to go talk to you know don’t be afraid to go talk to her or be afraid and go talk to her you know you never know what’s going to happen from that don’t be afraid to take the risk of you know what are people going to think if I write this book what are people going to think if I release my story you know take the risk of of you know people not accepting you take that risk because what you’ll find on the other side of that is freedom when we take the risk towards you know allowing ourselves to put ourselves out there and we allow ourselves to take that risk of being denied or not being accepted you know we actually will be accepted way more on the other side than when we’re trying to get accepted by everybody else one of the best things that I started doing in my recovery was sharing my story if not the best thing you know besides the relationship with God step work working on my Foundation of recovery in my recovery sharing my story has made so many different Pathways for me it’s made so many different relationships so many different networks and before I shared it I was nervous what you all were going to think I was scared about what you all were going to think about me but I took that risk I wrote that book I published it and then I started getting on podcasts and things and what actually happened was totally different than all the fear that I had in my head all those fears never actually came to be all those that I was never really not accepted by people I’ve had some messages here and there from haters but the overwhelming percentage the overwhelming majority of people that have accepted and and loved me for it and people that I’ve been able to help is is way bigger than anything I could have imagined and for some reason before we take that risk we have all the fears in the front of our mind instead of all the possibilities all the positive things that are going to happen on the other side of it so take the risk go to school write the book share your story make that post talk to that girl talk to that guy start that business start that side hustle go to the gym go to do that hobby that you’ve always wanted to do take the risk and live your life now combine ideas with execution ideas are just ideas without execution the thing that we want to do with our life if there’s a you know if you have the idea that you want to get your your certified addictions counselor license having that idea in the back of your mind forever will always stay as an idea and it’ll actually hold you back from everything else in your life just by sitting on that idea by sitting on that idea like oh I wonder what it would be like oh I want to do it I I don’t know if I can do it and thinking about it all the time for a certain amount for forever basically it’s just going to be sitting there forever but if you execute on it you go to school you you take the steps you figure out what you have to do to get that and you go towards it you’ll automatically get a freedom from within yourself instantly instantly when you make the decision you you have a freedom within yourself and then as you’re executing as you’re learning from failures as you’re as you’re doing the school work as you’re making the connections and things like that you grow as a person so so through the execution is where we grow having the idea is not enough having having the idea to write a book was not enough for me having the idea that help addicts in recovery share their stories powerfully was not enough having that idea and thank God for this God spoke to me when I had the idea and I believe that God actually spoke the idea into me and I’ve been executing since day one and what that’s done for me it’s given me this this Freedom it’s giving me it’s giving me this passion and this feeling of purpose this feeling of living my life like I’m supposed to be living it and in that execution is where that’s come from so whatever idea you have the one that you have in your in your heart and in your mind right now that you want to do with your life whatever it is it’s time to take action it’s time to execute on it

fear f everything and run or face everything and Rise exactly amen amen good morning Cilla from Denver Colorado I’m from Denver good to see you yeah be scared it’s okay but do it scared builds that courage amen exactly I’m learning to trust the process yes yes and while we learn that process while we learn that process execute on each step whatever step that is trusting the process a lot of people will will twist that around we’ll twist that saying around to say sit back and chill trust the process doesn’t mean sit back and just let the process happen it means trust the process that’s been put in front of us to take the action steps and execute on that action plan the process takes us just as much it does take the process we’ve got to be ready to do the work and doing the work is where the fun comes in that’s where the fun comes in lead change in your life if we are to grow if if we are if we feel like we want to be more successful than we are right now and success is in every every area of life it can be relationships sobriety helping others uh monetarily business it can be sharing our stories whatever it is that that makes us feel successful in order to lead us towards success wherever we’re at right now we have things to change in order to become the person that has the life we see as successful whether that’s cutting something out of your life or adding something in taking a bad habit out and adding a good habit in being the change and leading change in your life is one of the if not the number one attribute of someone that’s going to be successful so whatever it is in your life that you need to cut out or add in or if you need to if you need to start reading or if you need to start taking the execution if you need to start taking those action steps whatever it is where you’re at right now in order to get to where you want to go you’re the one that has to change it’s us we have to change to become the person that we want to be I love you guys so much have an incredible incredible week happy Monday keep living

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