Reel and shorts: A quick way to spread a message

At the very beginning of the foundation of alcoholism and addiction recovery, there were no phones, there were no apps or social media, there were just a lot of sick people hungry to get better.

They sent letters in the mail, did press releases in the newspaper anonymously, and wrote a book that ended up being the foundation of a new life for the sick and suffering alcoholic and addict. 

“Our book is meant to be suggestive only. We realize we know only a little. God will constantly disclose more to you and to us. Ask Him in your morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick. The answers will come, if your own house is in order. But obviously you cannot transmit something you haven’t got. See to it that your relationship with Him is right, and great events will come to pass for you and countless others. This is the Great Fact for us.” Big Book page 164

is totally different than what they used to do back in the day because all they had was a big book and then they had letters they were sending letters on how to get sober to other cities they were starting groups over here with letters and now in our recovery look at what we’re doing right now there’s at least three countries in here right now there’s australia right here with aaron jennifer i’m thinking that you’re coming in from the united states and i’m coming in from medellin colombia that is that is how powerful we have the power we have access to now in our recovery that’s how powerful it is to have this technology there’s so many different ways that we can reach the attic suffering because even in my addiction and i’ve gone back to uh to post that i used to make and stuff and i’m just like oh my gosh face palm face palm because i can see you know the person that i was in my addiction back then and then you know the person that i am now and they’re just two totally different people but i never stopped on social media because of my addiction so there’s a bunch of people out there right now that are suffering that are on social media that have the ability to find a message that you and i put out now what are we gonna do with this technology and what’s up andrew good to see you brother good to see you and andrew is uh andrew just got asked to do a speaking gig and i’m super excited for you brother and sharing your story is going to be awesome and i’m super excited to help you with it guys there is with these new technologies with these new little you know one minute clips and these 30 second clips that we are able to you know get a message to somebody that is out there suffering show them what life is like in recovery tell them you know quickly what our life used to be like and i’ve downloaded a few that i’ve made and i’ll go over them with you a little bit talk to you about them and tell you kind of the the some of the impact that they’ve made some of the comments i’ve gotten because we have to be willing also right because i’ve had a lot of people ask me what do you what what am i supposed to do with these people that say i shouldn’t share my story right i did a podcast with someone i think it’s airing uh saturday or sunday and literally when he started putting his story out he had a bunch of people tell him he needs to stop he should stop because nobody wants to hear about you know addiction recovery with the work that he’s doing nobody wants to hear about this with you know what what he’s trying to do right but he pushed through that and he kept going and he’s grown his social media huge now and he’s making an impact on a whole bunch of different people so when we start putting things out we have to be willing to you know let the let that stuff slide and you know get attached to the impact that we’re making get attached to the people that we are affecting right so i’m gonna start with we’ll do this one we’ll do this

that’s 13 seconds 13 seconds and from that video i was able to say you know where i come from i was i i’m blessed to have a you know body cam footage of my overdose right that can hit some make some impact but then i’m able to say you know i have 1731 days sober now i don’t know where i’m at now that was probably like three weeks ago or something but you know showing that right showing who we were in the past and then who we’ve become now and that recovery is possible there’s somebody that sees that that literally may be at their last their last chance they may be thinking about killing themselves they may be thinking about you know it’s not worth it anymore it’s not worth the fight anymore i can’t do this anymore and then seeing someone like you or me that has recovered right just by scrolling that’s the power that we have now with social media we’re able to reach people in so many different ways and guys if you’re just coming in make sure you’re telling me where you’re coming in from and uh and what your clean and sober date is because we celebrate clean and sober milestones on the weekend recap and uh yeah i think you’ve been amazing i’m so glad you’re live today so i can hear the message amen jennifer thank you so much thank you so much and that’s the kind of stuff you know it’s people like you jennifer that you know make it make it worth it you know and if i was if i you know if i didn’t know that i’m reaching at least one person i don’t know if i could do it i don’t know if i could do it because the amount of different you know out of let’s say on one video i got like a thousand comments right and on that video there was probably like 980 comments that were like yeah my clean and sober date is this you know great work and this and all positive stuff and then there’s like 20 comments of like just negativity just i don’t even know i’m trying to i’m trying to put together a uh a video with all the negative comments because i think it’s hilarious and i just i just pass love on them and i’m just like dude keep up the good work so proud of you so proud of you hello friends florida erica coming in from florida good to see you erica and you’ve been you’ve been coming around for a while i love seeing you love seeing you erica thank you for thank you for sticking around the community and showing people that it’s possible kyle coming in from denver colorado that’s what’s up kyle good to see you brother and uh yeah that’s where i’m from that’s where i’m from grew up in denver and uh you know had some had some tough times there also had some you know amazing times there found recovery in uh billings montana was able to go back to denver where my family was so good to see it good to see you kyle good to see you aaron coming in january 6th 2022 so what you got you got two years six months 13 days let’s go bro let’s go let’s go where are my lights at where my life’s at we got the celebration lights the celebration lights here on the weekend recap for everybody that’s uh celebrating clean time just by dropping in your uh just by dropping in your clean and sober date we get to celebrate because look i when i was suffering from age 12 to 28 i couldn’t put together 30 days clean and sober and when i would go into the rooms or i would go into meetings and i would see people that were talking about you know amounts of clean time that they had i’d just be like gosh i don’t even know if i believe that i don’t even know if i believe that that person could be without like alcohol weed heroin everything like how could you possibly live like that when we have a community like this and we’re dropping in you know clean and sober dates january 6 2020. mine is november 6 uh 2017. you know and continuing to drop those in with different times you know people are like huh maybe recovery is possible maybe this thing actually is possible for me to get to and with us with us in this community and us continuing to work together right we have so much opportunity to help people and that’s why i do this there is there is i can’t even think of another group of people right maybe veterans maybe veterans that have been through something that the only person that can help them with what they’ve been through is someone else that has been through it we addicts right there’s there’s doctors there’s treatment centers there’s psychiatrists there’s counselors there’s churches there’s pastors all these people have amazing amazing intentions for us they want to help they do help they do a lot of good for us but no one can impact and touch an attic suffering like you and i like you and i the ones that have been through it the ones that can explain the way that we felt the way that we thought the way that we use the bad things that happened the consequences that we had and then we kept using anyway we’re the only ones that can touch the heart and relate to an addict that’s suffering and really show them that it’s possible and that we have we literally have an endless supply as addicts in recovery we have an endless supply of a specific group of people that need us

us we’re the only ones that can help and i think it’s i mean i feel really blessed i feel really blessed

two more days and i’ll be sober one month let’s go braxton let’s go let’s go two more days and we got a month man i remember i was trying so hard for so long to get that month mark brother so long for so hard and when i i remember picking up my key tag and my coin and i was standing there and i was like i was holding hands with everybody at the end and i just started bawling just started bawling because i worked so hard for it i worked so hard for it i know how hard it is to get that month and bro after you get that month you have endless possibilities endless possibilities make sure that we are that we’re all doing the work necessary the necessary work in order to continue with recovery build a foundation right for me it was the 12 steps for me it was working them quickly hard making that fellowship getting people around me that you know i can support that can support me that understand me and building that foundation of recovery and then once that’s built once we have those habits built once we have that that foundation firmly planted underneath us we can go at anything we want in life our it’s like every window of opportunity has just opened for an addict that finds recovery so i’m super proud of you brother congratulations let’s go let’s go people hate people who grow and progress ooh we’re going to uh we’re going to go ahead and play this one we’re gonna play this one the other crabs will grab that crab and pull it down so you like never have to worry about crabs escaping when you have multiple of them in a bucket because they’ll just sit there and pull each other down in your recovery when you start recognizing people that are saying things to you that just aren’t serving your greater good don’t be afraid to weed them out don’t be afraid to cut them out we don’t have to make a big dramatic exit we can easily just stop calling them we can stop answering because we are taking control of our life taking control of our purpose and it’s our call to do so yes it is our call to do so and i pulled that up because uh aaron came in and said people hate people who grow and progress and that is exactly what the crab bucket paradox is when we put a bunch of live crabs in a bucket the weird thing is is that they could actually climb out of the bucket but for some reason the other crabs will grab the crab trying to climb out and pull it down and pull it down it’s like no you can’t escape if we can’t escape now you can’t grow if we can’t grow and there’s something if with people that aren’t aware of it with people that haven’t broken out of that mentality about you know other people and in comparison and things like that we subconsciously will pull others in our community down to stay on our level and there’s also there’s people there’s great relationships to be had in our recovery that are constantly helping you succeed that want to see you succeed that want to help you and it helps them to help you succeed because you’re growing in life together right so get around friends that push you get around friends that like seeing you progress that when you when you you know tell them something good that happened in your life tell them about an accomplishment you made or you know a promotion you got or something like that they celebrate with you like yeah let’s go let’s go get a burger or whatever it is right whatever you do with your your friends to celebrate right love you erica arkansas here i’m sorry i have to go now all good jennifer good to see you july 11th 2020 let’s go let’s go let’s go we’ve got two years and what a month and eight days let’s go brother congratulations congratulations it’s a big deal it’s a big deal you know that you know i’ve passed around this uh this this statistic right and it says that 15 of people that go to treatment relapse within the first year of leaving treatment and i was passing that around and then i read into that statistic more i read deeper i read into the study and that statistic is actually including everything from eating disorders to mental illnesses to you know all these different things and there isn’t really a study that shows heroin addicts meth addicts crack addicts alcoholics and what the real relapse rate is for our specific community and a lot of us believe because of what we see that it’s much lower than the 15 percent so someone that’s getting two years a month and eight days brother congratulations a big deal it’s a big deal april 20th let’s go we’re gonna go red are we we’re gonna go red then we’re gonna go back to celebration lights celebration lights for erica two and a half years let’s go god is so good god is so good i agree man and it’s like we we that have suffered an addiction that we have you know experienced that darkness we’ve experienced hell on earth right we’ve experienced that and we found the light of recovery and we found a connection with god because we had to rely on it us that really experienced this thing that really experienced the brokenness the chains of bondage that happened in addiction and alcoholism we that have experienced that and then found the freedom through god we are we just know something we know something that the rest of the world just really doesn’t have that opportunity to know most of them right we’ve experienced something in our life that we can take into our recovery and bring into everything god is good helped you get clean april 2nd 2020 and now god has so many more dates in mind for you so many new plans for you so many things that he’s wanted to do with your life for so long and he’s so good to fulfill them super proud of you erica super proud of you does anyone know

yeah i’m not gonna answer that stop it stop it love all of you people keep your head up because we all have a purpose if you mess up so at least we are still fighting amen jennifer amen and there’s so many things to fight for in our recovery you know we have we have so many you know we fought for our recovery we had to do a lot of work to find recovery from drugs and alcohol we had to it whether the 12 steps or going to meetings or treatment or you know literally just fighting it every day for a while we had to fight for our recovery now what if we took that same type of fight that same fight that we did for our recovery and we brought that into our life and recovery and we fought for things as hard as we did for our recovery what if we did that what if when we when we saw a dream we saw a goal we wanted to get our we wanted to get our degree we wanted to become a certified addictions counselor we wanted to start a non-profit that helps addicts or helps the homeless what if we looked at that as if it was exactly the same as when we were trying to quit drinking and using drugs what if we looked at it the same we had to fight for that the exact same there would be nothing stopping us in our recovery from doing every single dream and vision that we have for our life and if it is heart-centered we are we are called to live in the will of god and i can tell you that anything that is coming from your heart that you have as a desire for your life and it helps other people it is 100 the will of god for your life the word desire comes from a root word and i can’t remember if it’s greek or latin but it comes from a root word that means of the father so a desire that’s in our heart the word actually means that it comes from the father and is put there in our heart because it’s already ours it’s already ours all we have to do is do the steps do the work to get that thing so anyone out there that has a dream has a vision has something that you’ve wanted to do this is your call this is your call right now to do that thing you’ve found recovery you have battled the hardest battle of your life and you’ve won now there’s things to do with it there’s new blessings there’s new opportunities let’s go get it

thank you ladies thank you thank you thank you the first 30 days will always be the hardest in the best 30 days congrats mate oh that’s a good one aaron that’s a good one i agree because those first 30 days it’s like oh my gosh like i’m putting in the work am i actually gonna make it like you’re you’re on these like these waters that are going like this you know and you’re like fighting for it and you’re like holding on and you’re praying to god every day and you’re up in the morning and you’re doing this and you’re doing that and you’re like you’re it’s so exciting it’s so exciting because you hit that 30 days and then you’re like oh my gosh it’s possible it’s possible if i can do 30 days that means i can do two sets of 30 days i just got to do what i did the first 30 days and i’ll get a second 30 days and then wait what if i learn something in these new 30 days that can add to what i’m doing so i’m not fighting quite as much but i’m working on something oh wait i got 60 days i can make 120. and then you get a year and then you start getting these picking up these two years and these three years in these four years and when we contin it’s so true it’s so true and i tell people this in early recovery enjoy early recovery the fight that you’re feeling right now the emotions the thoughts the feelings the the discomfort all of that stuff that you’re fighting through right now enjoy it because you’re never actually going to have to deal with that again and embrace the pain of it embrace it because you’re going to be able to look back at that and be so incredibly proud of yourself you’re going to be able to look back on those 30 days those first 30 days those first 60 90 days six months the work that you’re putting in at that time is going to form your your habitual nature in your recovery you’re going to be able to look back at the person that you became by doing the work to recover and that means you’re learning how to do work in life you can do anything that you want to now and enjoy the process of getting clean and sober if i could go back and this is just this is just me being honest if i could go back to my first you know 15 20 25 30 days of recovery and the freedom that i felt in different layers right and the excitement that i got and the there was nothing going on in my life there was no money issues because i had none there was no rent because i didn’t have a place there was no car bill because i didn’t have a car i didn’t have any worries all i had to worry about was doing what i had to do to recover and it was as if like i had just zoned in right and i started becoming so grateful watching my life be built on a foundation of recovery and i was so connected with god i was so excited every single day and i’m still really excited i still love god i’m very connected with god those first 30 to 60 days of learning the reality of reliance on god man it was it was incredible enjoy it jackie what’s up good evening good evening no one will ruin my recovery love the analogy amen amen cut ties and walk off not because you don’t love or care but because you do love and care and you need your own peace yes exactly we walk away from the people that aren’t that aren’t good for our lives right and i don’t believe in the whole thing like if they’re not serving you cut them off right because it’s not about seeing if they’re serving you it’s about seeing if you guys yoked together in life are going to help each other go to the next level and if somebody is pulling you down it’s harming both of you spiritually mentally emotionally because this person is watching you try and they’re pulling you down even if it’s subconsciously it’s harming them and it’s definitely harming you because you’re not able to grow and level up so cutting ties with them is it makes it so that you can be the best you and you can start serving more people because and i’ve also said this like we have to focus on ourselves we have to prioritize ourselves and people will always like come back and say you have to focus on god and prioritize god yes i know it’s the same thing when we are in relationship with god when we are constantly focused on him that means that when we are focusing on ourselves we are focusing on our relationship with him on building that to become the best us that we can possibly be so we can show up in the world as that person that we’re meant to be because if we’re spiritually sick if we’re not the best person we are that we could possibly be when we show up at a meeting or we show up at a live video or we show up on the streets to go serve people we’re not going to have the same spirit the same energy the same light within us that we’re going to be able to serve people with so we want to do whatever we have to to become the best us that we can be and one of the main things we have to do is surround ourselves with people that we want to be like when we look at the way that they act we look at the way that they think we look at the way that they feel we look at what they do for work all of that stuff we look at that example and we see if that’s where we want to go if it is perfect if it’s not just start networking start looking for people that you have the same hobbies you have the same likes and desires you have the same the same faith in god you know those things are really important we don’t just want to latch on to people because we’re lonely i’ve been there i’ve done it and it’s not healthy it’s not healthy i would rather be and i do i spend a lot of time alone a lot of time alone with you guys with god you know but i would rather spend time alone than with people i’m not supposed to be with and you’ll enjoy it you’ll enjoy getting there

yes my piece is too expensive amen july 3rd 2013 let’s go let’s go and what i love what i love what i love what i love about dates like this coming in on lives like this jackie you have what nine years a month and 16 days nine years a month and 16 days coming on recovery community lives and bringing in the hope that means that she has she’s built a foundation she’s worked her recovery program she’s working it still and she’s coming in and showing us that it’s possible showing me i’m coming up on five years right showing me that it’s possible to continue it’s possible to get to nine years working on ten years thank you for being here thank you for being here so happy i progressed amen thank you it has been hard but finally dealing with the roots that cause me to use instead of only cutting off the substance amen braxton that’s perfect that’s exactly what we got to do move mountains for sure amen just getting back got 30 days clean and sober july 19th let’s go let’s go let’s go july 19th 30 days so you got hey today is today’s two months today’s two months let’s go jamie and hey we are i have never i have never been part of a fellowship or part of any kind of recovery community that when somebody comes back they’re like shame shame shame damn shame shame you know every single one of us has our arms wide open to you loving you telling you are telling you that we’re proud of you we love you and this time you never have to go back you never have to go back we’re proud of you we love you

yes yes yes thanks thanks for the welcome jersey shore 11 19 sober date let’s go let’s go patricia let’s go congratulations love you so much 11 19. so you’re coming up on three years coming up on three years about the same same date as me i’ve got november 6 2017. real talk amen i’m guessing this is this is this who is this is this catherine no it can’t be katherine hey y’all i celebrated four years clean august 18th 2018 let’s go let’s go yes we got four years in the house finally got over the three and a half year hump without god and n a fellowship and doing everything different mind body and spirit amen let’s go congratulations on the four years it’s a huge milestone amazing amazing amazing and that shows that it’s possible and guys look anonymous anonymous let’s go let’s go and it’s good to you know we’re supposed to talk about how we got clean and sober we’re supposed to spread that message of hope right the the fellowships and for me personally when i’m doing lives and things like this any i’m i’m a member of basically every a there is i’m i qualify for every single a but i do not speak on behalf of any of them i’ll read the big book of alcoholics anonymous because it’s got great literature for people like us but uh yeah i don’t know unless you’ve seen me in a meeting you probably don’t know which fellowship i’m a part of braxton john’s congratulations you all that is awesome exactly remove the toxicity in my life root cause god is good amen finding your page a few days ago is a godsend i look forward to chatting more about all this oh kyle what’s up brother i just realized you’re the one that i’ve been talking to through emails awesome brother good to see you man and you’re in denver did you know that i’m from denver did you know that i wonder if we’re in the uh in the same communities bro i wonder if we’re in the same communities amen amen i totally did a 360. i had to i needed me my kids needed me amen guys we’re going to take a quick 30 second break and when we come back i’m going to do a couple more shorts and reels we’re going to be going through comments and talking and celebrating clean time see you in a second what’s up recovered on purpose family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing it with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction i’m now doing free calls so we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show awesome awesome i’m super excited to be able to do the stuff that i get to do guys i uh i love this community so much i’ve i’ve been part of this community for what 15 years now my first time ever getting exposed to recovery i was like 18 years old and i was never that’s what i love about this community is i was never kicked out of it this is man i’m just having a realization right now while i’m telling you this this is the only community i can think of that i have never felt outcasted from or kicked out of because of my drug use i’ve been kicked out of outcasted from talked very very sternly to lost jobs been fired in front of a whole restaurant because of my drug use and maybe that’s why i’m so connected and love this community so much because this is the only one where every single one of us is welcome and loved man that was cool realization thanks for being here guys what’s up amber what’s up congratulations on the four years if that’s you yes yes yes yes yes yes when you are in the 12-step program you have to work the program for it to work amen exactly exactly exactly exactly not sure why my name just showed up late four years 8 17 my bad you’re good amber love you love you kyle yeah i bet we have a uh i bet we have a lot of a lot of friends in common if we’re in recovery in denver and we have a lot of them i want to go to denver i’m a broncos fan hit him up if you’re in recovery guess what and jackie you got like nine years that’s something you can absolutely do now absolutely we’re gonna hop into another little short uh what are we gonna do let’s do oh this is a this is a preliminary uh message that i made because i’ve got someone that’s coming on the show it’s either saturday or sunday that we are talking about this topic this topic specifically he’s got the the largest uh course in the prison system 500 000 tablets every single day active in the american prison system with his course and we had a discussion about something very similar to this one the private prison makes its money either way let me explain first thing to understand about the private prison business is that they’re actually government contractors they enter into a contract now in that contract they talk about a bunch of different things but one of those things is price let’s say it costs a hundred dollars a day to house it in me well naturally any for-profit company is going to add a little bit of buffer in there so that way they can make a profit so the private prison may charge the government 125 150 dollars per day per inmate for example now that’s price but another thing that might be in that contract is a thing called bed guarantees this is where the government guarantees the prison that at least 90 percent of those beds will always be occupied for the duration of the contract yeah the government guarantees it in a contract which might leave you wondering how can the government be so sure that many people will commit crimes and the better question what happens if they don’t want to know what would happen if we all obeyed the law the government would have to pay a fee to the private prison that’s right yeah it’s in the contract for every empty bed that is not filled for every law-abiding citizen that stays on the straight and narrow the government is punished by having to pay a fee and that’s when you realize citizens are punished when they do commit crimes the state governments are punished if they don’t

but the private prison system makes money either way and guys they’re uh i’m not always super controversial with with my platform with my messages and things but there are certain things that i will 100 stand for and 100 say are wrong and unjust and the private prison system is one of them 46 of people that are in the prison system are non-violent they’re not going to hurt people by being out of the prison system but when there’s government contracts forcing the government to imprison their own people for monetary gain solely there is something completely wrong with that when when i was when i was found uh you know overdosed when i was found dead beyond the wheel of a car no breath no pulse i had this much dope on me not even that much i don’t know if you can see this but a little tiny pinch of dope and i was charged with a felony for having a small personal use drug and they gave me a five-year suspended doc sentence which meant that i’m on probation for five years if i screw up i go to prison for five years so how is it that someone that i am i’m working i make i’m paying my taxes i’m making money i am out serving people i’m not committing crimes i’m found dead beyond the wheel of a car i’m i’m sick i’m suffering and then i can’t get treatment i can’t get treatment but what they do is they threaten me with prison and then it got to a point where i was asking my probation officer please put me in prison because i can’t stop using and maybe i can stop in there luckily very luckily i had a really good probation officer that loved me and he said that it’s not going to change anything because there’s dope in there so we got to find you something you can change this thing you can change this i kept working and working and working and working and i ended up as much as as much as fellowships helped me as much as you know church helped me and all these things it did end up coming down to me and god and my sponsor helped me with that and i think it’s really sad that a lot of us are going to jail for our sickness right so i think that needs to be changed we had a really good discussion about it and it airs this sunday you guys will really enjoy that you guys will really enjoy that and jackie did did russell actually go through i’ve been really out of the loop with with sports i haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention but if russell wilson went through to denver let’s go let’s go right corruption at its finest amen yeah unbelievable i know three kentucky state troopers lost their job in bowling green kentucky what is that marijuana mostly yeah there’s a lot of things that you know i can understand certain policies for certain positions where you know they have to drug test and stuff but i just we can’t be imprisoning people saying that it’s rehabilitation and 83 of people that go to prison go back that is not rehabilitation and the fact that a an inmate that if there is an 83 83 go back if they get a bachelor’s degree in prison that drops to nine percent and if they get a master’s degree in prison that drops to one percent from 83 percent so if inmates that get a degree in prison have the likelihood of going back drop that much then why wouldn’t the system be focusing on educating and rehabilitating them us why is that so we’re going to get off that topic a little bit my sponsor has helped me so much amen erica yes yes yes yes russell is here bronco country let’s ride baby let’s go kyle let’s go brother let’s go and guys all of these little shorts and things i’m showing you these because these are all like super easy to create super easy to learn how to create every single person on here can be creating you know at least one a day and you never know what’s going to happen with them you never know when yours is going to reach a whole bunch of people right i’ve got i’ve got one that’s reached like a million views one that’s got like 280 000 views another one on facebook that’s got like 200 000 views and i don’t i don’t look at the numbers i look at the like i put a lot of them out in order to get a few hit like that but on the ones that do hit like that that’s reaching so many people out there suffering because when we make these things the algorithm on social media picks up who are the ones commenting so when somebody comments like hey i got two years yesterday or you know great work adam i’ve just picked up four years or great work you know i’m on 30 days and these people that are commenting facebook starts reading what type of people those are who they follow what groups they’re in you know what kind of interest they have and a lot of addicts that are suffering have the same interests together we’ve been following the same types of things so these reels in these shorts are actually being pushed to the exact community that we want to reach so every time and every time i see a uh a recovery short or recovery you know tick tock or something like that i’m always liking it i watch it to the end to make sure that they uh are getting that that viewership and then i’ll comment on most of them i comment on most of them and the reason why is us supporting each other is a really big deal because every single time that we are you know that we share somebody’s message out share somebody else that’s putting a good recovery message out we’re sharing their stuff on our pages and stuff like that we are helping the message of recovery as possible get out and that’s what every single one of us is supposed to do right every single one of us i’ve been helping other people grow pages other you know sharing stuff and stuff for a while you know and uh love you guys love you guys they are in there for real using obviously if they wasn’t that much trouble they’ve been crying out for help amen exactly get it son let’s hear them want to hear them horses gallop amen amen guys when i was in little league little league football my uh my team won state like every single year except for one year and we got to play at halftime of the broncos game the last year of mile high stadium and the first year of sports authority field uh it was called invesco field i think at that time we played at halftime like the kansas city game and half time of the raiders game in front of the whole crowd and stuff and i remember as a little little tiny kid like maybe this big looking up at all the broncos walking by me and it was like it was so inspiring and thinking about it right now you know that’s a lot of people out there suffering that’s how they look at us that have found recovery because they’re looking at this this giant amount of time you know to them to me at one point 30 days was a giant amount of time 30 days and now you know having someone in here that’s got nine years 10 years 15 years i’m like that’s a giant you know looking up to that person so as we’re passing our message out while we’re sharing our recovery with the world these you know addicts that are suffering are looking up to us so let’s make sure we’re living how we want to portray recovery right i share it every time i come on a recovery reel or any post amen jackie hey from florida what’s up scars into stars good to see you from youtube good to see you welcome to uh the recovered on purpose show love ya you never know whom is listening and watching amen that would have been awesome yeah well if she can do it i can do it yes you can yes you can amen that’s exactly the point and that’s why i share share this video right this uh i i’m lucky that i have this video this is when i was found overdosed this is body cam footage that the uh that the police had on thankfully when they found me and uh that kid right there is sick that kid right there is sick you know that was me and being able to show that to addicts out there suffering and putting it in reels and stuff putting it in videos like this you know when someone sees that that’s struggling in opiate addiction and they see what i’m doing now they’re like holy cow you know he gets it if he can do it i can do it you know i wish i had more pictures from when i was actually like homeless but i didn’t even have a camera phone i didn’t have anything to take pictures and i didn’t really want pictures taken of me but you know i was i was at the bottom you know i was at the very very bottom and uh yeah love your poetry thank you thank you thank you very much watched it like six times thank you very much that means a lot to me it means a lot to me um that one is it the one where i had still have that beard uh i wrote this poem and it was a it was an expression of you know what the mind of an addict is really like like what’s going on in our head and i talk about oh i actually talk about the prison system in it also but i just went off for like five and a half six minutes and just talking about addiction talking about trying to get clean and sober and continuing to fall but trying to get back up and you know i really appreciate you saying that thank you thank god you are here telling us the better part amen amen the one about your friend and your story yep exactly thank you thank you that was amazing amen all right let’s hop into i just made this one today this is hey and you guys hop on this one this is a little trend that’s going on right now if you’re on if you’re on tick tock make one of these yourself and just change the uh you know change the text a little bit and you can i mean you can copy mine exactly and put it out and see you know if you can get it to hit they trying to find the motive why do what i do and freedom ain’t getting no closer loose no matter how far i go me if i ever decide i can have just one beer and then 3.7 minutes later i hit up the dope man because that’s that’s kind of what you know what i can see happening uh i’ve i’ve had the visions you know i’ve never thought like maybe i can make this work maybe i can find a way to drink and use responsibly or something like that but i have gone on a fishing expedition in my mind of like okay what would happen if i did take a drink how long would i last okay yep 3.7 minutes sounds about right sounds about right because if i if i if i was to if i made the decision to drink right that means that i am making the decision to let go of everything in my life everything i’m doing and i don’t think i would last very long before i’d be like well might as well just go to dope you know and by putting that message out the reason why i put that out there’s people in recovery that you know are thinking about relapse i had someone hit me up and had a call with this person who’s uh right about six years clean and sober thinking about relapse hit me up not knowing what to do and stuff so we got it we got on the call and and we talked through it and uh we’re getting another call in a week just making sure that you know we support each other because it’s not just attic suffering that with addiction that are struggling right the relapse rates are high and the really scary thing for people like us is that the drugs that are out now kill us like a lot of us that relapse we don’t make it back we just don’t so we got to be you know helping the people in recovery just as much as we’re helping the addicts that are suffering

uh just lost my bestie on the 30th of june to fentanyl super super sorry um you know i hate it so much i hate that drug i hate addiction

there needs to be something new there has to be something new i’m working on you know different things to to curb the problem i’m doing all of this because you know we’re losing so many people to this disease and uh you know there’s so many different things that need to be done so i’m really really sorry to hear that can you pin the name

pin what name it is family two suffering with us love you jackie love you um oh i made a little little uh if you guys haven’t seen it yet make sure that you go over to the recovered on purpose new website so you can check out the the merch and here’s a couple things and wait for it because i want to hear what you think about the little joke that i put in here see if you guys catch it what’s up recovery family here’s five products i designed with you and mine i am recovered on purpose as you live to help addicts recovery is possible i am living proof spreads hope around without saying a word i don’t drink i’m allergic to alcohol i break out in heroin lets you go to barbecues and parties without having to explain why you can’t just have one and these i am recovered on purpose flush blankets are super warm and comfy to cuddle up and watch a movie with your new soul mate you met in treatment and you can hang these tapestries behind your videos or on your door to let everyone know recovery is possible follow the link in my bio to find these and more products in the shop

that one was fun i had fun making that one and uh i don’t know if anybody caught the joke but yeah scars into stars if you want to post your friend’s name uh you don’t have to put the last name but we will uh you know we we honor we honor our fallen you know we love our fallen um okay you guys got it you guys got it you guys got it yeah um and dude that that blanket is super comfy i cuddle with that thing all the time i don’t have i don’t have a soul mate that i met in treatment or a soul mate but i love that blanket and either way so awesome

nicole love you nicole and uh sorry that you know we’re sorry we’re sorry and

you know

i think that there are a lot of things failing and sometimes i take it on myself because i feel like i could be doing more i feel like um you know i could be doing more for that person that ends up passing away in my life or i could have done something for that person that passed away in my life and you know just a couple months ago three four months ago actually um a uh a really my best friend in high school his little sister who was like my little sister passed away from an overdose and i had just taken her to a few meetings i was talking to her you know and i was also traveling so much that i wasn’t able to like spend a lot of time with her like i would have wanted to and when i got the call man i fell apart in the airport because i was actually in the airport when it happened and i was going through customs because i was coming back from either mexico or columbia or something and uh my bag was being searched and i was just bawling and this customs agent was like the heck is going on and then what i did was i just shared my story with him because that’s what i know how to do you know i shared my story with him while i’m crying and he’s like searching my bag and then he ends up taking my information and getting my book for his son i’m sitting there crying about losing someone right to a customs agent and through that i tell him my story because my story is what attaches me to this emotion what attaches me to why this hurts so bad to lose people to this right and through that he let me know his son is struggling and he bought my book for his son and that’s you know we’re able to do things like that with our story at any point at any point and each and every one of us can spread that message to the world and that means our world the world that’s around us the people that are around us because 47 of american adults have someone they love in their life right now that is struggling with addiction 47 that means that every time you tell your story to a stranger there’s basically a one and two chance that they are going to be impacted because they love somebody that is struggling with addiction and sometimes it’s actually them

where are you streaming right now i feel so lonely in the youtube channel come on over to facebook facebook recovered on purpose yeah i know and i i’m trying i don’t really know how to uh how to build up the uh the youtube chat but i would love you to come over to facebook facebook.facebook i mean forward slash recovered on purpose or you can just search recovered on purpose and we’re live over here we’d love to see you over here you just answered the question they asked you earlier amen misty loman you’re one of my faves

dedicated to nicole yes amen amen and scars into stars um i would i would love it if you came over to the facebook page even uh send me a message and let me know it’s you so that cause we’re about to end the live now um but i would i would love to meet you because sounds like uh you know you’ve been on my oh on my way awesome see you in a second so we’re gonna hop into okay this one was a little bit controversial and this this one has gotten the most the most views of all of my uh all my reels and stuff on facebook and there’s been a ton of really good feedback a lot of people finding hope people that i’ve from this video specifically from this video specifically people struggling letting me know that they’re struggling and then i tell them message me on my page and then i was able to talk to them on my page because of this video reaching so many people okay and it’s this simple this is how simple it is okay 14 seconds and all right we’ll do it afterwards i’ll tell you i’ll tell you the uh the thing afterwards

so a lot of you know that uh i am i’m christian love jesus and i said a bad word there however it was a i used that that song i used the trending sound and everything and it was it was going well and i was okay with it i wasn’t doing i wasn’t saying the word in any way to tear anybody down or break anybody down and that’s the only thing that i am willing about that video to say you know i acknowledge that part of it but i did it for a reason i have my reason because i want to reach my community with a message of hope and it worked it worked there are what’s up lovely welsh what’s up scars into stars good to see you back over here in facebook facebook world love you so much super glad that we’re gonna be able to connect in a new way now um you’re welcome to message me anytime uh i love love staying connected with everybody on this page so love you so much opal what’s up opal but yeah that video there have been you know it’s got like 200 000 views on on facebook and then you know over a thousand comments now and there’s been a lot of people a lot of support for it right and what that does when when us in recovery see things like that see other people you know putting out a good reel a good short a good one that has the good music and everything like that and we comment on it we love it we we you know help the algorithm to push it out to more people we are specifically helping the message of recovery get out it’s never been about me it has never once been about me trying to get myself out what that specific video did by getting that many views and that many comments and shares and things was it reached addicts suffering and they were able to find connect with other people that were commenting in there there were people that you know said i need help and then other people would comment on that comment i would comment on that comment and then they would be able to message and that’s the beauty of technology of social media of these shorts and everything that are happening now with the state of the internet there is a new way that we are reaching people now and i and i call every single one of you every single one of you to put your message out put your recovery out there love on people and don’t

if you have the fear okay i’m just i’m gonna offer this to everybody that’s on this live if you have the fear of sharing your story if you if you are dealing with you know you don’t know if you’re ready or you don’t think you have that good of a story or something like that you don’t know how message my page and let’s talk about it because the whole reason why recovered on purpose exists is to help addicts in recovery get their stories out i’m always willing to help with what i can with my capacity and that’s always you know between you and i guys i love you love you all so much thank you so much lovely and i and i hope to see you more often i’m super excited that you uh that you found the youtube and came back over here to facebook and that you were you know you have the courage to say hey i’m lonely over here on the youtube world you know and come over here so good to see you i’m gonna be messaging you a lot love you all so much have an amazing weekend and keep living recovered on purpose

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