Social Media Censorship: Things They Don’t Want You Talking About.

Jordan Wilson grew a TikTok following to over 1,000,000 people around the world before his account was taken down and deleted for the messages he was putting out. But just what are these messages that social media giants are not allowing on their platforms?

Jordan has started over and built his following back to 500,000 and is still pushing the message he believes in out to the world.

Jordan Wilson is from Western Kentucky. He is the author of the book Jesus Is Greater Than Drugs: the only war won by surrender.

Jordan is also the development director at Friends Of Sinners …a Christ centered drug recovery program… and the youth director at his church.

what’s up recovered on purpose family i’m so happy you’re here for guest saturday’s live on the recovered on purpose show i’ve got an amazing guest for you today i’m super stoked to introduce you to i’m sure you’ve already seen him but we’re going to get to have a really good conversation about social media bringing out a message that you are supposed to bring out and some of the messages that social media might not even allow you to bring out and guys the recovered on purpose show is sponsored by and brought to you by all the students who said yes to sharing their stories for purpose mission and passion in their lives and recovery by joining the recovery speaker share your story powerfully course and today’s student shout out goes to heather fitzsimmons heather is a director of service for a homeless shelter where she is serving over 450 men a week she got in the recovery speaker course last month and has already been sharing her story with people close to her while she prepares to bring her amazing story of redemption to the world heather i’m super super proud of you stoked to be on this journey with you can’t wait to hear you and speaking all over the planet so guys i love you so much and enjoy the show and keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live on purpose

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what’s up everybody super excited that you are here for this episode of guest saturdays where i’ve got jordan wilson coming on i’m super excited to introduce you guys to him and have this conversation with him we brought some videos that he’s made and some of them have even been taken down off of social media so we’re going to have a conversation about why that is guys if you hear anything in this that you feel like other people should hear the message needs to get out make sure you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so people that need the message of hope are able to find it so jordan wilson grew a tick tock following to over a million people around the world before his account was taken down and deleted for the messages he was putting out but just what are these messages that social media giants are not allowing on their platforms jordan has started over and built his following back to 500 000 and is still pushing the message he believes in out to the world jordan wilson is from western kentucky he is the author of the book jesus is greater than drugs the only war won by surrender jordan is also the development director at friends of sinners a christ-centered drug recovery program and the youth director of his church jordan is married to his wife kaley and they have two children together the couple is in the process of starting a non-profit called jesus is greater than ministries this coming march jordan will be celebrating seven years of sobriety without further ado jordan wilson what’s up brother hey what’s up man thanks for having me on dude i’m excited amen thanks so much for coming brother i’ve been you know i’ve been following you for a while and i and i see the way that you you know you portray the message of jesus and that was really what attracted me to following you and watching your message because you know a lot of people that can you know the people that stand on the corner with the hamburger signs that say you’re going to hell and things like that you know it doesn’t pass off the message that we really want people to know about jesus right so what do you think what do you think is the most important thing for us as followers of christ to be putting out into the world well man the bible says that it’s god’s kindness that leads to repentance and what repentance is is turning so it’s turning from the ways of the world and to christ so man we got to show man that there is a better way and we reach these people through love right the truth right and the truth may not seem like love but the truth is love right if you if you’re lying to the world that that’s not love showing the world truth in love that’s that’s love uh so we just we just love people with the truth man accept them right like i i i mean i guess we’ll get into all that later uh i just want to reach people man with love and the world has a hard time understanding what that is yeah and you said something in there that that i want to touch on you said the truth and a lot of people talk about you know their truth you know well your truth might not be my truth and you know what do you what do you think about when people are talking about their truth versus the truth sure yeah it’s what people believe right i could believe that i’m a dog but that doesn’t make it the truth right the truth doesn’t bend for anyone the truth is it’s black and white it’s simple um so people confuse opinions with with truth and feelings with truth um you know for instance you can feel like someone loves you that doesn’t mean they do you know you can you can feel like you’re always going to be a junkie that doesn’t mean it’s true you know feelings aren’t facts right so the truth doesn’t bend man amen and something you said something um that i when i think about that and i’m like thinking about okay if there’s a word called truth right if there is a word called truth doesn’t that mean that there is one or else truth wouldn’t exist that wouldn’t be a word right right right so i’m gonna hop in the comments and guys let us know where you’re coming in from let us know uh you know what your clean and sober date is and you know love you guys good to see you keep on keeping on good to see you tisa south jersey coming in forever sober and recovering with purpose january 16 2022 first day of the rest of my amazing life amen good to see you jeremy always brother amen amen dolores coming in from deerfield beach florida recovered 15 years ago jesus saved my life hallelujah amen let’s go we’re covered on purpose family love you all love you too brother good morning maria good to see you good to see you uh open those doors family come on in you’re truly blessed all of you amen amen i love the ex-attic shirt why don’t you touch on that why do you say ex-addict aren’t you like an addict in recovery aren’t you always recovering and all that exactly no dude i’m not i’m not an addict anymore man and it’s something that shocks people in n a and a a in the recovery world but i don’t live like the rest of the world man jesus said i make all things new when you come to me i make you new dude i am not the same person i was a violent wicked drug addict drug dealer and dude i’m not i had this encounter with christ man he opened my eyes changed my heart like i don’t think the same way i don’t talk the same way i am not the same dude i had an encounter with christ and he changed me as a person amen so yeah i’m going to touch on that really quick and then we’re going to go into your story um it also says that we are a new creation right a new creation and his graces and mercies are new every morning so does that does that mean that when you’re following christ when you have a relationship with god that you’re able to recreate yourself every single morning absolutely absolutely man the thing is right so we follow christ he gives us a new mind a new heart new desires but we’re still in this body that’s prone to sin right so we we fail we fail but the good thing is man is what you just said is his mercy is new every morning so when you fail his grace covers you man it covers you so you don’t have to wallow in that sin and that shame you know scripture said there’s godly sorrow and then there’s worldly sorrow worldly sorrow leads to death but godly sorrow leads to repentance which change so um yeah man every morning you have a new chance right his mercy is new amen i’m gonna guys i’m gonna hop in the comments and we’re gonna go into a story feelings aren’t facts love it sober since september 21st 2018 from tennessee good to see you ashley amazing brother in recovery amen love the shirt as well brother big love washington state strong july 25th 2013 i love you all just not in love with any of you we love you too we’re not in love with you either and pam is awesome man she sticks in this she sticks in this community she’s always in here she’s always commenting and sharing hope and she’s got you know nine years of recovery you know and that’s what’s beautiful and someone messaged me earlier earlier today that was sober and clean since 1992 and this person is still in the recovery community still passing that message of hope you know we never like we never become someone that is too good to help we’re too good to remember where we came from right and i’m gonna hop in these good to see you iris good to see you we never have to use drugs again say it loud and proud amen yes amen hello sister pam monica coming in may 9th 2016. congratulations congratulations awesome awesome awesome guys so jordan tell me a little bit about who you used to be how it kind of how it kind of started and where it ended up yeah so i grew up in a small town you know suburbs played sports went to church i was raised right um but you know when i hit the teenage years i kind of wanted to party i wanted to be popular i wanted to be cool and so i kind of left the church and started doing my own thing drinking smoking weed doing parties um but the one like hobby that i really had was weight lifting um and so i was really passionate about that and started juicing started doing antibiotic steroids um illegally of course it’s not like i was getting them from the doctor but um when i started juicing man my personality changed you know i got bigger stronger faster but my per you know i became a jerk and conceited and arrogant hot-headed um and then uh you know so like i’m kind of like lowering my standards in life and what the things i’ll do things that are illegal you know um and once high school’s over i get a job at a local factory where pain pills are rampant uh i mean they’re just everywhere uh and i would flip them like i would get a bunch and sell them just for a little extra money until one day i decided to uh take a few i think i was working overtime and so i thought yeah i’ll just eat three of these and i remember when they kicked in i thought i never want to feel any other way like this is this is the feeling i want i forget drinking forget smoking forget girls forget anything um i just want to fill this bus from now on and i always had access to him and then you know what i blew my knee i tore my acl the doctor wrote me my own prescription so i just always had pain pills um until my knee held up and then the scripts you know on the street kind of ran dry and i detox for the first time i remember i was working second shift at the factory i was in my early 20s and i felt like i was dying i didn’t know the science behind drugs you know i wasn’t big in the streets i didn’t know all this stuff uh and so i started detoxing and i went home and somebody came to see me and they were like well why don’t you get some pain pills that’ll make you feel better so i reached out to some people got some pills and all those feelings went away once i once i got high so virtually from that moment on it was my mission in life to never go without pills um this lifestyle right like if i don’t have pills i’m not going to work you know so on and so forth i lost my job and turned to full-time dealing you know when you’re in that world you meet other people who do other drugs so i’m manufacturing spice at my house uh i become addicted to crystal meth i start using the needle uh my painful habit gets up to 20 a day i get on suboxone to get off the pills it’s just a whole mess you know what i mean yeah and so this lifestyle goes on for almost two years until i get busted you know uh police officers raid my house and uh what they got me for was trafficking and synthetic drugs and possession of anabolic uh which thankfully at the time i think this is 2012 um it was a class a misdemeanor instead of being like a high felony so i had to start for three months in county uh which you know i was optimistic about it because i couldn’t get clean i was so sick of using you know like it wasn’t fun anymore i just didn’t know how to get out uh you know the cycle so i go to jail and uh i’m in there for three months i get out and i go to friends of centers where i’m actually a staff member now but uh the issue with me back then was i didn’t want to be a junkie um but i didn’t want to stop using you know so i made like you know that’s that ridiculous thought um so i i made it in their program four months before i relapsed they kicked me out and i went back to jail and so this process of jail and rehab to homelessness because i lost my house while i was locked up and in rehab um it just continued for two years of like you know my my self-esteem is going lower and lower my willingness to live is getting lower and lower like i just hated life i was trying to use i was couch surfing house hawking um and i finally just gave up i’m like you know what i’m gonna use as hard as i can until i die i hate it um until i was driving around and the lady i was staying with just kicked me out i had nowhere to go had no more drugs and no more money and i knew i was about to start detoxing any minute so i wound up at my mom’s house knocked on her door look i need a place to crash and she could tell i hadn’t slept in a while you know so she said i’ll tell you what you can crash here if you agree to go to rehab again and by this point i’ve been to rehab six times i’ve been in and out of jail 10 times so i thought well this is a stupid idea because that doesn’t work for me i’m going to die soon um but i needed a place to stay so i agreed and uh man when i walked in through her doors man the atmosphere was sweet it was like i hadn’t felt in years there wasn’t this paranoia there wasn’t this shame and i was like what is this well turns out what that was man is that was the holy spirit that was god in my mom’s house and i sat down on her couch and she looked at me dead in my dead in my eyes man my gray eyes and she said i’ve been praying and fasting for you for two weeks my mom didn’t eat food for two weeks in prayer that god would break the chains of addiction in my life well nothing necessarily happened on that day which it was a friday but my dad heard i was in town i said hey listen we having church sunday for easter will you come for easter i said no dad i’m gonna be sick i can’t do it he goes well son it’s sunday is my birthday so i said okay i’ll go for your birthday well man i went to church i got saved bro i gave my heart to jesus that day uh and that was march 27 2016 and i have never used or drank again since that day amen the day i gave my heart to jesus is my sober day amen that’s not a coincidence bro what what changed for you in that moment when you gave your life to him that made it so that you could you could never use drugs again because your opiates meth you know the hardcore drugs what was it that actually changed in your feelings thoughts emotions perspectives what was it that changed all of that so i realized that this is resurrection sunday for those who don’t know easter sunday is the day we celebrate jesus christ rising from the dead right that like oh my gosh he is the son of god and the fact that god shared that day with me that the day that we celebrate christ’s resurrection is the day he resurrected me um so such an intimate feeling and i could feel him pursuing me because scripture says that he’s the good shepherd that leaves the 99 sheep to save the one sheep that was lost and i was that one sheep that was lost man and um so he pursued me in the madness he kept me alive um and then he pursued me to to salvation and so that moment i said you know what i do believe that you’re real i do believe that you love me and i do believe that you have the power to save me and so my my focus went for me myself my attic chasing the drugs staying high maintaining not being sick my focus went to christ i said okay i’m gonna live for you from now on i’m gonna live for something bigger than me and i tell you what man it was the best decision i’ve ever made because now that i live for christ something bigger than me bro i’m flourishing amen how could you how could you not when you have the creator of the universe inside of you and working for you when with you co-laboring with you man that’s amazing when you’re doing places at the right time i’m telling you it’s all working out for my good what scripture says for those who love god he works everything out for our good amen and what was it that how did it go from you know giving your life to him deciding to serve him to finding your call and your purpose in getting this message out via social media or via you know director of youth ministries and things like that how did how did you find these different calls within your faith so when i got saved i still needed rehab right like i’d done rehab before but this time was different because my mind and my heart had changed so we found this place a couple hours away in the middle of kentucky like in the middle of nowhere um and it’s a faith-based program and they put you to work so on and so forth so i went there committed man i was gonna be the best version of myself i could be i was gonna follow jesus i was gonna serve i was gonna lead whatever god called me to do i was gonna say yes so i went to this program and uh i graduated there 11 month in like in-house program so i lived with them for 11 months um but when i was there for three months they saw something in me what they saw was jesus right i wasn’t breaking the rules i was reading my word i was worshiping at church i was serving anything they needed i would do because my heart had changed um so they were like jordan we want you to work in our case management staff so that’s where i learned how business and ministry coexist i learned how to how the rehab world works really um eventually they moved me to house management because i was a yes man now yes man to the lord if you have a job for me the answer is yes yes so they moved me to house management where i would just love on guys i would do the intake process teach celebrate recovery and lead them in class and prayer and just do life with the place spades some nights you know yeah and then eventually um i was asked to give a speech at one of their graduations and their graduations man they blow them up like 4 500 people all staff you know all clients families tons of people there and thankfully the ceo was in attendance that morning and i had prepared a speech you know the best thing i could do and i delivered it and i guess i did a good job because afterwards the ceo came up to me and said jordan you’re going to public relations and that’s where i found my niche like i didn’t even know what it was at the time but dude i love people i’m not afraid of strangers um i’m an extrovert you know and so uh god turned that into a career for me you know i was the public public relations assistant for like two years worked as hard as i could worked in my career went back to school and they promoted me to the public relations manager uh during that time that’s when i met my wife uh we had a baby and so things are all just really going forward but really i have no plan or agenda jesus i’m just following you i’m just following you whatever you want people are asking me to share my story at jails and meetings recovery rallies in schools i say yes every time um and my career is just blowing up right like we’re open facilities i’m getting the governors to come visit i’m on the news national television documentaries and it’s just me saying yes to jesus man it’s not for me to be famous or me to be known for anything it’s just if you need a man i’m your man yes amen and i point people to jesus amen and that’s the whole point that is the whole point and what we what a lot of people are are chasing or when they get that when they get that notoriety they become that influencer or something like that they allow the praise to hit them they allow that praise to hit them and what i found um for myself is that if i have this fear of man right this this thought in myself that like i need to put things out that are making them happy i need to i need to put things out that you know i’m not i i don’t want anybody to get hurt i don’t want this person to you know not like what i’m saying because you know i could get 300 good reviews and 300 comments about how proud they are of me and everything but for when i first started this if one comment came up saying something negative saying that oh that’s that’s not true that’s that’s fake or you know you look like someone posted uh in one of my one of my videos that i must have relapsed or something like that and now now that these comments continue to come in and one of my affirmations is you know i have an audience of one and i always prioritize his call over my pleasures right and when that when that shifted for me you know i didn’t i didn’t need the recognition i didn’t need the people to like what i’m doing i’m just doing it because i feel called to it and let’s say let’s say there’s someone out there listening that is either early in their walk in recovery or possibly early in their walk with jesus or they want to add some fire to their faith what would be some practical steps for them to take to start serving like this to start getting the message out to start being a yes man or woman all right so first and foremost you need to start a prayer life like for real i know a lot of people don’t even understand what that is but prayer is simply talking to god and i’ll just be honest with you man you know uh i’ve got the attention span of like a fish so i have to pray out loud so i can hear myself and my pots don’t run wild so i will get away get away from the wife and the children and i will talk out loud to god even though he’s all-knowing he already knows everything i’m going to say it’s about a relationship yes right you’re closest to people that you spend time with so i start talking to god and then when i want god to talk to me i hear people say all the time like i just wish god would tell me what to do well he did stupid it’s the bible right like open your bible and read it man it’s literally the living breathing word of god amen so if you don’t know where to read man start reading about the life of jesus because from a to z from genesis to revelation the whole bible is about jesus i’m telling you man he’s the author and finisher of our faith he was we were created by him and for him and through him so it’s all about jesus man so uh start reading matthew mark luke and john those are the gospels those those are it’s basically the same story written over from different uh apostles perspective yeah so start reading about the life of jesus yeah and what i uh i actually just someone that you know i’m in his mastermind and on one of his mastermind calls there was like six of us on there he’s leading the call and there were three or four of us christians on there and dude he gave his life to jesus on a mastermind call he was the leader of that that’s exactly what i told him i said read the prophet proverb of the day every day and then start in the gospels you got to start learning about jesus you got to start knowing more about jesus right and we’re going to we have about seven minutes to keep on keep on the story and stuff and keep on this this christian christian path of how we can inspire people to do this stuff because we have like six or seven videos guys that because this message you can hear his heart you can see his heart right and we’re gonna be showing some videos uh in the second half of this that have caused controversy in his ministry and social media has done things to try to stop this right so if if someone out there you know wants to start spreading that message and they’re they’re in their prayer life and stuff what is what is a practical step to like a first step to start you know serving people with their message uh just being transparent i would say when you feel called to do something man like if you truly feel like it’s beyond you like it’s from god then you got to do it if you feel that god is leading you to do it man you just start doing it start talking about it and if you if you’re like a content creator and just put the video out there yes put the video out there don’t be afraid man scripture says that the righteous are as bold as lions okay so um you know do i want to offend people well of course not but am i willing to you bet it yeah

so be it and that’s that’s definitely a personality type because i have that too i am not not afraid of uh controversy or confrontation because i’ve also uh you know in matthew it tells us that if someone is sinning right someone in the church someone in the faith is sinning or doing something wrong we’re supposed to approach them one-on-one right right we don’t go talk to other christians about all the bad things that person is doing and some i had this i had this person on my show because and i’ll tell you this see what you think about it i’ve i’ve made the decision with mentorship with council that i’m not only doing christian podcasts i’m not only bringing out the message of jesus because my story is jesus and i believe that people that are addicted to drugs can stop using drugs without a relationship with jesus and i think there’s a whole lot of pathways to recovery and i believe that once somebody has gotten rid of drugs has gotten that out of their place they actually have a a more soft soil to plant seeds in you know totally so i had somebody on the show and the first show i decided to do that was outside of the faith was super outside the faith it was yeah a person came on that was a uh ayahuasca shaman you know and i had that i had the conversation with him and you know i was talking about jesus and everything like in the show he’s saying that this is how he found that unconditional love and things like that and i was like man i’ve i’ve done i’ve felt that unconditional love you’re talking about but the only thing that is actually unconditional love that isn’t you know a lie from hell is the love and unconditional love of god through jesus and that was my experience it was the only thing that was able to get me clean and sober and so i’m having this conversation with him but then some people in the faith you know saw that and started talking about it to other people like there was like emails and messages sent about it to churches saying not to support me and things like that without knowing what we’re doing right right right so i you know had to go directly to people and say hey man this is what’s going on talk to council this is the plan and we we all have to be coming together we all have one common mission help addicts bring them to jesus yeah and we all have a whole bunch of ways to do that right so how are you how are you um what are your plans next with your ministry and with with the you know i know you’re starting a a non-profit with kaylee how is that going to happen so we uh we just finished a goal man that god gave us which was to donate a copy of my book to every jail prison and juvenile detention center in the united states of america uh so that was we finished from start to finish five months uh over forty thousand dollars was raised um and it was over five thousand facilities that have been shipped a copy of my book um and people are giving me words they’re like man we just feel like god is telling you to keep going somehow keep going don’t stop so it’s we’re either going to cross the border and start shipping the facilities you know canada um you know in other english speaking countries um or potentially drug rehabs across the u.s so we’re going to see what happens but right now we’re we’ve got all the paperwork filed to be a non-profit so um you know that’s just the next step is to actually become the non-profit amen so guys we are going to take a quick 30 second break and then when we come back we’re going to be showing some of the videos that have been taken down some of the ones that have caused you know controversy within his social media platforms and we’re going to talk about the message behind these videos not just the 30 seconds that we’re able to put that message out be right back guys what’s up family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them and guys if you are getting value from this if you’ve heard any golden nuggets that you think other people should hear make sure that you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so other people that are looking for a message of hope are able to find it also in case you weren’t here for the beginning of the show if you have a recovery story and you want to learn how to add impact and income through sharing it follow the link in the pinned comment to book your one-time 100 free call with me where we’re going to strategize exactly how you can share your story and do just that enjoy the rest of the show keep living recovered on purpose all right guys so i’m gonna play this first one i’m just gonna play this one and i’m gonna let you explain kind of what you were doing with this okay

let’s go let’s go so that was a that was a trending song um on tick tock where people were doing random things like one of the trending videos was this guy was in his car um and there were like a bunch of zombies out and it says me just chilling after everybody got turned into zombies from the covered vaccine and i was like oh my gosh that’s hilarious so uh i was like you know what how can i do it because all of my 99 of my content is just the gospel right yeah so i said you know what how about i’ll be in a jail cell and whenever christianity it does become illegal this will be me just chilling in a jail cell you know i’ve been a giant afraid to go back especially for jesus uh and so that’s that’s what it was man like people don’t understand really what’s coming it’s already in other countries it’s already in other countries man where christians are being persecuted unto death getting locked up like china i mean it’s bad and so thankfully we live in america where that’s just not the case right now but i’m telling you it’s common it’s coming even obama said we are no longer a christian nation and i mean it’s true it’s true it’s coming and so i made that video dude and it went viral over a million videos or a million uh views and i bet you i kid you not there were over 10 000 stitches and the stitches uh for those who’s not on tick tock basically it’ll show like five seconds of my video and then click over to whatever the the creator wants to say and it’s just people hating they said oh you got a persecution kink oh you think you’re so persecuted in christianity you’re such so lo such a loser you’re a daughter and it’s like you guys are so stupid man like for real uh i of course didn’t say that but i was thinking like you don’t understand man i’m not saying that i’m persecuted but i’m saying it’s coming and i’m saying when it does i’m gonna stand my ground i’m not gonna be a coward and back down so anyway there was a whole bunch of people who were just angry at christians and they were really saying like christians are the ones who are persecuting people but that’s just not the case man yes any anyone who is a christian that’s persecuting people and hating on people guess what they’re not a real christian yeah that’s like saying i’m a vegan eating a steak eating meat that makes sense okay uh christians people don’t understand that christians we are just following jesus and we love you we legitimately love you now if you’re telling you that the way you’re living is going to send you to hell guess what that’s still love bro if your house was on fire and you were asleep in your bedroom and i walked by it knowing that you’re asleep in your house while it’s on fire and i don’t bang on your door to wake you up bro then that means i have no love for you but if i’m willing to wake you up while you’re cozy asleep get up man get up adam you’re in danger well bro that’s me loving you yes amen that’s the message we’re trying to tell the world man wake up you’re in danger amen amen and do you think that those those stitches and people that are that hate on it and everything is that a form of persecution absolutely that’s absolutely man like i feel like you you guys are hating on me but you are persecuting me you’re calling me names you’re hating on me i mean the whole nine yards man they were hating on me but you know that’s nothing you know what i mean like sure nobody wants to be called names but bro i can take that all day like it’s it’s nothing as to what’s coming yeah because i’m telling you underground churches are going to be the only way we’re going to be able to have church here in the next 20 30 40 years yeah i’ve been seeing bro i’ve been seeing the fall in like 25 years bro i keep hearing this i keep hearing this number 25 years is like the longest we have that’s what that’s what will separate the real from the fake yeah you know what i mean like the people who just go to church because that’s what they’ve always done or people go to church because they’re passionate for christ yep once porsche custom comes man a lot of them dip out yeah bro i gave my life to jesus when i was 10. and uh i went through a hellish addiction like iv heroin meth i tried crack once for like three months and um i i always i always felt and knew that i was with jesus no matter what bro like i just i just had this faith even during that addiction that like i just i just knew i just knew that faith right and i i feel like i feel like i just something that something that we get in this faith right is like the loss of the fear of death yeah right like it’s it’s this thing that that is unexplainable to people that haven’t felt it right and you know in the early churches they didn’t have tick tock to get persecuted on right right they were they were burned and hung for jesus because they knew the truth right for sure so i think this one is going to be one of the controversial ones one of the ones

we’re gonna go ahead and play this one the results are in roe versus wade was overturned babies get to live i know right

it’s a big win

so what happened with this yeah so i made a video you know uh obviously i do edit those guys who are like celebrating um that was the day that roe versus wade was overturned and uh meant something that many christians have been praying over for years uh and it finally happened and i’m seeing so many people they’re like oh my gosh america’s going backwards i thought it but you know there’s a meme out that says imagine being this upset that babies get to live yeah you know what i mean like give me a break and so anyway i made that video uh and it was popping off and then of course it got taken down i don’t even remember the reason why they said it was taken down but uh what i’ve noticed with tick tock especially if you don’t hit their leftist agenda uh i mean they don’t want you i mean they’ll take your videos down that’s why i got permanently banned um anything that goes against i mean they’re they’re pro abortion i’m not gonna say pro-choice they’re pro-abortion they’re pro-lgbtq all that stuff and so if you say anything that’s not catering to that man they they take you down and what were you seeing in comments with that what were you seeing with people saying you know because that’s that was that was something going on at that time you know i i don’t get i don’t i don’t get super involved with political things that there’s no way that i can change somebody’s mind personally with my with what i do but i try to find the things that you know people can agree on but in that time it was so much emotion around what was going on you know and you did something definitely that was completely against a large percentage of the grain of people on social media so what were you experiencing from that a little bit of both some people were like man it’s a great day but then of course other people were saying that you know men should not be able to put laws over women’s bodies you have no uterus so you have no opinion which i thought was funny because um in the today’s age a man can become a woman right so if you are saying that a man can become a woman but then you’re saying that men have no opinion on abortion what are you talking about there’s just nothing but mass confusion so anyway i am a christian i am pro-life i believe that all you know that life begins at conception and everyone it’s a scientific fact that life begins at conception you don’t have to be a christian to believe that that’s a scientific fact atheist scientists agree that life begins at conception so uh we’re just giving people the chance that to take their first breath man to to live and so uh people want to hate on me for that so be it i’m gonna stay on my ground i’m not gonna cower down because you don’t like it amen and guys i do wanna reiterate we were talking about this earlier what were these videos we’re going through and the conversations we’re having are from a place of 100 love and totally you know i’m going to play this next video we’re going to talk about it a little bit and i’m going to tell you my personal experiences with with this okay

dana satana was born male but is now recognized as a female this person had a child with their husband esteban landro last year in contrast to dana esteban was born a female but has now transformed himself and believes that he is a male the couple conceived naturally as both dana and esteban their reproductive organs this is one of the craziest scenarios i’ve ever heard of a male with male reproductive organs considers himself a female and a female with female reproductive organs considers herself a male and they’re having a baby together you know why these people are so confused it’s because they don’t have their identity true identity comes from the creator who made them both male and female on purpose yeah yeah that is that is a very touchy subject in the world right now very tough sure yeah and you know uh in the caption right that video was taken down and actually that’s what put me on the one week band that i’m still currently on uh i can’t i can’t post i can’t comment i can’t get messages on tick tock because they said i had one too many violations and that was it um in the caption i put don’t be confused god loves them yeah okay but if people don’t care they say oh you’re not you’re not praising this you’re not saying congratulations to them so you’re hating which is when you know that’s not true you know that i am not hating them i’m saying that they’re confused you are a man in a man’s body and you grew out your hair and you put on lipstick okay and this is a woman who had surgery to cut off some of her body parts and you’re having a baby together and this man is having a baby with this woman but you’re calling each other different that’s you’re confused and you’ll stay confused until you understand that your identity is in your creator who made you the way you are and you’re made beautifully and wonderfully so quit trying to change yourself to be something that you’re not and uh man the world just can’t see that they want me to celebrate them dismembering themselves and i just can’t do that yep yeah and i

you know i thought about this before we went on this and i i’m like i said before when we’re talking about it i’m i’m bringing every single story every single journey every single path and purpose into this right and my experience with this specifically is you know i spent a lot of time with the lgbtq community in my my alcoholism in my addiction and my freshman year of college my roommate my roommate in my dorm came out to me as trans like standing in the mirror and just said you know doesn’t feel like he’s in the right body like literally says i look in this mirror every single day and i just don’t don’t see myself and i didn’t have dude i think about this all the time all the time and um he he killed himself a little while later and i didn’t have the words to say in that moment and um you know i i don’t know man i just love people so much dude yeah like i don’t sometimes dude it’s just hard man it’s just hard there’s so many things going on right now the fall of the identity of of being american or being you know or having an identity as even a human right there’s they’re letting kids go into schools now and bark and then you have to say that they’re a dog yeah right what what is going on people are just so confused man they don’t all right so when i was in addiction i was looking for anything to find grit on the earth right like i don’t feel like i belong on this earth nothing makes me happy i thought okay money will make me happy i got a great job got promoted had money i wasn’t happy i felt no grit in the earth i felt no purpose and then i thought okay a girlfriend i got that no purpose okay if i’m a homeowner i got a house no purpose and so i was looking for anything that would give me purpose so what these people you know unfortunately like the person who passed away they thought that their purpose that their identity was in their sexual but it wasn’t that’s why so many people who do even have the surgery and a man becomes a woman whatever they still commit suicide and it’s tragic because guess what that was never your identity to begin with yeah you’re trying to find your identity and that’s just that’s not just lgbtq that’s the whole that’s the human race yeah if you try and find your identity in anything your job your spouse your kids drugs you’re gonna be feeling without you’re gonna be feeling empty because your identity you are made by god and for god yes period you were made for god’s great pleasure and if you can’t accept that then you will never find your purpose on this earth 100 100 percent because how can we possibly know our purpose or what our destiny is or what we were created for if we’re not in communication with the creator about it but the one who created us in the entire purpose right abso absolutely and what so you’re on you’re on the band now um yeah how do you how do when you come back from the band do you have to avoid talking about this now you know i actually thought that i was avoiding all confrontation on tick tock i didn’t think that really the video that i posted was that bad you know uh but i’ve made up my mind that i’m just if it has anything to do whatsoever with lgbtq community i’m just not going to talk about it um and that’s that’s not me cowering that’s just i know what happens there they’ll just take it down so it’s me using wisdom um i’m still willing to talk about it and i’ll talk about it on my other platforms instagram facebook clapper things like that but uh the tick tock community i just got to use wisdom man and uh i’m gonna still promote the gospel i’m gonna still stand by truth uh i’m just not gonna talk about that community uh yeah it’ll just get taken down and i do want to say this anybody that is watching that possibly is in this community and if you’re watching this then you know me if you’re watching this then you you’re probably a good friend of mine because i bro i still like i love my my people i love and my people is everybody everybody yeah i just want like i want you guys to know that you know we have nothing but unconditional love and the the faith that we have is you know we want what’s best for everyone we want what’s and the best is what god created you for right i’ve sponsored people in the lgbtq community and uh two people in my recovery have given them given their lives to jesus from the lgbtq community oh man that’s awesome and what worked for me in my in my addiction at the very end right the person that walked me through to actually have the experience that with jesus that ended up giving me recovery right not one time he was the only person in my life bro and he came picked me up from the homeless shelter from the streets from wherever it took me to church bible study lunch breakfast he never once told my ad to quit using drugs never once told me what i needed to do never once told me any of that what he did was he just loved me and just walked as someone would with jesus right yeah and we all have this this and that’s why it’s so important to be in relationship and communicating with god knowing what your part of the body is because without an ear the body can’t hear without an eye the body can’t see and without brendan doing that specifically at that time for me i wouldn’t be here right so each one of us has a predestined purpose in that body it’s important that we’re walking it out so i’m proud of you man i’m really really proud of you this is not something that i think i would be able to do yet at least yet at least i love that you’re doing it brother all right we’ve got we’re going to go to this one tell me what this one is

yes there was a moment when moses found the courage to ask god you couldn’t even stand to hear the sound of his name could you now you have every right to do what you want make fun of god whatever but god’s patient with you he doesn’t want you to perish but he wants you to turn from your ways and to him and believe me when i say the day of the lord is coming and it will come like a thief you’ve been warned turn to god

so what happened with that so i made a video uh talking about my new tattoo which is the name of god yhwh yahweh and just it was really a beautiful story man about how god gave himself a name that uh sounded like sounds of breathing right so it’s like every breath you take acknowledges god even atheists the babies first cry and your last breath acknowledges god and so this dude uh he stitched my video or uh duet of my video and whenever i started talking about god he rolled his eyes and turned off the video you know just disrespected me and more importantly disrespected god so i said on that for a while and uh you know i could have clapped back man i could dude i could have destroyed him i’ve looked at his videos i could have made him feel that big but that’s not what i wanted to do i wanted to share the truth yeah the truth is bro that the day of the lord is coming right and so every new about every tongue will confess that christ is lord so this is god pursuing you through me this is mercy yes yes mercy right now because you know in my flesh you know i wanted to put an elbow in his eye you know don’t

but god in his kindness and his rich compassion and mercy changed my heart in that moment warn him pursue him you know i’m pursuing him through you so um so that was the point of the video and you know what he ended up commenting he’s like hey bro just playing you know no shade no hate you know it’s all love i was like all good i loved his comment and then of course tick tock took it down um tick tock is soft man you know they don’t want men to be men uh and so i don’t know i don’t know what they saw that was so maybe it’s because i had a tank top one and i said you’ve been warned but it wasn’t right there was no there’s nothing there’s nothing going to be physical you know i mean like i still love that kid you know i want good things for you i want you to turn to christ to be saved um but it’s important that we do warn the world and that christ is coming and he’s going to come like a lion dude and uh it’s going to come like a thief in the night bro so you gotta i mean get saved today repent today because tomorrow so i’m screaming that to the world man and you know some will listen some won’t but i have to do my job man because if i don’t blood will be on my hands amen what i’m saying yes 100 if we if we know what we know and we are selfish enough to keep it to ourselves or scared enough cowards and we don’t share it with the world then we will be judged for that that’s what they don’t understand bro but we know what we know so we got to tell everybody if you choose not to bro if you choose to go to hell then you’re going to have to walk over my dead body

and that’s something i think about people people say you know and this is a this is a cool way to look at it you know look at look and imagine yourself on your deathbed right and imagine what you would regret not doing right now on your deathbed right i think that a little bit deeper i’m like what about after i die and i’m looking in the face of god and then he opens a book of all the things i could have done right i’m still i’m still going to heaven you know but all the things like all the people that could have been helped here all the people that could have come with me right and man it’s it’s it’s amazing bro it’s amazing i’m proud of you thank you we’re gonna we’re gonna hop in which one this one this is a very serious announcement and i need all of you to pay very close attention if you see a folded dollar bill like this in the picture on the ground do not pick it up and here’s why recently a woman was at staples and she saw this dollar bill folded on the ground the woman picked it up and thought she would put it in her granddaughter’s piggy bank she left it folded and put it in her purse and then brought it home she showed it to her husband when her husband remembered a news flash where people were being killed or extremely injured by picking up folded dollar bills on the ground that had fentanyl in them the husband rushed to the dollar opened it up very carefully and this was inside actual phenom they quickly called the sheriff and they confirmed that it was vietnam please beware this could kill someone so what what happened with this so uh it said my browser failed to play the video so i wasn’t sure which one you played oh it was the uh the fentanyl one oh yeah what’s the folded dollar bill yeah so i saw um several posts you know and news articles where people were finding folded dollar bills um and were encouraged not to pick them up yeah um because there was uh potentially fentanyl inside yeah and uh so on and so forth people were touching them and being hospitalized you know like they were basically starting to overdose you know because if you don’t use the drug you know you know just letting it absorb through your skin could overdose you so that so that’s what was happening and so i made a video about it it went viral 10 million views um tick tock did take it down at first um and then i appealed it and they brought it back i never know and they’re gonna why would they take it why would they take that down i don’t have a clue i’m sure someone reported it and uh but for whatever reason they restored it um but i tell you what man most people 90 of the people were like awesome thanks for the info because my goodness dude like if a five-year-old there’s not gonna be one five-year-old in the world that sees the dollar bill on the ground who’s not gonna pick it up dude you know what i mean if a kid sees it and if he touches that it will kill him okay it will kill him um i’ve gotten dope in in dollar bills before not fentanyl because it wasn’t wasn’t like that back then but definitely have held dope in a dollar bill yeah some people were being like yeah this is fake news because no dealers just going around dropping but what i think it is i think it was a user who kept his stuff in his pocket it fell out right yeah and so that that happens you know we’ve all lost drugs at one point um so anyway 90 were like hey thanks for the info but then some people were i mean defending fentanyl like they were friends with it you can’t die from exposure to fentanyl you are gonna die you’re fear-mongering better but man like you guys are so stupid man like yes you absolutely can and especially with car fentanyl car fentanyl is also being is out there and it’s what an elephant tranquilizer so it is killing people man and so um people told me to take it down for misinformation but i’m absolutely never gonna take that video down and i’ll probably continue to repost it and make more versions of it to create awareness because uh fitnah bro is killing everybody yeah it’s killing everybody dude overdose deaths have reached over a hundred thousand uh people which is record-breaking in one year um and people who don’t even use opiates are getting a hold of fentanyl because meth and other drugs are being laced with fentanyl and they’re dying i just had a friend died six months ago and he was a meth at it he didn’t do bit no he didn’t do opiates um but we believed that something that he was using whether it was you know spice or meth was laced and he overdosed and he died yeah because you don’t you don’t realize that you’re doing fentanyl and why it is that you like this drug so much right but the the the dealers and definitely the cartels are it’s so cheap for them they have a source where it’s like basically dirt cheap for them to get fentanyl and they’re putting it in everything now they just did this uh i’m i’m living down here media in colombia and they just did an episode of vice and there’s this drug down here called tusi and we don’t have it in the united states it’s like a mixture of like cocaine mdma like some type of amphetamine and all this stuff in like a pink powder that people just sniff all day and the uh the cartel that makes it said that they have just started putting fentanyl in it they’re like it’s cheaper for us people are getting higher you know and i’m like oh my gosh there’s about to be a wave down here yeah there’s about to be a wave down here bro yeah yeah and we gotta tell everybody yeah what what can we do about this dude 107 000 last year and it’s growing this year the numbers haven’t come out but they said that it’s it’s worse this year what the heck are we going to do bro man first off you got to pray bro talk to the creator and then you create awareness keep doing what we’re doing and do more of it you know talk to people about it um and so i’ve been doing a lot of uh talking to high schools uh for drug awareness and i’m talking to these kids man and it’s so cool man because you would think that high school kids and middle school kids would just go one in one ear and one out the other but do they zone into me and they listen to what i’m saying um and now i don’t know if all of them are going to take my word for it but i’m going for the one that does yes but man you got to hit the next generation dude hit the next generation tell these kids what we needed to know when we were their age amen because i i didn’t know you know i’m 34 dude and when i was in the fifth grade i had a dare officer who talked about marijuana and that’s it yeah i didn’t know the ends and the albums man and so i’m going to schools colleges to talk to these kids about look let me tell you the side that you don’t know that the music video is not showing you um and so i’m just trying to reach the next generation amen brother that’s what we have to do that’s what we’re covered on purposes about a lot of people you know a lot of new followers don’t realize this but i i train you know people in recovery to share their stories powerfully to help addict suffering and then once we’re confident once we know how to share our story for attic suffering you know there’s a different message that we have to bring into the school system we don’t bring a recovery message into the school system we have a totally different kind of speaking that we do in there but that’s the next step recovered on purpose is going to be building that that whole community of speakers to go out to schools i’m about to do a university tour with uh with claudia christian we’ve got a booking agent that’s booking tours and stuff for prevention awareness and uh you know suicide prevention too because that’s part of my story you know so we’ve got we’ve got one more on here i actually haven’t watched this one yet so i’m gonna be surprised too

man this is my old house

this is where i got busted this house is now abandoned but it used to be my house and on that door there’s a big dent where the police busted down my door and i was arrested for trafficking drugs but now i’m over six years clean and sober i’m a dad and a husband

and i’m free amen dude that better not again

yeah that was the house i got busted in man and like so i live about an hour outside of that town now but uh usually every time i go i just try and look back man i just remember and just how good god is man for rescuing me from that prison dude because i was so miserable in that house dude i was so miserable in there and god rescued me from it yeah amen brother and that’s that’s a really perfect video i didn’t even set that up that’s perfect for the last one right because guys that’s what this is all about everything everything jordan’s doing all of his messaging all of the the controversial things all of the you know the all the videos that are being taken down it’s all from a place of love and helping people find the freedom that he has found helping them find this relationship with god and us in recovery when we have recovered from this dark dark place right that we’ve experienced it’s our responsibility to get out and tell it man that video did it perfectly brother perfect man yeah and can we can we say a prayer for those that are out there i want you to i want you to pray for pray for anybody watching this or anybody that ever will watch this and then let’s just get get it in there for the attic suffering right now also all right father god lord we love you and we thank you for your son and the sacrifice that you made that we could all be saved lord if we were just calling you so lord there are still people out there god that you love very much that you’ve got to plan for that are still struggling with addiction god we pray that they just have a moment with you god like we do lord where they can’t deny you any more god they’ve tried it every way in the world to get clean and they can’t do it but that’s because the answer lord to true freedom is a relationship with you so we pray that god that you just rescue them or that you let them know that they are loved and that they have a wonderful purpose god you’ve got a plan for them and so lord i pray that they start living today god surround them with people that love them and that will share the truth with them and we thank you for these things lord in jesus name amen amen brother thank you so much for coming on how can how can people find you where would they follow you they just watched some of your tick tocks but what is your what is your handle yeah so uh instagram is i am jordan wilson so is tick tock i am jordan wilson j-o-r-d-a-n-w-i-l-s-o-n

um and so uh i’m also on facebook jordan wilson you should it’s a picture of me holding the microphone you can find me there uh and i’m on clapper recently got on clapper since they banned me on tick-tock i’m on clapper now too clapper is almost exactly like tick-tock almost exactly it’s a much smaller platform um but the censorship is it’s so much easier you know you your stuff won’t get taken down so much awesome awesome brother we appreciate you coming on so much love you brother thank you so much guys we love you all of this is from a place of love telling you you know jesus loves you amen so guys we love you and we’ll see you later keep living thanks bye-bye

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