Corporate Bankruptcy to 2 commas: How Awareness Changes Everything

Scott has so many incredible things built in his life helping people find physical and mental health… But there was a time he was living in his car dodging the mail box at his mom’s house because of what was waiting for him there… Scott and I had a great conversation that brought out parts of his story he had forgotten about to this point and openly shared with you and me.

Scott Carpenter is a best-selling author and multiple 7-figure fitness business owner. He owns 6 personal training studios in the US and Canada, and is the founder of The 63 Day Transformation program.

Now, Scott spends the majority of his time on his passion project- helping other gym owners, personal trainers, and online coaches achieve multi-6 figure incomes by creating and selling High-Ticket Transformation programs inside their businesses at PT Legends.

You can find his books at, his coaching company at, and connect

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what’s up recovered on purpose family i’m super excited that you’re here for this week’s episode of guest saturdays i have a super exciting guest to bring to you scott carpenter and we’re going to be talking about health mindset and how you can implement this into your recovery love you guys so much enjoy the show and keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

welcome welcome welcome everybody super excited that you’re here go ahead and let us know in the comments if you’re watching this live or on the replay let us know where you’re coming in from and guys i have a super exciting guest for you uh his name is scott carpenter and he is a best-selling author and multiple seven-figure fitness business owner he owns six personal training studios in the us in canada and is the founder of the 63-day transformation program now scott spends the majority of his time on his passion project helping other gym owners personal trainers and online coaches achieve multiple six-figure incomes by creating and selling high-ticket transformation programs inside their businesses at pt legends you can find his books at his coaching company at and connect with him on instagram at coach scott carpenter love you guys and guys without further ado scott carpenter what’s up brother hey how you doing good to be here man i’m doing amazing doing amazing it is uh it’s a beautiful life brother there’s so much to do in it so much to do there is there is man i was just i was just watching those those uh the videos your story it’s just incredible man just incredible appreciate that man i appreciate that what uh what did you get from watching the videos as someone that isn’t necessarily like in recovery right or someone that’s an addict suffering and that’s actually interesting to you what did you get from watching someone that that has that story um you know

while i haven’t had experience with as you know i did have my fair share of alcohol problems when i was in my 20s nothing that was like life-threatening or anything like that um but it is it is so easy for lives to to take a fork in the road and where people fall on hard times or make a wrong decision or whatever it is but i’ve seen so many stories of people who learn from that and and change and they don’t get sucked into the guilt and everything that goes down there and it is god is the most inspiring thing in the world to see an underdog to see somebody who has life stacked against them and to make all the mistakes and then just saying i’m i’m going to change things and they build a whole another life for themselves like it’s the most inspiring thing like that’s the stuff that makes me tear up all the time like i was watching that and i was like tearing up yeah which is easy for me to do now since i’m a dad i don’t know what happens when you become a dad but like you can watch a commercial of a child getting bullied and like you’ll start crying it’s right i get that and they actually uh the reason why i asked that i haven’t had the opportunity to ask somebody um that wasn’t really an addiction or or recovery but about 47 of american adults have someone in their life right now that they love like not just uh someone they know not just a random friend or something but someone they love that is struggling with addiction or alcoholism and with that you know this the whole brand recovered on purpose what we do is we share our stories we share them publicly we get them out there because literally every time you share your story there’s a 50 chance that that person will be impacted of it you know with someone in their life so that’s why we’re you know getting more and more people telling their stories so and you’re here you’re here to add value and and teach us some things about you know uh health mindset personal development um why is it that you got into this space specifically what about your life and your history got you in the space well that’s a good question and then you know even when you say well you haven’t been in recovery not formal recovery but if i look it it makes me think you know because when i look back on my life in my 20s i was really sad and i did just spend it drinking to the point where yeah you’re blacking out a lot now thankfully nothing bad happened you know in terms of like i didn’t get you know a huge car accident or this or that but when i look back no i did have alcohol problems you know and it makes me really think hard about that but what got me into it is you know i i grew up in your normal suburban neighborhood with all those kind of advantages that it affords you and it’s just like you get good grades and you get into a good school and then you get a nice stable job with a big company and then you just wait to die you know that was kind of the path that was laid out that’s not me though and i started that you know as a straight a student and i got into u of i and um i did those things and i graduated i started working for of all places philip morris right big tobacco because my idea of success as a 21 year old grad was making more money than my friends and i got into that and like cool this is what i’m supposed to do i’m getting set up for this and i have it and i was massively unhappy hated my job hated what i was doing i hated where i was living and as a result what i did i just got completely bombed on the weekends and then you know sometimes you go on the weekday and they would interfere with my work i nearly got when i look back on it and this is stuff i don’t reflect on maybe enough adam but there was a time i nearly got fired um and it was so hard for me to get my butt up and go into work because i i worked a lot in a territory so i only had to work with people maybe two to four days a month yeah and for a period i started i was getting really depressed which i didn’t know at the time you know until i look back on it and i stopped going into work so but what happened was i i realized like i’m really unhappy at some point yeah and i went out to arizona to to visit a friend and there’s sunshine right as opposed to it being overcast forever around chicago right there’s sunshine and palm trees and i call that my quarter life crisis because i’m looking at my career and my life and where it’s going and i know i’m just going to keep doing this crap you know and never be happy and so i just said that’s it i’m quitting my job and i’m moving across the country where i literally knew one person who was actually moving somewhere else in a few months but i’m quitting my job because i hate it and i’m moving because i hate where i live and i’m going to restart my life because i hate it where it’s going right now yeah and so you said you know a lot of people have that also and some of us in recovery you know and this happened to me where i got to a point where i was making more money than i’d ever made i you know had this had the new car and the new apartment and things were going really great in that department but i found myself really sad and depressed also what do you think it was that you know like specifically was making you depressed with with that career with that with that trajectory of life you know if that was what you were taught was success you got the straight a’s you went to school you you got this job what was it that was causing that you know depression what was missing god that’s a really good question i think i just lacked purpose at the end of the day in my job my role i didn’t feel i was having an impact at all um i didn’t have a purpose it didn’t really matter if i did that job or not and i i think i think i had these expectations for my life that and i think it has to do with something about our age and how we grew up in the expectations right and i feel like i had these you know grandiose ideas for my life and i saw none of them coming true anywhere right i think that was a big piece of it um i also think that i closed myself off to close relationships just because i gotten burned i had i had a really big problem being vulnerable at any stage in the game and maybe some of that was how i was raised you just don’t really show weakness and i think that’s a big problem with men yeah and yeah and not knowing the answers not having the answers being afraid to ask questions and all of that i think contributed to it i just didn’t know where to go i had no one to turn to i felt right and so i didn’t talk to anybody about anything yeah and so you take the leap which is which is a i mean it’s a scary thing to do but it’s an awesome thing to do and it’s just like skydiving i remember you know will smith says this but it’s like it’s so real when you’re getting ready to skydive and you have that that feeling of fear that anxiety like you’re so high up and then once you jump you just have this incredible bliss like the best feeling you’ve ever had as you’re falling right so you jump you move away from chicago and you move to where i moved to uh scottsdale arizona scottsdale arizona and what’d you what’d you start doing what’d you find on this jump yeah so i mean i attended like a little career transition workshop thing um by a neighbor’s dad that i knew and stuff like that and so i was looking for jobs but at the end of the day like i’m going regardless and i wanted something that i actually wanted to do and i’ve been taught oh you just do this white collar thing and then you move up the ladder you know and god that was so freaking boring to me and i i just especially because i work for a big corporation it’s just not my culture it’s not my cup of tea and so i didn’t know what i was gonna do but then so the saving grace of everything throughout this that the period of these lost four years of my life um whereas just floating and just basically being destructive was i got into health and fitness so i started working out i really started changing my body i was looking at forums and this and that and i was really devoted and dedicated and i made some big physical transformations and i think that’s what kept me from really going the other way yeah and so when i when i’m like i’m changing my life i can see where it’s going and i’m gonna hate it so yeah i moved out and then i’m like i’m not sure what i’m gonna do forever but why don’t i do something that i’m passionate about and health and fitness was the saving grace for me throughout this whole thing so i said hey let me get certified so i got certified through national academy of sports medicine and let me find a way to make a living so i did some interviews i started working for a big box gym um and that’s where i start that’s where i restarted things but you’re right it was that moment of bliss i drove out in my car that i bought for like 3 900 bucks i loaded you know the dog in the car my earthly possessions and i just moved out with very little money to despair and i’m just like i’m doing it but it was it was that was the most epic trip ever just because of that you’re exactly right yeah that feeling of like i’m going i don’t i don’t really care i’m jumping right yep yep and do you think that you know we were talking a little bit about purpose right there was a missing purpose and before this you weren’t really like super into fitness super into health yet but when you started getting into it did it did it seem like that was building a purpose did you notice it building a purpose at that time yeah yeah you know working it was a form of working on myself and improving myself and that i had 100 control over um right as opposed to your career which you might get passed over the promotion you might not get noticed this and that like i could i i could go in there and improve upon myself you know and put in the reps on it and that is so important because that victim mentality can really creep in yeah it can really creep in but you know what you can control whether you do a few squats today or a few push-ups today you have 100 control over that anybody can do that and that is what kept me ticking along yeah so you start focusing on instead of focusing on like a job and a corporate thing what you can control is your own personal development yep man i’ve never that’s never come out like that i love that i tell people to imagine you’re standing inside of a hula hoop there’s a hula hoop on the ground you’re standing inside of it everything inside of that hula hoop we are in control of everything outside of it we’re not in control of right our thoughts emotions actions you know everything that we do we’re in control of but thinking that our personal development is basically all we’re in control of that really gives us a power to start chasing at it right absolutely what what else were you um noticing in your personal development journey that you because i know that now that you’re coaching you’re not just doing pt you’re not just doing the the physical part of it so in this time what else were you growing within yourself and learning within yourself so i i realized how much i ran from my problems and if if you look if anybody can look back at some of their biggest problems a lot of it was because they didn’t address it early on it was bigger and bigger and bigger and i also it’s so funny that you’re talking about these things because i literally i’m a person who has never shared things right that much i’m learning to do it now and i’ve had to learn to be vulnerable and i’ve only really gotten good at it over the last several years and i’m 39 right um you know some of the things that we’re compiling is i did have like a rental property you know this was back before the the big crash like in 2009 right so i graduated college in 2004 and i acquired like two rental properties and we know what happened in the market there yeah and so i wasn’t able to pay some of the mortgages because the rent was all this kind of stuff and i i at that point i had actually destroyed my my credit and lost a couple houses and it’s so funny because some of some of the stuff i’ve just blocked out of my memory and so this is actually very therapeutic i appreciate you having me on here and i’ve never shared these stories to anybody either why because i felt like a massive failure and so you know and then what happened like i stopped like opening the mail because i just know it was bills and notices and i just pretended i just pretended it wasn’t there yeah i remember even even like i had my powershelf at my my main house in illinois wow and because i didn’t open the damn mail and pay the bill and um yeah this is very this is i’m having a lot of revelations now to realize how i appreciate it yeah terrible situation i was actually in yeah um and yeah so when i started i started doing that and then i moved i’m like i’m changing my life and i hit this certain point and i i had a little bit of money in a 401k that got dumped in from a bonus i had to get that out to pay while i was starting to make money and stuff like that yeah and then i had like this stack of of mail still that was piling up in my new address and then i remember i’m like i i just decided to take care of it and look at all the the lawsuits and the bills and this and that and i i had to go to the post office because they stopped delivering it once that mailbox gets so full you don’t get it and i had like it was like two boxes of freaking mail and i’m like i’m ripping the band-aid off of this [ __ ] excuse me i didn’t ask about swearing policies but it’s obviously really yeah i was really impactful to me you know but i did it and i opened them all up and i looked at what i owed and i looked at all these open things i’m going to solve these things one at a time one at a time and i worked really hard my job i got promoted a couple times i paid down all the debt took me a long time you know my credit’s back at 800 but it was you know for seven years you’re you can’t get anything and it was really scary it was really hard to make ends meet and pay those things down yeah um but i did it you know amen let’s go let’s go and i hear you saying you’re talking about like a breaking point or or this point where like you know you just have to do something about it you have to do something about it and you said you decided to rip the band-aid off right this decision and when you when you made that decision and i’m leading leading you with this did you did you feel when you made the decision before you even started did you feel a change within yourself when you when because we can look at this box of mail right this box of problems that we have that we’re just like pushing away we’re just leaving behind we’re just throwing him under the bed or whatever and we can look at him like that and then when we make that decision like okay i’m gonna rip the band-aid off there’s like did you have a freedom once you made that decision oh completely completely and it goes through my head i think and who talks about this i think maybe it was like tony robbins talks about like a lot of times just it’s we got those two main drives and it’s avoiding pain or seeking pleasure and a lot of times avoiding pain is what we spend a lot of time doing right and then we go to seeking the pleasure which is drinking drugs you name it to avoid that pain yeah and but the bottom line is is that stack was so painful to try and attempt to handle that you just avoid it void avoid it at a certain point there’s a threshold where the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it right yeah and that’s the point that i i reached and then but once you’re right once you decide to rip off that band-aid even though it’s painful to do it you’re attacking it on you’re looking at wow i’ve got years of bills to pay here this is this is going to be hard yeah there was this semblance of just i felt immediately better immediately better and i started listing my debts and how much i owed on this card and that card and this and that the other and i just started knocking him down i had a spreadsheet and every time i would pay a bill and reduce a balance or whatever i would take that down and i could see my progress you know month after month month after month month after month and that is what kind of kept me going and it’s that’s another form of self-improvement i looked at that amazing debt that i had accumulated and chipping away at it chipping away that chipping away at it but yeah just from opening the mail and organizing it god that felt so good yeah you think it would be horrifying yes but it was the thought of it that was so much harder than the actual doing it exactly exactly we fear is fear is something that is so up here right the fear and the in the pain of of opening that stuff of of dealing with these problems like i talk to people about you know if they want to build their credit or something and they’ve been avoiding it they’re like you know i just it’s just something i don’t do i just don’t worry about that because my credit is bad you know and that’s just like what they say but then in reality if you just do a credit report a free credit report and you look at the negative items and then you look at your history like you can actually put a very simple plan together to build your credit i started my recovery with a 421 credit score i’m up at like seven i’m not quite at 800 but i’m like 783 right now yes and that’s like that’s a big deal you know that’s a big deal but i can tell you it was very simple it was very simple and that’s what i did it’s you know it’s just i’m going to do this yeah the bottom line is i have these goals in life and i’m going to do this so i start researching the best ways to tackle it i’m researching can i get this removed you know i sent a couple letters they had a couple things removed they sort of ping this stuff off it’s not that hard you just have to do it yeah oh it’s just that delay put it off because it’s painful put it up but it’s yeah it is more just the thought of it we create that in our heads and that’s what people listening have to realize that it’s it’s really not that hard to do it it’s so much more work to convince yourself not to do it it really is and i know that might be on a subconscious level but regardless of anything make no mistake you’re putting in the work you’re putting in the work deceiving yourself convincing yourself that it’s not that big of a deal or convincing yourself that you’re going to do it later whatever you are putting in the work and the reps now whether you know it or not yep 100. there’s uh i say choose your hard you know i don’t remember where i heard this but i but i talk about this all the time and like it’s hard to have bad credit it’s hard to you know not open up the bills that’s hard it’s also hard to become aware of your financial situation become aware of your health situation become aware of you know something that you want to change and then doing the steps to change it they’re both hard but one of them is actually extremely rewarding it’s extremely rewarding to you know work on yourself you know if you we can look at this in every single different aspect of our life we can look at it in relationships we can look at it in career we can look at it in finances we can look at it in health and fitness right in order to make a change in our life we have to first become aware of the actual problems we have to you know write them out put them out on a journal put them out on a whiteboard something because if we don’t know where we’re at we can’t go to a destination because we can’t figure out the the journey there right so and during this time is this is this also while you’re building a brand new career and brand new brand new uh business oh yeah yeah cause i i started working for a lifetime and it’s it’s a commission job right personal training when you sign you gotta sign them up and you gotta train them so like i was barely making ends meet for quite a while and then figuring that out and trying to become successful and i kept my bills low so i could handle all that and then you know once i got to a pretty comfortable spot we’re like okay i’ve made awesome progress on this and blah blah i decided that’s when i decided like what i’m doing isn’t fulfilling enough like i don’t want to keep doing it in this career and i want to do it myself where because i am all about i don’t care about giving workouts and counting reps and maybe handing out a macro plan i want to change other people’s lives yeah fitness is probably looking back on what saved my life from taking a really bad turn yeah and it was so transform transformative and it’s so important to live your best quality of life that that’s what i wanted to do for other people that’s what it was like i want to take this gift and give it to other people and it became so much about the the sales and and the business side of things which is important right businesses have to make money or else they don’t exist but you know when it got to the point where we’re selling these ancillaries and i don’t believe in them and you know this needs to be more of a coaching thing this needs to be more of a mentorship thing right we got to get the mindset first then we can change the habits and we’re also going to change your environment so it’s easier it didn’t exist so i had to go out and build it so that’s when i took the leap i got my income up where i was making around 90 and then i said goodbye to that i bought through clever financing even though it wasn’t worth that much because it was losing money but i bought a business that was losing money i basically bought a 2100 square foot box with some equipment in there and like five clients and but i was willing to take that risk you know and then that was really scary for a beard of years all right so you uh you said you want to give the gift right and that’s that’s exactly what we talk about here also right because i don’t know if you had the had the vision that you would end up being a you know two comma club member with click funnels and that you’d be you know you’d have six different locations and all this kind of stuff i don’t know if you had that at the very beginning no but you had a a purpose right you had this thing within your heart that you you you were you experiencing this own transformation your own life you’re experiencing this personal development you were experiencing it through health and fitness and your focus was you wanted to figure out how to give that to people right and that’s you know i had the opportunity i’m just gonna hop in this really quick but i had the opportunity over the last 12 months to sit and talk with three different billionaires and all three of them when i when i talked to them they had that exact same start to their businesses like i was able to sit and talk to the man that owns the largest cell phone company in india and now they’re in like 27 different countries with like 28 000 employees and he said you know i wasn’t planning on it being this big i knew it could be but i just wanted to get cell phones to the poor i wanted the poor to have access to cell phones and that’s where his heart was and then it just blew up into this thing right so i think it’s beautiful that you know we find this purpose right and in recovery and what i try to tell everybody in this uh in this community here is that when we’re in recovery it’s our responsibility it is our it is our duty to go out and help addicts that are still struggling we we have this like we’ve been given this gift of recovery a lot of us shouldn’t be here i shouldn’t be here you know and it’s our responsibility to do it so how does this start growing from there when you’re when you start having the clients you you buy this gym and how do you start getting new clients how do you start like getting this heart into your into your mission yeah oh god that’s a complicated answer but to touch on your point like it’s it’s got to be in here it’s got to be in your heart you know what i mean and if you have that calling you’ve you’ve just got to do it and it might be so unclear about how yeah it might you might you might feel very insecure about everything but like you if you just don’t give up you will do it and your purpose can change you you might not have this whole huge idea of purpose you know i mean like i didn’t think i’d have six gyms in this and that you know what i mean but if you just keep taking action you’ll you’ll discover it and that purpose might change because at first it was like helping these you know the end users and these people like achieve fitness and live their best lives that’s really what it was about but i had also been through a lot of hell as a gym owner a lot of scary moments right i did have somebody that completely burned down a location with his actions who just really misre represented who he was and did some horrible things and i was convinced he was fundamentally a good person who went through some bad experiences recently and i let him go to another location where i was working and i went back there to raise this thing from the ashes because he was without getting into too much details he was sleeping with a female personal trainer messing with her head and then she was good friends with the lead coach there he had also had you know some some issues with with alcohol as well so i got him to go with the other location and i had forced him to get help um addiction recovery isn’t my specialty specialty but it forced him to get help and stuff like that talk to his family about it so i did everything i could he did the same thing with the female train over there and now and then just everybody left so i have two locations that are hemorrhaging cash and i have to totally rebuild this happened when i was um when i just had my firstborn son too so it was massively stressful massively stressful um and uh yeah it’s it can be a tough journey it can be a really tough journey but the cool thing is i worked hard i caught some breaks um i didn’t let any of those experience jade me you know what i mean and and you give people the benefit of doubt and uh the people my my people got me through it like without who are now my partners right one of which i mentioned you had struggled when he was earlier he spent five years in jail i believe it was wow um drug stuff when he was younger he’s a totally different person now it’s unbelievable story um but anyways like i got through it and so a lot of my purpose now with the whole sign you see back there with pt legends is i figured out a lot of things in the gym space took me a lot of years but eventually succeeded and i found out some really amazing stuff and now i spend my time helping other gym owners who are struggling achieve the businesses of their dreams and so my purpose has shifted a little bit yeah and that’s okay so if you don’t my point is is that if you don’t have everything figured out right now that’s okay your purpose is going to change your what you think like you don’t have to worry about like your end-all be-all necessarily you might get lucky and know that but that purpose could change throughout life yeah and i think i think purpose that’s the word i use a lot for men men don’t do well without a purpose yeah i mean you see it even people when people retire sometimes and they don’t do anything then you know a lot of them don’t do very well and don’t live very long right or they go back to work or they go back to work yeah like i was retired for three months didn’t want to yeah because retirement like i got to the point where a few years ago like probably three years ago i was like functionally retired my gyms run without me i can i can run him in two hours a week but guess what anybody would kill you in my position in the in the gym business right but i was so unhappy then because i was just lost i really wasn’t working on building anything or you know what i mean i didn’t have that purpose yeah and it’s funny that that we need that and it’s really all about i think retirement’s overrated right and because i see money as an exchange of value right the more value i give to other people i can promise you at some point that’s coming back in the form of dollars yeah right and it doesn’t matter and it may or may not but the point is is you can completely work for free but you need to give value out into the world yeah and even when i’m retired quote unquote retired i’m still going to deliver value right i’m going to be doing a non-profit i’m going to be doing mentorship for young men or business owners or whatever it is because i have to do that it gives me purpose yeah 100 and you said something um you know when you are when you’re seeking your purpose right and you’re and you’re going at your purpose um you were your original purpose was to you know you wanted to give this gift of health and fitness to other people and as your purpose was changing i think it just grew i don’t know if it necessarily changed because now instead of like one-on-one helping people with this you’ve grown something that is actually now it’s self-operating and people are getting health and fitness from what you’ve built so your purpose is actually being fulfilled and grown because that’s been my experience you know at first i just wanted to help addicts i wanted to help them one-on-one and find as many as i could i could sponsor and this and that but then it was like okay i want to help more i want to help more people with this how do i do this okay social media and stuff like that and guys we’re going to take a quick 30 second break and then when we come back we’re going to talk about performance purpose and mindset and how to implement all this into your life be right back what’s up family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them and guys if you are getting value from this if you’ve heard any golden nuggets that you think other people should hear make sure that you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so other people that are looking for a message of hope are able to find it also in case you weren’t here for the beginning of the show if you have a recovery story and you want to learn how to add impact and income through sharing it follow the link in the pinned comment to book your one time 100 free call with me where we’re going to strategize exactly how you can share your story and do just that enjoy the rest of the show keep living recovered on purpose all right amen gotta gotta throw in the uh the interrupter commercial um i love it thank you brother i’m doing this uh i’m doing a course and i’m coaching people in recovery how to build stages like this how to get on stage like this and how to share their story powerfully you know amazing amazing thing you’re right you look back it is a gift you know that you have that you have a responsibility to share if you have a story like this you’re going to save lives period period period you have a responsibility and and just love your experiences like when i look back at the worst things that ever happened in my life the worst things that ever happened ended up over time being the absolute best things that ever happened to me yeah and and my my partner right who who owns a location with me he says the same thing he said going to jail saved my life it was the best thing that ever happened to me yeah and you said something before we started recording about him um you said that you know you work with him and i’ll let you i’ll let you repeat it what do you think about that guy that did five years in jail and was an addict oh i trust him more than anyone more than anyone and it’s i know the route is hard for anybody who has been to jail or had these things or had these infractions on your record i know the road to employment can be more challenging i know that it’s probably far easier for you to slip into it and give up because let’s face it you want to get like a white collar job they’re running background checks it’s there yeah you don’t get it i don’t subscribe to that i think that’s crap yeah um and that does not prevent me as an employer and like anybody can change who they are any damn time they want yes they can 100 absolutely and you know i go so far with this guy where now so he he then bought into the gym and he’s my partner right because he ran it and then i’m like we got to do this right now he’s building wealth as an equity partner it’s unbelievable and it’s so cool does it present some challenges yeah because here’s the thing i wanted to buy where in a strip mall i wanted to buy the building across the street right building owning a commercial building is amazing wealth building tool here’s the problem i could get an amazing sba 504 loan super low interest rate it doesn’t get any better but guess what um with his record can’t happen so i dealt with that i think that’s crap it is so i did make things to find ways around it and he still owns his percentage in that building that’s how much i believe in this guy to the point where it’s not like well sorry you know looks like i can only own it i said no that’s crap we’re gonna find loopholes we’re gonna find ways around this and we did it anyways that’s how much i believe in this guy amen you guys that’s that goes to show you know we do have we do have something to i don’t i hate saying it but we do have something to prove to the world we do have something to prove we’re not just these addicts that were that got clean and now we just don’t use drugs right we don’t need to be looked at as as these broken pieces of human because we’re not we have recovered from something that most people can’t even understand how hard it is and we have we have become to um be reliant on a power greater than ourselves on god in a way that most people will never be able to grasp onto because it was like a necessity for us and we have a responsibility to live a life that shows this that proves this that shows that we’re not just these people from our past because we’re not right and there’s a lot of people out there there’s a lot of people out there like scott that that want to not only give us a chance but want that know that they that we’re trustworthy it’s like part of our program like we literally like can’t be liars or else we’ll probably relapse right so that’s awesome brother so what is so your program now let’s let’s get beat into the program now and uh you know you said that you work on mindset first and then going into the physical why is that it’s because i mean listeners you’ve tried to get in shape everybody’s trying to get in shape or like follow a diet and you can get i mean people do it for like four to eight weeks typically and then it’s just done right motivation comes and goes you can’t always 100 percent control your motivation some days and weeks i got it some days i just don’t that’s normal there’s nothing wrong with you but it kind of comes down to that to that purpose if you have purpose behind it you can stick to something you can overcome amazing odds you can put up with a lot of pain to do what you need to do right and so we have to start with mindset otherwise they’re going to do it for a few weeks and that’s it and guess what they’re going to come back next year or nine months later january rolls around they’re motivated again they’ll do it then they’ll stop rinse and repeat for years decades we see this over and over and over and i’ve tried so many different approaches over the years right some people get a small percentage of people who achieve that true transformation which is not just the external stuff guys it’s not just oh i lost the 30 pounds or i’m stronger i have more energy those are all good things but that that external achievement is good but we want that internal transformation changing who you are you are somebody who works out three times a week because you know that’s how you’re going to live your best life you are somebody who eats well 80 to 90 of the time because you know you’re gonna live a long life and be there for your kids right you you change that internal transformation is what we truly want my whole thing has been built around trying to make that the the best transformation we possibly can it had the highest rates of success it starts with mindset so an example of how we do that adam is we need to get to the real reason you know people always come to us they’re like okay well i’m out of shape i kind of feel crappy about myself so uh i need to work out find a place they’ll call us up right and people just ask how much is it right what time’s your things all they think is like i have to work out but here’s the thing working out three times a week is the easy part the hard part is the 165 other hours in the week that you’re not in our gym right that’s the hard part and and you from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed you’re faced with willpower decisions so we have to have that purpose so we start digging we call it that bleeding neck issue right everybody wants to come in and get a band-aid oh just tell me exactly what i need to eat well there’s a problem with that i can give you an exact diet but guess what how long are you gonna do that for yeah there’s no you’re not set up for success ever right right so we’re gonna we have to teach you how to do this the right way and in order for you to stick with it and be willing to change your habits which is difficult habits are really hard to change we have to tie it to a greater purpose and we call that the bleeding neck issue that we have to get to and you know it’s different for everybody um but at the at the end of the day it’s you know how is this showing up and preventing you from living your best life give us an example of this like what are you talking about with something that could be this this bleeding neck so take for instance uh maybe this uh well it’s an actual guy won’t say his name but like he wanted to lose 40 pounds okay but when we dig into it and see how it’s impacting his life ask him some uncomfortable questions right he thinks about this every single day multiple times a day wow he has skipped out on parties and get-togethers because he’s ashamed of how he looks and how much he thinks right he has low energy he feels like his words a slob right and it’s it’s basically it’s it’s a self-esteem thing right and it translates to many areas of his life where he doesn’t feel confident showing up as a you know in his work yeah you know he doesn’t feel like he can keep up with his kids and he doesn’t feel like he’s a good father like it’s translating everywhere yeah right and so when we really realize like okay it’s not just about losing 30 pounds it’s about really becoming the man that you want to be yeah and that is such a huge thing now once we just what you said earlier you got to find out the real reason you know what i mean you got to find out where you’re really at right now and confront that yeah only then are you really open up to making that lasting change and doing things right yeah so people aren’t that malleable with their with their habits until we kind of talk about the difficult issues and address them then they’re then they’re they’re dedicated and you’re gonna have those days where you just don’t want to but you know what you tied to that greater purpose you know i want to be there for my kids i want to be you know i don’t want to go down like my father did and have a heart attack at 50 59. yeah right yeah you have that greater purpose okay i’ll get my butt to the gym okay you know what i’m only gonna have that dessert on the weekends right you’ll make you’re more likely to make that better choice and change your habits over the long run yeah and i heard this uh we were talking a little bit about the the pain and the pleasure motivators and tony robbins does talk about you know the pain is actually uh usually a better motivator than seeking the pleasure right then i heard this other thing that during this conversation i just thought of putting them together but um there’s a certain way of setting goals or or motivating ourselves towards our goals which is called the if i then goal setting so if i you know go to the gym three days a week and eat healthy i then will be able to hang out with my kids go to go to these events and not feel like a slob and write these things down and then if i don’t go to the gym and i don’t start eating healthy then i will never be able to go to these events and not feel like a slob i’ll never be able to and then add all this pain that happens to if we don’t right and then we’re going to be like okay well you know choose my heart choose my heart do i want to get up and go to the gym three days a week and eat healthy and have a conversation with scott once a week or do i want to you know suffer and think about how sloppy i am for for a while you know for and then possibly have a heart attack like my dad you know and if you’re out there and you’re listening to this right now try this out for yourself try this out for yourself what is it that that that thing that’s uh sitting in your mind right now or sitting in your heart that you that you want to do that you want to change about your life right now if it’s health perfect do it do it for that if it’s you know you want to get out and do this this hobby that you’ve wanted to do if you have this relationship that you want to build or you have you know you want to talk to your parents more whatever it is try the if i then goal setting if you do that then what would you get for a reward and if you don’t do that what would you miss out on i want you guys to try that i think it would be really i’m going to do that today also for that that’s beautiful and let’s cite all the way back to doing a metaphor that’s your that’s your big box of mail um you know what i mean it’s yes if i tackle this then i can stop this being on my mind from the minute i wake up to the minute i buy my lunch and monies on my head and i’m driving home from work and they’re saying do you have more than ten thousand dollars in credit card debt you’re like i have no idea yeah yeah it’s like i’m living with that pain and experience all the time yeah right if i do that i can let that weight go i can that monkey in the back i can get rid of that yeah yeah if i become aware of where my credit’s at and build it i can buy a house if you guys have if you guys have bad credit and you’re not working on it if you buy a car you’re going to spend like 10 or 15 more on a car if you if you get the payments and stuff you’re literally going to spend more on everything you ever buy with bad credit so i mean we’re just using metaphors we’re using examples every single one of us every human being has something in their life that they want to add or subtract right now in this moment so take this on for yourself so now you’re now you’re working with these guys um the the personal development the mindset is where you start with them right so you find out where they’re at you find out you know what their motivation is and then how does that couple into going into the into the personal training specifically yeah so like a lot of what we build on it so we really build out their perfect day and week like if you’re if you’re here you need to get to here right and you need to bridge that gap what actions do you need to take every day and every week to get there right and so what we end up doing is mapping that out and figuring out what are those key actions that we need to do and then we track them right so for instance if it’s if it’s fitness oriented right they’ll be we want daily movement coming in there we’re going to work out three times a week but the other four days we want you doing something for 15 to 30 minutes right and it could be going for a hike taking the dog for a walk doing a little bit of a yoga flow doesn’t really matter but it’s it’s a mental health exercise and making yourself a priority every day because you got work school kids errands this that the other it’s really easy but you can spend 15 to 30 minutes to make yourself a priority we build that in there because that’s that’s like a meta skill it’s not just extra calorie burn you know what i mean and we do that there’s the workouts there’s a nutrition strategy that is based on what somebody likes to eat and when they’re able to eat with their schedule yeah right and then there’s usually something in there for routine or structure right it’s so easy to take your phone and just scroll up and down for a little bit late at night you’re tired the next morning your willpower is low you’re all off or just watch that one extra episode on netflix just one more just one more and then you’re setting yourself up the next day nobody’s done that before i’ve never done that before right so we put in some things for structure and it helps with your productivity everywhere you’re what you’re doing is learning how to get in control of your life you’re learning that adam’s life that managing adam’s life is a is is making yourself a priority is going the cascading effects in every area of your life yeah from your weight to your relationships to your job to everything is going to get better it is and then sometimes what we’ll do is once we get a good handle on these habits we’ll bring in things from your life right maybe you’re in sales and just making those cold calls or whatever it is it’s just grinding you put it off but that’s the number one thing you could do to be successful in it if i did this then that right just what you’re talking about well maybe we put on that tracker that i need to make those ten calls five days a week monday through friday and you put it on there so that you’re more likely to do it so really we build out these habits and quite obviously quite often they’re related to weight loss or muscle gain or something that being said that’s not it’s all about quality of life and we bring those other things in there i mean we’ve had people quit smoking with this right and it’s you know we we do that kind of stuff so we we build out this this this uh tracker and what we need to do and how often how many times per week and then at the end of the week we have our mentoring call we look at the data we review any measurements usually like once a month the overall physical measurements right or whatever it happens to be whatever we’re tracking but we celebrate the wins right look at what you’re doing well not just where you’re screwing up very important um then we look at hey where did you struggle because everyone’s going to struggle based on where you struggled what is one key thing that we can do next week to make it easier to reduce the friction right it could be like in the instance of weight loss it could be snacking late at night right okay well what if we found less harmful substitutions or maybe for that person after a discussion maybe it’s just like you know what i don’t even really want to do it anyways let’s get this thing out of the house so it’s not there or maybe it’s just like you know what let’s brush your teeth right after dinner to discourage you from doing that yeah but bottom line is you’re not going to be perfect that’s okay and every week just reduce that friction to you to you being able to implement this so you execute at a high level over time and you just that’s how you change your habits right amen man you said something in there that uh the language we use is extremely extremely important and the language that we understand as we use it is extremely important as well and there’s this there’s something about recovery right we are we are living in in a selfless way in order to remain recovered that’s like that’s in the principles that’s in everything that we learn that we’re constantly out to serve others so when somebody says making myself priority a lot of people and i’ve and i’ve made posts about this i’ve made posts about making yourself priority you know making your your life priority that kind of thing and a lot of people are like no it’s priority to you know help this person help this person and guys the point is the better you are the better example you are of living in recovery the better you’re going to be able to serve other people it’s okay to put yourself your goals your priorities as the number one priority with god and i’ve also had people it’s it’s interesting because like i constantly have to like explain this stuff because when i say that i’m putting myself as priority someone’s like no god’s priority i’m like dude it’s the same thing it’s the same thing it’s the same thing yeah because god is with us amen so absolutely yeah and then uh when you are um when you’re working with them and they are you know and they’re doing these things and these different things are coming up right they’re quitting smoking and all that it’s almost like the the health and the fitness program and getting this stuff together it becomes like a key like a bunch of keystone habits right these habits that make us when we are when we’re working on one thing focused on one thing to personally develop if it’s health and fitness right then all of a sudden throughout our days we start making better decisions on other things like maybe you maybe you coached him to quit smoking cigarettes maybe you didn’t but because he was working on his health and fitness with you he became a new identity that didn’t smoke yeah right totally the the amount it’s so funny because some people will be like wow you’ve i owe you everything you’ve given me a second lease on life like dude you did it all yeah and in a lot of these things we didn’t even actually do we worked on it’s just again going back to we’re going to teach you how to make yourself a priority in life right and take control over your life of what you can take control of and that just has this cascading effect and their relationships get better they become a better father right they they start changing other habits and that’s what happens when you make yourself a priority amen and again you can’t just like you said you can’t help other people you’re always going to be held back if you’re not taking care of yourself first yes i mean it’s just they have this on airplanes guys every time you board an airplane you put your mask on before you assist even your kids because if you pass out you can’t help anybody now you’re a liability yeah amen i think those oxygen masks are more so just for comfort

i wish we had oxygen masks out here bro when we’re going down

yeah man i really really appreciate you coming on i’m really excited to be be connected with you and where can people connect with you i know i’ve got the links for your for your instagram for your website and stuff but um are there any are there any programs coming up anything anything happening in your gyms that you want to let people know about yeah so we um if you’re in the phoenix area you’re in luck you know just shoot me a message on coach scott carpenter on instagram and i’ll connect you to the right location um if for whatever reason you’re you’re you know everywhere else we do work with people virtually um it’s the workouts again though we we’d either send them to you you do them based on whether you have a homework out or you have a membership gym or maybe even work out with somewhere else but the whole mentorship side of it building out your perfect day and week establishing your purpose right and doing the weekly mentoring sessions over zoom we do do that right so if you feel that if you had questions on that same thing use that at coach scott carpenter shoot me a message most of my stuff all you’ll see on there is for what i do with other gym owners but i’ll know who you are if you mention it and and i’ll get you connected to the right spot for that amen awesome scott really appreciate you coming brother thank you so much for being here guys we love

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