Focus On Faith: How Vision Becomes Reality

Eric Gubler is a Religious man, Husband, Father of 3, real estate professional, entrepreneur, owner of 300 storage units, moving company owner, and sports junkie.

After his two year mission trip with the LDS church, Eric had found his call and purpose through vision and discipline. Finding his wife at 25 years old and starting a family was the first step of the rest of his life partners with God, family, and vision.

We talk about ways to practically add vision, purpose, discipline and faith into your life to build the life of your dreams!

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what’s up recovered on purpose family super excited that you’re here for this week’s episode of guest sundays i’ve got an amazing guest today we’ve got eric gubler coming on and we’re going to be talking about personal development leadership and how you can help serve your community love you guys so much enjoy the show and keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

all right all right all right welcome everybody super excited that you are here guys make sure you’re sharing this out with your groups your pages because we’re going to be having a great conversation about how to set your mind to success guys we have eric gubler in and eric gubler is a religious man husband father of three real estate professional entrepreneur owner of 300 storage units moving company owner and a sports junkie eric’s purpose is to help individuals become better leaders for their community and he does this through coaching mentoring and his social media platforms guys without further ado we have eric gubler what’s up brother hey man super excited to be here today thanks for having me on absolutely thanks for coming brother so eric what are you um what are you up to today and and you know in your life right now that you’re coming on to a podcast that is serving the addiction recovery community yeah you know what i just what am i doing today i’m i’m trying to dream big i mean i think that’s where i’m at right now in my life is five six years ago me and my wife we we set out plans of what we wanted to accomplish we’ll kind of get into that a little bit today and we’ve been able to hit every single one what i’ve realized through that is dreaming is free dreaming big is just as free like we’ve accomplished all the things that we set out to do five years ago in that and set a time limit of five years and it’s like you know you look back at them and you’re kind of like why didn’t i dream bigger you know and so that’s kind of what i work on day to day i’m a big planner daily planner weekly planner um goal driven type person and so yeah like for me right now i’m just trying to dream big and and not just that because money i’m not saying like when i say dream big i’m not like thinking just money money is important my time is probably more important yeah and spending time with my family and kids my wife and then also the the third and which is the most important to me is what is my influence what’s my impact that i can get more i’m dreaming big that way yeah absolutely and we’re gonna we’re gonna go that direction in a few minutes but i want to uh i want to let the you know community know where you come from what was life like growing up um where what was your environment like your family life and because some of these some of these big dreams right some people are just innately born with that where they just like see big things even when they’re young and they just continue to go after them and then some of them have an environment that you know pushes them towards that so what was your what was your grown up like yeah man you know what i’m glad you asked that question because my my upbringing was really interesting so i’m a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints i currently live and grew up in a place called saint george utah and predominantly lds that religion the religion that i’m a part of and um on top of that though so i was kind of in a bubble in that religion and then outside of like inside that bubble i also not by choice but my parents chose to homeschool me back when homeschooling wasn’t like it is now like i think now it’s kind of accepted back then it wasn’t um so i was like in a religion that was a bubble being homeschooled like just around my family i almost felt like i was part of uh sometimes i almost felt like i was part of uh what do you call those um oh people that polygamists like they live in their communities and they don’t go out like and so being in that situation going back to your point like some people have things that kind of propel them into where they’re at today it totally did but at the time i thought i was stupid like i remember as a kid several times thinking like i’m not as good as these other kids around me when i would go and hang out with them like they knew their times tables they knew english they knew all the stuff way better than i did and i was like i just don’t know if i’m ever gonna cut it but at the same time i don’t know where this came from i had a grit and competitive nature inside of me that was like i’m gonna make it i’m gonna be successful i’m gonna make this work even though i may not be as good at test taking as these other people so that’s kind of how i grew up man i just was around my family a lot and in that little bubble yeah and when you say that you know these other kids knew times tables and english and things were there were there other things that were happening in the homeschooling besides the traditional approach of school because i know in public schooling a lot of us are realizing this now they teach us a lot of stuff that we don’t even necessarily need right and were you were you learning other things in homeschooling that that was going on yeah for sure man and you know what’s funny as a kid you don’t know what you don’t know right so i remember as a kid all you’re taught is and even my parents were this way they were kind of the ones that taught me like test taking is important being smart is important getting good grades going to school you know getting your college degree all that stuff is really really important and so as a kid that’s all you know and you’re like well i’m not good at that so i’m i’m you know i’m not gonna be any good i’m stupid you know i have issues um which is it was totally not true and in fact in college i got straight a’s it was just that i wasn’t around that public school system and the things that i learned outside of public school to to your question you know to answer that my parents taught me how to work man i mean we were we were in the classroom eight hours a day we were maybe three you know and it and that’s where i felt like well i’m not learning enough but man i was learning so many other things we’re out in the garden learning how to how learning how to garden or work in the yard or you know we were going and hanging out with my dad playing sports and learning how to like get good at baseball yeah um but we’re out serving the community we’re doing field trips my mom set up field trips all the time man i mean i remember for some reason the one that sticks out to me the most we went and visited the like the landfill stunk so bad like but we learned how it all works you know it’s like it was a cool education as a kid um so yeah i do feel like it it taught me different things i’m not saying it’s better worse it just taught me to think differently yeah and i grew up with with quite a few friends in the lds community and you know there’s some that go this way there’s some that go this way and there’s some that go like right down the middle right and uh you know what did you how did you um how did you respond to the faith at the at the beginning how is it grown were there ever like challenges with the faith or you know how how was that with walk

and i’ve always maybe i just got lucky in this way but i’ve always had i feel like a good relationship with god ever since i was a kid um and maybe that was because i always felt like i needed i needed help you know as a kid i kind of felt like i needed to be somebody to help me get where i wanted to go because i’ve always been a big dreamer um and i think just over the years i’ve been able to cultivate that so i haven’t personally really had a time you know i never ever been like you know curse cursed god for anything yeah even when trials come my personal take on it is you know he’s he’s going to be the one that helps me through it yeah like he’s he’s the one that i need the most i kind of go to him not away from him like how could he do this to me i just never had that in me amen amen and the reason i asked that is i gave my life to christ when i was 10 years old right and i never cursed him either never didn’t believe in him always knew he was there always had that like that intuitive knowledge of him not just a belief or a faith but like i just know about him but as you know you’re on a show for addicts and recovery and i went i went like this way and then this way and then like over here and then over here and then then i found it you know then i found it but um during that time you know he never left right and sometimes i think about what would have happened if i just like never would have walked over here if i never would have walked this way never would have done that first drug never would have went to that first party and did that thing um what has it been like you know because my friends in the lbs community uh are just incredible incredible people like the the way that you serve the community you literally it’s part of your faith part of your upbringing to go out for two years like sacrifice two years of your life to go spread your gospel right and what is it like to have something that you are able to work towards with that kind of purpose in the faith realm how does that feel what is that how does that feel different than you know you see other people not in the faith living yeah man the two years that i went and served my lds mission were the happiest two years of my life i mean the most simple a lot of a lot of people don’t know about it so i’ll just kind of give people an idea of what it is and that you might raise an eyebrow like how strict it is because it is um when you’re 19 years old now it’s 18 but when i was growing up at 19 years old i’m 31 now and so when i was 19 years old um you’re kind you’re kind of encouraged you know you don’t have to but you’re very very encouraged to go and serve an lds mission and basically you submit paperwork and it comes back and you just get a random call anywhere in the world because the church is worldwide and you can literally go to foreign countries and learn different languages i was called to orlando florida and so for the next two years it was like back then it was like you could you could call your family on christmas and mother’s day two times a year like you won’t talk to your family like you’re emailing him once a week but you think is a 19 year old kid to be plucked out of his hometown and you think about me home school always at home in an lds community in in st george utah like within this bubble and now i’m like plucked out and like dropped off in orlando florida i’ve never been to before yeah it felt so foreign to me like totally on your own you gotta figure it out and uh your schedule i mean you’re up every single day seriously and i’m not joking seven days a week you’re up at six o’clock in the morning and you’re in bed by ten o’clock at night and every single minute of the day is accounted for and it’s the purpose of it is to focus on spreading the gospel of jesus christ and so you have one purpose man i mean life in in our lives right now me and you we have multiple balls that we’re juggling right and now like husband father business owner multiple businesses i just feel like you know there’s so many balls that i’m juggling back at that time man i had one purpose and that was just to help people every day yeah and that was cool man i mean i’m never going to have quite that experience ever you just can’t yeah except for that time in your life so i’m glad that i was able to have that experience amen amen and they also because you’re not are you knocking doors seven days a week or how many days a week you’re knocking doors seven days man yeah and they actually say i i’ve never done seven days a week for an entire two years but i’ve knocked a lot of doors a lot of my listeners know that you know i used to i started with pest control and uh went to uh we started a company we just had a truck pesticides out of my out of my best friend’s apartment i had never sold before went door to door from january to december in 2012 and we sold 967 accounts i sold he serviced boom boom boom boom boom boom boom and the amount of knowledge of myself of people of communication of you know all that that i got in that year and then followed up by you know four or five more years of knocking doors for satellite and solar and roofing and stuff the amount of knowledge and love for people also that you get from knocking doors and having that many conversations they say two seasons is equivalent to a four-year degree right i hope everybody listening catches what you just said right there because i totally like the best education when you’re in those teen late teen years or early 20s go knock doors yes you will make money but like the money that you make let’s say you make 30 000 i now knowing what i learned then would pay 30 grand to be able to develop the skills that you develop while you’re there like 100 yes the best schooling that you can get go learn how to sell and you can do anything yes yes 100 and i actually uh i’m in a community for podcasters there’s this kid that’s 14 years old in there right and we’re talking we’re talking about his podcast we’re in the mastermind and i was like dude do you want to change your life and have a different life than anybody any of your peers will ever have make some merch for your podcast go get some candy bars and stuff and then go door-to-door to your entire community and tell them about your podcast and it’s like 14 years old you will be light years ahead of everybody by the time you’re 18. there’s not a single person that won’t look it up like the only person that won’t is somebody just doesn’t understand technology right everyone will be impressed by a 14 year old kid that’s doing that exactly 100 so you have you have that and then you said about when did you meet your wife how old are you met your wife 25 25 and how how soon after you met or did you get married yeah i’m fast yeah and that’s the other thing about the elias community man i don’t know how your friends are um oh yeah there’s like the whole set no sex before marriage thing and i think it kind of pushes you you know to marry when you really like somebody that’s her let’s go

i don’t i don’t recommend it to anyone but it’s worked out for us so we met and we dated for three months and i dated a lot of girls so i kind of knew what i was looking for but it’s gonna sound crazy so three months got engaged three months later we were married and three months after that we were pregnant nice dude of getting a meeting we had a baby on the way amen let’s go let’s go and before we got on the show uh you know we were talking about your big dreams and goals that you had with her right and how is that how have those big dreams big plans big goals together helped your relationship yeah man it’s the glue for sure like i tried to describe it as you know those old hand carts that the pioneers used yeah you have two wheels and then they throw up the oxen right yeah let’s imagine that the oxen are away life is like that hand cart and you’re pulling your own for a while when you’re single and then you go hey let’s get married let you know you find that partner and you’re like let’s get married well now you got two people pulling so now you should you know it kind of lightens the load yeah and there’s others there’s other things and responsibilities but here’s the problem it can lighten the load but what happens a lot of times with relationships is you’re not on the same page because you never communicate about what are your goals what are my goals what are our goals yeah and because you don’t plan every day together and every week together if you don’t do that then you never really know what’s going on between the ears and so then what actually happens is somebody’s pulling from the front of the hand cart and somebody’s back in the back pulling the other way so where are you going no more you know and then you have kids and if they’re not on the same p page they’re on the sides pulling this way so you think about it like you’re pulling all directions they’re just sitting on the plow they’re just like just take us bro it’s just sitting you know what i’m saying so how can we be more intentional in our families to be able to all be pulling the same direction the power that’s there when your marriage is in sync and you’re pulling in the same direction with your goals you can accomplish amazing things amen and oxen that are that are yoked alone right that are pulling that plow alone they on average can plow about their same body weight but two oxen that are evenly yoked can pull three times their body weight so if two ox can pull the weight of three one oxygen can pull the weight of one if they’re evenly yoked going in the same direction ready to go so it’s amazing but that’s the other part of the story that i usually tell is yeah two two people pulling in the front does not equal two it’s actually three right you get an extra it’s a synergy amen and what were some of the you know what were some of the first goals that you guys started setting down you know when you when you sat down like this is what my dream is for my life this is what you know these are the goals i want to attain i’m going to back that up a little bit and say well how do you even get there so you know we we talk about this and we talk about it at night all the time and it’s like well how did we get there we used to go on walks every night guys like and when we were on those walks we talked about our future all the time like we would just walk around this golf course that was out in our front yard across the street and every single night we’re talking about this is where we’re at man this is where we want to go you’ve got to create a space where you can do that that’s number one because i mean i’m guilty of this too you know i’m not a perfect person and i don’t declare that i am but a lot of us just go sit and at the end of the day you know kids get down it’s me in my spouse time and we plop down from the tv so there’s not there’s no communication going on there’s no hate goals dreams what are you thinking you know what’s going on how was your day and if we’re not intentional about that like that’s the other part so so to answer your question in a way we’ve got to create that time intention to be able to go and start talking about your dreams yeah amen and then from there it’s just as simple as writing it down so i love this saying dream it write it build it live it first you gotta dream it so you gotta create a place where you can actually get so busy you gotta pull away you gotta turn off your phone gotta go on a walk you gotta write it down i have a remarkable if you guys know what those are electronic pads that you can write everything down in there then you go build it so you got to act you got to do something you can’t just you can’t just think about it you got to like put it into the world in action start spiritually and then you got to create it physically just like god did with the world right yeah all things were created spiritually before they were physically on the earth amen and then the fourth thing you get to look at we’re all many creators i personally believe adam that we’re all born in the image of god and we’re just many creators like if he created us i believe that we’re his children and that we’re all here on earth to create like we’re here to build things 100 we’re in his image yep if he’s a creator then we’re creators he’s the ultimate creator right so it would just make sense that we all have that in us and we do i feel that do you feel the most fulfilled when you’re creating something when you’re building a podcast when you’re building your business when you’re when you know when you’re like pushing yourself and you’re growing as a person does that bring fulfillment for you this one yes as long as it’s because i know if god’s in it i know if god’s in it if i know that god’s in it and i’m working hard at it it’s the most fulfilled i can possibly be yeah i love that yeah so when you’re and when you’re creating these these dreams and these goals with your wife right we have do you have a priorities list like what’s what’s most important for us to go after why we’re doing our things and you know how did those line up and what do those look like yeah for sure um god always first because if we put god first god is never going to tell you to like

you know screw up your relationship or whatever right so god forbid relationship second okay but along with the relationship like you gotta have a relationship with yourself i think it’s twofold and that it’s kind of in that same category yeah and then and then from there there’s three things in life that i want uh as i’m building you know i call it build your empire right and as you’re building your empire your life the way that you want it for me the way that i want it is i kind of mentioned alluded to it money is the least important but everything in life that matters costs money so it’s important right in that regard the second thing though that’s i don’t want to work 80 hours a week because i want to spend time with my kids like yeah if i’m making 5 million a year but i’m working 80 hours a week it’s not worth it yeah so how can i get my time back so everything that i focus on right now is passive cash passive passive passive everything how can i extract myself from the situation and just have it roll so that i can now do what i want to do when i want to do it and not have to do the things that i don’t want to do and then the third is the most important and that’s impact like i want to be the kind of person that when i walk into a room i raise the level of the room rising tides raise all ships i don’t know if you’ve heard that before i want to be that rising tide man yeah all ships get raised because i walk in the room don’t be good be great don’t focus on profit focus on your purpose don’t focus on being successful focus on your significance in the world what impact you’re gonna lead i love that i love that and do you have a specific impact a type of impact that you want to make on a person when you meet them

yes a lot of it just has to do with listening though there’s a lot of people that want to give the advice when people do that to me i don’t know if it’s just me but i like you don’t care about me though yeah and so i think a lot of times i just want to i just want to hear what they had to say man like who are you tell me i’m here to listen and then as you listen you’re kind of the last one in the room to talk right we’ve heard that before now you can give it now they feel like you care so every time i meet somebody i just don’t want to be the one that does all the talking i want to ask questions about their life where they’re at and how they’re how they’re feeling what they’re doing their goals and dreams did you learn that knocking doors oh for sure i mean yeah that’s that’s something that i mean we have to do we have to do right yeah we have to know what we’re offering is good for them and you know if it is then we’re then we’re right there for them right yeah same thing in real estate right now for me it’s the same thing yeah what do you what do you mean what do you mean for that i mean just clients it’s a little bit more intimate you’re with you know when you when you’re knocking doors it’s like hiding by especially pest control like you sign them up you never see them again right um in real estate you’re with them for 45 days at least and if it’s a seller you know 60 to 90 days depending on how long it takes their home to sell and so you’re very intimate with their situation so you just yeah you learn so much about their life and what their needs and goals are so yeah it just reinforces all the things that i’ve learned up to this point yeah i’ve been involved in a in a mastermind about uh buying scaling and selling businesses and that’s exactly what he says you know my my good friend kyle that coach is a mastermind he’s done like 20 different you know business acquisitions and what what he does always is he just has a conversation with them to see exactly how he can help and oftentimes he has hundreds of these conversations oftentimes it’s just connecting with this person or connecting him to this person or giving them this idea he’ll sit on a call with somebody for an hour and a half two hours giving them everything possible even if it doesn’t end up being him that is the one that’s gonna acquire the business or merge with the business or something and he’s like super successful with it so it always should start with this like and this goes for everything guys you out there that are listening that are in recovery and you’re talking to an addict you know someone that’s suffering someone’s thought that’s on day two or three or four or something you know when we listen to them about what’s really going on in their life and when they feel heard when they feel understood they are they’re much more you know willing to listen to what we have to offer right the the solution that we have to offer to them so what are you you know what were the specific dreams and goals that you said that you acquired that you actually got that you started in the beginning of the relationship that you’ve got in the last five years yeah yeah yeah again i’m going to back up a little bit because my first goal ever was in high school i remember and the reason i bring this up is because i just felt like it was in me and i feel like it’s in everybody without burning to be better um when i was in high school i remember sitting outside of the high school i just got done with wrestling practice practice and i was just doing wrestling to be in shape baseball was my thing and as i walked out the the doors of the gym the wrestling gym the baseball field’s right there and i didn’t have my license yet so i couldn’t drive myself home so i was waiting for my parents it’s cold outside but man i just glued to that baseball field and i remember thinking as i looked at that baseball field

as in 8th grade i want to make the varsity team i want to before i’m done with this program i want to be first team all-state and i want to be the region nine mvp the most valuable player in the whole region and i wrote i went home and i wrote that down so i dreamt it i wrote it then i worked like hell to get that done i mean i wasn’t rain or shine i was down in the batting cage i was taking ground balls by the time i was a senior so a sophomore i started varsity and had a great career there and the time i was a senior i was first team all-state and i was region 9 mvp man awesome i even beat out guys that went and got drafted like in the second round yeah in the mlb i mean it was like the power that’s there so fast forward when i’m married right and setting goals there we’d go on our walks and then we talk about things then we wrote them down together and the big things were we want to start a moving company and then we want to be able to take that moving company and we wanted to like take myself out of it hire a manager and just have it be a passive business at the same time i’m going to get my real estate license and i’m going to help people buy and sell homes and i’m gonna wrap that thing up the goal at the time was to make 300 000 a year it’s amazing how i’ve been able to scale that bigger than i even thought was possible yeah and then it was like okay well once we make this money what are we going to do to it to make it more passive and it was storage units because storage is a very passive pretty simple business man yeah and the storage facility that i’m building right now is going to be done in the next probably less than six months 300 storage units man it’s like this was back you know when i was 25 so it’s technically been six years not five i’m okay we started i’ve been on working on the storage project for two years so it takes time but that you know it’s just i pinched myself sometimes i i pinch myself and i’m like how the freak did we do this yeah yeah but that’s how guys that’s the system treatment write it build it live it like just amen guys we’re going to take a quick 30 second break and when we come back we’re going to talk exactly how to practically dream it write it build it see you guys in just a second what’s up family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them and guys if you are getting value from this if you’ve heard any golden nuggets that you think other people should hear make sure that you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so other people that are looking for a message of hope are able to find it also in case you weren’t here for the beginning of the show if you have a recovery story and you want to learn how to add impact and income through sharing it follow the link in the pinned comment to book your one time 100 free call with me where we’re going to strategize exactly how you can share your story and do just that enjoy the rest of the show keep living recovered on purpose all right brother so i just pulled out a notebook and because we have a lot of people have different ways of actually writing goals down right i love to learn new new you know hacks mind hacks if something you know is new for uh writing the goals down how specifically when you when you dream it right how do you write that dream down first it’s just everywhere what do you mean everywhere it’s just a dream and it should i in my opinion it should be at first like let your mind go don’t constrain it too much that’s why it’s dreaming that’s the creative part of your brain and that creative part of your brain needs to be let loose like especially as entrepreneurs we we want to go you know it’s gotta be perfectly late it’s like that dreaming phase to me that’s where it just needs to be big and wild and out there and like dream big and then from there is where the right part is the you know how do i get intentional and specific and like focused on the pieces of how you’re going to get there and uh one of the most important pieces i just finished the book and recommend it to everybody that’s listening it’s called who not how the idea there within who not how is a lot of people ask how am i going to make this goal happen the idea again the idea is that who they have the question should be who is going to help me get this goal yeah or hit this goal not what um so yeah first dream it big let it go crazy in your mind write it down point out the who’s i have on my remark well it’s right here dude i carry everywhere this thing right here i got a little piece of glitter for my little girl right there i don’t know if you see it anyway everything is right here i write down the people that i want to meet intentionally like the people that i hear about like oh this dude’s really good at video like i need to get better video on my social media present i write it down i write his name now i’m gonna take him to lunch um other guys that are you know making three million a month you know i become friends with it’s like because those are the type of people that i want to i want to like hack their mind like how did you get there yeah you know what i mean yeah so i intentionally figure out the whos and then the whats you know and then the time because a lot of times we we say we try to play safe with our goals and i want to go bigger faster all right i want to make it let’s go i want to get there faster because a lot of times we we want to pull back and we want to say 10-year you know 10-year goal i’m gonna hit this and take we’ll cut that thing you’re freaking down to a fourth you know two and a half years man make it happen in two and a half because your brain can do it what you’re saying is you’re a wussy and you’re not you’re not willing to put in the work in other words there’s a certain amount of pain that it’s to take to get that 10-year goal done and you’re like i just want to draw that out for 10 years so that i don’t feel that pain yeah well everything good is on the other side of pain you know what i’m saying yeah everything good is on the other side of pain so embrace the pain embrace the suck narrow that goal down to two and a half years and go get it down or whatever at the time but don’t be a wussy yeah like push yourself yeah so for people out there listening that maybe have literally never written a goal down right when you say that you dream it and then you write it down how specific do you get like what what are you using numbers are you using what milestones are you looking for you know what is the actual dream and the words that you write down for that dream and that’s a that is a great question i just i mean the answer is i try to get as specific as i can but what happens for me i mean just tell my story how i do it right not saying this is right or wrong is i find that you you just need to get is as much as comes to your mind to get specific write it down as long as it has the basic like you know it’s time it’s bound by time accountability who’s and what’s in a few of those things go now act on those things because what’s going to happen is that’s going to lead to another idea yeah and you’re going to write that down and you’re going to meet somebody when you go and talk to them at lunch they’re going to be like oh yeah and do you know this person this guy could help you write that down there’s clues along the way you seen that show national treasure i love that show yeah because life is that way the goal setting is that way okay for everybody that’s seen it basically they start off the movie where they find a clue and then they find another clue and then they find it eventually at the end of the movie they find the treasure goal setting is that way okay so i i don’t know if that helps but that’s kind of my answer to your question yeah and then at the end of the movie after they reached that goal and they found that treasure they got another clue for another treasure and a cliffhanger for another movie right that’s what that’s what’s beautiful about these guys and there’s so much there’s so much science behind this there’s so much science behind writing your goals down focusing on goals you know dreaming dreaming what you want your life to be and then writing it down and this is obviously this is like this is not something that we talk about in the recovery community like specifically about addiction recovery right because this isn’t something that you have to do in order to stop using drugs but in our life and recovery right this type of stuff working on this type of stuff together you know and and alone you know working on this is a really great relapse prevention our relapse rates are through the roof right now in america and i believe that the number one relapse prevention is purpose it’s adding purpose to your life it’s knowing what you’re waking up for it’s going after something in life that is bigger than yourself that you have to work for you know and you don’t want to let that go so guys if you’re out there and you’ve never written goals down if you’ve if you’ve never actually sat down and tried it try it take take 15 minutes to sit down and just like close your eyes and just envision the life you would want right now envision the life you want in two years five years ten years and just think about what you’ll be doing what you’ll be feeling what you’ll be thinking what you’ll have you know how you’ll be impacting people the type of people that will be around you just envision all that for like 15 minutes and then just write down what you saw write down what you saw and then pick the things out of there like okay that one makes a lot of sense i could absolutely get my you know addictions counselor degree and i could be serving 10 people a week for sure i saw that in my mind you know just write that one down you know and then that that literally gives you action steps just by seeing that writing it down and then believing it right how how important do you think it is to when you write them down to believe you can attain it like because we’re we’re big dreamers bro you and i both and how important do you think it is to have a belief that you can possibly do it before you start start acting it’s crucial my wife talks to me about this all the time and i gotta be honest like i have zero problem with the confidence that i’m gonna get something done and she’s asked me and she’s uh she’s been like well how i’m not that way eric how do you do that yeah the answer is i keep i keep my commitments to myself when i say i’m gonna do something i’m freaking gonna do it yeah when i say i’m gonna wake up at 5 30 in the morning and hit the gym 5 30 hits and it it was just the other day i got like hardly any sleep 5 30 hits boom i’m up i’m in the gym in my garage that i built my wife later on in the day is like how did you do that we just got home from a trip last night said the decision was already made i keep my commitments to myself so then when you want to dream big it’s done like you write it you write it down and if you have that accountability with yourself that you’re gonna go through the process consider it done yes you know what i mean so that relationship with yourself that’s so important that’s so important so this might be a chicken in the egg conversation right and we’re uh we’re we’re talking to like bro i was i was homeless and shooting up heroin meth and smoking crack five years ago right and being at that place in life right and we’re talking to some people that are you know possibly still in that state and then some that are you know early out of that state and how do you start to you know build that discipline build that belief in yourself what kind of practices would you say i mean and you’ve been doing this for a long time you know and somebody that literally was not able to count on themselves for 15 20 30 years of their life coming out of a serious addiction trying to get back into counting on themselves i’m i’m gonna just point out one thing and this is just me okay because i’ve had issues in my life i’m not a perfect person you know i i’ve had things that i’ve struggled with five four three two one i’m out of the screen but five four three two one when i wake up in the morning when my alarm goes off i go i’m their sleep and i go five four three two one yeah and i jolt myself but that’s the thumbnail if you can catch a thought within the five seconds of when it comes into your brain catch it and reroute it change it you will literally develop new neural pathways in your brain yes in your behavior so how does that relate to people that are struggling right now when you have a thought it comes into your mind sorry i’m gonna get a little bit emotional about this when you have a thought that comes into your mind says i’m not worth it i’m not good enough my family is this on me they don’t feel comfortable around me i’m never gonna do this i just shot up again i just took another drink i’m never gonna break this

take that thought within five seconds say screw you you know sorry that wasn’t the middle finger screw you reroute it and change it i’m worth it i am strong i am a child of god

i have power

if i were to give you a hundred dollar bill that i mush around with dog poop i like this analogy you would still take that hundred dollar because you go clean it up make it smell a little bit better but it’s a hundred bucks yeah the value is still there guys sometimes we’re surrounded by crap drugs alcohol whatever it is your value can never be taken away because you are a child of god amen you just gotta change that thought in your mind because that’s not god speaking to you god hasn’t given up on you just change that thought in your mind within five seconds because god then can talk to your heart but it’s your brain it’s it’s not him amen i’m gonna i’m gonna piggyback that with a story that i want to tell you yeah so it was uh 2017 and at the very beginning of 2017 and the satellite companies that i knocked for they would pay for my housing they would pay my bills and they would give me a check every week because i did really really well right and this is when i was being mentored by that guy i was telling you about before the show and i had this desk in my room at this corporate you know apartment and i had this drawer that had all my dope in it you know my syringes my heroine and everything and i just loaded up a syringe and i was looking down at it bro and with everything in me i didn’t want to do it but i had to and i remember thinking like i i don’t want to do this but i don’t have a choice and i started crying and i remember the way the syringe looked magnified and blurry through the tears in my eyes this this big blurry vision of something that was taking everything from me but i still had to do it and i set it down on the desk and i put my face in my hands and i was just crying and crying and crying bro i heard a voice from behind me say pray and i looked behind me and there was no one there and i put my face back in my hands and i was crying harder and harder and then i heard the voice again say pray and i got up and i limped over to my bed not from physical pain but from emotional pain from all the things i’d been through and i dropped down on my knees and i put my hands up in the air and all i could get out was god and in that moment i felt arms wrap up from behind me and hug me as if to say i love you right now the same as i ever have and the same as i ever will and these weren’t arms that were like above me hugging down on me saying you’re gonna be okay buddy like you know looking down on me like every like a lot of people in my life these were arms of somebody that had gotten down on the ground with me and hugged me in my lowest point and anybody out there that’s struggling with you know if you’re still using or if you have found recovery and you’re struggling with your value because we learn a lot about ourselves that is not true in our addiction if you are struggling with your personal value that story is for you that is a word for you right now you are the most loved thing on the planet by god period and your value to him is more than everything else on the planet right now and when we have a desire in our heart because that’s basically what we’re talking about eric and i are talking about desires dreams goals and actually attaining them right the word desire actually comes from a a i can’t remember if it’s greek or latin but it means of the father it means that’s where it comes from so if we have this desire in our heart and we want something with our life it’s actually god telling us that it’s already ours so when you dream it write it the dream is god’s to you and then this is the practical step to get what is already yours right so what do you think i love that awesome story thank you bro man i uh i’m really really blessed to have made it out alive but i believe that my my purpose now is to spread the love of god oh 100 help at it yeah i feel it yeah help addicts and raise up the recovery community you know and my whole vision you know i don’t even i haven’t even written a monetary goal in like two years bro it’s been two years since i’ve written a monetary goal i just haven’t had that space to think about it yet but man a lot of other stuff has happened a lot of other goals have come true a lot of other things have happened and you know i love life dude i just like i just love life so guys let’s let’s start writing goals down if you’re watching this right now like we all have such an opportunity now that we have this life and recovery right so what is it what is it like when you start writing your goals and you start going after them you start attaining them and everything what does that do for your heart for your mission and even your relationship with god

there’s a lot to that question we could spend a whole podcast on that one yeah i think the way that i look at all of this too is kind of because i’m gonna play off what you said everything that i obtained you know from achieving those goals that fulfillment everything should be used to help other people yes and i think that’s why i’m addicted to it in a way yeah is because

i hadn’t experienced i won’t get into it that deep but i i almost died from an explosion and i remember being in the hospital i remember being in the helicopter being life-flighted to the hospital and i was conscious and i remember thinking this could be it well and if this is it am i going to be happy with my life and

i think that’s a good question to ask ourselves and sometimes it takes something that’s earth shattering you know just shakes you up to to see that yeah but i’ll tell you since that experience it’s been three years i live life differently now and i look at life where we don’t have tomorrow kobe bryant said the biggest mistake that we make as human beings is thinking we have more time

and we don’t we’re only given now the present moment what are we going to do right now and um as we work on becoming better individuals that’s just gonna help us and our story to be able to help other people right that’s why i want to be able to go and do all these things is just to become a better individual because that’s going to stay with me when i die and go to heaven but it’s also going to help others in the process rising tides raise all ships man amen amen i think you know one of the things that i one of the ways that i look at it right when we have a tombstone we have there’s a year there mine’s 1989 i’m gonna date myself and there’s a dash and then the year that we died right i don’t want that dash to say adam got clean i don’t want that dash the the number one accomplishment that i made that i got off of drugs i want when i meet god face to face and he shows me that book of all the things that i could have done i don’t want to look at it and be like oh that would have been really cool too many times right i know i’ve screwed up i know there’s gonna be some things in there where i’m gonna like you know slap myself but i don’t wanna i don’t wanna have only that i want god to say good job faithful servant yeah you know and uh guys it’s okay we’re taught a lot about you know it’s it’s a selfless program program you can’t be focusing on yourself you got to focus on this and this and that but and i’ve also you know put something out that sometimes you just got to focus on yourself you have to focus on yourself and then people will come in and say no you got to focus on god and this and that and i’m like dude it’s the same thing focusing on yourself when you’re in a relationship with god when you found that that higher power and you found god that got you clean and sober focusing on yourself is focusing on a relationship with him focusing on what his will is for your life and you becoming us becoming a better person ourselves is always going to make it so that we’re a better person to show up for all the other things we’re doing right like you were talking about earlier it goes god relationships and you quickly right when you said relationships and that also includes a relationship with yourself because when you have a relationship with yourself and god you’re able to be a better husband father you know business owner entrepreneur leader everything right for sure yeah so how do you actually practice what is your you know your faith journey now what kind of spiritual practices do you have now that people could take away and start practicing also yeah non-negotiables for me in the morning when i wake up is i i do i meditate and i have us i pray i read my scriptures and i meditate and i think a lot of times we think meditate you know kumbaya whatever like i’m not super hippie and i don’t have any problem with anybody who is i think it’s actually it’s kind of cool i kind of i think it’s kind of cool to be around it every once in a while it’s interesting but uh meditate for me i just there’s so many different um if you just youtube like meditate um for to reduce anxiety and stress or meditate to achieve your goals like it’ll have like a they’ll talk to you in the in the meditation they’ll kind of put you in that space you put headphones in and then for 10 minutes it’s usually 10 minutes i’ll just sit there close my eyes get super relaxed and meditate and start dreaming right like what i’m going to do so that’s kind of how i get into a spiritual state because because again i mean this is powerful guys like i think in the morning you need to create your day spiritually before you’re gonna create it physically just like god created the world like create he created things spiritually before they were physically the the power there every day is a new day to create create it here first and then you can go and put it into action so my morning is very important if i don’t do that in the morning which is very very very rare i just feel like i’m so off for the whole day yeah yeah and what does that look like um pray scripture meditate and is that is meditating the same as pondering for you or is pondering when you’re thinking about dreams and that kind of stuff no i would say pondering is a good word that encapsulates uh okay yeah i’ve talked to i have a lot of friends in lbs and i actually remember having a conversation in a car in arizona with my good friend mark about the difference from pondering and meditating and meditating as like you know trying to empty your mind pondering is trying to like fill it with stuff from god and i didn’t know if you if you practice both or what that’s a good way to put it i never thought of that before cool um so pray scripture meditate and then how do you actually plan your day right you’re saying you build it spiritually before you build it physically how do you do that for me it’s always the night before so as i’m preparing for bed at night which is nine o’clock the night before i’m creating it on my remarkable that i showed you earlier in this podcast so i have a template in fact if any of you guys want the template add me on instagram that’s message me i’ll send it to you for free um but it’s a template that i’ve created that basically goes here’s my task list here’s the most important things and here’s like the goals that are gonna here’s the things that are kind of gonna help me accountable to that and then final notes every night i fill that thing out in the habits that i want to create right or or stay accountable to um i do that every night and so then in the morning when i wake up it’s like go time i don’t have to think anymore about what i’m gonna do right yeah just go execute yeah i love it and i i do something i call the list of six before bed i write six things down that i’m gonna do in the morning before i actually go out and do the day one of those six things is actually planned the day you know with the time slots and everything but i try to take that morning like for me right that morning for me and i write down the things that i’m gonna do in the morning just for me just for my spiritual growth for my physical growth and everything so people should reach out to you on on instagram right that’s that’s a good place yeah it’s the best way awesome and guys uh we are super super grateful uh eric that you came on this is an amazing conversation we went through a lot of stuff and uh i feel connected to you man i you know i know we’re miles apart but you’re a great dude and i’m so grateful that you invited me and found me um so but stay in touch yeah brother for sure and i do want to say um you know during some of my worst times some of my worst times for some reason i would run into missionaries lds missionaries and bro there was i’m still friends with some of them like on their some of them i even watched this and uh you know they would come over to my house every day and just talk to me knowing i was struggling knowing i was on dope you know and um it was just yeah great great great great faith loving people thank you for coming brother thank you for coming here you can take on we’re gonna we’re gonna end this and then guys we love you so much

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