What if We  Could? The Possibilities Are Endless

Freedom from active addiction and living in recovery has opened up our lives to every possibility we could dream of!

Today on the Recovered On Purpose Show we are going to be celebrating recovery time together and talking about the endless possibilities we have found in our recovery!

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which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

hello hello hello welcome everybody to the recovered on purpose show weekend recap we’re going to be talking about what if we could what if the possibilities actually were endless now that we’ve found recovery from active drug addiction love you guys so much thank you for coming in and guys i’m going to do something a little bit different than we’ve ever done here on the recovered on purpose show i am going to add the stream yard link if anybody wants to come in and celebrate some clean time celebrate some things that have been going on in your life and recovery just to show the other people out there that recovery is possible and it’s a beautiful life love that you guys are here let me know where you’re coming in from your clean and sober dates and anybody that is ready that wants to come in posting the uh posting the link right now because i would love to talk to y’all and see whatever what everybody’s doing right now guys the possibilities are a hundred percent endless in our recovery when we have a dream we have a vision we’ve been trapped in addiction for so long that you know we couldn’t get our lives together we couldn’t chase after the things that we always wanted some of us a lot of us didn’t even know what we wanted with our life because we were so trapped in our addiction the the drugs just like took us over we that was all we wanted for me i was stuck i all i wanted was the drugs i woke up for drugs i woke up to you know to use everything i did the job that i did was to support my habit you know but now in recovery what is it that we want for me i want to help as many people as possible i want to get out and do as many things as possible there’s and there’s so many different possibilities that i’m chasing after all of them with the same vision in mind how do i help more people find recovery from addiction and how do i help more kids not go down the path of addiction and again guys let me know where you’re coming in from your clean and sober dates and any celebrations that we’re having that’s what we do here on the weekend recap and the link is in the comments for anybody that has the courage and wants to come in and talk wants to come in and say hello let the let the community know what’s going on in your life and recovery and celebrate with me so guys um what we’re going to talk about i mean what do you guys want to do in your recovery what have you always wanted to do and now that we’ve found freedom if you’ve done the 12 steps and you found that that spiritual awakening that you know took you from this hopeless state of mind body and spirits being able to do whatever you want in life finding that you know doing the next right step the next right thing is constantly taking you to the places that you want to go maybe it’s this job that you’ve always wanted to do that you got now what maybe you want to get this new apartment maybe you want to get this new car maybe you want to find you know that relationship that you’ve always wanted to have you know and with with our ability to you know hold true to ourselves with our ability to know that we’re capable of having integrity being capable of you know having this place where we can do the things that we need to do to go after the things that we’ve always wanted to do and always wanted to have right pam coming in pam is a an og washington state here july 25th 2013 one day at a time let’s go good to see you pam christina from north carolina cleaned since february 14th 2020 good to see you christina let’s go let’s go and it sounds like you had a new uh a new you know love of your life on february 14th recovery is a beautiful thing congratulations on your two and a half years uh recently recently so guys uh and again the the stream yard link is right there for anybody that’s ready to come in uh we want to celebrate with you we want to i want to hear from you i want to talk to some of you guys and this is something i haven’t done here on the recovered on purpose show yet so anybody that’s ready that has the courage uh feel free to hop in here with me so i want to talk to you about something that i’m working on now right there is a and some of you may have seen the show that i did with claudia christian she’s an amazing amazing woman she’s been in uh you know tv series like she was an actress in ncis babylon 5 9-1-1 and a bunch of other things right and what we’re doing during our show together when we were talking you know we were bouncing off of each other and we were seeing these ideas and stuff and things kept sparking within us things kept sparking with like how this connection was working and we decided we want to go speak together we want to go at this and go help kids not go down this path or maybe you know prevent them from going into serious drug addiction or prevent you know being incapacitated by alcohol and having that vision you know have knowing that it’s possible that wasn’t quite enough right what has to happen when we see the possibility when we see something that we want to do in our recovery or in our life when we see the possibility of it we have to break it down we have to say okay well what do we have to do in order to make that happen and there were a lot of steps that had to take place but we’re very close to starting we had to do everything from you know building a website from you know planning the actual speech from finding the contacts to reach out to people from you know connecting with the right people to make this happen and the thing is is that knowing that it’s possible is the first step and that’s that’s the beautiful thing about recovery that’s the beautiful thing about addiction recovery is that you know we had such a long time in our addiction that we couldn’t do anything we couldn’t do these things we couldn’t figure this thing out but now in our recovery we know that we can hold ourselves accountable to doing the things that we have to do because you know a lot of us had to do a serious rigorous plan of action in order to find recovery a lot of us had to do this you know whether it was a 12-step program whether it was treatment or whether it was cutting off a whole bunch of people that you know we we lived our lives with in addiction we had to do steps in order to find recovery and we need to take that into our recovery for the dreams and the possibilities that we see for our life the visions that we have what we really want to do with our life and in that process we’re going to learn more and more and more about ourselves we’re going to build confidence by you know knowing that we want to get this this ccac certification we want to be a certified counselor addictions counselor right and when we have that vision and we know that we want to do that the more steps that we take we’re going to build the confidence and then when we actually get that certification right when we get that certification we we have this this fulfillment from doing something step by step and making it happen now we don’t have to limit our beliefs we don’t have to limit the possibilities of what’s what’s real in our recovery these visions these possibilities that we have we don’t have to limit where we want to go if we see something in our heart we see something in our mind and we believe that it’s possible it is there’s just steps to take to do it right and claudia what’s up claudia good to see you good to see you let’s go uh genesee coming in genesee coming in with uh oh you’re coming up on three years let’s go genesee good to see you from wisconsin and anything is possible amen amen and guys again for anybody just hopping in if anybody wants to come on tonight i’m doing kind of a kind of an open show it’s the first time i’ve done this where i have the link in the comments to hop in the studio with me so we can have a conversation i haven’t done this before and i’m testing it out if nobody comes in nobody really wants to do that then we won’t do it again that’s fine i do guest saturdays and guest sundays and we have a lot of really great guests coming on up close and almost two oh my math is way off almost two years that’s right genesee i don’t know why i thought it was 2023 for some reason i’m living in the future already right and that’s literally what what i do to make these dreams these visions come true when i when i see something i want to do i start living as if i’m already doing it i start feeling like i’m already doing it i happen to have a ted talk booked for the end of next year and i’m already like i’m already planning it i’m already setting my mind map together i’m already you know really getting together the vision of exactly what i’m going to say in this ted talk and i’m living now as if it’s then so the person i am now is the person that i’m becoming at that point the person that i have to be in order to be somebody that gets on a ted talk stage in order to be somebody that talks at universities and brings value to kids and is able to spread a message that changes lives that’s the whole point the whole point of us being in recovery and spreading our message and you know letting people know it’s possible is is just that it’s letting people know it’s possible and giving them the step-by-step solution that you and i took each one of us had a different recovery method you know for me i found jesus face to face at international house of pancakes and then i did the 12 steps as if my life depended on it did the 12 steps in under 60 days when i did the fifth set my first ever fifth step on day 25 day 26 the obsession left and it hasn’t returned for me when somebody asks what to do to recover i say this is what i did this is how it works for me this is what happened and each one of us each one of us no matter how we recovered there’s no shame in how you recovered and that’s you know and that’s what’s going to help someone that’s what’s going to help someone is is sharing the truth sharing the reality of what we did in order to recover and not trying to shy away from certain aspects of of our story in order to appease somebody because the more authentic and the more real we are about how we did it and what we got out of it our our blessings in recovery what we were suffering with in our addiction the more authentic we are with that the easier it is a for us to say it because we’re not thinking about something we have to hide we’re not thinking about you know a way that we have to you know appease these people but the more truthful we are the more people feel it and we don’t want to we don’t want to bs people and say everything is rainbows and butterflies in recovery because that’s going to make it so that they think they’re doing something wrong when something hard shows up now there’s a lot of blessings in recovery i love to share about the fact that i have been skydiving in three different countries already i’m actually going to uh to meet my sister and a long time friend in mexico in uh what two weeks from now two weeks and a day from now and i’m gonna go skydiving there again you know that’s just something that that’s a possibility that’s something i’ve always loved doing in my recovery and sharing that with people out there it’s like dude everything is possible now and what we want to do what we love to do we can do it now we have that ability to do the things that we love what do you guys love what have you what have you been able to do in your recovery what has what has recovery blessed you with that you know you weren’t able to do an addiction maybe it’s a maybe it’s a relationship maybe it’s relationships with family or with with your with your kids or with god or maybe you’ve got a job and you’re able to stick to it and you’ve been at a job for longer than you’ve ever been at a job maybe you’ve got a car you know your first ever car that has you know the insurance the two different keys and a spare tire in the back it took me a long time to be able to get something like that and it was in my recovery that i was actually able to find that what’s up tiffany good to see you sober since october 20 2021 let’s go you’re coming up on a year and the year mark is huge girl the year mark is huge gotta remove the desire to use just ask amen genesee and some of us have that experience a hundred percent and that’s why i think it’s so beautiful for each one of us to be sharing our unique story because for me i met jesus at ihop face to face right in front of me sitting across the table and when that happened the obsession the craving and the withdrawal wasn’t removed from me i still battled those things for 21 days after i met him there was there was like sickness i was shaking i was sick constantly and the only relief i would get was when i was working the 12 steps hard when i was sitting down and i was actually writing my fourth step when i was actually sitting down with my sponsor and reading the book and going through the step work and everything that was the only relief that i got but i absolutely have heard many stories where this happened for someone and if we share what happened for us how it actually happened then the people that that is meant to reach the people that that’s gonna happen for will be able to try that for themselves and it’ll work the people that are supposed to pray for the desire to be removed and for it to be removed just like that try it because and try it with faith because it’s possible genesee did it angel what’s up what’s up

good to see you good to see you there will always be challenges in life always and you know what would life be without challenges if we didn’t have something to overcome if we didn’t have something to battle if we didn’t have something to grow into someone to grow into someone to go after something to go after right if we didn’t have that then what would life be so it’s the perspective of what challenges are in recovery challenges are opportunities for growth for me i i’ve faced a lot of challenges in my recovery a lot of challenges in my recovery some of them much bigger and different than the challenges i faced in addiction and now in recovery i don’t have the same you know ability to have the solution to escape the feelings and emotions in a moment in my recovery i don’t have the opportunity i don’t have the choice to go use drugs and alcohol anymore so every challenge that comes at me without the solution of drugs and alcohol is another opportunity to learn a way to grow to learn a way to overcome to learn skills to do things that have to be done and i i love challenges i’m someone that faces them head-on love them claudia the law of attraction saying about that feel that before even it happened and it will eventually happen amen amen and there’s the law of attraction is is a very real thing it’s a very very real thing and i think the law of attraction thought process bringing god into it multiplies it seven by seven by seven by seven makes it so that the law of attraction is a real thing we feel this we know this we’re we’re living in that moment right now we’re we’re speaking on that stage right now we’re feeling the audience we we know the impact that we’re making on them we understand you know that there’s someone out there that needs this message really badly and while we’re doing that and while we’re feeling that we’re trusting in god we know god is with us we know god is giving us this vision and it says in the bible even that the young men without vision shall perish so in perishing doesn’t mean necessarily like you know they’re going to die without vision right but it means like spiritually internally it means if we don’t have a vision that we’re going after if we don’t have challenges that we’re facing in order to go towards our vision then we’re perishing spiritually we start to get emptier and emptier and emptier so my challenge for you is what is that vision what is that goal what is that dream that you want to do in your recovery and start living it right now right now in this moment you can you can think about who that is that you want to become think about that thing you want to be doing think about the people that you want to serve think about you know if you want to be a speaker if you want to be on podcast if you want to open up your own page and start doing things like this start visualizing it and start visualizing what it would feel like to be doing that and then while you’re doing that you know ask god to help you with it ask god to show you the steps to take to do that thing and then take those steps everything is possible in our lives in recovery with god period period fitness yes going to the gym and loving myself amen i went to the gym today i was a little late to the gym today i went like around 11 o’clock and ran into somebody else from the states had a good conversation dude was beefcake as heck and uh you know talked to him for a while it was cool it was cool the gym and the cool thing about you know going places like the gym or if you’re someone that likes you know open mics you know and you like to go up and you like to share your music or your poetry or something like that if you you know you like hiking the cool thing about doing these things that you love to do these hobbies that you love to do is that when you go to the gym there’s going to be other people at the gym that love going to the gym you can build a community there if you love to go hiking it’s very possible and very likely i’ve heard many many stories of hikers meeting each other on a hiking trail and becoming best friends like hey do you want to go hiking sometime you know hey what’s your name you know and just talk to the people out there and the cool thing about following the hobbies that we love to do is that we start surrounding ourselves with people that will help us continue doing that hobby and then there’s other things that we love to do that that person might love doing right it’s a beautiful thing in recovery beautiful thing what’s up kerry good to see you always good to see you carrie one of the original original ogs of the page hey crystal good to see you and hopefully i’m going to see you in like 41 minutes also contrast is essential yes

amen amen amen guys again if you’re just coming in i have a link up top of the comments i’m doing something i haven’t done on the show where i’m having an open invite if anybody wants to come in and talk about some things that are going on in their life some exciting things in recovery you know i’m having an open invite right now i’m going to see if it works tonight never done it before if anybody wants to do it i’ve been i’ve been having this sort of like this thought like what if we did a like a kind of a meeting together like what if we did you know where we were coming in we were celebrating clean time we were talking together it wasn’t just me on fridays and it was everybody if we just had you know this ability to come in talk to each other we had that courage to to get up you know and i think it’d be fun if you guys don’t i won’t offer it again i totally get it i want to motivate others as they see where i used to be to where i’m going with my fitness and life amen genesee i love that i actually have somebody that that entered the course uh this week but that’s exactly what he does he and him and i talked about you know his routine and what he does to do this uh he’s got his own page we we went over that and how are we going to do that right and there’s there’s beautiful things that we can do in order to spread this message right tick tock huge facebook huge reels you know doing a doing a short little clip of working out you know whether you’re on the treadmill or whether you’re you know on the bench press or squat rack or whatever just having the camera behind us and like a seven second clip of us pushing up some weight with some text that says you know um i think it was october of 2020 i was you know addicted to blank blank blank blank i was blank blank blank and now i do fitness and you know have have my body healthy again and i do this to show other women that it’s possible to recover and get your life back you know and it’s beautiful that we have the opportunity to do that right and motivating others you know is is what it’s all about showing others that it’s possible to do what we’re doing right claudia amen amen yes i constantly visualize going into homeless camps and handing out copies of my book amen crystal i love that i love that and i’ve literally done that um for for christmas i think it was uh 2020 christmas 2020 um had a bunch of people come over to my my condo downtown denver and we wrapped a bunch of presents we had donations come in and we wrapped a bunch of presents together i made a bunch of gift bags that had you know all kinds of stuff in it and then i put my book signed copy my book and all these bags right then we went out on the streets together and found people out there we were giving out hats and coats and gloves and things and i was able to share my story and give my book to a whole bunch of people telling them you know i think it was three years ago three years ago i was homeless i was 86 from a homeless shelter and addicted to drugs and then being able to go out and share that with them and you know doing that and crystal the beautiful thing is that if you keep visualizing that while you’re doing the work to get there and you and i know the work that you’re doing to get there you know it’s gonna happen it’s going to happen there’s nothing that can stop you from doing that that’s what’s beautiful this is like this is exactly what it is i constantly visualize going into homeless camps and handing out copies of my book now in order to visualize that right you have to know that you’re going to have a book you have to know that you’re going to do this so in order to make that vision come true got to write a book a or one and then two got to publish the book get it out and then get some copies of the book that’s literally all you have to do to make that come true and that’s what’s beautiful look at that service look at that service awesome awesome hula hoops yes crushing goals yes amen and

i love goals i’m sure that you guys know that that have watched me for a while um you know there is there’s something to writing down what the vision actually is writing down what the vision is that we want to become who we want to serve what we want to be doing on what scale right how many people we want to serve how many videos we want to be putting out before i was able to start this this uh this relaunch of the recovered on purpose show i had to write down exactly how i was going to do it i had to visualize okay i want to do five days a week i want to do this i want to have guests on on the weekends i want to do this i want to do this and as i was as i was visualizing that i was writing it down what i have to do how i have to set it up you know i don’t know if you guys have noticed but i make a thumbnail of each one of these shows before the show i had so i had to have somebody that created the thumbnail that i can edit you know for each show there’s five different ones for each day right there’s a lot of vision and a lot of a lot of goals have to be set and accomplished to make a vision come true so some of them are really simple some of them have very short-term goals they have very few that have to be attained in order to make this happen like if you have a vision of serving people with as an addictions counselor as a certified addictions counselor and you’re visualizing yourself in your office and you’re and you’re you’re talking to somebody that’s struggling you’re talking to them about this and that you’re you’re feeling that presence with them then you have to write down you know the goal is get my cac get my certified addiction counselor you know writing that down and then the next step is okay the goal would be okay who do i need to call to to make that happen who do i need to call what school do i need to go to you know what do i have to do to make that happen so then you write down everything you have to do to make it happen to have the tax certification right and that’s that’s a simple one and one that is you know extremely extremely impactful not only for us but for all the people that will serve with that certification right i don’t see the link you were talking about all right i’m about to post the link again

it was at the very top

where can i get your book from oh where can i get your book from what is your name my name is adam good to see you claudia and uh the the book is called from chains to saved one man’s journey through the spiritual realm of addiction looks like this can you see it there you go and uh if you want a uh a paperback copy you can get it on amazon just search from change to saved and it’ll pop right up but um i give it away for free on my website for a digital and an audio copy i i read the audio copy it’s on audible also but um i give it away for free on the website and the website’s recovered on purpose.com you’ll actually see that or we’ll take a quick break right now so you can see what i’m talking about be right back what’s up recovered on purpose family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out recoveredonpurpose.com after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction i’m now doing free calls that we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show all right figured i would just do it right now since you guys asked um let’s go i’m gonna come back here i want to use almost daily but g christina i hear you i hear you there are are you involved in a fellowship are you involved in a foundational recovery program are you seeing a an addictions counselor um what are the steps that you’re taking that that can get rid of this that can get rid of this for me that left when i did my fifth step i was going to two meetings every single day just going to the meetings i had been doing it for for a long time but what changed is when i was going to the meetings and doing the 12 steps like actually working them hard that’s when this kind of obsession left me if you aren’t involved in some kind of foundational recovery program it doesn’t have to be 12 steps but i recommend them because that’s worked for me but if you’re not involved in some kind of fellowship activities and some kind of recovery foundational program we got it we got to get you in there we got to get you in there hello berta what’s up berta we got somebody in the uh somebody in the studio i’ll bring her in in a second book is called from chains the save and his name is adam cutton sorry for that question but i never seen you before i live in uk not usa hey good to see you it’s always good to i mean right now right now i’m actually coming in from medellin colombia media in colombia and just have been blessed to be able to uh to live this life in recovery i always wanted to live abroad i always wanted to learn spanish i’m able to tell my story in spanish a little bit you know quite a bit so you guys want to hear it i’ll say i’ll say cinco anos estaba arito de heroina you

so got a little bit of it i am sober today and just was feeling like i’m fading away like my 72 year old mom is with hepatitis c and i had tears start going down my face my soul’s badly hurt heartbroken and with a bleeding heart brother love you man love you man um get involved in some fellowshipping guys get involved in some fellow shipping there’s a lot of different places that we can fellowship and and by your name bro get involved in a in a christian fellowship go to a cr celebrate recovery go to a church and ask them about their celebrate recovery google celebrate recovery look for some fellowships that you can get involved in that can that can walk with you through this always come back here you know always you know we love having you here i don’t i don’t try to tell people that this is you know where you should only come for recovery right this is not the only place this is a good place to come hang out spend some time together talk about recovery talk about possibilities talk about you know that kind of stuff but we have to be doing our foundational work also and to get that one-on-one connection to get that fellowship and connection is really really really big it’s really really big and this can come from a lot of different areas you like i was saying earlier there’s there’s fellowships that love to go hiking together there’s fellowships that love to go you know whatever it is that you want to do play basketball go to the gym all these different things you can find fellowship you can find people to hang out with welcome here family i need drugs to numb this agony i’m even losing my mom’s house lately my sister bought it and said she wants us out in october bro it’s time to get on some prayers it’s time to get on some prayers it’s time to get on some prayers and with some fellowship now there’s god works better with a moving car than a parked car as we’re praying we’re parked we’re praying we’re praying we’re praying and we’re part then we gotta get moving in the right direction whatever it is we need to do okay and i’m not downplaying what’s going on i’m not downplaying but we can’t we can’t stay here for too long because guess what happens if if you do the drugs and i don’t i don’t know where you’re at in your recovery how much time you have but if you haven’t found time and recovery if you’re not at a place where you have some time in recovery that’s that’s the situation that would help a lot of what’s going on now period getting off of drugs you know doing what you have to do going to you know meetings help meetings help even if it doesn’t end up being your exact form of recovery it helps to get around people that are in recovery what’s up opel good to see you good to see you amen amen what’s up christy from uh mississippi good to see you you need you amen everything that you said n a n c r church every week and going through deliverance amen 100 it’s huge what’s up rachel okay we got december faith coming in the studio see what’s going on what’s going on december you’re muted you’re muted

there we go how you doing good we just got off of a coaching call yeah yeah so guys december is in the uh in the course right now and uh we actually just got off a coaching call right before this but uh yeah let’s uh let’s hit it so what have you been what have you been getting from the from the course so far you’re you just finished with module one what are you experiencing with it i’m actually learning a lot more about myself than i realized i didn’t know i’ve been on this kind of spiritual journey of self-discovery and self-love and just sitting down and actually thinking about the things that i did um when i first got sober is like wow i mean it’s just amazing the amount of stuff that i did and we didn’t even talk about this but um i am huge i live in montana so nature is like everywhere around me and that’s where i feel most grounded and centered is when i’m in nature so um whenever i was having problems when i first got sober i would take my dog for really really long walks which was amazing for me because i had physical problems due to my alcoholism and just getting out there and being out there with nature and listening to music and being with my animal and feeling connected spiritually to the earth into something else besides being housebound which is what happened to me at the end of my alcoholism um that just the breathing and the fresh air and just being so grateful for all of that was a huge catalyst for me in getting suffered yeah amen and what um what have you what have you said you’ve been learning some stuff about yourself what have you been learning about yourself through this through this course i have a little bit more insecurity still than i thought

who are as sober as me because i didn’t use a 12-step program you know i went to two different treatment centers and aaa a bunch of times and um it just never really stuck for me and so just hearing you know the stories of people who who do stick it out and who can go through it and like you said going to meetings um just being with people who are like-minded and like you is super super helpful amen 100 and guys this is you know i do the 12 steps december didn’t and we’re both sitting here in recovery january 18th 2020 i didn’t put my uh my recovery date on here but 11 6 2017. and uh that’s what’s beautiful about recovery we can’t be like we can’t be bashing other people’s recovery we can’t be saying what you’re doing is wrong we can’t be saying what you’re promoting is wrong because the whole point of us finding recovery is finding our journey to recovery and then sharing it and the people that will bash someone for their recovery they don’t have recovery they don’t have it so find what yours is get after it and guys again if you want to hop in here with us the the link should be right there pam i’ve had hep c two times been tested two twice in the past nine years and virus free amen i believe it’s because a doctor suggested that i take b complex vitamins and milk thistle supplement when i was released from the hospital that was decades ago so grateful amen and i have i have multiple friends multiple friends in recovery who have uh been cured of hep c i’ve had multiple friends be cured of hep c they found it i think it was like six seven years ago they found a cure for it and you can get it you can get a cure for it so surrender and true freedom amen amen so what are you what do you want to do over the next like three years with your life what is your because this is about what if what if it was possible you know what if we could so what would be the vision for your life in three years i already have that i’m going to school to get my license addiction counselor certification and eventually i want to open a recovery retreat center for women here in montana that you know specializes in trauma and ptsd for women and getting out in nature having spiritual coaches there life coaches therapists things like that all in one place for women to come have a fun weekend because you know we go to treatment together and we we have all these experience and create these bonds but there’s not really anything like that in recovery and so that’s what i want to create um up in my neck of the woods for amen so the so the cac certification right the certified addiction counselor and then have a retreat for women in recovery correct all right i’m just writing this down because we can break this down right so what is your timeline for the cac certification um i think it’s about two years i already have a bachelor’s degree so um i have some of the minor stuff out of the way um but the program that i’m looking into is about two years so okay and when are you gonna start it um hopefully within the next month okay what do you have to do to start it the next month um i just have to go into the registrar’s office and give them all my information and basically sign a couple documents and then i’m ready to go and what’s what’s holding you back um well i i have three kids and i also work like 55 hours a week at my at my daytime job um so just the the time and i’m also working on this um on this program too so a lot of a lot of fires burning right now amen there’s going to be a lot of stories that come out of that also right and the reason why the reason why i put a time stamp on it is that there is a there’s a powerful thing about vision and then setting goals with a time stamp right so if we say you know i’m getting my cac by this date you know if it’s two year program if you say i’m gonna have it by you know september of 2024 then all of a sudden that’s gonna like kick your butt into going and signing up kick your butt and be going and doing this right yeah and then what do you need what do you need in order to have a retreat for women in recovery um investors real estate’s expensive up here and i want i have a specific uh a plate a specific like place in mind that has like a lake in it and just lots of it’s very secluded um so there will be lots of you know midnight dancing and things like that um so yeah just looking for for people to to come in with me and i have a couple of business partners that i’m working with actually on that right now so and i’m in the mortgage industry so i kind of have a little foot in the door amen amen mine it’s been a spiritual journey i do sensory deprivation meditation creativity nature fitness i love that i love that there’s been uh i’ve done the the chambers the salt water chambers for the sensory deprivation and where you like it’s basically a floating chamber and that helps a lot with meditation all right so december i’m going to see you in like what 15 minutes or so thanks for coming in i’ll see you soon all right

so genesee you actually like do you hold those do you have a place where you where you invite other people into it also or you go you go do them

yeah exactly exactly and something else that i love doing is cold plunging i cold plunge as much as possible i used to have one in the states i actually built one for my house and now i’ve got like three friends here that uh that you know have theirs built in their houses i don’t really have a spot in my place to build one right now but um i love cold plunging cold showers that kind of stuff it’s perfect for meditation perfect for anxiety perfect for panic attacks everything and if someone is about to have an anxiety attack or someone is about to have a panic attack um touching something cold so you can even pull like a like a tray of ice out of the freezer and touch it to the wrist or if you’re you’re the person right touch it to your wrist or touch it to your forehead or if you if you are willing if you literally turn your shower on to freezing cold and you get in it your panic attack will go away immediately instantly it’s an amazing amazing thing yeah going to the float center love it love it love it love it love it so where are we at

where are we at

happiness is in the progress of moving towards our dream now a lot of people i even had somebody ask me a couple days ago are you happy and when i get asked if i’m happy i have to kind of bring this in i have to explain what that means to me to be happy because i don’t think that happiness is something that we can attain and have because happiness is in the pursuit and the way that i know this is when i wrote my book it took me five weeks to write my book i had this huge vision this huge goal of like getting this book out and like how it was gonna feel and how i was gonna be happy when it was out and all these feelings i was gonna have when it was out and i sat down and i worked so hard on this book and i just i cut out everything else put my phones away all my other businesses away and everything else away and i sat down and i wrote this book because i had this vision of what it was gonna do and during writing the book i would fall down on my knees i was crying at certain times when i was reliving things i was you know i had spiritual experiences while i was writing it where i would go over and just start praying like oh my gosh i can’t believe i’m here right now and just all these experiences while i was on the journey towards the goal of writing my book and finishing my book and publishing my book then when the book was published and then when it hit number one bestseller i had these feelings it was like oh my gosh like it’s happened it’s here and and these these kinds of things happen internally but then it was as if it was all all that stuff was gone like i got it it’s here but i can’t grasp on to the moment that it happened i can’t grasp onto that moment and carry it with me for the rest of my life because now it’s on to the next thing what’s the next thing that i want to do that’s going to that’s going to serve others what’s the next thing that’s going to help other people because that’s that’s what makes me the happiest is like working on things that help other people right sitting down with someone one-on-one and doing the work with someone i actually have the opportunity down here in medellin i found someone that’s never done the steps and is you know early in recovery and they’re leaving here in a couple weeks but what i get to do is i’m sitting down with them the entire day tomorrow i’m doing all the step work with them from from one all the way through to start nine and i haven’t done it that quickly before because i haven’t been able to actually sit down and devote an entire day to do it with someone in my recovery i think the fastest i’ve taken someone through is a couple weeks to being able to do their amends and everything but in this process you know i i’m already excited about tomorrow i’m already excited about you know the process of doing this right and i have the vision of taking this person through to to be working on their ninth step right and helping them learn how to make their amends because that’s where like everybody finds a ton of freedom when they’re on the ninth step when they do the steps and they get to the ninth step they find freedom in doing amends so i have that vision right but i know that the whole process tomorrow is gonna be a really fun process it’s gonna be it’s gonna make me really really happy doing that process right

i yell out my window when i’m feeling down i love my life and it brings me back into gratitude amen and changes my attitude for the day amen i love that i love that just yell it out i am happy i am grateful i love my life i love my life yes i love it guys i’m going to end it a little bit early tonight i love you guys so much and we will see you tomorrow i have a really good interview coming in tomorrow and sunday night tomorrow uh at 10 a.m central make sure to come in love you guys and keep living

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