Emotional Stability: A study in the book of Psalms

The seasons of emotions in life are part of being human. In addiction, our emotions were uncontrollable without numbing them with some kind of substance. Now, in our recovery, how can we control, or just be ok with our emotions?

Today is a continuation from the study of last week where we are diving into the book of Psalms for answers about emotional stability.

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the white represents the light in which we now live and the bread represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

good morning everybody good morning and uh welcome to the recovered on purpose show bringing the word Wednesday and if you’re tuning in for the replay good afternoon good evening wherever you’re at love you guys so much and today we’re going to be talking about emotional stability I’ve got some different studies out of the book of Psalms you know we have a lot of emotions there there’s seasons in our life it’s it’s part of living right and what we learn in our recovery is that this too shall pass and although emotions do pass every season that we’re feeling whether we’re feeling resentful depressed happy joyous these different emotions they will pass but how do we begin to be with God while we’re in them that’s what we’re talking about today let me know where you’re coming in from let me know your clean and sober date we always love to uh celebrate here and good morning Aaron what’s up brother good to see you good to see you is that the same same Aaron I see you scuba diving but your name changed good to see you man good to see you guys let me know where you’re coming in from I know uh usually we have at least like four countries on these lives and you know this is an amazing thing that we get to do we get to do a Bible study it says that you know wherever two or more are gathered he is in our midst so we can literally be in multiple countries right now listening to the word under the name of Jesus and we are he’s in our midst he’s with every single one of us so it’s me mate new picture from a dive the other day what’s up brother and you changed your name it’s good to see you it’s good to see you let’s hop right in let’s hop right in so who in here has ever felt you know like their emotions in their addiction you know we had we had emotions that we were able to just numb out with a substance you know whether we were happy we would you know numb it out make us feel like we were happier if we were depressed we would numb it out so that we weren’t depressed um but now in our recovery with these emotions continue to come up different emotions different you know positive things happen some hard things happen you know we lose people these these different things these different life events happen but how do we get into you know a place of being present with our emotions and be able to seek God in our emotions Pam good to see you always good to see you good morning good morning Carrie good morning Robert what’s up brother love your story man all right let’s hop right in and I’m going to be reading I’m going to be bouncing back and forth from the uh the passion translation and then the New Living Translation and I got this uh this Spanish and English Bible so I can learn some more learn some more Spanish down here so this is the emotional stability of study in Psalms we’re going to talk about anger first we’re talking about anger when you feel cornered when you’re backed in a corner and you you’re just angry something happened you know um you know you’re angry at yourself I know that feeling so this is coming out of uh Psalm 79 1-13 God won’t you do something barbarians have invaded your inheritance your temple of Holiness has been violated and Jerusalem has been left in ruins the corpses of your loving people are lying in the open food for the beasts and the birds they shed blood of your servants has soaked the city with no one left to bury the dead now the nearby Nations heaped their scorn Upon Us scoffing mocking us incessantly how much longer a Jehovah God must we endure this does your anger have no end will your jealousy burn like a raging fire if you’re going to pour out your anger pour it out on all these nations around us not on us they’re the ones who do not love you like we do see how they’ve attacked us consuming the land leaving it desolate please God don’t hold the sins of our fathers against us don’t make us pay for their sins hurry to our side and let your tenderhearted mercy meet us in our need for we are devastated beyond belief our hero come and rescue us o god of the Breakthrough for the glory of your name come and help us forgive and restore us heal us and cover us in your love why should all the nations sneered us saying where is this God of yours now is the time lord show your people and all the world that you will avenge the slaughter and bloodshed once and for all listen Lord hear the sign the sighing of all the prisoners of War all those doomed to die demonstrate your glory power and come and rescue your condemned children Lord God take what these mocking masses have done to us and pay it all back to them seven times over then we your lovers will forever thank you praising your name from generation to generation and this is this could absolutely be talking about the overdose epidemic that’s going on right now I can tell you myself I get I feel really really angry sometimes that we’re losing so many people and it feels like nothing is being done about the actual problem there’s there’s so many good-hearted people I know people uh you know using Narcan and saving people and and saving lives like legitimately but why is it that the overdose rate continues to rise why is it that we’re not finding a real solution to get people clean and keep them clean you know we’re having the in the treatment centers we’re having like less than five percent long-term recovery for opioid addicts why is that and I get angry I get angry about it

so we’re gonna hop into contentment when you feel at rest this is coming from Psalm 62

and this is the uh the New Living Translation I’d read it to you in Spanish but let me know if you speak Spanish and you can you can test me out I wait quietly before God for my victory comes from him

he alone is my rock and my salvation my Fortress where I Will Never Be Shaken so many enemies against one man all of them trying to kill me to them I’m just a broken down wall or a tottering fence they plan to topple me from my high position they Delight in telling lies about me they praise me to my face but curse me in their hearts let all that I am wait quietly before God for my hope is in him he alone is my rock and my salvation my Fortress where I will not be shaken my Victory and Honor come from God Alone he is my refuge a rock where no enemy can reach me oh my people trust in him at all times pour out your heart to him for God is our refuge common people are as worthless as a puff of wind and the powerful are not what they appear to be if you weigh them on the scales together they are lighter than a breath of air don’t make your living by extortion or put your hope in stealing and if your wealth increases don’t make it the center of your life God has spoken plainly and I have heard it many times power of God belongs to you unfailing love O Lord is yours surely you repay all people according to what they’d have done according to what they have done and this is when we’re in our recovery and we’re not recovering we we have this new relationship with God we have this new relationship with you know this higher power that we couldn’t even find in our addiction we we have to be okay with wherever we’re at in our recovery in our life not necessarily like we are okay with it being like this forever but being content and always we have to remember where we came from where God has brought us to and being content with what we have is is a real is a superpower being content in the moment and also wanting more also wanting to become better also wanting to serve more people also you know working on ourselves progressing and it’s saying that no matter what you know no matter what we’re waiting on God we’re talking to God and we are we’re worshiping him that’s basically what it’s saying we’re saying everything that we do he’s gonna honor our hard work I was reading in Proverbs before this that you know I’ll actually read it to you guys actually read it to you guys

if you work hard at what you do great abundance will come to you but merely talking about getting rich while living to only pursue your pleasures brings you face to face with poverty and that’s Proverbs 14 23. and what I’ve noticed right and some of you may know this some of you may not but I lost a a large amount of money at the end of last year I had a I had a business I had a marketing business with 23 employees um and I had an exit plan my partners were buying me out and it just ended up folding the whole the whole plan everything the company ended up getting shut down and it was a really really hard time but and it took me a minute took me a little bit but I had to start working hard working hard when I’m not when I’m not working hard when I’m not getting up at the right time and doing my workout and doing my doing my journaling and my Bible study and like and then going to work going to work for hours a day whatever it is that I’m doing for work but knowing that I’m working hard at it that’s how I get hope of a future I get it from I get it from my relationship with God but having the relationship with God praying with God and spending time with God is is meant to make it so that we go into the world and we bring the kingdom into the world we work hard at it there’s nothing more there’s nothing more um Joy bringing than knowing that we are co-laboring with God to do what he put us here to do and hard work you know when if we if we use it in the context of you know maybe the 12 steps I did the 12 Steps really really quickly I did them in under 60 days all 12 of them ended up saving my life and it was the first thing that I had done all the way to completion you know that I can remember in my life other than other than Sports when I had a team and then after that when I learned that these 12 steps working hard at them got me sober for the first time and I was actually able to stay clean and sober I learned that sitting down working doing what I have to do and completing the goal completing the mission completing the task in front of me it sets me up to actually build the dreams that I’ve always wanted to do like writing a book I always wanted to write and publish a book and when I actually sat down put my phone away I made the plan up to write the book I I mapped it out I got all the thoughts out of my head everything and then I sat down and I wrote the book and I worked hard at it I wrote and published a book in five weeks and now it’s been in the hands of thousands of people and that wouldn’t happen the people that have that have emailed me the people that have messaged me and the people that the book has touched none of that would have happened if I didn’t sit down and work hard if I would have constantly for because I’d been talking about it for years how bad I wanted to write a book how bad I wanted to publish a book but when I actually sat down and did the work is when everything happened so when we look at our life like that when we look in our recovery there’s so many things that a lot of us want to do and as we’re doing these things we have to realize that it is it’s up to us we have faith in God that’s good he’s with us and we have a lot of work to do and life is hard no matter what it doesn’t matter if if you are you know if you’re working for a uh for minimum wage doesn’t matter if you are you know doing eight hours and then going home and watching TV or if you are doing your eight hours and you’re going home and instead of watching TV you’re writing you’re studying you’re reading you’re you’re progressing in yourself you’re going to the gym whatever it is that you’re doing on that off time if you’re working hard at that you’re going to continue progressing and you feel you feel like you are like you’re working towards something like you’re not just gonna be here just to exist and a lot of times what I what I found is there’s there’s happiness in working hard the results are the results the results of the results the happiest I was during this process other than when people message me and email me that they found Jesus through this book is was the process of sitting down and completing it doing that work it felt really good Jeremy what’s up brother good morning recovered on purpose family big love always South Jersey let’s go I actually enjoyed bettering myself to becoming the best version of myself you will learn a lot about yourself you will gain a certain kind of patience with yourself you may have thought you never had exactly the kingdom is Brotherhood Sisterhood human beings Unity amen and it’s all about unconditional love for all humans and creatures yes what Adam is saying is profound and it honestly works if you give it a chance 100 percent and this is like every single every single person watching this there is something that you want with your life there’s something that you want to achieve there’s something that you want to have there’s somebody that you want to be with something like that all of that takes work all of that takes sitting down recognizing the steps that we have to go to get there and doing it and bringing God into everything this doesn’t mean that we are we’re taking control and thinking that we’re going to do this all by ourself and all that it means that we’re bringing God into all that we do and and knowing that with this Faith we’re able to take the steps do the work and it will come to pass a hope for a future and it’s an amazing feeling every one of us can do this we’re doing it now all of us are worth it amen exactly exactly now we’re going to go into one that you know a lot of us have dealt with a lot of us have dealt with if you haven’t dealt with this um you are I love you you’re blessed but most people that have that have struggled with addiction or alcoholism have have felt that that feeling of depression that emotion of depression where you know yeah darkness is your closest friend it’s almost like in depression you I don’t even want to say you enjoy it you hate it but you you feel like you enjoy you feel like it’s the only way you can feel you feel like it’s the only thing that you know and the only way that you can you can go through life like I went I literally at one point I went two weeks in bed unable to get up my probation offers were calling me and I and I threw my phone across the room literally I remember seeing him calling me and I threw my phone across the room because I was just so depressed I felt like chains were around me locking me down to that bed and if I don’t want to say it felt good to just stay in bed but it did it did it was like that was all I could do at the time and this is going to be Psalm 88. we’re going to go back to uh the passion translation

psalm 88.

to the pure and Shining one a prophetic song for the sons of Cora to the tune of pierced for instruction by hemen and Ezra height Yahweh is The God Who continually saves me I weep before you day and night please bend down and listen to me sobbing for my life is riddled with troubles and death is just around the corner everyone sees my life ebbing out they consider me a hopeless case and see me as a dead man that’s that’s speaking directly to us that is speaking directly to us every single one of us in our addiction during that end time everyone sees my life editing out they consider me a hopeless case and see me as a dead man they’ve all left me here to die helpless like one who is doomed for death they’ve convinced you’ve forsaken me certain that you’ve forgotten me completely abandoned pierced with nothing to look forward to but death they have discarded me and thrown me down into the deepest Darkness as into a bottomless pit I feel your wrath and it’s a heavy weight upon me drowning me beneath a sea of Sorrow why did you turn all my friends against me you’ve made me like a cursed man in their eyes no one wants to be with me now you’ve caught me in a trap with every day I beg for your help can’t you see my tears my eyes are swollen with weeping my arms are wide longing for Mercy but you’re nowhere to be found how can those who are cut off from your care even know that you are there how can I Rise up to praise you if I’m dead and gone that’s like yeah in my in in depression sometimes it’s hard just to even get up and say God help me you know and I remember one time in my in my early recovery and I’ll finish this Psalm in a second but this this uh this story just came up I had I was probably right around six months clean and sober I was still on probation still had to take uas and all this stuff and something had happened at my at my sister’s house and I ended up just we I had to leave I had to go it just wasn’t working out me living there anymore and I had to get my own place and I stayed the night at my best friend Cameron’s place on his couch and I was the night before I was so overwhelmed with depression I was so overwhelmed with all these feelings all these emotions all this resentment all these different things and when I woke up in the morning I was still feeling that and I all I could do I was laying on that couch and I just gotta rolled off got on my knees and I just said God please help me that’s all I could get out and then I started driving away and I don’t remember where I was driving to but I was I was driving and then all of a sudden and a lot of us have felt this right it was as if the car was driving itself right to where I used to pick up dope like it was as if the car was just driving itself like I wasn’t even doing it but my my mind wasn’t thinking about it and I was just driving to go pick up dope and I remember like just like almost starting to cry right there because I realized what was going on and I didn’t know what to do but I believe and I actually know because of that prayer just saying God please help me in that moment I was probably like 10 blocks away from where I picked up dope and I Heard a Voice say call Nate and I and I was like okay and I picked up the phone and it was random I never called this person before I had met him in a fellowship really random and I called him and he answered and we went and met a Starbucks but then I as I’ve after I got off the phone with him I start heading to Starbucks and I’m driving by I see the dope man literally making a dope deal right here and I and I keep passing him and the next thing I see is a bus stop and someone from the fellowship standing at that bus stop waiting for the bus so I pick him up and I’m like hey man uh Josiah there just wanted to pick you up give you a ride where are you going he’s like oh I’m actually going to a meeting so picked him up went to the meeting went and met Nate at Starbucks and it was amazing because I’m sitting across from him and I just start telling him the things that are going on and then as soon as he started talking back to me about things that were out of the big book things about God I saw this light coming from behind him it was and I just remember getting this like overwhelming sense of Peace just oh my gosh this is what the solution is it’s God and working with others and I I don’t remember exactly why I um why I was super down or why I was super depressed or anything like it was because of everything that happened at my sister’s but these Seasons happen these Seasons happen in our recovery and even though it’s hard we gotta just like we gotta talk to God and we have to be able to reach out to people that’s a big thing as well if we’re struggling in our in our recovery we have to be reaching out to people God and people

um why did you turn all my friends against me who can give thanks for your love in the graveyard who preaches your faithfulness in the place of Destruction does death’s Darkness declare your Miracles how can anyone who’s in the grave where all is forgotten remember how you keep your promises Lord you know my prayer before I even whisper it at each and every Sunrise you will continue to Hear My Cry until you answer oh Lord why have you thrown my life away will you keep turning the other way every time I call out to you I’ve had to live in poverty and trouble all my life now I’m humiliated broken and helpless before your tears and I can’t take it anymore I’m overwhelmed by your Burning Anger I’ve taken the worst you could give me and I’m speechless before you I’m drowning beneath the waves of this sorrow cut off with no one to help all my loved ones and Friends keep far away from me leaving me all alone with only Darkness as my friend guys remember this is this is a king this is a king basically writing prayers to God that’s what Psalms is this is his relationship with God so we have to imagine that these emotions these Seasons that we’re talking about is a king the most powerful person probably on the entire planet is writing these things to God so maybe that’s like a solution for us as well if we’re in these Seasons if we’re feeling a certain way if we’re having you know things going on write a letter to God talk about be honest like where are you what’s going on with you you know and that’s what he does a lot through here the most faithful person basically to ever live the one who used a sling and a rock to kill Goliath right he’s sitting here talking to God like this like where are you at how are you leaving me here with no friends I’m I’m in poverty they’re trying to kill me how am I going to praise you if I’m dead what do you want me to do here you know and he’s like being real with his emotions and writing these things out to God and you know that strengthens a relationship it strengthens a relationship so don’t be afraid to write letters to God I love writing the letters to God I actually wrote one this morning Letter to God they’re you know and being honest with God is you know it you can’t help but be honest because he knows everything but when you when you come out and you’re you’re really honest with him and you’re really talking about what’s going on you can get the answers because you you release so much stuff you can forgive yourself you can forgive someone else that that you’re resentful at just by talking to them just by writing letters to them saying everything that’s going on

true hey guys love to all from the UK what’s up Dana good to see you we got at least four countries in here right now we got the us we’ve got Aaron coming in from Australia me from Eddie and Colombia and we got Dana from the UK every live speaks volume and hits hard when it needs to live the live videos are something to look forward to help get through love you Aaron love you brother he doesn’t have to be found he’s already in each and every one of us I agree with that I agree with that and I believe that he’s so infinite that seeking him is where finding him is it says seek and you will find knock and the door shall be opened ask and it will be answered right and although he’s in all of us he’s around all of us and he’s everywhere right now when we’re seeking more and more and more of him it’s like we’re seeking an understanding we’re not necessarily seeking you know God the human we we know God we know he exists we know he’s within us we know he’s all around us but seeking more and more to understand him and his wisdom and what he wants for our life the purpose and everything you know that’s what we’re seeking for that’s what we’re looking for you just have to ReDiscover the god Source in you ask him to help you see this path build that relationship with the Lord Amen brother love this family glad all of you that make it here keep up the amazing work amen not just in recovery and life in general during times of struggling depression it’s good to just reach out to God for guidance amen 100 and you know that’s kind of what I what I alluded to at the beginning of the show is that emotions are part of life these seasons are part of life you know in in our addiction and our alcoholism we were able to you know use substances to kind of like make our emotions go completely down or really high up or whatever it was we were doing but in our in our recovery we’re learning how other people basically live with emotions we just didn’t for so long we lost our emotional stability we lost our emotional intelligence for so long we have to regain that in our recovery one blessing that we do have from losing it for so long is that our solution is now something that helps emotional intelligence more than anything else having having God in your life having a relationship with with your spiritual realm it’s uh it’s the number one it’s the number one solution to emotional hardships yes some Seasons like now I’ve been saying God help me several times a day and he does and has I get to keep smiling and stay clean and sober amen Pam amen I agree amen good stuff brother love you drew good to see you God is everything or he’s nothing exactly 100 as we’re going to take a quick 30 second break be right back what’s up recovered on purpose family I hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as I do when I’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing it with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now in their messenger so that they get this message and guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different uh merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out recoveredonpurpose.com after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction I’m now doing free calls so we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show amen amen amen amen all right now we’re going to go into something that you know a lot of us have felt in addiction and Recovery in life and that’s disappointment when you when you feel like your dream died and remember this is a study about a king who is writing about all these emotions a king that is writing to God about all these things that he’s feeling all these things that he’s dealing with all these things that are going on so we’re studying that it’s not it’s not about the emotion that we’re dealing with it’s about having a relationship with God through it okay that’s the that’s the ultimate hope that’s the ultimate Faith to be able to go through life with these emotions with disappointment having the hope that you know it’s all according to a plan that is good for us it’s all according to a plan that’s good for us this is a long one give thanks to the Lord for he is good his faithful love endures forever has the Lord redeemed you then speak out tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies that’s exactly to us that’s exactly to us we have to speak out about our recovery speak out that God is good speak out that he saved us free has gathered the Exiles from many lands from east and west and from North and South some wandered in the wilderness lost and homeless hungry and thirsty they nearly died Lord help me they cried in their trouble and he rescued them from their distress he led them straight to safety to a city where they could live let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them for he satisfies the Thirsty and fills the Hungry with good things some sat in darkness and deepest Gloom imprisoned in Iron chains of misery they rebelled against the words of God scorning the counsel of the most high that is why he broke them with hard labor they fell and no one was there to help them Lord help they cried in their trouble and he saved them from their distress that’s us has anyone else you know in their addiction cried out God please help me and he answered and is anyone else also in their addiction had to cry out for God a lot to finally find the help that’s me let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them for he broke down their prison Gates of bronze he cut apart their bars of iron and this is like this is you know we can look at this as a metaphor these These Chains that are holding us down I look at it as addiction I look at look at it as you know different sin patterns or whatever it is that’s that’s holding me down right that was holding me down some were fools they rebelled and suffered for their sins they couldn’t stand the thought of food and they were knocking on death’s door where my Tweakers at they couldn’t stand the thought of food and they were knocking on death’s door Lord help they cried in their trouble and he saved them from their distress he sent out his word and healed them snatching them from the door of death let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them let them offer sacrifices of Thanksgiving and sing joyfully about his glorious acts some went off to the sea in ships plying the trade routes of the world they too observed the Lord’s power in action his impressive works on the deepest Seas he spoke in the winds Rose stirring up the waves their ships were tossed to the heavens and plunged again to the depths the sailors cringed in Terror they reeled and staggered like drunkards and were at their wit’s end Lord help they cried in their trouble and he saved them from their distress is there a pattern here basically he’s talking about all these different events all these different life events these different people that were in these trouble Troublesome places in life whether they were in Chains whether they were in prison or they were on the Seas and it was just like they were going like this and about to die and they cried out for God and he saved them from their distress he calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves what a blessing was that Stillness as he brought them safely into Harbor let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them let them exalt him publicly before the congregation and before the leaders of the nation he changes Rivers into deserts and springs of water into dry thirsty land he turns the fruitful land into salty wastelands because of the wickedness of those who live there but he also turns deserts into pools of water the dry land and the Springs of water he brings the hungry to settle there and to build their cities they sow their fields plant their Vineyards and harvest their bumper crops How He blesses them they raise large families there and their herds of livestock increase when they decrease in number and become impoverished through oppression trouble and sorrow the Lord pours contempt on their princes causing them to wander in trackless wastelands but he rescues the poor from trouble and increases their families like flocks of sheep The Godly will see these things and be glad while the wicked are struck silent those who are wise will take all this to Heart they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord amen so us that have faith in God us that us that know that he does good for us us that know that you know we have this hope if we’re if we’re in a desert if we’re in this dry land if we’re stuck in addiction or if we’re in our recovery and something is going on where we just we can’t get it together we have this hope we have this knowledge we have this faith that God is going to bring us through this and he does he does and sometimes the blessing is in the suffering sometimes the blessing is like really just just feeling this this this hardship in life so that the when we get freedom from this when we get on the other side of this it’s like this this different level of Happiness this different level of Freedom this different level of joy and that’s what I’ve talked about for for addicts we understand we understand a level of happiness and a level of joy and freedom that most people on this planet will never experience when you’re so trapped in bondage to something like drugs and alcohol when you’re so trapped when you want to stop when you start when you get to the point of of using against your will like I did and then you get freed from that we have this scale of happiness and sadness right most of the world has a scale like this their sadness includes some some sad things some hardships losing jobs and things like that and their happiness includes you know family and and life and things like that but when but their understanding is on this scale it only goes down this far so you can only understand happiness this far now us that have understood real sorrow real chains real depression like this we can understand joy and happiness all the way out here there’s work to be done to get here you know we have to you know whether it’s the steps or whether it’s whether it’s a journey another journey of recovery and then in our recovery we have to work on finding the things that truly give us joy that truly give us happiness and freedom in our life in recovery because it’s not just about quitting drugs and alcohol I was never able to just like I was never able to attach and get get excited about recovery just to quit drugs and alcohol because drugs and alcohol had been part of my life and my only solution for so long I couldn’t imagine or desire a life without them I had to start thinking about things that I wanted to do I had to start thinking about things that you know I could do people that I could help opportunities that I might have and that’s when I was really able to sink my teeth into doing whatever it took to recover doing whatever it took to recover

good morning Jason Des Moines Iowa in the house what’s up brother with the Lord’s love you’ll never be thirsty again Embrace his love it’s of love and light exactly amen amen with his water we’ll never be thirsty again facts yes and we’re going to go into uh another one uncertainty when you don’t know what to do and a lot of us you know we have we have fellowships we have sponsors we have people that we bounce ideas off of things like that but sometimes the best answer isn’t going to come from another person it’s going to come directly from God that’s been my experience um I’m when I’m deeply deeply deeply connected with him when I’m deeply meditating deeply praying and stuff I actually hear his voice I know that it’s him I know it’s him telling me something that oftentimes seems counter-intuitive which is how he works he proves that it’s him he’s like nah don’t don’t go do that thing over there that seems really easy it seems like it’s good because I have something that is a little harder but it’s going to make it excellent over here it’s going to be a great over here a great life over here and little little seeds happen on the way there little little Joys people that you get to help on the way there and stuff it’s an amazing feeling

uh we’re gonna go to Psalm 19. oh we’re gonna hop over to passion translation and again I’m reading from the passion translation and uh the New Living Translation

psalm 19. God’s Witness God’s story in the skies God’s Splendor is a tale that is told his Testament is written in the stars space itself speaks his story every day through the marvels of the heavens his truth is on our is on tour in the starry vaults of the sky showing his skill and Creations craftsmanship and that’s true there’s a lot of physicists and and people that have gone really really deep into Big Bang Theory and that kind of stuff and the deeper they go the more proof they find about the existence of God so his his truth is in tour in the starry Vault of the sky showing his skill in creation’s craftsmanship each day gushes out its message to the next night with night Whispering its knowledge to all without a sound Without A word without a voice being heard yet all the world can see its story everywhere its gospel is clearly read so all may know what a Heavenly Home God has set for the sun shining in the Superdome of the sky see how he leaves his Celestial chamber each morning radiant as a bridegroom ready for his wedding like a day breaking Champion eager to run his course he rises on one horizon completing his circuit on the other warming lives and lands with his Heat God’s story in the scriptures God’s word is perfect in every way how it revives our souls his laws lead us to truth and his ways change the simple into wise so if we don’t know what to do if we’re if we’re uncertain about what to do the number one thing we want to get back to is just following God’s word just following it just not doing what we know we shouldn’t do and then start finding what we’re supposed to do right his teachings make us joyful and radiant his light his precepts are so pure his commands how they challenge us to keep close to his heart the Revelation light of his word makes my spirit shine radiant every one of the Lord’s commands is Right following them brings cheer nothing he says ever needs to be changed the rarest Treasures of Life are found in his truth that’s why I prize God’s word like other prize the finest gold nothing brings the soul such sweetness as seeking his living words so if we’re uncertain about what to do dive in here dive in here and you’ll find the answers for they warn us his servants and keep us from following the wicked way giving a lifetime guarantee great success to every obedient Soul without this Revelation without this Revelation light how would I ever detect the waywardness of My Heart Lord forgive my hidden flaws whenever you find them keep cleansing me God and keep me from my secret selfish sins may they never rule over me for only then will I be free from vaults and remain innocent of rebellion so may the words of my mouth my meditation thoughts and every movement of my heart be always pure and pleasing acceptable before your eyes my only Redeemer my protector God amen amen so basically when we’re uncertain about what to do we just got to do what’s right hopping hopping the hopping the word yourself hop in this yourself this is you know the reason why I read so much from here instead of just like interpreting and talking about it it’s because I believe that this is written for each one of us and as I’m as I’m reading that one verse might hit you one verse might hit me one verse might hit Drew one verse might hit Jeremy one verse might hit Jason in a perfect moment for them for us for me and if we’re uncertain about what to do seek seek the truth seek the word and what you’ll find is an answer for you personally from God and it’s it’s an amazing feeling having that having that answer from the one who created you and created the purpose and Destiny for your life that’s the ultimate it’s the ultimate facts planting these seeds in recovery as well amen Radiance of love amen amen now we’re going to go to restlessness when you still haven’t found what you’re looking for I need some water how’s everyone doing

we’ve got three songs left and we’re done with this study we’re gonna hop into something else next week three more Psalms restlessness coming out of Psalm 42.

restlessness irritable discontent

a cry for Revival I long to drink of you oh God drinking deeply from the streams of pleasure flowing from your presence my longings overwhelm me for more of you my longings overwhelm me for more of you if we can keep on that place if we can keep in that statement right there with our relationship with God my longings overwhelm me for more of you if we have that heart posture if we have that heart posture everywhere we go with our life we’re going to find him everywhere in everything so so love that one my soul thirsts pants and Longs for the Living God I want to come and see the face of God day and night my tears keep falling and my heart keeps crying of your health for your help while my enemies mock me over and over saying where is this God of yours why doesn’t he help you so I speak over my heart broken Soul take courage so this is him speaking so there’s heart soul Spirit mind and soul some people say that the soul is the mind but he is speaking him person it’s speaking to his own soul so I speak over my heartbroken Soul take courage remember when you used to be right out front leading the procession of Praise when the great crowd of worshipers gathered to go into the presence of the Lord you shouted with joy as the sound of passionate celebration filled the air in the joyous multitude of lovers honored the Festival of the Lord so then my soul why would you be depressed why would you sink into despair just keep hoping and waiting on God your savior for no matter what I will still sing with praise for living before his face is my Saving Grace here I am depressed and downcast yet I will still remember you as I Ponder the place where the where your glory streams down from the Maori might the mighty mountaintops lofty and Majestic the mountains of your awesome presence my deep need calls out to the Deep kindness of Your Love your waterfall of weeping sent waves of Sorrow over my soul carrying me away cascading over me like a thundering cataract yet all day long dogs yet all day long God’s promises of Love pour over me through the night I sing his songs for my prayer to God has become my life my prayer to God has become my life

that’s me for a long time I was literally just praying to get clean I was literally just playing for praying for recovery and I prayed for this I prayed to be able to speak to people I pray to be able to help people and I’m living that right now I will say to God you are my mountain of strength How Could You Forget Me why must I suffer this vile oppression of my enemies these heartless tormentors who are out to kill me their wounding words pierce my heart over and over while they say where is this God of yours so I say to my soul don’t be discouraged don’t be disturbed for I know my God will break through for me then I’ll have plenty of reasons to praise him all over again yes living before his face is my Saving Grace so it’s not we get saved once it’s not we it’s not we get saved one time from addiction and then we’re done talking to them we’re praising him for saving us from addiction that means that we get saved over and over and over and we have new things to praise him for new things to say yes good job God yes awesome guys guess what God did you know and we have that constantly in our life now because we continue to we continue to seek and we continue to praise him we continue to seek what he wants for our life what he created us for real good real good it’s good it’s good let’s go hi new here Ruth what’s up Ruth No gambling since 2015 where my lights at we’re gonna celebrate celebrate No gambling since 2015. congratulations Ruth proud of you it’s amazing it’s amazing and today is the uh the bring in the word Wednesday where we read the Bible and we’re doing a study out of the book of Psalms for managing emotions and emotional stability we have two Psalms left so outrage when you are filled with resentment when you’re filled with resentment this is coming out of Psalm 137. I’m sticking to the passion translation I don’t I just love how how uh Dr Brian Simmons poetically wrote this stuff with words from this time you know um the song of our captivity along the banks of babylon’s rivers we sat as Exiles mourning our captivity and wept with great love for Zion our music and mirth were no longer heard only sadness we hung up our harps on the willow trees our captors tormented us saying make music for us and sing one of your happy Zion songs but how could we sing the song of the Lord in this foreign Wilderness may my hands never make music again if I ever forget you oh Jerusalem May I never be able to sing again if I fail to honor Jerusalem supremely and Lord may you never forget what the sons of Edom did to us saying let’s raise the city of Jerusalem and Burn It To The Ground listen o Babylon you evil Destroyer the one who destroys you will be rewarded above all others you will be repaid for what you’ve done to us great honor will come to those who destroy you and your fortune by Smashing your infants against the rebel of your own destruction dang dang so he was outraged he was outraged because they just got taken over they got you know their City there was completely toppled to the ground um so yeah he was pretty angry love you thanks so much just what I need today amen Ruth love you laser light show yeah let’s go was anybody else a rave kid back in the day I don’t know if I would call myself necessarily a total Rave kid but I definitely was involved in that community and loved loved giving light shows and stuff light shows massages dancing let’s go foreign yeah I’m from like lion and Zion I’m iron like lion and Zion let’s go let’s go amen all right we have one more this and this is going to close it out it’s gonna close it out praise allowing joy to fill your soul this is Psalm 150. it was a really short one really short one

the Hallelujah Chorus hallelujah praise the Lord praise God in his holy Sanctuary praise him in his stronghold in the sky praise him for his miracles of Might praise him for his magnificent greatness Praise Him With The Trumpets blasting praise him with piano and guitar praise him with drums and dancing praise him with the loud resounding Clash of symbols praise him with every instrument you can find let everyone everywhere join in the crescendo of ecstatic praise to Yahweh hallelujah praise the Lord amen amen so managing emotions you know what this was doing as we’re talking about this um all these emotions that we felt during this study all these emotions that we have you know um that we that we have seasons of we resentment depression Joy um uncertainty anger contentment restlessness all of these different emotions the best way that we’re going to be able to not only manage but be able to be with them in that moment and get through them is with praise is with worship it’s getting down talking to God being honest with him about what’s going on and letting those emotions out to God and we’re going to have a much better time a much simpler time with getting through life when we know that no matter what we’re feeling God is there I love you guys so much enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll see you guys Friday and keep living recovering

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