Gang Life To Fortune 500: How Jesus Showed Up w/ Bryce McKinley

On today’s episode of The Recovered On Purpose Show, I have a deep conversation with Bryce McKinley about his life from being raised in a Christian community, to having an event in the church that pulled him away towards a life of crime and gangs that had him facing life in prison at 17 years old.

Bryce has now been globally recognized as one of The Top 5 Sales Trainer & Independent Business Consultants, In The World! 

He has worked with businesses including Fortune 500 Companies like Ford, Nissan, Tyco, and ADT. I have been selling one thing or the other since he was eight years old, and has now been training Sales Professionals for over 20 years!

This has allowed him to become a Master Closer and Negotiator! Most recently, he has taken these abilities into real estate, where our team has had over 7,000 homes Bought and/or Sold COMPLETELY VIRTUAL.

As CEO of S.H.A.R.P.E.N., a nonprofit in which he helps the less fortunate, he is changing the world one life at a time!

Bryce’s story is proof that recovery and overcoming trauma is possible and you can build a life beyond your wildest dreams in your recovery and life with Jesus! 

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alright guys I am so excited about this guest that we have today because he is just an incredible inspiration you guys are going to be blown away by his story and what he’s actually been able to do in his life with God and recovery so Bryce McKinley started life growing up in a Christian home but after an experience that made him turn his back on God Bryce went from a church family to a gang family after years of drugs and crime on September 28 2011 an event happened that changed his life forever Bryce McKinley has now been globally recognized as one of the top five sales trainers and Independent Business Consultants in the world working with businesses including Fortune 500 companies like Ford Nissan Tycho and ADT he has been selling since he was eight years old and training sales Professionals for over 20 years this has allowed him to become a master closer and negotiator most recently he has taken these abilities into real estate where his team has had over 7 000 homes bought and or sold completely virtually as CEO of sharpen a non-profit in which he serves the less fortunate he is changing the world one life at a time Guys Without further Ado here is Bryce McKinley Bryce thank you so much for coming on brother what is going on Adam thank you so much man for having me I appreciate you brother and uh looking forward to share and uh you know if you’re on the sound of my voice or listening to Adam’s podcast I just want to encourage you it’s just work keep going let’s keep going amen amen I love that and guys if you’re out there and you are you are at that place where you’re struggling in addiction you haven’t yet gotten clean do not miss this episode because we’re going to share different events that happen in our lives we’re going to talk about what exactly was going on in our addictions how we felt and then how we got clean and how we’re living the lives we are today it is possible for you and now we’re going to be going into the non-profit work that he does we’re going to go into the for-profit work that he does obviously because both of those things add a lot of purpose and a lot of mission into our lives and recovery so Bryce tell us a little bit about you know in your intro we we talked a little bit about the beginning of your life what was going on in the church family you know you grew up in this family and then something happened so tell us a little bit about that yeah I uh I I grew up going to church like 10 times a week you know how I initially started my life and all I knew was Jesus on Sunday morning Jesus on Sunday afternoon Sunday night Monday afternoon prayer meetings Tuesday Bible study Wednesday was ladies prayer meeting Thursday was choir practice Friday with Center change which is where our Sunday school teachers got together and planned for Sunday morning and then on Saturday we had sports events because we weren’t allowed to go and do you know little league or baseball or football at school so we had our own little leagues inside of our our church organization so you’re talking this wasn’t even a Revival week this was every day every week and then on Revival weeks where we had you know pastors coming in preaching every single night on top of the normal stuff I mean there was weeks on end where you’d go you know 7 10 50 15 days in a row every day all day at this church you know and I think I think personally I think the world needs that now it’s gotten a little water down and diluted but uh looking back on it it was very occult-like or so I thought and uh yeah I’ll never forget walking out in the middle of a church service and uh and seeing you know my mom and another guy from the church messing around and having an affair and instantly like my heart I I remember feeling inside like my heart just got cold and I held it in for the longest time and my mom and I and my dad and I we’ve all talked this out you know now being you know 40 years later uh but I remember that moment Adam like just feeling hate feeling cold feeling shut off and whatever it was that I had been taught this God thing if that was God I wanted nothing to do with it over the next couple of you know months or a year or so you know my parents would go through a divorce and separate and I went off the deep end man so did you did you hold that in or did you did you tell your dad did you talk to other people in your family about that happening because I’ve I’ve heard a story similar to that and you know different people do different things in that situation especially as kids what did you do you know I I really don’t remember because I remember starting to shut down like I remember seeing that and then I remember going to you know Target and Kmart and going to the toys section to hang out in the toys with my brother and sneaking around trying to like find where my mom went and finding her in these other departments you know and my mom is like my best friend right like I’m not saying any of this to make her look bad this is just what happened years ago and and and she’s obviously you know changed she’s not the same person today but in those moments like I just remember Clips because I started shutting down and I don’t recall ever saying or doing anything to anybody uh I I I remember you know one of the times going outside and the neighbor guy had fireworks you know one incident and my dad came home and and my mom and the neighbor guy were making out like it was like because my dad was working so much and he was never there like these were all the excuses that I heard for the longest time justifying things versus you know what should have been happening and so I don’t recall how it ever got exposed I never like told Donna or anything I think I just bottled it up and continued to suppress what I really didn’t understand at the time yeah and that’s that’s kind of the same the same stories that I’ve heard about it it’s like because I’ve had experiences like that where something happened and I couldn’t tell anyone and it was like I just you said the exact words I used I just bottled it down deeper and deeper and deeper so what did that what did you choose to do from there you say you don’t want anything to do with God anymore so what did you start doing then yeah I I’ll never forget after my dad moved out you know for the longest time I didn’t understand and I blamed him right uh after my dad moved out I remember um we were at Kmart and I don’t remember why we went there I I had asked my mom to take me there and I I stole the ear piercing gun off the Cosmetic counter there and I pierced my ear like I was gonna be in charge of my life right and and I went and pierced my ear and my dad was like that’s not what we’re gonna do and you’re not welcome to wear it in my house so you either remove it or you don’t come back so I just stopped going to see my dad and pushed him away and and ended up started hanging out with the wrong crowd uh within weeks you know jumped into a gang and that was the beginning of you know a downward spiral into crime and drugs and and gang banging and you name it and how old were you when you got jumped into that gang uh so I was probably around the age of 12 because that was all you know between the ages 11 and 12. it was like fourth fifth grade somewhere in there when when that all happened yeah and would you say that you had this like this identity in God until that point you had this identity with him this this Christian upbringing you were there every single day but then that identity was kind of stripped from you with that event and then you found another identity someone else to follow is that what you were thinking were you were you like it’s interesting you use that word because I’m wearing this shirt one of my coaches made this shirt for a god-given identity the thumbprint that we all have right so it’s interesting that you use that word because that’s actually what this shirt represents is our god-given identity and um you know that was an identity that I was you know I wouldn’t say Force but I was raised in and if that was God I wanted nothing to do with it and so I ran the other direction as fast and as far and as long as I could yeah and I find it so interesting that that the enemy right is able to use events like that or or you know different leaders in the church that might do something horrible or you know different people within the church that cause other believers to fall right that causes other believers to lose their faith in God because of what a man does and that’s what I you know I have these conversations with people all the time you know in in this Niche with with addicts and Recovery or addicts in general that were wounded by the church I all I do is separate man from God I’m like guys there is a relationship with God that has nothing to do with what other people are telling you it’s personal right so what were you what were you gaining from this gang life in your in your identity and what kind of stuff was going on and where did that lead yeah great question you know the story I told myself was there I wasn’t going to be the church kid the goofy heavy set overweight kid that was picked on right I wanted to be the cool kid I wanted to have the cool toys the cool clothes the cool shoes and um you know I wanted to create the identity that I desired and and it became about me right and Adam I say the same thing often to people it’s like the church didn’t hurt you a person hurt you and you blame the church and you blamed God and you blamed other things and so you know those are really their excuses to justifying a means to an end which is really just the stories inside of your head yeah and so yeah I I think that that Newfound Identity or that new desired identity was what I wanted to create and what I perceived as cool I mean who knows what really cool is when you’re in fifth and sixth grade right right right I I remember a girl picking on me because we were poor and a girl picking on me um in like fifth grade and and said something along the lines of like you wore those parrot jeans two or three days in a row and that stuck with me I’m never gonna wear the same pair of jeans more than once like stupid things like that that just started like setting new expectations right yeah if you’re old enough to remember the boss and jinko jeans that were they’re actually coming back now they’re way too big I wore those kids every one of those like three different pairs of each pair you know and and going into the the stores and like layering them and walking out with five six pairs on you know because they were stealing them you know and um yeah I it’s interesting to reminisce like how dumb was that but it was all based on the perceived identity that I wanted to portray that really was just pulling me down deeper and deeper further and further away from who I really was a servant of the most high God a a person of influence right but I didn’t know that at the time I didn’t know that yeah and I want to acknowledge anybody out there that has been wounded by the church or wounded by people in the church I want to acknowledge that it’s real that whatever happened it actually happened I’m sorry that it did happen that’s not a representation of God that’s a representation of the flaws of humans so keep listening and and check this out see if you find anything for yourself and you know maybe press back in because God is with you so let me piggyback that real quick before you ask your next question I want to piggyback off of that uh one of one of my talents or or things that I have in my tool belt I’ve been a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming for almost 20 years and you know one of my sales reps is actually Richard bandler’s daughter so you’re talking about the guy who founded NLP I work with his daughter like she works for me right so I’ve got some pretty significant Tools in my belt and it’s interesting you know what you just said there yes it happened yeah and and while both Adam and I recognize and and acknowledge that you know Church hurt happens people hurt happens it’s really the tapes and stories that you tell yourself and where I was going with this you know while we acknowledge this one of the things that I’ve learned from studying and practicing neuro-linguistic programming and how the brain works is that mankind humankind we actually have our best intentions for others in mind yeah and this is really crazy to let’s take it to the next level like think of Adolf Hitler right like one of the notorious like most hated men in the universe his intention and belief was that if he created this Superior race that he would be closer to God right like that was his intention so while it didn’t look good on the Forefront to everybody else he had good intentions look at you know Jeffrey Dahmer like look at serial murderers and Killers over time their intention in their Mind’s Eye based on the stories and tapes they had was in the best interest for the people that they hurt in society’s eyes right so it’s all a matter of perspective and so if you’ve been hurt by the church I just want to encourage you think about maybe what their intentions were and if we live life as if there’s always another explanation we can find that intention and decide whether it dictates our moves moving forward amen I love that and something you can actually do if you have and this goes for everything this goes for traumas this goes for you know hurts from the church or any kind of event that happened in the past something a practice you can do is actually write out what happened not not how it made you feel not how it made you think none of that but write out exactly how you perceived exactly what happened in reality that means like um you know my you know I was sitting and watching TV my mom walked in the door and I walked up to give her a hug put my hands up and she walked by me as if she didn’t even see me that is what happened then when you write that down what you’ll realize is what did that make me think what did it make me feel and how does that make me act now and if you make those three lists after it you say it made me feel like she didn’t love me made me think that you know I wasn’t worthy of her love and I act that out now because I feel like I’m not worthy of love and people people don’t love me but then if you look at what happened and you put another perspective on it just like Bryce was saying like maybe you didn’t realize because you were eight years old that your mom had her phone next to her ear on the other side and she literally didn’t see you she until she went to look for you in the bedroom or something you know maybe your hands were maybe your hands were full and she was about to drop something and she had to hurry up and get to the counter and set something down you know because there’s always another explanation exactly so what happened and then the story we could we create the story we create we can always change what happened we can’t right so where did this gang and Drug you know life lead you nowhere no run

I was I was the kid on the Block you know within a very short time I went from being a nobody as a you know foot soldier to being second in command and and running you know kilos like tens of thousands of kilos a week into and out of Chicago wow and and you know by the age of 17 I was facing you know a couple of manslaughter charges a couple of conspiracy charges uh trafficking charges some evading and eluding charges because they had tried to raid my place a few times you know um yeah I I had a pretty hefty rap sheet very early on in a matter of a short time period And it you know it was scary sure I got picked up you know the small petty stuff here and there that added up you know I I remember my very first charge that I got I had like a dime bag of weed on me um I got off the city bus and I got to my buddy’s mom’s house and the police were there questioning her I’ll never forget this because I called my boy up from the mom’s house I’m like man they’re here and it was uh um we had jumped somebody in a park and they were coming to ask us about that and I just got off the city bus like got to at my buddy’s mom’s house and I had a dime bag of weed and you know in Chicago snitches get stitches so here I am taking the wrap for a bag of weed that was you know my friends that I was supposed to be dropping off at his mom’s house for his mom’s boyfriend or something I remember the whole story and um you know 40 hours of community service and a couple hundred dollar fine like that was my very first criminal in interaction with police yeah and then it just spiraled out of control between the you know trafficking and and conspiracy charges and manslaughter and you know I was looking at uh you know 220 to life sentences and several other sentences um but man by the grace of God and and that I look back I shouldn’t be here Adam I I definitely shouldn’t be here but by the grace of God and how he plays chess in our lives um I was acquitted I was acquitted of all charges I didn’t snitch on anybody I didn’t talk about the case with anybody like nobody else got charged in this case it was just dismissed wow and I was acquitted and um yeah that would kind of bring me into my corporate Arena where my uncle grabbed me by the ear like every good Italian Uncle don’t let the McKinley last name foolia you know grab me by the year and it’s like you’re gonna come live with me and uh ended up sleeping on the couch for a little while before I got back on my feet and detailing cars at a car dealership and Davenport Iowa wow so yeah yeah and then and then what I know you I know you started a a corporate career right and what what happened from there yeah so I was detailing cars and I begged him begged and begged and begged for almost a year like man if I can sell dope in Chicago I can sell trucks to Farmers in Iowa that was my mentality right like the Hustler in me I’m like man if I can sell needles and dopes and bags I can sell trucks to Farmers like that’s easy and um you know he made me clean up I’ve got a couple of teardrops here that have been removed man that threw me off looking at the screen here you know I got a couple teardrops that have been removed uh started cleaning up my ACT here the party dots on my hand started getting removed had some cover-ups done you know of the gang graffiti started cleaning myself up and I’ll never forget it was uh December maybe a week before Christmas my birthday is Christmas Eve if anybody wants to give me a present it sucks competing with baby Jesus about a week before my birthday nobody showed up to the dealership that morning because we were like facing a blizzard storm everything was shut down and uh I don’t know 10 11 o’clock my uncle says you know if you can sell a truck or a car today I’ll put you on the team next week that’s what I did that’s exactly what I did I remember yeah I grabbed the phone book and I started calling through the phone book that was something you know this was back in 1997 1998 you know before cell phones and pagers were even cool like we had phone books we didn’t have Google um we had phone books I just started calling through the phone book I went through the service directory directory in the service department like try to figure out who had appointments that day calling them I got five people to show up that day in the middle of a blizzard to either get service done which we had to rearrange and reschedule anyways because nobody showed up but I sold two people vehicles I saw one guy a truck and an SUV and another guy an F-150 and uh so three vehicles my first day and I was hooked Adam I can’t tell you that the adrenaline rush of helping somebody get what they wanted you know I’d later learn and study and work with and for Zig Ziglar you know he said if you help enough people get what they want you can have whatever life’s desires are and I fell in love with that concept and so you know over the next year and a half I would become the number one car salesman in the world for Ford Motor Company uh where most car guys do I think the national average today is around 11 or 12 cars a month even today in 2022 um it hasn’t changed much in 25 years and I was averaging about 75 to 80 cars a month wow yeah and so it was uh it was a fun time you can imagine here’s this 18 19 20 year old I’m making millions of dollars selling cars right like yeah it was a blast we had fun and um I turned I just turned 22 in December a few years later in January we got a phone call from a Ford Motor Company rep they were coming to meet my uncle and I I didn’t know my uncle told me that Ford corporate was coming so everybody’s on their p’s and q’s when corporate comes to your dealership right yeah didn’t realize that they were coming to recruit me out of my dealership and so that would be like the beginning of a corporate career in sales and sales training and Consulting uh traveled the world with Ford and then later Nissan Toyota and Honda picked me up if you go fast forward to like 2007 eight and nine where you know all the automotive industry was bailed out because of their outstanding liens on their on their dealerships Ford didn’t take one Nissan didn’t take one Toyota didn’t take one Honda didn’t take one it’s because we had built a massive sales machine that was all profit first and so um I I I’ve been blessed to be a part of that um yeah it was fun I I missed the car business I really do I don’t miss the hours I don’t miss the lifestyle because there’s a bunch of dumb stuff that happens there but uh made a lot of money was very blessed amen amen so you had this she had this great you know early adult uh corporate life going on but then we talked about you know something happens something happens in life that that kind of changed the trajectory a little bit so what happened in you know 2010 2011. yeah so before 2010 and 2011 uh right in the you know height of my professional corporate career my wife and I had at the time had had like a pretty open relationship you know we weren’t going to church or anything but her mom had been my Sunday school teacher growing up so we knew that lifestyle and we wanted nothing to do with it and so having an open you know they might call it a poly relationship nowadays or or you know polygamous relationship you know I had two or three girlfriends she had two or three boyfriends and we had you know great parties right she ended up having a baby with someone and about six months after um after the baby was born it caught pneumonia and started fixating on its vomit was rushed into the hospital and the doctor put the baby out of its misery and we didn’t find that out until later in uh depositions right we didn’t find that out later until depositions um put it out of its misery I don’t even understand that yeah it was choking on its vomit um and it uh yeah it was devastating it really was and all I knew how to do was work right like I had shared earlier I just knew how to put on this mask hunker down bury it and work yeah so you can imagine I wasn’t a great person for my wife at the time uh traveling all over the country teaching and training sales people and partying and sleeping around and um hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on recovery you know for her because she was doing dope and drinking now battling coping with depression and long story short I got a phone call Friday June 13 2008.

and she had taken her life and when I say I was devastated like years later I still get emotional like she was everything to me we grew up together we were making this newfound live

and we had just talked the night before we were going to do this she’d been sober for five days she was in the hospital she was going to come home and I had flown home that night that next morning I was driving to the house from my office you know to come home early on Friday because she was going to be being released from the hospital and I get that phone call that she had taken her life yeah and the rest is history man five five companies you know contracts seven and eight figure contracts in Corporate America close to 80 million dollars right up my nose and in a bottle over the next two years I would just spiral out of control didn’t care about anything buying cars buying women buying women’s cars like you name it just dumb and it was March of 2010 one of the girls that I had been you know dating called me and said that she was pregnant I didn’t believe her at first I I was just like yeah right you know I just kind of brushed off a few days later she came by showed me the test we went to the doctor sure enough she was pregnant and I sobered up because now I had something to live for right I had I had something to fight for I had a baby on the way like I can fight for that you know and so I started labeling it right a lot of us especially in recovery were like oh we could do it for this yeah but that doesn’t sustain you um right and um he was born in November #the Middle School millionaires my little buddy he saved my life

but what I didn’t realize when I started getting back on my feet I had taken a com company contract with ADT Tyco Corporation they own ADT you know large massive company I was gonna do this I was going to get my life back together right how many times have we heard that story I’m gonna do it now yeah and um we moved to Texas at the time I’d been living in Wisconsin because when you grow up in Illinois like you know you made it if you have a cabin in Wisconsin that’s kind of the thing so I met this girl in Wisconsin we had this baby we moved to Texas for this contract and it wasn’t two months three months tops come home early on a Friday afternoon like life was good you know we were starting to do the thing again and and she had never seen this life you know she was a small town girl party animal I come home and there’s my little baby boy on the floor next to the bed pills all over and Mom at OD D oh my gosh like why like what now right like what do I do and and what is every good gangster do that’s been through the muck you got to cover your own butt first right let’s go it goes through your head so I take pictures real quick I pick up my boy I go and pack a bag and we go and stay at a hotel and uh I called the cops and I got out of there wow Monday morning I would start the fight of my life the last couple hundred grand that I had in the bank uh fighting for custody of my son I lost that contract with ADT because of the drama that she created thank God she lived uh she is still alive today but she battled that addiction for years and now I think she’s been sober now for about two years uh now to date so you know she battled that for several years and I won sole custody of my son but I was homeless now I’m in Dallas Texas I’m homeless with the child and I don’t know if you’ve ever been on the street but men don’t get as much help as women on the street especially when they made a lot of money the year before 10 times harder when you have children under your belt so I’ve got like three strikes against me I’m male with child and I made too much money the year before so I can’t get any financial assistance I can’t stay in shelters I don’t have anything left and at this point it’s September 28 2011 and through A Series of Unfortunate Events my brother was uh imprisoned incarcerated in Illinois um he took a rap for something that his wife did I won’t get into that but uh we had been fighting for him to get out and I just gotten word that he was going to be being released and we were waiting on paperwork to be filed and all this they they were gonna take care of him here in the next 24 to 48 hours so we were planning right he’s on the phone we’re planning we’re going to build a business we’re going to come back he’s going to help me with the money that he’s had saved up over this you know last 11 years that he’s been incarcerated it’s going to be amazing

and that quick literally within 20 minutes Adam September 28 2011 the same 40 cal that sits next to my bed tonight never jammed before hasn’t jammed since I wrote a letter to my mom I wrote a letter to my son and I said I just can’t do this anymore I can’t build this back up I’m done and I put that 40 cal in my mouth and I pulled the trigger not once not twice three times that gun jammed in my mouth that night and that’s when I got mad at the the source of all of my frustration I’m like God if you’re even real I started giving them ultimatums like some of us you’re listening to my voice some of us just need to start screaming out right now and yes I wouldn’t say test him but watch what happens when you when you ask him right he said ask and you shall receive I’m like if you’re even a half of what you say you are anything that they say you are show up and I remember I was parked in the middle of the street because I wanted my son to be found and I’m out in the street just screaming at like I don’t know two three o’clock in the morning I don’t know what time it was I I’m just like show up

and all I remember is waking up the next day to a phone call from Wells Fargo

Mr McKinley you’ve got uh fraudulent activity on your account we need to have you come in and verify some transactions I’m like what now come on bro you said I’m in man you know I call God bro and Jesus Christ he’s my bro he’s gangster to me right I’m like all right bro like come on man like what else I’ve got 32 bucks in my pocket there’s change keeping my account open if that like I don’t want it to go negative like what’s going on fraudulent activity and I get in and I sit down in front of a banker this was a Saturday morning I sit down in front of a banker and he turns the screen around and says we just need you to verify a few of these recent transactions I’m like yeah that was me that was me wait what is this one and we clicked into it and I had an old client old dealership that owed me money had found an unpaid invoice from years ago and they wired me 20 grand wow come on bro amen I walked out of there like I didn’t say anything to him I I called the I called the dealership before I left I called the dealership I’m like um is this really happening and and they’re like yes I’m like okay the bank wanted to verify like I was in all I didn’t even know what to say I’m like thank you I gotta get back in front of this Banker I’m like bro that’s God and I told the guy what just happened I’m like I tried to kill myself last night like God just did that man I gotta like I gotta go yeah remember and what is every good gangster living in Texas do to celebrate like you go get tacos right

that’s what you do anywhere exactly I remember driving down the street and there’s a Taco Bueno that me and my boy had always went to on Tuesdays because they had cheap Tacos on Tuesdays um and I walked in there and the guy’s like man bro I got you it’s not Tuesday sit down and we get served some tacos I’m like man I can pay this time because I had built a relationship the salesman in me and I built a relationship with the manager there and they took care of us on Tuesdays they could just fight I don’t know we sat down and dude I don’t know how many tacos I ate but I smashed Taco Bueno I am forever indebted to that Saturday morning Taco festivities there and um it was maybe two three hours later sitting there just like what are we gonna do you know I got cash in hand my car’s still running I get gas now I got food in my belly what am I gonna do

Adam I get a phone call

this is how my God works

I get a phone call Mr McKinley I’m like yes this is McKinney Orchard Apartments and we found an old application we’re wondering if you’re still looking for a place to live um come on man yeah

let’s go literally within like it what even 12 hours yeah and uh I I mean did I told the story theatrically from stage many times and I’m sitting here crying and thinking about it I remember telling the lady like yeah I’d love to look come take a look she’s like well you can come take a look on Monday we need to get it cleaned I’m like man don’t even worry about it can’t be any worse than where I’m at now and I told her I’m still sleeping in my car like I’ll come look at it now went over signed the paperwork me and my boy went and got some you know belongings a couch out of the trash some crates and a cheap TV at like the Goodwill and like we had a TV on a milk crate a couch and some sleeping bags dude we were set amen amen that was 2011. amen and that night I gave my life to Christ and never looked back um and you fast forward now a little over 11 years

I’ve built a hundred million dollar real estate portfolio I’ve been hired by Tony Robbins Les Brown Ty Lopez can’t Clothier Damon John from Shark Tank Kevin Harrington Mark Cuban has had me and my son honored a few times at the Dallas Mavericks here in Dallas

I’d give it all away to experience that one night in God’s arms every day um and now I get to share my story and and help people I coach people all over the world in real estate and just been blessed beyond my wildest dreams and that was simply because I decided and made a decision to trust Jesus amen yeah amen I love it bro I love it and I what you just said there is really profound and I’ve said that all the time in my recovery when I when I found God in the first like 30 60 90 days of my recovery where I had finally like oh my gosh I’m not using it I don’t want to use my passion for him and that that like relationship that Newfound Freedom that Newfound you know Salvation I’ve been chasing that now yeah that like that feeling that can’t be matched to anything that we that we accomplish over here but it can be duplicated and what I found the best the best feeling that is possible to match with that is when you witness somebody else find it right when I the first time I spoke in a in a treatment center I was like I was probably right around a year maybe a year and a half sober and I’m sharing my story you know and it’s going going fine and then you know for some reason at the end I got prompted to do an altar call I had never done an altar call before had no idea how to do it but I was like everybody just bow your head with me you know it was like let’s go if this is you you know um and I’m praying and stuff this is you and you you want to give your life to Jesus right now I just want you to just put your hand up and dude over 90 of the people in that room raise their hand and I was like I almost I almost forgot what to say to finish the prayer because I was like dude that’s it that’s it that’s what I’ve been chasing you know because it’s not about you know it’s not about like converting people and it’s not about getting people to believe what you believe like what I’ve found in a personal relationship with God is the deepest and most profound place I can be in my life and when somebody else decides to seek that for themselves I know that God’s going to take care of them I know that God is going to show them in his own way and in their own way exactly how he shows up to them it’s like dude let’s go let’s go you know it’s interesting Adam I I think the one of the biggest misconceptions and you and I talked about this before we started recording is you know the difference between God’s voice and and demonic voices and encouraging you to do what you should or shouldn’t be doing right yeah everybody that’s listening to the sound of our voice Adam is a hundred percent right it’s the best feeling in the world I’ve closed hundreds and millions and billions of dollars in business yeah like I love that rush and adrenaline of closing a deal and getting paid but there is no feeling better than when someone says I’m not doing dope anymore um I’m gonna trust Jesus there’s not a better feeling and it’s interesting because foreign

you have to make a decision every day because you’re human like you can’t just be like one and done and be like I’m in and then tomorrow think that it’s Gonna Get Easier like the miracle that I described that took 20 plus years of God playing in my life and me just not being aware of it and then me breaking down and saying I’m all in like if and giving some ultimatum and I don’t recommend that yeah but one thing that I do know is waking up every morning and saying I’m in whether I feel him or not when I get tempted saying I am a child of God and the king of most high right like making a conscious decision to do the simple actions that get the simple results that will give you the confidence over time to continue to walk out that relationship because just like with any relationship you know you if if you’re most likely I would imagine more men listening to this than women but either way think about a time when you were dating somebody like you didn’t just like walk up strong arm that other person be like you’re mine you know unless you were kidnapping people right like no you had a conversation you kind of eased your way into it you may have bought some flowers or a drink at the club like you eased your way in took them around first second and third base before you went home right like God wants you to experience that same process like dip your toes in the water to step out on base one and say I’m in yes to get to base two like I’m in every day phase three I’m in and I’m gonna share this with somebody you want to take it home base three to home plate share it every day yes and when you do that those simple actions get simple results will build that confidence to give you that unwavering confidence and now guys like Adam and I can be like dude you can’t tell me like sure I hear in my back of my head the demons being like bro you’re in Mexico you should go get a teener like I’ve got property down there I get cartel walking up and down the beach right in front of my place right you know how many times I’ve I’ve been tried to intent it every single time but I also get to walk down there be like man I know you probably don’t have long to talk to me but do you know Jesus oh yeah yeah but do you know him right and I get to share that story of how I used to be right there just like them as a foot soldier walking the streets of Chicago like they’re walking the beaches of you know Cancun and Tulum and right yeah and so while I’m tempted all the time I’m not dissuaded because I’ve taken simple action to get simple results that’s gotten simple confidence compounding upon each other and that’s the journey that’s the good fight that the Bible talks about so amen amen two things um first I told you I was going to tell you why September 28th meant something to me yeah let’s get on it was kind of why it was interesting what your story is from September 28th so September 28th of 2008 I’ve been out drinking and partying like most nights my freshman year at College when I woke up to my phone ringing and vibrating down by my leg I swam through the soft sheets to find my hard phone with the bright screen that read 47 am and my best friend chucker was calling me I remember having the conscious choice that I could either answer the phone like I always do with hey what’s up Chuck or I could answer the way I was feeling with uh hello and am I still drunk in state I chose the latter twitch a soft voice replied hey what’s up why are you calling me this late I was just calling to say hi don’t call me this late again and I hung up on him and he shot himself and for nearly a decade that was the event that I was talking about earlier in the show that I couldn’t tell anybody about I was being consoled by all my friends because he was my best friend you know they’re hugging me and saying dude I’m so sorry about this and you know inside I’m saying you know I did it I killed my best friend and I just had to bottle it down deeper and deeper and deeper with drugs and alcohol after that event that was the first time that I was actually consciously using drugs to cope with and masked the way that I felt um double down on that date September 28th of 2019 I was out of the conference and uh in it was how to bring God into business 100x conference out in Vacaville California and the day before the first night the first night of the conference Jesus Culture is playing on stage and I went there on a whim like got long story short God got me there and uh I’m in front of the stage I know nobody there I’m on there in there on a whim worshiping to Jesus Culture and then I hear God’s voice and it goes through my head into my heart and says you new companies called recovered on purpose I was like that’s good it’s like pulled out my phone whipped it out and I got the Secretary of State done right there got the domain on GoDaddy right there made sure it’s all mine I was like dang that is good next day is September 28 2019 I’m sitting in the uh in the crowd and uh this guy comes up and he starts talking about writing a book I’m like taking notes and stuff just like really stoked on it and I’m like you know writing everything I possibly can to learn how to write and publish a book and all that and then I hear his voice again he whispers me through my head into my heart said if you publish your book for your two years clean and sober you’re going to inspire so many others to do the same it’s like two years clean and sober that’s in five weeks so what I did was I went home shut everything else out in the world because I felt that call and now what I’ve learned now is when that when that happens when we get that opportunity that Divine opportunity where God tells us to do something right now if we shut out everything else and we do what he says it is going to bless us and to be able to bless others and so I went home I put everything else away and I wrote and published my book in five weeks became a bestseller and now it’s helped you know been in the hands of thousands of people and then uh we were talking a little bit about about you know Fallen Angels about demonic things and the voice of God versus the voice of these things right and I haven’t shared this story publicly but uh this was in this was in 2020 it was like at the beginning of the pandemic right around uh you know April April May June something like that I was helping this girl that I had known for a while trying to help her get into treatment and like connecting her with these different people in treatment stuff and she was outside of my apartment in her car and I came down and I was walking up to her car she had her window down she’s in the driver’s seat and I noticed that she’s trying to shoot up in her leg and as I walk up I see someone in the back of her of her car sitting in the back seat and then I get a little bit closer and it goes flies out the back back window there’s a spirit behind her and um and I didn’t say anything to her I wasn’t like hey there was something behind you you know because there’s no reason to do that freak somebody out but you know I prayed put my hand on the car and prayed prayed for her and then she didn’t she you know went off and then I went up to my apartment and I had this uh this call with my tech guy at the time and we were building a funnel because I was doing a challenge and all these different things we had this like 45 minute hour long call and I’m all excited because we’re building this super dope funnel that’s my first one and all that super excited we get off the call I take one step away from the computer and then I hear a voice in my head say you should kill yourself nobody believes in this nobody’s going to do this and because I went from this ex this extremely excited state this this place where I knew that I was doing what I was supposed to do and then I heard that voice I immediately knew that it was not mine and it was not God’s so I walked straight over to my bed and the first thing I do I just fell down on my knees and put my hands up and I just started worshiping just started singing singing and singing then I got to a place where I was uh where I was kind of gently you know um brought to peace but I had my face down like this and then when I came up in my mind’s eye on the other side of the bed that spirit that was in the back of her car was on the other side of my bed mocking me like this like that that’s my you know that’s been my reality for a while I’ve had certain experiences like that that talks about you know Discerning of spirits in the Bible as one of the gifts um I haven’t I haven’t had a lot of those experiences recently but at the time I’m like you know just over two years clean and sober and I had that experience so it’s a reality it’s a reality the spiritual realm is a reality if you’re out there there’s a there’s a reason to go in a relationship with God and and seek a relationship with him right now right now so what are you up to these days what are you doing these days yeah I was I was actually trying to find something for you it’s interesting I man thank you for sharing that and and letting me be a part of that story because I shared earlier that uh I call God bro and it’s just a testament you know here’s two of us right like the number two means it’s a witness right if you go back and study biblical numerology um it gives me goosebumps thinking about it and how I I I enjoy letting God unround discernment and wisdom like I enjoy being like dang bro that was good right and it’s interesting because I’ve heard those voices and like I told you like I’ve never thought about it as like the different levels you know and so now I’m gonna go down this rabbit hole and study them uh more in depth because I think that stuff is so cool yeah but I was looking for something while you were talking and I wanted to share this if if you look really close you can see if you’re looking at the video of this you can see my feet up doing a little bible study on my back patio one night yep and I thought that I heard something and I was in the word and I was just like man I hadn’t heard your voice in a while and I just I want to share this Adam to encourage you like sometimes it goes months right sometimes we’re out in the wilderness like Moses for 40 years before we hear anything yeah but the point is to keep going and I want to encourage you to keep going because this was taken about a year ago um where I’m propped up I got my feet up it’s midnight one o’clock and I’m like bro I just need to have a conversation with you like like I need to hear your voice I’m just not hearing it I’m not feeling it and to preface what I’m about to show you if you’re watching the video of this my wife and son had been trying to spray paint some weights and for our gym we’ve got a gym in our house and they were spray painting weights and they had some cans that were getting stuck and they needed dad you know the man of the house to come and clean out the spray paint you know that’s what I’m good for so I go and I clean out the nozzle I shake up the can it felt good to pull out the old gangster I mean I’m gonna tag it up and I’ve got a really unique signature it’s my initials with like a circle around it and I did that right so BM with the circle around it and here’s all this cardboard on the back patio just piling up and I’m sitting here like in devotion with God in the middle of the night and it starts to rain

and look at this bro like literally my initials got swiped by God and he took him and made it the water turned the initials into bro

yeah amen sometimes it takes a while for God to like scream at you like I’m right in front of you the whole time but he’s walking is that still Small Voice right yeah so man what am I up to nowadays I I and let me let me piggyback on that really quick really quick So for anybody out there uh the reason and the reason why I don’t share a lot of the stories anymore about the dark spiritual realm is that I’m very careful to make sure that people don’t listen to it as if I’m trying to glorify it or as if you should seek that because it is absolutely not something you you want and it’s not something you know you want to seek because he who seeks evil shall find evil he who seeks good shall find good and the reason why you know I I want you to know that I’ve had experiences with God my whole life since I was 10 years old because I said yes at 10 and my mind and my heart never close to him wherever you’re at right now if there’s if you’re looking for deeper connection with God if you’re looking to have these experiences with God if you want to know him or if you want to you know start to get to know him you got to ask him and then open your mind and open your heart that’s it and then what you do is you you start to have a perspective of how he’s showing up and then as he lays these little seeds to you these little things happening you follow them and then they get bigger and bigger and bigger just just realize that open your mind so what are you up to now no I love that you know and and that’s you know how I what how I mentioned I love how God plays chess in our lives because yes you know you know I once quoted this from stage and it just came out you don’t go to Opportunities you grow to Opportunities um and it’s no different with God like he’s not going to give you the Mansion the cars the wealth if you can’t take care of the little bit that you have right in front of you and and you may never get that because you may mishandle this in his opinion yeah so I I uh yeah I really or it may not it may not be your call it may not be your call and it may you you may not even want that yeah you know new levels new Devils I promise you I’ve had everything I’ve lost everything built it back and it’s just as hard if not ten times harder and lonelier at the top so yeah it’s not for everybody um man nowadays you know I’ve spoken all over the world I I’ve I’ve been speaking and teaching and coaching real estate specifically I just wrote book number 10 I know number nine uh that gets published here in a couple of weeks and then number 10 is coming out in another month so you know between between book tours and speaking tours I’m doing that I’ve got a real estate investment company the market is about to get really tough for a lot of people and a lot of people are going to need Jesus and so I’m really trying to leverage my influence against my real estate business doing both teaching people the opportunity of how real estate changed my life by what God did in my life and so um I just recently started my own podcast so I’m super excited um I think I think you’re going to be number one on that if I’m not mistaken but we had some scheduling conflict but you’re number one on my show oh I’m excited about that um yeah the leaders have changed podcast it’s literally other influencers and pastors and and how you know they are using and leveraging their leadership to influence others for Change and and change specifically uh to come to Christ um I’m going after the big dogs man I I know you know second Timothy you know when he’s calling out the pastors of false doctrines you know one of the things that’s really hard on my heart and heavy on my heart is you know there’s a lot of good people that are going to get left behind oh I believe in God and they’re gonna be sitting on the pews mad at their Pastor when God comes back because they didn’t do the good work that goes along with believing like just believing is biblical yes you also have to do work you know the Bible says um you know faith without works is dead and God will spew you out of his mouth a lukewarm out of his mouth and and so I don’t want to get to the other side and realize not only did I have a story to share but I had a call to call someone to action and so um I I am stepping in and taking that first step man I’ve been you know those last 11 years over here just like what do you want me to do God what do you want me to do tell me what you want me to do and I heard God tell me this I was actually on a sales call training some of my sales reps and this lady’s like I’m gonna pray about it and I’m like you know God works best with moving cars not parked ones yay that was for me it just came out and uh bro I I you know behind me it says you know what time it is like I heard God tell me about six months ago it’s time and so I started taking simple action here in the last six months getting my podcast rebranding a whole bunch of things like I used to I used to you know be known as coach sharpen I’ve got a backwards hat so every time I do live streams uh you know like iron sharpens iron this is the name of my non-profit it’s also selflessly helping already persons eager for nurturing it’s an acronym and I’m really trying to support one of my South Dallas pastors right now with the trust Jesus movement so I changed my entire wardrobe I literally wear this shirt that I’m wearing or a black trust Jesus shirt like that’s it I gave all of my clothes away um you know I got to go to court next week my attorney’s like you should wear a suit and look presentable I’m like I don’t have a suit leave them all away I’ve got black t-shirts yeah that’s it yeah you know and so yeah that’s what I’m doing nowadays man I I we do a homeless Ministry once a month where we throw a big block party from 7A to 7p breakfast lunch and dinner witness and Ministry throughout the day and just hanging out hanging out in the hood man getting dirty with people man just showing them Jesus and you know it’s funny because I always hear oh you you could always go back to the you can always go back to the suburb you know you got it made I’m like bro I lived right here for years I get it you can get out of this let me show you how right yeah and uh so I always try to flip that narrative and man I I want to create maybe this is something Adam maybe you and I jam on this because I love your passion bro like for recovery and and I have a passion for homeless treatments history like I want to create a a mastermind so this is kind of what’s in my head and what I’m trying to organize right now I want to create a mastermind of people that want to be and do more and better for for God and for civilization and so um it looks like going in two or three days sleeping on the streets you know and we’re going to call it the Jesus mission it’s going to be a Jesus mission Mastermind JMM and we’re gonna go sleep on the streets walk the streets stay in crack houses and and witness and hang out with them you know and love and support them and and all those places bro yeah let’s show people what it’s really like right like Jesus went out to the highways and byways like let’s go hang out on a street corner with the Doughboys and you know watch them sell dope and show them how they could be doing life differently you know and witness to them

you know since I got two years and since I published my book every year at least once but normally like two or three times a year I would go back to where I used to pick up and I remember the first time I went back bro and I walked up because there’s gangs over here gangs over here gangs over here and um as I walked up the the dope dealer that used to sell me dope stood up and looked at me he was like look at the weight on you it’s like bro I got I got just over two years he’s like man he starts Pat me on the back he’s like dude I didn’t think people like you got clean get two more bro get two more you know like just cheer me on bro and it’s like everybody in the game doesn’t matter if you’re an addict a dealer you know everybody has their own reason for being there their own past their own experiences and what I’ve learned is that God’s love for each and every one of them is the same infinite love the same an unconditional love so yeah man I’d be I’d be down to rap about that also uh have a mastermind about doing some doing some work I just got approved earlier this month as a 501c3 in the states so uh let’s go bro let’s go

guys I will uh yeah I appreciate you coming uh I’ll be posting links in the in the description of this for your podcast or however you want people to connect with you and uh guys we love you so much and keep living recovered on purpose and I’m gonna play the commercial that we didn’t get to in the middle because we just kept rapping so we’re gonna close out with the uh the free gift I’m giving everybody love you guys what’s up family I hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as I do when I’m making them and guys if you are getting value from this if you’ve heard any golden nuggets that you think other people should hear make sure that you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so other people that are looking for a message of Hope are able to find it also in case you weren’t here for the beginning of the show if you have a recovery story and you want to learn how to add impact and income through sharing it follow the link in the pinned comment to book your one-time 100 free call with me where we’re going to strategize exactly how you can

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