It Has Just Begun: Living Recovered And On Purpose

On today’s episode of The Recovered On Purpose Show Monday Motivation we are getting pumped up about our life in addiction recovery and chasing our dreams.

 We were never meant to recover from addiction to live a life unhappy and unfulfilled. We are called to make a difference in the world and today is the best day to start. 

If you are struggling with your life in recovery thinking you won’t be able to do the things you want to do with your life, we are going to smash that out today. 

If you are unhappy and unfulfilled in your life in recovery, we are going to add purpose and mission to your life. 

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what’s up recovered on purpose family thank you for tuning in for this week’s episode of the recovered on purpose show monday motivation it has just begun living life and recovery recovered and on purpose we’re gonna be talking about different motivational quotes and things that we can think about in our recovery and ways we can change our mindset and get out there and help attic suffering thanks for being here and keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

good morning good morning good morning welcome everybody it’s so good to see you on this week’s episode of monday motivation the recovered on purpose show i’m so excited about this new week and this new you that you’re able to be i am loving and enjoying my recovery right now and guys there’s so many things that we’re able to do in our recovery and i just want to talk about these things i want to get you guys pumped up about recovery because we are in a state now we have been redeemed we have we are a new creation we are not the people that we used to be in our addictions and it’s important it’s very important that we stop comparing ourselves to the old us and we let ourselves keep living glory to glory to glory go ahead and let me know if you’re coming in on the replay or if you’re watching this live and where you’re coming in from and if you guys are celebrating any clean time or you have some some dates coming up let me know about those we want to celebrate those with you so guys we are in a new week and monday monday is a day that we’re allowed to really take control of our week this is when we can actually start planning our week we can we can get out there and we can start doing things that we’ve wanted to do in our recovery and we can start them this week right now today and i’ve written up some things that we’re going to start some topics that we’re going to start going into and guys make sure you drop it in the comments where you’re coming in from i want to see who’s out there i want to see you guys let me know if you’re celebrating some clean time so we can so we can jump in on that too okay and make sure if you if you have any recovery groups or pages or anything make sure you’re sharing it out so people are you know people are hearing a message of hope that isn’t just recovery we’re not always just going to be talking about recovery i got to turn my fan on because it’s about to get hot in here we’re not just supposed to be talking about recovery we are we are new people in our recovery we have recovered from a place where we were hopeless helpless and we were in a place where we couldn’t do anything with our life now in our recovery when we are living living this life and recovery we need to be talking about the things that we’re doing progressing going at it hard and that what that does is it attracts the people that are still suffering in their addictions to want to live in recovery because i don’t know about a lot of you but a lot of times drugs and alcohol just seemed like the way to live it seemed like it was it was the only way because life on the other side didn’t even seem like it i would be able to face it it didn’t seem like it would be something that i would want to be on so it’s our job in the recovery community it’s our job to show people that are suffering what it’s like to live in recovery there’s so many blessings in recovery there’s so many things that we’re actually able to do now that we were never able to do before guys there are there are too many addicts out there suffering for us not to live on purpose and the reason why i wrote this up i believe each and every one of us that recovers from addiction and alcoholism has a call and a responsibility to go out there and help the addict that’s still suffering and i know that if you have recovered from this thing you believe the exact same thing now why is it that we are sitting in 12-step fellowships waiting for addicts to come in there with this page and with the reach and with different things going on i have gotten so many emails and so many messages from people out there that are suffering and they didn’t even know about 12-step fellowships they didn’t even know about communities of people that are recovering we in the recovery community we think it’s just normal knowledge we hey we can go on google and look up n a meetings over here aaa meetings over here whenever we go on vacation or anything but the people that are out there suffering a lot of times will not even know that they can walk in there to find us so then there are too many out there in america alone we are losing over a hundred thousand people a year to fentanyl overdose each one of us each one of us in our recovery we have to be going out and planning to help hundreds of people thousands of people if we actually want to make a dent in this thing of addiction i’m sick of watching my friends die i’m sick of watching people overdose i’m sick of seeing the numbers climb and we are the only people that are going to be able to do something about this so what can we do this week what can we start practicing this week that’s going to take us to a place where we are finding people out there that are suffering we’re finding people we’re giving them a message of hope and we’re getting ready to to bring them with us bring them with us melinda good to see you good morning brother i get to do a walk through a new place today moving up from an apartment to a duplex and i’m excited for a new path just sharing some growth amen and that’s exactly what i’m talking about that’s what it’s about the people out there suffering a lot of i had never be when i was from the time i was 18 to 28 when i found recovery i didn’t live in the same place in the same home apartment house anything for longer than six months i didn’t even know what it was like to have a home and i didn’t even i didn’t know what it was what it would feel like and then here we are we’re talking about getting new apartments new duplexes moving up in recovery and that’s what we got to be doing we got to be sharing our life we got to be sharing it loud and proud and not just and there’s this thing that people say if you’re talking about the things you’re getting in recovery it’s wrong that is crap if you’re glorifying and saying all recovery is is gaining money and gaining things like that that’s wrong but it’s absolutely good and okay to be sharing with people the the successes and the growth and the progress that you’re making in your life in recovery because we want people that are out there suffering to desire to get recovered to see these things that we’re doing we want them to be attracted we don’t have to promote and go out and tell people you know hey you gotta come you gotta come with me you gotta come get cup recovered you got to come find recovery now the more we live recovered the more we live on purpose the more we live in progress people are going to be attracted to us and that was the whole point of the first traditions good to see you melinda pam good morning from minnesota april 6 2020 good to see you always good to see you xenia ohio love hearing you and i share with my sponsee and my clients i’m a peer coach and we use your talk as one of our groups i love that sarah thank you so much anybody that’s on watching this with sarah love you guys so much and guys if you’re in early recovery something that i i really suggest and really recommend that you start with a mindset right now in your early recovery is that recovery is not about and living life in recovery is not about fighting drugs it’s not about never like i can’t ever use drugs again i’m fighting drugs day day in and day out i’m i’m always going to be battling and fighting to not use drugs because i can tell you after day 25 when i did my first ever fifth step day 26 the obsession to drink and use left me and i was an iv heroin meth addict and i smoked tried crack once for like three months because nobody can try crack just once but that’s where i’m coming from i was at a place where i was hopeless and helpless and in my recovery now i don’t i don’t fight those things we no longer fight the the urge to use drugs and alcohol we are able to in our life and recovery we can chase after our dreams we can finally like like see the things that we’ve wanted to do with our life and we can go at it and that’s what you’re called to do now that you’re in recovery you are a new creation you are a new person and you don’t have to compare yourself to who you were when you were smoking crack or or shooting up heroin or whatever you were doing in your addiction because the more that we compare ourselves to that person the the less we’re going to be able to do over here we have to realize that we are a new person in our recovery great to see you sarah i love you so much and i get my keys tomorrow let’s go melinda i’m so proud of you it’s an amazing amazing feeling amazing amazing feeling and a cool feeling about getting a new a new place in recovery is we can trust ourselves with it we can trust that when we sign a lease like we are making a a promise that we can deliver on and i think that was kind of part of the reason why i was never able to like live in a home for longer than six months because i wouldn’t sign a lease i i knew that there was no way i was going to fulfill on a lease there’s no way that i’m going to be able to stay on track for that long because i was on drugs and i couldn’t trust myself i would write goals down i would write dreams down i had coaches and things in my addiction but i was never able to capitalize on these relationships capitalize on this teaching because i was always using drugs and i couldn’t stop using drugs and now in recovery it’s like gosh i can i can write down a dream i can write down a goal write down the steps i need to take to get to that goal that dream and then i can go get it and it’s the same getting your keys tomorrow you can you can search on search on zillow or whatever it is where you find an apartment or a house or whatever you can find out the place that you want say okay if i need that i need a budget here i need to budget here okay and you can trust yourself to build that dream in recovery you can literally do whatever you want in your recovery brandon good to see you brother coming in from thailand good to see you brandon jeremy good morning brother south jersey coming in strong as always never stopping the relentless pursuit to becoming the best version of ourselves love all of you addicts recovering amen jeremy love you too got some good stuff coming your way in the next day or two awesome awesome and guys just because brandon’s on right now and uh you know i wasn’t wasn’t going to uh announce or anything but we are planning a university tour some of you may have seen the uh the episode with claudia christian and i and uh we just clicked a lot and then we just had these like things going on we’re like holy cow if we went and spoke at universities or high schools together we would be able to help a lot of people so after that show we stayed on the show for a little while and uh we planned a university tour and brandon is an agent for that so we are we are really excited we’re gonna be able to help a lot of people by going to colleges and talking about basically i’m gonna be sharing my story and you know the video of me overdosing and things like that because i wasn’t always you know i wasn’t always helpless and hopeless in my addiction i went to college i fell out of college during a traumatic after a traumatic event and i want to let people know that there are signs and things that you can look for in friends there’s things that you can help people with and raising the awareness of we have to be stepping up early on and we have to be looking out for these things in ourselves and in our friends because fentanyl is no joke fentanyl is no joke good morning jeremy good to see you brother good morning brother adam nothing but love in this amazing room we call recovery i can get an amen for all of you are here and doing it so proud of all of you making progress and living life on life’s terms amen loving and living my sister tried to silent me on my recovery i cut her from my life i’m now 14 months sober and i’m glad to say one day at a time i no longer be silent about my recovery at one day at a time learning me again is great still working what step i’m on i’ve ex i’ve ex accepted i’m an alcoholic and an addict i’ve written my letter to people i need to amend to 14 months it is wonderful living one day at a time amen amen good to see you turksy good to see you i’m super proud of you and guys this is something that you know and this is in one of the one of the banners i’m gonna bring up in a little bit we we have to be okay with letting go of any relationships that are holding us back i’m gonna bring that banner up right now actually it was later on in the show but

escape the community cotton the crab bucket paradox there’s something there’s something that they found in in psychology and in social studies that people for some reason subconsciously without being being aware of it when when somebody in a community begins to progress and outgrow and move faster than everybody else in this community here they start to try to subconsciously pull them down and usually they’re not intentionally doing it to harm you but because they’ve learned this level of life they’ve learned this level of life and they they think that keeping you there is the best way because you’re going outside of a comfort zone you’re sharing your recovery you’re going out and you’re helping people you want to help people with your recovery and your story and they’re like yeah but what if that what if that holds you back what if that what if that makes it so people don’t don’t like you what if people are gonna think that you’re just an addict and all that stuff and what they found there’s this there’s this weird thing that happens when you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket a bunch of crabs in a bucket and the thing is is that they’re able to crawl out like you know crawl out and crawl out of the bucket but the other crabs will grab that crab and pull it down so you like never have to worry about crabs escaping when you have multiple of them in a bucket because they’ll just sit there and pull each other down and pull each other down and when you when you’re in your recovery when you start recognizing people that are saying things to you that just aren’t serving your greater good aren’t serving god’s will for your life and the purpose that was here for your life when you start recognizing those people don’t be afraid to weed them out don’t be afraid to cut them out we don’t always have to like go to them and say hey i can’t talk to you anymore because you said this and you said this and you know i’m just cutting you out we don’t have to make a big dramatic exit we can easily just stop calling them we can stop answering because we are taking control of our life taking control of our purpose and it’s our call to do so because each and every one of us in our recovery the better we are the better we are the more people we’re going to be able to serve and honor pursuit of that on our growth pattern on our growth path when we are when we are being held back by something we have to be willing to let it go we have to be willing to let it go

what’s up what’s up everybody

amen melinda budget i can do that today amen budget yeah yeah i uh i wasn’t able to do that in my addiction it was more like okay uh how much money do i have to go buy drugs with that’s that’s it and then when i didn’t have money i was like okay what things do i have that i can go pawn

i guess that’s kind of budgeting it’s like attic budging like how much is that tv worth hmm how much is how much is that oh my gosh i i pawned a set of parts to a uh to a heater and i was always really good at sales and i was going to this pawn shop so much that the guy knew me and you know i guess he liked me and i talked him into giving me 40 bucks for like these parts of a of a indoor like air conditioner heater or something yeah i had to go back and make amends the lord walk alongside me show me what i need to change about me and to kick the toxic out 14 months amen amen congratulations what’s up dora good to see you amen brothers and sisters every single one of you are blessed amen guys when we are in our recovery when we have gotten through that state of hopelessness for mind body and spirit we were addicted to something that was stopping us from pursuing anything and everything in our life in recovery we are so blessed to know what it’s like to not be able to pursue the things that we want that over here we have to start pursuing the things that we’ve always wanted we have to take hold of this newfound freedom and go for it there is there’s so much life to live and it doesn’t matter when you got when you found recovery you found it at 15 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 it doesn’t matter where you found recovery the rest of life has so many new things for you so many new opportunities so many new possibilities there are there’s in this this is like there’s so many things to do that you know don’t involve career or work or or that kind of stuff there’s hobbies that you’ve always wanted to do what about those dreams of of being a poet that you always had what about those dreams of of you know painting that you always had right now in recovery you are able to schedule two or three hours a week at least for sure to yourself and your hobby that you’ve always wanted to take up why not sit down and do that why not go to a slam poetry competition and you know check out what they’re doing and then start writing your own why not do that step out amen amen amen 14 months congrats yeah dude the lights are running out i can’t even use the red ones anymore but uh i’ve got the new ones are showing up in three days so one day at a time amen get it finding what works individually is key yes guys and that’s there’s a common solution a lot of the time because a lot of us in our in our addiction and recovery we found maybe a fellowship a 12-step program a certain treatment a certain kind of counseling that that you know multiple people that we know work that same thing so the foundation of recovery is is oftentimes the same as a lot of people but that doesn’t mean that our life outside of the recovery world outside of this fellowship or this this method of recovery over here we have our own personality we have our own dreams we have our own goals we have our own desires and each one of us needs to live those out and we need to go at those each of us can do anything in this life you have to believe it though train yourself with positive thoughts and empowering yourself to reach your goals amen tell them tell them go out and chase your down your dreams yes staying sober i’m just as broke as i was in active addiction with the hobbies but sober so it works amen i get it dude i get it there’s i mean an active addiction with the hobbies so you’re able to still do your hobbies though you’re able to do your hobbies now i would much rather i would much rather be doing this broke than be broken shooting up dope i can tell you that right now i can tell you that right now

i see someone coming in i don’t see the name i hit five months today let’s go let’s go let me see if these work yeah we got the celebration lights five months let’s go congratulations that is a that is a huge huge deal one more month and you are like you’re at six months proud of you whoever you are i don’t know why i can’t see your name all right we’re gonna we’re gonna hop out of this let me pick one of these

all right i may not be where i want to be right now but i am on my way there this is a powerful powerful belief this is something that each one of us can take on in our recovery because we we have these things that we want to do we have these things we want this new house or we want this career or we want to be speaking to people or we want to be on podcasts or whatever it is that we want to do we may not be doing exactly everything that we see in our dreams yet but as long as we are taking the steps there we can feel like we are already there we can feel that guys there’s so many things i want to do with my life that i’m not doing right now there’s so many things and on my way there as long as i take these these daily and weekly and monthly actions that i know i need to take to progress to be the person that is doing this or having this or serving in this way i know that i’m going i have this this belief in this faith like like in this area here that i know that what i see is coming i know it and there’s plenty of people that say things to me that you know hey you should change over here you should change course over here you shouldn’t shouldn’t do that you know you should do this other thing you know and i’m like dude i just i just know i just know i’m working 10 to 14 hours every single day my day off is supposed to be sunday i worked eight hours yesterday i was on calls with attic suffering i was on calls with addicts in recovery two more people got in the course i have one more spot for for this course and coaching program and and i did this whole like we we have oh we have a new website that’s another thing i did yesterday we have a new website for recovered on purpose where i’m able to serve more people this website has all of the different resources all of the different things i’m able to do for people right and i don’t care because i love it i love what i’m doing so much i love the opportunity to talk to somebody that’s suffering whether they’re in addiction or they’re in recovery because a lot of us suffer in both and see the light return in somebody’s eyes and i want to get more of that feeling and as long as i keep working and keep progressing and keep doing these things over and over and over and over i know that what i see in my mind that dream i see in my mind is coming i may not be there right now but the beauty is in the pursuit that’s why in the in the declaration of independence the pursuit of happiness the pursuit of happiness it doesn’t say every every man woman and child is you know given the god-given right of happiness because happiness is not something that can be attained it’s not something we can just grasp onto and hold on to happiness is actually in the journey and the pursuit of happiness they were very intentional when they wrote that because these guys like you have to imagine these guys were in this other country right they were in the uk they had their own political beliefs and this whole time they’re like planning and they’re dreaming of this new land they’re dreaming of this new freedom and they’re dreaming of this and they’re pursuing it and they’re doing all these different actions and they’re having meetings with all these people and they’re planning this and planning this they’re like okay we found it the pursuit of happiness is where happiness actually lies so in recovery make sure that you are you are pursuing that thing pursue that thing that thing that you know you want to do because there’s nothing stopping you now and you have to know what if

what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail what would you be doing with your life and the thing about failure the thing about failure i i fail all the time with this all the time with this maybe you know maybe technology doesn’t work or maybe you know i i missed my my computer isn’t working and i and i can’t do the live or something like that maybe you know i screw up and miss a call or you know i fail all the time right but i’m not going to fail at this because i’m never going to stop i’m never going to stop i love this i love what i’m doing i love helping addicts i love helping people in recovery i love this community so much and i want other people not to suffer what we suffer and those those things those loves those passions are what drive me to do this no matter what i don’t care i don’t care what the results are right now it’s not important to me because i know that as long as i keep doing this and as long as i keep grinding there is nothing stopping me nothing got the eye on the prize got the eye on the prize guys we’re gonna take a quick 30 second break and be right back what’s up family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them and guys if you are getting value from this if you’ve heard any golden nuggets that you think other people should hear make sure that you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so other people that are looking for a message of hope are able to find it also in case you weren’t here for the beginning of the show if you have a recovery story and you want to learn how to add impact and income through sharing it follow the link in the pinned comment to book your one-time 100 free call with me where we’re going to strategize exactly how you can share your story and do just that enjoy the rest of the show keep living recovered on purpose yo yo yo yo and guys i have one spot left um at the at the price that i’m doing it at now i just i’ve taken on a lot of clients and i’m doing one-on-one coaching and group coaching and everything and uh i made a i made a stop point about five people ago i was like all right i’m letting five more people in and then the last two days four people have gotten in um and someone commented on a video earlier today and i’m gonna just bring it out in the open like what she said was uh what you get one free call and then i have to pay for my recovery and that is absolutely not what is going on i talk to every single person i record these coaching calls and i give a lot of value on these free coaching calls i am talking to the people i’m giving them value if they’re if sometimes they’re super early on in recovery they’re not going to work for the program but i stay on with them for 45 or 60 minutes coaching them telling them everything that i can possibly give them in that time recording the call and then i send it to him the only time somebody and you’re not paying me for recovery i don’t work with addicts that are suffering for money i don’t i don’t who i’m working with are people who want to learn how to share their story powerfully who want to learn how to speak and learn how to build platforms like this learn how to get on podcasts learn how to get on stages learn how to get their story out powerfully and the course that i created the digital course that i created i spent over ten thousand dollars in the production of it there’s like super professional videos super professional worksheets is all put together in a website for you that you can log into and you can learn step by step by step how i do that plus i’m spending time every single week doing group coaching with everybody in the course plus everybody that was getting in is getting one-on-one coaching with me i do this full-time this is what i do so yeah if we work together past the free call there’s a price associated with it but the free calls are extremely valuable i’ve been dumping value into them and people are loving them okay aaron every day i’m doing photography and scuba diving rather than than drinking amen that’s what it’s about guys that’s what it’s about and i i love scuba diving i haven’t been in a while but uh one time i was scuba diving in in uh was it cozumel it was cozmo and uh i was at the back of the pack i was at the back of the scuba pack and i was just kind of down here in the reefs and like looking at fishies and stuff and going like this and i start hearing the leader dinging his ding in his tank like ding ding ding ding ding like that’s what they do to get your attention and i look up and the whole group is turned around like kind of like waddling in the in the ocean like this and they’re all looking at me and then the uh the leader

it goes behind me and i look behind me and there’s this big old black tip reef shark within like 20 feet of me just like going like this right behind me i was like whoa good thing that sharks don’t attack scuba divers because we have bubbles and stuff so like yeah i don’t know what that is i don’t want that so it was a really cool experience and man this is what life’s about and aaron said earlier that you know just as broke is an addiction but living it with this hobby sober so it works guys if you’re able it’s not about how much money we can attain in recovery that’s not what it’s about it’s about how much life we can live in recovery how much of the things that we want to do with our life can we do how many things can we pursue it’s it’s all about time that we have in our recovery we have freed up time because for in our addictions all of our time was being lost all we were doing was using we had to focus on that we had to always be chasing it and always be looking for it and that kind of stuff over here over here we have freed up our time and our mind and our emotions and our spiritual space to be able to do things like this that’s beautiful erin i’m proud of you brother 200 days amen well what’s your name what’s your name is five months or mr five months i put a hole in the roof of my mouth and addiction we’ve been through it sarah amen to that i know that every day i’m getting closer to my goals it took me a while to mess it all up but i know that each day i am reclaiming the thing i desire for myself my children our future i will see them come to the light god is good and entrusting his process for my life i pray that doors that need to be closed will and those that need to be opened will open i’m thankful to be walking breathing and dreaming at all amen i love that prayer love that prayer slam the door shut that i’m not supposed to walk through make it clear to me that i’m not supposed to go there and where i am supposed to go let the door swing open and let the breeze hit my back and let that way be a highway because when we are we’re in the will of god when we are doing what god wants us to be doing and we are following that seed and following this seed and following this seed listening to the call we are going to be on a highway towards the purpose a highway towards what he wants us to be doing because he is going to be removing obstacles that we don’t even know about we won’t even see him and there’s things that are going to be in our way that we have to overcome because that’s what’s going to make us grow into the person that we were always meant to be these lessons in recovery guys all of us every single one of us has gone through hard times in recovery too i i lost one of my best friends since i was in eighth grade he’s one of my best friends six months into my recovery six months in and it was i was a mess it hurt it hurt he didn’t die of an overdose he didn’t die of the disease he literally went to take a nap and his heart stopped at like 28 years old and uh that crushed me but i didn’t use i didn’t use it took me literally like two weeks to be able to get out of bed get out like go back into life go back into the things that i’m doing which is okay it’s okay if you need to take a little bit of time to yourself when something happens but it’s not okay to relapse it’s not okay if you have relapse in your back i love you and i’m not saying to shame you or guilty or anything like that i’m saying that in recovery we we can’t think that it’s okay to go back to drugs we can’t we are in a place now where we have our whole life ahead of us we we have this opportunity we have the ability to help people like we’ve never been able to before if we relapse that’s showing all of the people that have watched us recover that relapse is a thing that that relapse is part of recovery and if you have relapsed in your back keep it up keep it it’s part of your story and make sure that people know what you did this time to ensure that you’re not going to do it again because i’m sick of seeing people relapse and die and that’s what we’re facing now it wasn’t really the same when you know when the fellowships were founded and when when the 12 steps were founded like alcohol doesn’t kill you the first time you use it like fentanyl does like these opiates do like and they’re finding it in cocaine and all this stuff we can’t be passing around that is good too good to relapse or relapse is part of recovery it’s not true you can handle failure you can handle success amen exactly there’s no failing only new things learned exactly that’s exactly what i’m saying when we’re when we’re on this pursuit in recovery we’re going towards the things that we want to do we’re going to learn lessons we’re going to have obstacles come up that we’re going to fight through and the person that we are here when we come to this wall and we break through this wall over here this person is a new person again we’re a new person every time we every time we learn one of these obstacles we we overcome one of these obstacles we fail and we learn that lesson not to do that again and guys i’m i’m in business and entrepreneurship i have learned a lot in this pursuit practice practice practice yes we’ll bring success amen amen keep pushing forward good morning robert you got what like eight days left for your year bro let’s go good to see you brother good to see you wait no you’re uh never mind you’re passing here that’s what else no such word has can just keep trying it okay not to be okay reach out don’t be afraid it’s okay to not be okay one second one minute one hour at a time amen amen good morning catherine good to see you girl amen sister yes yes yes amen so we’re going to all right this is something right here i want you to read this

we admitted we admitted we were powerless

over our addiction a lot of people especially people that are not part of the fellowship they they cut this whole part out in their belief in what they think that this means nowhere in any literature does it say that we are powerless human beings nowhere in any kind of recovery talk should it say that we are powerless and there was this there was this whole like this message that was being passed around and like i started hearing people talk about it all the time like i know that i’m powerless you know and i know that i’m powerless people that have like two years clean and sober two years in recovery i know i’m powerless that is crap get that out of there we were powerless over our addiction in our recovery we have we have attained we have grasped onto and created a relationship with the power that gives us the ability to do all things in our life and recovery if we’re able to overcome addiction with this power that we have now we can overcome anything in life we can accomplish anything in life we are powerful now we have a certain kind of control of ourselves now that we were never able to have before that’s the whole point of the powerlessness and the power that we have now and the necessary power that we had to find the powerlessness meant that we were actually literally out of control of ourself we were unable to get control of ourselves we couldn’t stop using drugs we couldn’t stop drinking that’s what the powerlessness was in our recovery we have regained control of our self we don’t always take it sometimes we don’t take the disciplines we don’t do the habits and the things in our recovery but we have the power to have control of ourselves now everything and when they say i know i’m i know i’m not in control and and i’m you know god’s in control and all of that amen god’s in control however imagine you are there’s a hula hoop on the ground you’re standing in the middle of the hula hoop your life everybody else your family your job your friends your community your fellowship everything else is standing outside of that hula hoop god is in control of everything outside of that hula hoop as it pertains to you you are in control of everything inside of that hula hoop your thoughts your actions your emotions your reactions your responses you have gained the necessary power in your recovery to make decisions we were unable to make a choice to use or not use we now have the ability to become aware of things that we want to do become aware of choices that we want to make and we have the ability to make that choice that doesn’t mean that we always do but we are no longer powerless over our choices we are able to make the choices we are able to make the decisions and take the actions necessary amen amen amen jeremy amen amen brother amen okay choose your hard you guys heard this before

waking up every day craving drugs and alcohol and not always having the money to get them is hard doing the work to recover and live a life in recovery that you can be proud of is hard choose your heart which one do you want to be doing do you want to live this life of like suffering and it’s hard to find drugs it’s hard to find the money for them it’s hard to live this way the emotions the turmoil the loss everything over here it’s also hard to do the work it’s hard to do the work but it’s worth it choose your heart thinking negatively about yourself and your life is hard in recovery i’m talking about in recovery or in addiction but first i mean it’s really hard not to think negatively about yourself when you’re jamming a needle in your arm so you got to overcome that first but in recovery thinking negatively about yourself thinking negatively about your life thinking thinking you know i’m never going to make it or or i’m not worth it or you know i’m never going to be able to do that that kind of thinking is hard to have it’s hard on us it’s hard on our heart it’s hard on our mind and it’s definitely hard on our surroundings because we’re going to be attracting that stuff into our lives it’s also hard to pick up habits that you do every day to to speak life into yourself to read positive books to listen to positive affirmations and and podcasts and watch videos of motivation and feed your mind with these things it’s hard to pick up those habits but if we’re sitting in this place where we’re thinking negatively ourselves all the time we have these negative thoughts about life and and and our our recovery or our job or whatever it is over here if we’re constantly thinking that way we had to pick up habits all the way to this point that we think like that if you’re in this place where you’re thinking you’re unhappy you have you have things that you want to do that you don’t believe in yourself for there are habits you can pick up that will take you in another direction it’s hard to live here it’s hard it’s hard to go this way and pick up the new habits it’s it’s it takes necessary action choose your heart choose your heart which one are you willing to do are you willing to live the rest of your life sitting over here hating life thinking negatively about the people around you the job you have the career you have the if you’re ever gonna make it maybe you’re gonna relapse because you know i just i’m not that happy or are you not willing to allow this in your life you are not willing and you’re going to take the stand right now today to cut this off and go over here i’m gonna i’m gonna start going to the gym today i’m gonna start reading positive books 10 pages a day every single day today i’m going to wake up and within 20 minutes i’m going to speak life into myself with i am i am statements i am a son of the most high god i share myself authentically every single day so addicts in recovery can know to live a life of purpose mission and passion beyond quitting drugs and alcohol i am recovered on purpose speaking life into yourself in the first 20 minutes of your day are you gonna are you are you willing to let go of this negativity and move over here and start doing the habits that will move you towards the person you want to become choose your heart watching friends and loved ones addicted feeling helpless watching people overdose watching the numbers continue to climb in america for people overdosing and dying every year it’s hard feeling helpless it’s hard watching it happen

getting out of your comfort zone sharing your story helping addicts taking the hate from people that don’t understand what you’re doing watching the comments of people thinking that you’re taking advantage and charging people for recovery it’s hard it’s hard standing up here doing this it’s hard making sure that i’m on here eight a.m mondays and wednesdays 6 p.m fridays and 10 a.m saturdays and 8 p.m sundays it’s hard to create this stuff but i know that i’m making a difference i know it and i don’t have to feel helpless because i’m doing everything i can to be helpful and i’m willing to take the flag i’m willing to take take the people that that don’t understand hating me i made that decision long ago long ago i know that i’m doing something that a lot of people don’t understand that a lot of that has never been done before i’m well aware of that and i love people so much and i love my community so much that i’m willing to take that on i’m willing to allow people to hate me and i don’t and i don’t hate them choose your heart choose your heart

good to see you crystal love you girl so relieving to wake up with no chains amen

i don’t know about you bro freedom feels good freedom feels good i’m struggling with this a lot lately so proud of all you addicts in recovery you are amazing know this and believe this big love this family amen brother love you too smash the hate everyone yeah all your higher power of the lord to fill your hearts with love and guys i i don’t i i don’t know what it is but i literally don’t hate haters like i love them i love everyone and when when somebody hops in and comments and says some negative stuff to me i’m just like you know love you they don’t understand they don’t get it nothing i can do about it smash the hate the only way that we can smash the hate is by knowing who we are it’s knowing who we are imagine this if everybody on this call imagine i’m looking you dead in your face and i say i hate your blue hair it looks horrible on you that blue hair looks terrible now i don’t know if anybody out there actually has blue hair but i’m assuming that nobody here on this call has blue hair right now so how would that feel if i look you in the eyes and i said that blue hair looks terrible you’d be like what i don’t have blue hair exactly when somebody is saying and spewing hate towards you if you know who you are you are speaking that life into yourself you know what you’re doing you know your identity the things that people say can’t affect you they’re not gonna hit you and we don’t have to let them we do not have to let them you can do this you’re amazing amen amen amen amen right

yeah speaking of haters you have to outwork the haters who don’t believe in you guys i’ve had a lot of people hop in comments and talk about like family members or fellowship members or friends or people that you know they don’t believe in them or they’re telling them to slow down or like don’t do that or or you know like holding them back and basically you know people that don’t even believe that maybe you’re even clean and sober or whatever this is what i say you have to outwork them you have to keep going on your path keep working on your path because it’s not at first and and i did this for a long time for a few years in my recovery it’s actually a newfound thing for me um in the last few months but in the beginning i wanted to prove people wrong i wanted to prove people wrong that addicts that are struggling as bad as i was are able to get clean and sober they’re able to stop and stop for good and because nobody believed in me at the end there was like there was no one that thought that i was gonna get clean and sober i can tell you that right now nobody around me and when i did it it was amazing and then in my recovery you know i had people around me thinking the same thing about me because i’ve because i’ve created this identity within my community of being someone that shoots up dope so if i created that identity all the people in this community that have watched me go down for years still in their mind have that identity of me in their mind that belief of who i am i’m a drug addict i’m i’m an iv drug addict i i fail at everything i can’t get anything done so am i gonna listen to them and allow them to keep me in this place where i was or am i going to shut everyone up by doing exactly what i say i’m going to do going hard at it writing that book starting that podcast starting those businesses helping those people getting on podcasts going and speaking in front of 1500 people at the at the place where i got sober in the city that i got sober on tv and once those things started happening

there weren’t people that didn’t believe in me anymore being able to do stuff my entire community now family friends fellowships i don’t have to worry about people not believing that i’m going to do it because it because i started proving them wrong but now i’m at a place now and this is like in the last few months i’m not out to prove anybody wrong anymore it’s just there’s a different there’s a different place to go and i think it was powerful for me for a while to to really have that strong like inner inner being inner belief that i need to prove these people wrong i need to prove that addicts can do this right and now i’m i’m all about my integrity and self thought and what i’m doing i don’t have time to think about what other people think i just don’t have time to think about it i don’t have time to you know compare what their thoughts are to what i’m doing now i’m just doing it period i don’t have anything to prove to anybody i’ve already proved everything i had to prove now all i have to do is the thing that i’ve always wanted to do to prove to myself and to make god proud that’s it all i want to do is hear well done good and faithful servant when i die that’s it that’s and i know that at some point at some point in my future i’m going to be standing in front of god the one who created me and i’m going to hear one of a few things one of a few things and i’m going to have a book open to me that of all the possibilities all the potential all the opportunities i had with my life and i want to be in a place where i did as many of those as i believe i possibly could i don’t want to be laying on my deathbed when i’m 80 90 100 200 120 years old whatever i don’t want to be laying there thinking man it would have been great if i actually wrote that book man it would have been great if i actually chased that dream of speaking man it would have been great if i would have started that podcast man what if i would have actually done that ted talk all those things i just mentioned are things that i’m actually doing now and there’s a whole lot of other dreams a whole lot of other things that i want to be doing and each one of you each one of you out there the dreams that you have always wanted to do that dream that you have in your heart and in your head that thing that you’ve always wanted to do you are able and capable of doing that now in your recovery all you you just have to do it take the steps you know what you have to do you know the path and the steps and the habits you have to do to get to that dream that you’ve always wanted to do and if i’m not living proof that you are able to achieve your dreams and go after your dreams i mean guys i was homeless 86 from a homeless shelter and found dead from an overdose

there is there is hope for us there is hope for us not just of recovering there’s hope for us in our recovery of achieving our dreams of being the person that we always wanted to be guys i love you all so much like that’s why i do what i do i don’t do this for for clout i don’t do this for recognition i never have never once i do this because i love you guys i love this community and i want you guys to live recovered on purpose recovered in your life living that that life where you feel that you are waking up for a reason you have that mission that you’re waking up for and it’s just the best feeling in the world and i just want you guys to to have that feeling have that feeling of waking up knowing that you are living how you’re supposed to be living amen amen my sister still doesn’t trust me even with almost seven months clean this breaks my heart jeremy it takes a while to heal what we did bro i i had the same the same thing going on with my sister um for a little while you know we did a lot of damage my recommendation my suggestion is don’t fight her to trust you become trustworthy more and more and more don’t make promises or say you’re going to do something that you’re not actually going to do continue to tell yourself that you’re going to do something and do it write a goal down achieve it become somebody that you trust that you trust when we absolutely trust ourselves and we start doing the things that that align with trusting ourselves saying we’re going to do something with our life or saying we’re going to cut something out of our life and then we do that that attracts people to trust us because we become trustworthy it’s not about becoming trustworthy for someone else like like oh you can believe me and oh like i’m i’m gonna do this for you and i’m gonna do this for you it’s not about becoming someone for them it’s about becoming trustworthy for ourselves i couldn’t trust myself in my addiction i couldn’t do anything in my addiction i couldn’t i couldn’t i i was coached by high level people in my addiction and i could never achieve the results of anything because i was in my addiction i had to become somebody i could trust the first thing i ever completed was the 12 steps basically the first thing i ever actually completed to completion and then that was the foundation of being able to complete things and i wrote my book then i started the podcast and i started two companies and i three companies now so it’s about becoming trustworthy for yourself love you brother she’ll come around mate just focus on the path that’s in front just keep proving it to yourself every day amen exactly exactly you’ll never fly if you don’t jump for what you want amen amen every eagle started flight with a leap of faith eagles are the ones that are flying the highest out of all the birds flying higher than anything any other living creature can fly and every single one of them at one point in their life had to jump

could you imagine that they just have to believe they can fly and they’re going higher than anything else good to see you iris love you girl love you jeremy i love you all have a great great week keep living recovered on purpose

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