Good to great: Unleashing the power within

We were designed to overcome obstacles in our lives and designed to live great lives of service, mission, and purpose. 

Addiction was a thief. Addiction was the enemy. But addiction recovery has become our superpower and door to opening a purpose and a calling for our lives.

We are the only ones truly capable of helping those out their still suffering in addiction and our greatness is calling us today!

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what’s up recovered on purpose family thank god it’s monday welcome to monday motivation right here on the recovered on purpose show and we’re going to be talking about good to great i’m so excited you’re here enjoy the show and keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

good morning good morning good morning and hello and welcome to monday motivation i’m so excited you’re here let me know if you’re watching this on the replay if you’re watching it live where you’re coming in from and we’re going to be talking about good to great we have been called in our recovery to go out and help addicts and we the good life is in recovery we have this good life it’s good to get fully recovered from drugs and alcohol but how do we move from being in this good life to a great life guys again let me know where you’re coming in from let me know let me know if you’re watching this on the replay or live share this out to your groups to your pages let’s get this message out we need more people more people in recovery living a great life of service because there are too many addicts out there suffering for us not to live on purpose when we find our recovery we find this thing where we have freedom from the act of addiction it is our job it is our responsibility to go out and help attic suffering now how do we do this how do we do this with more than just going into the fellowships and waiting for them to come in there’s a lot of people out there suffering and it talks about in the literature that there’s scores of people scores of addicts and alcoholics just steps from our buildings right steps from our apartment stuff from our house that are dropping that aren’t hearing the message that they need to hear and with the state of the of the internet right now with the state of the world right now with technology and everything look at what we’re doing right now where are you guys coming in from i’m coming in from many in colombia right now talking about hope talking about living a great life and recovery that means that we are able to reach people like we have never been able to before in the history of mankind we are able to do a live video we’re able to make tick tocks or youtubes or facebook uh posts to reach people that we were never able to reach before and this is where the greatness in recovery comes when we are reaching addicts out there that have never heard the message of recovery and that’s a really rare thing to hear when they walk into the rooms because in order to hear about the 12 steps in order to hear about those fellowships someone had to have heard about recovery before someone had to have been told about these rooms and i can’t tell you how many messages i’ve gotten from people and been able to have conversations with people due to these live videos due to other videos that i’ve put out due to my book because they had never heard of recovery they had never heard of how to and they were suffering on their own the greatness comes in our recovery when we step out of the comfort zone when we step out of what everybody else is doing what everybody else has always done and we go out and we go forth to help more addicts out there that are suffering and every single one of us every single one of us is able to go out and do this sarah coming in i’m blessed to share my story daily as a peer coach i love to advocate that recovery is real and it is possible amen sarah that’s amazing guys this is what i’m talking about when we when we start working in this field when we start doing things we’re able to connect with and talk to people suffering on a daily basis we we have no idea the impact that we are able to make because each one of those people that you serve sarah each one of those people that you talk to they have the capability of going out and doing the same thing or more and that’s why i do this i’m constantly looking for the next person that’s going to look that’s going to make me look up to them someone that i can teach someone that i can help out someone that i can help find recovery that’s gonna go help hundreds and thousands of people to find recovery that’s gonna get that message out right because the whole point of what we’re doing is to find people that we can make greater than us right and that’s where greatness comes we’re we’re constantly looking for people to help jeremy coming in south jersey diving in head first january 16 2020 covered on purpose family love all of you love you too brother amen glad you made it you’re blessed you’re blessed amen amen and now i may not be where i want to be right now but i am on my way there and this is a really powerful affirmation to be thinking about and to know right we can be content contentment is is key in recovery being happy with where we’re at right now comparing ourselves to who we were yesterday and not to where someone else is today and the reason why we don’t want to look at someone that has all these different things and compare you know our life to their life because that’s not us that’s not our life and if we’re consistently moving forward we’re consistently growing in our our recovery in our lives one percent daily looking at the person we were yesterday and improving on that person we’re going to be able to grow into the person that we’ve always wanted to become and we can see this person that we want to be i know that when before sarah became a peer recovery coach before you became a peer recovery coach you you had that vision of yourself you had this vision that i want to become a peer coach and that doesn’t mean that you’re right there that doesn’t mean that just because you have that vision you’re a peer coach now what that means is that you’re happy with where you’re at now and you know where you’re going and you’re taking the steps to get there and when we get those visions when we get those things we want to do in our recovery it’s important that we become happy and content with where we are now but we start to chase that we start to do the steps because what that does internally for us when we have this vision we have this goal of what we want to do and we start taking the steps to get there that’s where success and happiness is found it’s in the pursuit of something greater for our lives sarah did you experience that when you were when you when you knew you wanted to be a peer coach and then you started doing the steps i don’t know if there’s like a certification you have to do the uh the the different classes the time that you have to take to do these things and when you start taking those steps it’s almost as if you’re starting to live into this person already you start to feel like you’re already there because you’re taking the steps to get there

amazing as i ever love you brother i think he just got done with a a zoom meeting eight step man oh man i’m now 652 days let’s say it loud for the still suffering san antonio texas good to see you pinky good to see you love you so much and amen amen recovery is possible guys and the eighth step the eighth step we made a list of all persons we had harmed and became here’s the thing and became willing to make amends to them all and that was that was the tougher part it was easy to write the list of all the people i’d harmed right but becoming willing to make amends to them becoming willing to no matter what i’m gonna go do this and the amends process for me after the fifth step i had this experience the next day where the obsession completely left me the obsession to drink and use that i had since i tried cocaine at 12 years old and had that every single day it left me during the fifth step but when i finished my eighth step and i was like all right it doesn’t matter who’s on this i committed at the beginning of the steps that i’m going to do whatever it takes i’m willing to do whatever it takes in order to recover and when i had that that switch in my mind that i’m willing to make every single one of these amends no matter how it looks no matter how i feel i’m gonna make them something happened inside of me it was it was i was amazed before i was halfway through the ninth step right i started to feel like i could face life head-on not just not just these people that i’m making amends to but being able to face life head-on and that’s what happens as a spiritual process of the steps of making amends that’s why i talk to everybody i talk to that’s in the step work that’s that’s sponsoring people or that’s sitting on their fourth step or about to do their fifth step i say get to the amends and start making them because once we’re living in action once we’re living in the the ninth step and we’re making those amends we have something happened to us and that’s where the ninth step promises happen when we no longer are afraid to afraid of the past we don’t wish to shut the door in it we’re okay with telling our stories because we know that people out there suffering are going to get helped they’re going to get helped by our story and that happens in the ninth step because when we i don’t know i don’t know if you’ve had the experience of someone just like no i don’t even want to talk to you you know i had two people on my men’s list that when i reached out they were like i have nothing to say to you i don’t want to hear from you you know that’s that’s okay but then i’ve also had these experiences in my amends where it changed the relationship it made it it amended the relationship it made it so that i i wasn’t ashamed of everything i had done anymore i wasn’t afraid to talk to this person because i was such a bad person you know earlier in my life to this person i can’t talk to this person but after making the amends with them it was like like it was a deeper bond than we had ever had and there’s other people that i had to make amends to which and it’s totally fine to do this it’s totally fine to do this to make amends to somebody and then you don’t need to talk to them again maybe it’s someone that is still using or maybe it’s someone that you know there was mutual harm done and you it’s too traumatic to be in that relationship or to be in that friendship so we make the amends because that clears both of us that frees both of us up and then we can go off we can go off into our life right and i think it’s beautiful and uh we got to be willing to do it we got to be willing to do it sharing and growing with loving intentions we do recover we will start living our best lives yes joining from chipley florida sober since march 11 2021 after 11 years of addiction amanda congratulations that’s amazing you are coming up on a year and a half coming up on 18 months girl let’s go let’s go yes i prayed over it then took classes online and then in person 40 hours but i also decided to further my chance and get my cdca that’s amazing sarah and we were talking about we were talking about her being a a peer recovery coach a peer coach and the visual the visual goal that we have when we have that visual goal of who we want to be of what we want to become of what we want to do and we start taking the steps towards it right we start to feel that change inside of us we have to be taking those steps we have to be going towards it and we start to feel start to feel it during those 40 hours of work we know that this work is taking us to the place that we want to go and when we have these things that we’re working on in our recovery we have it’s it’s relapse prevention guys point blank period the number one relapse prevention is purpose period and i understand that nothing so much ensures a long-term recovery or permanent recovery as one addict helping another addict 100 we have to add purpose and and a way and a strategy of doing that specifically that how do we reach these addicts and these alcoholics that we can help how how do we want to show up to do it because in my in my experience going into the fellowships every day waiting for people to come in was not enough i was not able to find enough people to help you know one-on-one or or whatever it is or people that had never heard the message because when you get the opportunity to talk to someone that has literally never worked on recovery the purity of a recovery message that you can give someone like that is incredible it is such a blessing to be able to give somebody a pure three-step process you know the 12 steps is one of them but like a three-step process pure simple and show them how possible it is tell them your story of how you came from this helpless hopeless addict that was found overdosed by the police you know and how you became recovered this person that you are now tell them where you’re at now all of this and then tell them how you got there and when they have never heard that message before it’s like it’s like their new soil their new perfect soil for us to plant seeds in right so don’t don’t sleep on getting out and helping people that have never heard the message helping other human beings and addicts is so satisfying amen amanda you’re blessed glad you make it amen sister willing willingness is the key to everything we do in recovery also i remember when i became willing to do the work i was so broken i was so sick i was 148 pounds i’m 215 now i was homeless kicked out of a homeless shelter and i could not stop using and i got to a point where i had tried everything i tried two meetings a day i tried church every tuesday church every saturday in church every sunday and i couldn’t stop using and i became so broken that i decided my god just let me die i’m not doing any of this anymore because i because i’ve been shown that everything i try doesn’t work and what happened was when i when i released that control of the process on my own that i’m making the plan i’m doing this i’m doing this i became willing to do whatever i had to do to recover and there was this there was this switch where i was willing to listen listen and do not do what i come up with right and that’s when i found recovery when i became willing to do whatever it took to recover and we have to be when we have these visions that we want to do in our recovery if it’s a if it’s a peer coach if it’s a speaker if we want to start a podcast any of these things if we have that vision we have to be willing to put in the work because having the vision is not enough having the desire to do something is never enough and we want to be careful about who we share our visions with who we share our goals with and i have this up here too don’t talk about it be about it and what this does they’ve done studies on this uh psychologists have done studies on this about us sharing our goals and sharing our dreams and sharing our visions with the people around us and they found that if we share our goals if we share what we’re going to do with our community we are actually much less likely to actually achieve it the only people that we want to share the goals and the vision that we have of our life are specifically people that can help us get there but what does help and what does help us achieve these goals is sharing progress with our community progress and the difference between sharing our vision and our goals with sharing our progress is we only share results we share results as we get them you know instead of saying you know i’m going to start doing a bunch of podcasts i’m doing this this uh this speaker course with recovered on purpose you know and talking about this with people and saying hey i’m working with him and i’m doing all this and they’re like wow that’s great you know and you’re already getting this this feeling of premature accomplishment that’s what happens when we share it with people and they give us praise for starting it but instead of saying all those things that we’re doing you know we tell people when we got on a podcast hey i just did this podcast you should check it out check out the link and what that does is it will give us this incredible it’ll give us that sense of completion when it’s actually complete and we get a dopamine hit we get we get a rush from having that achievement and getting the the not praise but being able to show people that we did it right that we actually did it

what’s up katherine good to see you good to see you but i work harder on my recovery now more than ever doing this job you have to be able to separate your life and recovery from those you’re helping a hundred percent a hundred percent and that’s so important because we have to have our own foundation and we have to have a full cup a full cup in order to pour into others right

and working in recovery work in recovery and separating our own recovery from our work and they talk about this in the big book they talk about it in you know in a lot of literature that many of us we we don’t want to make it a hundred percent our vocation like only doing recovery for work right it’s amazing to have the opportunity to have a job in recovery and we always want to have this this this service aspect that is totally pro bono that is totally altruistic we don’t get anything in return except for the the the feeling of helping someone over here because that’s where the recovery really happens that’s where we get in that state of being recovered and this is so right separating the the recovery from the job it’s amazing align those chakras take deep breaths jeremy i got to talk to you about that brother got to talk to you about that we got to be there’s well i’ll talk to you about it i’ll talk to you about it i’ve practiced a lot of that that spirituality stuff a lot of the chakra stuff and uh you know i want you to be careful with that if you are if you’re a christian one should be careful with it catherine always good to see you all less addicts in recovery 12 steps to always becoming our best self amen patrice what’s good patrice i have to catch a replay have a great day love y’all thanks for stopping in to the newcomer you’re blessed and you’re here and doing this amen amen amen what’s up ernie what’s up ernie appreciate the appreciate the email you sent me brother and uh man it was really good talking to you and i really appreciate you showing up and really appreciate you have the heart that you do brother in my addiction i affected everyone around me i intend to do the same in my recovery woo if that’s not a line right there that’s not a line right there that’s exactly what we’re called to do and one of my prayers one of my prayers is god fill me with your holy spirit and let you be contagious to the people around me when i walk in a room let them meet you god and that being contagious that amount of contagiousness that we’re able to carry with the light and the power that we now have in our recovery we can help people that aren’t even addicts we can help people by because we were in such a dark place we were hurting so much and we have connected with this power with this light with this with this new thing that nope that most people will never experience in their life because we’ve experienced the necessity of latching onto this power greater than ourselves for life and we’re able to carry this power with us and it’s god god is contagious the more conscious we are of god the more conscious we are of this power within us the more it’s going to be contagious with the people around us we can walk in a room and change the atmosphere of that room we have that power in our recovery and someone doesn’t have to be an addict to have that affect them recovery must come first to that everything that you love doesn’t have to come last yes i lost a decade of my life going on three months sober let’s go jessica let’s go three months is amazing three months is amazing keep going girl we’re proud of you sit close feeling flow feeling positive energy yes amen first time washington love it good to see you jessica we do this five days a week together saturdays and sundays are with guests also and guys i don’t know if you saw that episode last night i don’t know if you guys saw that with uh jeff wickersham but that dude brought it that dude brought it we had a we had a great conversation we’re talking about peak performance we’re talking about mindset we’re talking about mind hacks and ways to you know step into the person that you’ve always wanted to be in practical ways and during the conversation there were a few things that came up that i was like holy cow that’s exactly what i teach my people wow that must mean something and as we’re having this conversation and then he tells me a few different things he gives me a few different pointers and i’m like writing these things down because when i when i learn something that can add to my performance i can add to my life i’m i’m always gonna be willing to do it now i’m willing to always grow now i’m always willing to grow if you guys didn’t see that one last night i really recommend that you uh that you check it out and he’s actually he’s a high performance peak performance coach and he does uh he does like high level stuff and what he’s doing for this community is he’s doing free 20-minute coaching calls for you guys where you bring in your whatever’s going on in your life and he will help you overcome that he’ll help you you know in 20 minutes you can get a lot of power from someone like him so if you go in and watch that you’ll get the link and everything shout out to all the peer recovery coaches amen without action faith is dead yes faith without action is dead indeed worked on making amends walking away from someone who deliberately puts me down so hard but i needed this today anna that is key to recovery i don’t care what anybody says i don’t care if anybody thinks that whatever they want to think you are absolutely supposed to cut people off that are not doing good for you especially in early recovery if there is someone that is tearing you down you have to stop talking to that person just stop answering just focus on other things start calling other people start working with other people and what you’ll notice especially if you guys are in early recovery and you’re starting to experience this where you’re where people around you are not that great for you what you’ll notice is very soon by cutting certain people off you’re actually making space in your mind and in your life for other people to show up amazing people to show up and 18 months into recovery you’ll have a whole different community around you a whole different set of friends a whole different fellowship that you will love more than you’ve ever loved a group of people before so don’t be afraid to cut people off don’t be afraid of that in early recovery it’s really really powerful first time here jesse what’s up what’s up first timer great to see you great to see you we were just talking about uh about we go live monday morning wednesday morning same time fridays at 6 p.m central saturdays at 10 a.m central with a guest and sunday p.m eight o’clock central and we do guests on saturdays and sundays jesse really good to see let me know where you’re coming in from and uh clean and sober dates welcome welcome welcome catherine it’s always good to see you catherine was a huge huge uh catherine is the uh the owner of no longer silenced and she was a huge part of helping me build this brand and build this page learned so much from her and uh if it weren’t for her i wouldn’t have this this platform and the ability to reach these people so super grateful for you catherine i love you very much my poor family had to see me slowly kill myself every day making amends was profound and i’m blessed we never have to live like this ever again family a hundred percent guys a hundred 100 in our addiction we were a different person in our recovery we have this ability to recreate recreate our identity recreate who we are how we show up into the world how we’re going to go out and help these help people because i say we go out and help addicts because that’s that’s our call we are specifically supposed to go out and help addicts that are suffering now that we have found recovery but we have this new identity of service because that is the key to recovery that is the key to permanent recovery is living in constant thought of serving others how can i serve more people and with making amends and becoming this new person and with going out and serving people there is it is such a blessing to be in that space in our life and if you’re out there and you’re looking for new ways to to serve if you’re looking for you know ways to add purpose ways to add passion and admission to your life you know the the first step a really simple first step go to the homeless shelter go to the homeless shelter ask them if you can serve once a month be like hey i would love to you know come serve dinner or lunch um help clean up whatever it is for a month or once a month and uh guys what you will see is by going down and serving you will you will notice something inside of yourself that gosh i don’t even know how to explain it it’s different for every person when we go out and serve when when when we used to be that person i i lived in a homeless shelter i was kicked out of a homeless shelter i was in a place where i had to be served and when i get to go out and serve it’s like it’s just such a blessing don’t miss out on it don’t sleep on it keep coming back glad you’re here amen amen big love big hugs no drugs family breaking the chains feeling the flow of positive energy amen no human power we gotta hand it to our hp amen guys i the human power thing there are so many different human powers that people can rely on right and they didn’t work for me they did not work for someone like me i went to two 12-step meetings every single day for months months and in the place where i was getting clean and sober um they if it was your first second or third meeting since your last use or drink you had to raise your hand and for months i had to raise my hand i wasn’t able to get it three meetings without drinking or using and i was trying so hard to rely on that on on that fellowship which is a human power it’s a human power to get me sober and it wouldn’t work it would not work i ended up having a pretty profound experience with god and then doing the 12 steps you know quickly rapidly and on day 25 i did my fifth step on day 26 the obsession left and hasn’t returned and in the first like five six days of my recovery is when i was like holy cow i know who my higher power is jesus let’s go jesus i even got him got him over here now my man my main man amen amen you’re here and doing this you’re amazing glad you made it open-mindedness yes yes and the open-mindedness

when we’re in our recovery the open-mindedness is is good to have without allowing all of the different influences into our mind does that make sense if we know that someone isn’t living and bearing the fruit that we want in our lives right we shouldn’t open our mind to listening to them in our early recovery we need to listen to the people that have recovered on what to do to recover we also want to be selective with advice outside of a specific recovery program that we take on the open-mindedness willingness and uh is it’s key to finding recovery we also got to know that we have there’s people that we want to listen to for sure guys we’re going to take a quick 30 second break be right back what’s up family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them and guys if you are getting value from this if you’ve heard any golden nuggets that you think other people should hear make sure that you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so other people that are looking for a message of hope are able to find it also in case you weren’t here for the beginning of the show if you have a recovery story and you want to learn how to add impact and income through sharing it follow the link in the pinned comment to book your one-time 100 free call with me where we’re going to strategize exactly how you can share your story and do just that enjoy the rest of the show keep living recovered on purpose yesterday is gone today i will not drink amen and i’m gonna give you just because this just came up um there’s something that they found they did a study with uh they’ve done a bunch of different studies on this but one specifically was with mlb players and they’ll be pitchers so professional pitchers and for some reason our mind our subconscious mind when we’re talking to ourselves it doesn’t read the negatives it doesn’t read i will not it reads i will and the study that they did on this was they had a professional pitcher who would uh zone in on the glove and he would tell himself in his mind i’m throwing a strike i’m throwing a strike i’m throwing a strike and he they would have him repeat that over and over and over and then he would throw it and it would go right down the middle it would be a strike then they would have uh uh him repeats to himself and he would say don’t throw a ball don’t throw a ball don’t throw a ball and have him repeat that over and over and over same motion same everything would throw it way off so there’s something that happens with uh with affirmations and with our self-talk that we want to switch it up from having a negative to having a an affirmation today i am blank and uh yeah amen jason you’re awesome and amen jason i’m not drinking either period i’ll just bring it up because we had uh we had that in there thanks again for the great session yes sir yes sir love all you smile nothing but love in this room amen congrats love this keep going thank you i most definitely will you’d please do too yes boom pure heart clear mind can’t lose yes perfect pure heart clear mind can’t lose amen amen guys i want to talk about this too shall pass this is not just about the sadness or a anxiety state right this too shall pass is about everything we experience in our lives in recovery whether we’re feeling the mountain top of success the mountaintop of happiness the or the or the valley of of anxiety or the valley of how am i going to get through this every feeling in every every state that we’re in it’s going to pass the key is to be in the moment be in the moment what is what is going on right now how can i how can i appreciate what’s going on right now what is there a lesson in this depression is there a lesson in this in this anxiety i’m feeling because usually depression means that there’s something from the past that we that we need to get out if we’re in a depressed state there’s usually something in the past that we need to bring to light that we need to talk to someone about and anxiety is usually a fear of the future something that’s going to happen in the future something that we’re not going to get something we want to or if we’re going to lose something right so how can we appreciate where we’re at right now and become present to all the feelings that we have and we don’t need to think that this is going to be going on forever if we are if we’re in a depressive state if we’re in an anxious state we don’t have to think that we’re always going to be like this because guys i i was in a really hard spot for a while in my life a really hard spot and having the having the faith that this is gonna pass right having that faith has made it so that now the the times that i have those those anxious moments or those even depressive moments they’re so far apart now like i don’t even know months months apart now from where i feel anxiety or depression or those kinds of things yes they still come up they still come up for everybody you know but i don’t allow myself to go deep into it anymore and the period from this one to this one has become so long that you know i know that it’s going to pass i know that it’s going to pass in early recovery sometimes it’s like every single day you know but as long as we keep taking those those steps those necessary actions to continue growing to continue doing the steps to continue making amends doing our doing our fourth step in our fifth step talking to people in recovery as long as we keep doing the necessary actions i want you to know that this too shall pass and also when we achieve things in our recovery the feeling of achievement the feeling of yes that that excitement that passes also so we don’t want to latch onto feelings in order to get us to do things in order to get us to act because i remember when i when i wrote and published my book i wrote it in five weeks wrote and published it in five weeks because i had this like god told me if i publish my book for my two years clean and sober i’m going to inspire so many other people to do the same and when i heard that i was it was september 28th my clean and sober date is november 6. so i have to go home and i have to write this book i have to do all of this right and i go home and i and i do it in five weeks and during that process there were times where i cried while i was writing my book because i was reliving some things there was times when i like fell down on my knees and was just like praying because it was so i was in such a state of gratitude for having the opportunity to write this book and during that process right those feelings of of the journey of writing that book far outweigh the amount of time and feeling that i had once it was published of being number one best-selling author you know that that feeling that i got when i actually published the book was great it was amazing but it didn’t last very long i had more amazing feelings on the journey of writing that book than when i actually did it and then now the feelings that i that i love about it are what the the people message me or email me or the people that are that are impacted by the story that the stories that i wrote in the book that are impacted by my recovery journey that’s where it comes from right the the constant you know growth the constant feeling of of of continuing what we’re doing right

so aaron coming in from australia god will only give you the cards you can deal with nothing is impossible it’s always i’m possible yes amen everything is possible with god guys there is nothing no thing that you can’t do if you can see it here you can have it here i promise you there are steps that we have to take period no matter what we want in life same as getting recovered same as finding recovery we weren’t able to just like will it in i mean i wasn’t i had to do some step work i had to do the work day and day and day and then i found it and it’s the same thing for everything i didn’t just like start this podcast think this podcast together you know i had to do this i had to set up the camera and set up the computer and build the page and things like that in order to do this right but whatever you have in here that goal that vision you have for your life just know that you are possible and it is possible i recover out loud so others don’t have to suffer in silence no longer silence much love amen amen pure heart clear mind can’t lose i just want to keep coming back to that i love that it’s like a chant pure heart clear mind can’t lose pure heart clear mind can’t lose that’s a really good affirmation i love that i had to do a trust fall with my hp and now i know each time my god will catch me and take me to where i need to be when staying sober amen a hundred percent a trust fall and that’s like man i i don’t even know what that looks like for you necessarily but man i i fell so hard i felt so hard that when i when i finally found recovery it was like man i was beaten down broken and he was the only one that could do it for me and i’m sure that you that you’ve had the same experience a lot of a lot of us in here most of us in here have had that same experience i have gained acceptance around the fact that i will have ups and downs in my recovery some of my greatest lessons have come to me and my fails yes exactly we were talking about that earlier how do we become present to what’s going on right now in our life whether it’s you know feelings that we’re having or things that are going on with our life you know how can we learn from this how can we grow from this how can we be content in the moment with where we’re going because we’re learning right now and we’re doing the necessary steps true words thank you for another great segment you’ve become a part of my daily weekly routine have faith on you my friend love you andrew andrews in the course anders in the recovery speaker course he’s doing amazing and uh good to have you brother always good to have you

finding your why finding your why

my personal why statement i am this is my personal why statement i am authentically me and i put myself and my story out every day to empower addicts in recovery to live a life of purpose and mission beyond quitting drugs and alcohol i am recovered on purpose and the and the reason why i say this every morning and i and i and i get this ingrained in me is because that is exactly why i’m doing this i’m doing this to empower you guys out there that are in recovery to live lives of purpose and mission because when we get off of drugs and alcohol it is our duty and our responsibility to go save others that are that are still using period and guys relapse prevention we can’t just stop using drugs and and that’s it we can’t live life just to stop using drugs that’s that’s gonna be a relapse if we don’t have something in our recovery that we’re going after something in our recovery that we that we are achieving that we’re looking to do that we’re trying to do that we’re working towards this vision for our life we’re going out we’re serving addicts and recover addicts that are that are suffering and we’re and we’re looking for people to help right we we have a totally different mind that is susceptible to influence and and temptation period the number one relapse prevention is purpose so we need to find our why and i and i heard simon sinek is this is this incredible speaker he’s this incredible leader he wrote the book uh start with why and another book uh finding your why and something a quick exercise that he says to do is talk to the people that are closest to you your closest friends not family not mothers brothers sisters cousins but friends people who choose to be in your life and ask them why are you friends with me and you’ll get all these like uh what do you what do you mean what do you mean like you know you push through that and when when you get the opportunity you say what is it about me that makes you want to be friends with me and you know when they when you keep on that conversation you keep asking them you keep asking them they’ll get to a point where they hit the limbic part of their brain which invokes the feelings that you create inside of them and how you do that and that’s your purpose that’s your why that’s why you want to do what you’re what you’re doing right because the feelings and and the reasons why people are around you and how you make them feel that is how is what you want to focus on because if someone is like you know you the way that you are inspires me to be a better person you inspire me to you inspire me to go after more in my life you know and if that’s if that’s the way that you’re making your friends feel you know or maybe you maybe you make me feel loved you make me feel heard you make me feel um like you like you know me you know those could all be things where where a purpose would be in in counseling purpose would be in coaching you know if you if you have people in your life your your friends or your friends because you make them feel loved heard and and you know identified that’s that’s a really good place to be and what simon sinek says is that the interesting thing is that if you go deep enough with all of your friends you will get to the same point with all of them you’ll get to the same point where they all basically say the same thing that’s not that’s not that i won’t get the same answer that you’ll get but you invoke feelings based on a certain way that you are that makes people want to be around you and that’s a really good exercise just to start looking for and finding the why for what you do right

i stay clean and consistent every day so i can follow through with all the little things my kids need and show them how much i really love them wendy what’s up where’d you get that one where did you get that one i love it i love it pure heart clear mind can’t lose it was a chant after every close comes from my counselor lamont at zion in clarinda la love that man what’s la is that louisiana councillor lamonte at zion in clarinda louisiana babysitting is starting ahead on wednesday so i finally will be able to do lives and more work on my page so excited amen and i don’t know why it says facebook users sometimes it does this where i can’t see your name or or who it is that’s doing this um finding your why would that be something i can consider my keystone habit um

a key no a keystone habit is going to be something that that we do day in and day out finding your why is going to be seeking something a keystone habit is going to be something like making your bed or or doing a 15-minute walk every single morning or something that is a simple daily habit no matter what you do it seven days a week every single day and what the keystone habit does is it is it starts your mind on doing more good choices because if you have a focused mind on health and you go out every single morning and you go on a 15-minute walk specifically with the intention of working on your health by doing that keystone habit throughout your days you’ll actually make healthier choices it’s been proven if you have one keystone habit that you do every single day with an intention in mind throughout your days you’ll you’ll decide not to eat that donut yeah i walk this morning i don’t really want that you know uh yeah i could i could smoke that cigarette but yeah no not for me today you know you just you just happen to have this new mindset just by doing a small keystone habit finding your why is is a search i’m always looking for my why you know i have a very specific why that i’m working right now um i i’m here to lift up this community i’m here to lift people up to do what i’m doing i want there to be tons of people like tens of thousands of people in recovery doing this because in the state that we’re in right now with 107 000 plus people in the united states dying of drug overdose and the system is not working anymore the treatment system the the 12-step fellowships they’re they’re not working for the problem at hand and i got sober through the 12 steps and jesus christ i am not saying they don’t work i’m saying that the way that it’s reaching people and the way that we are getting people to the rooms or getting people to the program and maybe even the messaging that’s going on is not working because we’re losing too many people so i believe that we all need to be living on a new purpose and a new mission to be out in public to be public about our recovery to be public about looking for people that are suffering going out and looking for them looking for them and helping them because you know a lot of us won’t ever walk into the rooms a lot of us won’t and if every single one of us if every single person that watches this did this did lives like this did videos like i’ve done maybe even wrote a book you know if there were that many people doing this we would be reaching everybody suffering period if we had 10 000 people that were doing what i’m doing we would be able to reach every single person out there suffering we would we would never miss like at least they would hear that message and that’s my vision that’s my vision my vision is i i know that i’m never going to be able to help all the addicts in the world i’m not going to be able to you know save hundreds of thousands of people from addiction right because and but i believe that we can together with everything in me i believe together as a recovery community lifting up together that we can stop this thing i believe it with everything in me and that’s why i do what i do why does it keep changing this you were you were in it earlier i totally agree without purpose there is undoubtedly a relapse coming i gotta hustle for the kingdom just like i used to hustle for the high amen endorphins yes d-o-p-e d-o-p-e iowa yes clarinda is in iowa i’m grateful to have been able to speak with you the other day yes wendy me too me too girl and we came up what we did on our coaching on our free strategy call we came up with her why statement and we came with a few other things and some action steps she’s killing it good work wendy

nah ernie

your name your name is popping up bro your name is popping up dopamine oxytocin serotonin endorphins i meant i was like dope

god is good all the time and all the time god is good amen amen i pray for continued peace and paths to be directed for everyone in this group have an amazing day have to jump off and ready for work meeting is god is good amen amen yes it’s time to raise awareness and recover out loud amen amen thank you for your service gotta run love you pinky good to see you good to meet you hope to see you soon yes amen amen

yeah i don’t i don’t know catherine i don’t know i don’t know what’s going on there so we got a little bit more time so let’s do uh

seize the day before it starts seize the day before it starts and we were talking about this last night in the in the recovery on purpose show with jeff and you know this is something that i’ve talked about a lot the list of six the list of six before we go to bed six things we’re going to do when we wake up in the morning and if we have these already pl planned out the night before while we’re sleeping our subconscious mind actually already plans the day ahead of us and prepares to do everything on that list and what happens when we wake up if the first thing on our list is wake up at you know 6 30 a.m and when the alarm goes off we touch our feet to the floor immediately never use the snooze button we touch our feet to the floor we are instantly going to get this feeling of accomplishment this dopamine rush this this feeling that i’m seizing the day that i’m taking control of this day just by touching our feet to the ground because we said we were going to last night right and then if we say we’re going to read for 10 minutes we’re going to meditate for five minutes you know just these simple tasks just the first 30 minutes of the day we have these six tasks we’re going to do in those 30 minutes we can dramatically dramatically change the outcome of our day by seizing the day before it starts if you have if you have a certain time that you wake up right now you know in order to get ready for work because you need a certain amount of time to get to work or to get ready for work if you gave yourself 30 more minutes in the morning where you are telling yourself that my goals my dreams my feelings my emotions my thoughts my life is more important than 30 extra minutes of sleep that doesn’t do anything for you doesn’t change anything 30 minutes is not going to change you one way or the other asleep if you woke up 30 minutes earlier and you had a list of six that you did in those 30 minutes from the night before your life will change dramatically period every single time anyone out there that is not practicing this if you started practicing this today your life will change and that’s what that’s what i was talking about with him last night is like you know some of the things he was giving me i’m like wow i’m gonna start practicing this right now wow i’m gonna start practicing this right now like a couple different things and the thing is is that when i learn different you know ways to reach peak performance ways to improve myself ways to grow in my recovery i take them and i do them i don’t just learn them to learn them and to know them and i don’t preach things that i’m not practicing you can’t you can’t transmit something you haven’t got right so what i’m telling you things that i’m telling you are actually practiced by me and you will notice i promise you promise you 30 minutes in the morning that you take control of the night before it will dramatically change your life and your your dreams will come much much quicker period good morning robert good to see you brother love you man

unapologetically loud about my recovery i would really love your help so god can reveal my way and my purpose what info do i need to get set up on a call jamie go to uh is there is there a link somewhere on this post i tried something new with facebook and there should be a link to my website somewhere in the realm of this post on facebook and it should say to book a call with me go here and my new guys the new website is up recovered on it’s got all the resources it’s got the shop it’s got um you know it’s got booking calls with me um i actually am 501c3 now so it’s got a donation page it’s got the episodes and more and everything it’s got resources for addicts so check out and if it’s not somewhere if it’s not somewhere in this post it’s like this

like this

recovered on and on there check it out you know check out what we what we’ve got going on there and uh you can book a call there you can check out shirts you can check out the merch um and then i also i’m doing calls for if someone is specifically struggling with opiates if you’re struggling with fentanyl heroin or or pain kills pain killers um i’m booking calls with you and your parents because uh we’ve got something going on we’ve got something going on my promise to all of you listening adam i’ve gotten is the real deal his whole heart is in this mission ernie i really appreciate you saying that really appreciate you saying that ernie ernie and i did a call and uh he’s a killer he’s got you got a great story brother i hope to work with you soon i hope to work with you soon and um i’ve been on been on some coaching calls with people in the in the course and you know what came out is that helping people in recovery get their stories out is my number one priority i’ve got a lot of things going on in life a lot of things that i’m working on over here building over here i’ve got a university speaking tour coming up i’m building something down here that i haven’t that i’m not announcing publicly yet but um doing a lot of things and some people in the course were like well i get you know i get afraid to you know book a call with you because i know you’re busy and i don’t want to you know barge in and i’m like nah you are my priority i get excited to talk to you because i know that you’re working on this mission and this purpose and what i’m looking forward to is the day when you send me a screenshot of the first time an addict out there suffering says they got clean because you were sharing your story because i remember when when that happened for me i remember my first time and i remember you know it’s happened a lot of times since then because of me sharing my story because of me doing this because my book because of videos i’ve put out people have specifically found recovery that’s what it’s all about and that’s why if there were ten thousand of us doing this you know i’ve helped in my recovery in less than five years over a hundred addicts have found recovery due to me sharing my story due to me getting out there that means that if 10 000 of us were doing that that’s a million people a million people that would be able to serve if we did it exactly how i did it if 10 000 people did it exactly all i did and the cool thing is that there’s a lot of you out there that would do this way better than me if you have the tools if you had the had the sk had the uh the skills taught to you had the had the necessary uh you know ways of doing things the systems you would do way better than i would because i’m not that gifted at everything i just work really hard work really hard and learn from a lot of different people

you find your purpose out of your pain yes crystal amen amen today i will not say what i will do i will just do it amen jason amen and we’re going to end on that that is exactly what uh what the show is about today i will not say what i will do i will just do it amen love you jason and love all of you keep living recovered i’m proof

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