Hard work pays off: For your recovery

Mikey Lucas is a motivational entrepreneur with a past of addiction. Mikey has built a multiple 7 figure empire in his recovery through his door-to-door career turning into a passion for growth in multiple streams of opportunity.

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what’s up recovered on purpose family i’m super excited you’re here for this week’s episode of guest saturdays and today we have an awesome guest mikey lewis coming on lucas coming on and we are going to be talking about uh the incredible things that can happen in recovery we’re going to be talking about money mindset how to build your credit and your income while you’re in recovery enjoy the show keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

all right all right awesome guys super excited that you are here we have an awesome guest today mikey lucas is a speaker entrepreneur author podcast host and mentor to many around money before he could become all this he was knocking on doors starting in 2013. he knocked his way through multiple solar companies becoming one of the most reputable young names in the door-to-door community not many people can say they pivoted from knocking on someone’s door to gracing their stage or the cover of entrepreneur magazine but mikey can he attest his success mainly to his purpose-driven lifestyle which he now mentors others in his passion on this planet is to encourage men nationwide and worldwide to break generational curses and establish financial freedom as rare as he is exceptional he is bringing purpose and power to everyone he comes into contact with guys without further ado mikey lucas what’s up brother what up adam thanks for the thanks for the intro bro appreciate that absolutely thanks for coming on man thanks for coming on so uh you know a little bit about what this what this show is about and i’ve i’ve heard your message i’ve been been reading up on your website listening to some podcasts and things and love what you’re doing brother love what you’re doing so tell us a little bit about about your story um start where you know i know you were at your parents you were a server we kind of have a very similar similar story there that we’ll get into but let us know where you come from sure yeah so mighty lucas from las vegas so i grew up really fast uh born and raised in vegas have um what two older brothers younger sister and uh two younger brothers now and my dad and uh mom met in las vegas and as you can imagine uh las vegas at that point in the 80s was a very booming city now who thought that they would raise kids in las vegas but uh there’s now almost 3 million people there so long story short i i grew up um around older brothers that i wanted to be like and like any other brother uh you know i wanted to impress my brothers so i was always uh getting in trouble and i was the i was the rabbit if you will to to let them say it was my fault so um you know we uh we grew up a humble humble upbringing and uh you know at the end of the day i i appreciate what my parents did and also didn’t give us uh growing up because it made it made it seem like in the beginning that i didn’t get all these opportunities that my neighbors were getting but um it it just goes to show that you know we’ve got out of all five of us every one of us is successful now and in multiple ways and not not just finances um and impact um and charitable givings um and in service so yeah that’s awesome i love it so what are those things that you saw your neighbors getting that you weren’t getting at that time i mean so okay so i wanted attention right my two older brothers my older brother um was a star baseball player and i i thought i was pretty good at baseball apparently i wasn’t um i thought it was pretty good i thought i was gonna you know i would i could hit bombs you know i was like the bash brothers i could go out and like fight and you know throw my helmet and through my bad and you know intimidate the opponents like that and i apparently i wasn’t that good um i only made like the all-star team once or twice so you know but i also played with you know top professional baseball players that were in in my in my league or in in opposing teams bryce harper chris bryant joey gallow these guys that were the same age as me growing up in the same city as i was playing in the same leagues or travel ball teams and one one of the things that you know my neighbor johnny fields professional baseball player um these guys one of the things that i noticed they got that i didn’t necessarily get was my parents were two working class not that those guys parents weren’t working class but working class were at work all the time um only until i think about high school did my mom started getting into real estate where she’d be at home more with the kids but our their parents were there all the time i noticed very young that the dads of these professionals players um now they’re professional um were there every single day at practice and they were they were investing into their children um whether they were living by carelessly through their children or not is still it made an impact on me i was like wow like these guys are basically my dad you know no offense to my dad or no [ __ ] not you know not giving credit to my dad but these guys were basically my dad i was learning from the it was the whole like rich dad poor dad my dad was very very frugal but very successful at the same time as far as you know we didn’t lose anything really in 2008 other than some equities of our houses so they got more time from their parents now my mom did a great job um you know but you know i told my dad but anyways yeah they got more time uh they got they had more resources more dispensable money my parents instead of instead of investing um into putting us on more or higher level traveling teams or physical training coaches or something like that they would say you know here’s a backyard here space that we had a basal filler back here we got a pool we had a basketball court so it was like you know we had the things in our backyard like if you wanted then go get it here it is instead of investing in us and said you guys got each other go play with you know go play ball with each other so you know they got more money and invested into them at that time and and that’s what i thought was different you know they had boats squads rip you know dirt bikes side by sides you know cabins more vacations we had a 91 rv my dad still has it but we we used what we had and we made the best out of it so i’m i’m extremely grateful uh for really what we had because you know still people wanted to come to our house to to hang out so yeah that is what it is amen and i love that you know when i when i ask that that question can go a lot of different ways for someone that you know grows up and sees other people getting something or getting getting this or that and the first thing you said was it was attention and you know time with parents right so what did that what did that teach you or what did that you know what did your belief become from that happening when you’re growing up that you are working on now well for one is that only god and god alone can satisfy mikey lucas um i i mean and and you guys gotta listen to this man this is so important um i thought that grades were going to fulfill me i thought that getting a starting role on this football or wrestling squad or the baseball squad or a starting line and a starting role in role in the theater

you know musical or dance show that i was in like i thought that was going to fulfill me i thought having more friends was going to fulfill me i thought for for instance in high school like if i didn’t have a date to prom or a date to homecoming like you know i was a nobody i was going to amount to nothing so my identity was wrapped around having things which is why eventually i started to i started to dabble into selling drugs so that i could buy you know the gucci belts and back then it wasn’t gucci was it was a laguna beach jeans and mech jeans and you know and true religions and stuff like that and that was what i was looking for status so what i realized was i was chasing it was funny there’s just hunter hey song i used to listen like in my recovery that’s why i bring him up but hunter hayes he’s got a song called wannabe it’s called wanted he’s like i wanna be wanted and i was like bro i just i’m like yeah bro that that song hits like i wanna be wanted what the heck two older brothers my older brother still gets in trouble uh my other my other older brother manny star baseball player straight a student like honor roll the whole nine yards and then there’s just lonely me and then guess what here comes with my little sister and i’m like stuck in the middle like you know mom i’m not the little boy anymore i’m not kind of but again that made me who i am so i’m extremely grateful and i’ve recovered completely from you know being resentful towards my parents of not giving me that uh attention but yeah that that’s what it led to it led to then wanting to be the class not class clown because i got if i became a class clown my parents would really um i’ll get in trouble like that would be bad for my parents so yeah i couldn’t be the class clown but i could egg on the class clown and then people wanted to be around me and then again that led to you know obviously getting in the drugs and being the party guy that people wanted to be around and i mean to a point where not only that then my identity was wrapped even my identity was wrapped around what i wore but then it was i was i was wrapped around being a gentleman so that was i was like oh well see i’m doing good things right like i’m a gentleman so that’s a good thing right i protect the women that i’m around like i’m not a hoe right even though yeah sure i had my rounds right but you know these girls like they they’re they’re unlucky they’re protected like that was a big thing for me chivalry was a big thing for our family so you know i was my identity was wrapped around who i what who and what i had right my videos wrapped around what i had rather than who i was becoming and i know that sounds very cliche but it’s so true i mean if you think about it like take away your car take away your house how much do you how take away your 780 or you know 800 credit score how good do you feel about yourself yeah take it take away the fact that you can go buy first class and sit in the back and coach in the little in the back and like just packing them like sardines how good do you feel about yourself take away your rolex take away your whatever take away your vacations how good do you feel about yourself so your identities wrapped around my identity was wrapped around what i had and what people thought about me like ed milot says all the time like you know the the cab driver a cab driver number one and you know butler number two i cared more about what other people thought about me adam than i than it was the main characters in my life got it and what it what would you say your identity has shifted to now you said at the beginning of this that you know everything is centered around god right so how does it go from you know having your identity in what people think of you and and status and things like that to shifting it to what god thinks of you and how does that look now okay so very practically speaking um i i i i use what’s called the prophesying powers so i use what the bible i’m a bible believing i’m a biblicist bro i’m not the christian calvinist armenius cal uh you know catholic you know baptist what i’m not doing i’m a biblicist bro i’m a bible i’m one of those freaky weird people that’s my wife this before i married or i was like hey david i want to let you know i’m one of those like weird people that like if the bible says it i believe it about myself amen uh you know i know and so in other words if the bible says that i have been seated in high places if the bible says that i have been forgiven if the bible says that my sins are washed as white as snow and have been removed as far as east is from the west i don’t know if you know but if you keep chasing i think it’s west or east one of the ways i don’t even know what it is one way is you’re never gonna find the sun you’re never gonna you can’t chase down the sun so it’s like dude if my if my sins have been removed like why am i trying to use logic to be like oh well you know technically speaking i did that and i still have the opportunity to sin i still sin last night or yesterday i still fell does that man then make me a new creation in christ jesus or is it not it’s like no dude my identity now has changed from yes the bible says if you sin if you sin not when you sin you have a propitiation in the christ jesus you have somebody to stand in your place dude yeah it’s tough man thinking like yeah i’m crucifying christ all the time but dude i’m uh i’m a big proponent and i’m a big believer and and i have to remind myself this that due the guilt and the shame that i had of the drugs that i had around me literally eventually years later killed people because of their like if we had done drugs together and i’ve lost now as of uh sunday um now 23 friends and family members to suicide juggernauts and drinking and dragon wow so dude it’s like this stuff this the guilt and the shame like i this is why like no offense to rehab but rehab wasn’t going to work for me i needed i needed a one-step program i didn’t need a 12-step program 12 steps i was going to blow my brains out dude i needed it right away i needed an instantaneous like i needed god to come in and take over my life right away i needed the oldest pass the newest become yeah i needed to know that that is but but how do i do that on a practical basis dude it’s just continuing to remind myself and here’s one here’s one practical thing that i do is this is look i when i when i feel when i feel like i’m not worthy i then remind myself and i don’t it’s not it’s not all you know i’m i i i feel great all the time i don’t wake up every single day and i’m like let’s go you know you see that on my social medias like i’ll post it like i had a fourth time the other day i was like i don’t feel like working today i don’t i feel like crap weather’s gloomy today i didn’t sell a deal yesterday i feel like crap today but here’s what i’m gonna do i’m gonna go back i’m gonna do my thing i’m gonna write my notebook i’m gonna talk about how i’m gonna talk about how i’m the best thing that ever happened to my wife we talk about how i use credit card debt to fuel me to financial freedom i’m talking about how my sins are as forgiven as as far as the east is from the west i’m gonna remind myself of these things every single day especially i do not allow them to last longer than 10-20 minutes

5-10 days 20 days 30 days downward cycle now it’s 5-10 seconds 20 seconds it still happens adam it’s just that i don’t i don’t i don’t allow i don’t want to drag on amen and i was actually talking about that on a on a live today because i do bring in the word wednesday where i where i read the bible and talk about stuff and yeah i was talking about the the sword of the spirit from ephesians 6 because in the armor of god we have you know the belt of truth breastplate of righteousness this helmet of salvation then we have the the sword of the spirit and everybody constantly thinks of this sword of the spirit as something where we’re going out and we’re attacking people you know we’re attacking people with the truth we’re attacking people but when paul was writing this he was talking about he was using words from the roman soldiers and the roman soldiers had two different swords they had the one they would attack with but the word that he actually used in in this phrase was this little super sharp dagger that they had on their hip that was to take arrows out of friends or themselves so when we get hit with these untruths when we’re not worthy or it’s not worth it we’re never going to make it that kind of stuff the way that we get it out is with truth just like you’re talking about and the quicker we can do that that’s the that’s the war right there that’s the war of our minds so let’s back up because you talked you talked a bit about you know you went through a drug phase and obviously this show is about you know adding purpose and and bringing personal development stuff to the recovery community and you’re doing a lot you know a lot of big things now so let’s make sure they know that you come from a place that that we’ve all been so what were what was going on with your what your with your drug use with your selling where did you go with that where did that lead you um so it started it started uh it started i think sixth grade i started smoking weed not like every day but like at my first like extreme thing concert or something like that i smoked wheat under under bleachers it wasn’t that i was hanging out the wrong crowd it wasn’t that my parents weren’t you know outstanding it wasn’t that even at that time i had experience with church because i did it was just that i was a curious kid like i just saw a kid the other day that’s a friend of a friend that died because he was going into high school and somehow got fentanyl from the internet and uh you know my i’ve got going into high school yeah i’ve already i’ve already lost three cousins of fentanyl in the last year and a half like it’s um so anyways um not a light subject there yeah um i uh i yeah i started again smoking weed here and there but you know i played i was busy so i played three sports football baseball wrestling i did dance shows i did uh theater i was in theater i was in musicals so i was busy all the time and the times that i think about that that’s every single season that i was in the sport plus i was going after school for extracurricular activities and whatnot um the only thing i didn’t do was uh uh the politics for school whatever that’s called debate yep yeah would have been nice but we knocked doors for that that’s right correct yeah um so yeah i eventually got into starting to use lore tabs because i i hurt myself my sophomore year uh i got hurt wrestling so i was like dude i got to be able to play baseball like my life was baseball i thought i was going to pro i didn’t start playing football till eighth grade so and i was like well my parents didn’t want me to play football and i understand why they didn’t want to play football but anyways i got hurt my sophomore year wrestling i tore uh tore my thumb and you know that is the bottom of the bat where you know if i don’t have that you know that portion of my thumb i can’t swing and hit the ball of the fence and uh so i i tried to numb it and it worked for a little while and what what i realized was i was then starting to take pills um socially and then it became solution and it then became a major problem in my life and it was from you know three lower tab tens to you know starting to take you know oxy 80s um you know i was up to 600 milligrams of oxy80s a day um and it was uh it was it was i should be dead then i was then then it got real even worse after junior year and my parents broke up started taking xanax like on purpose like didn’t want to remember what i was doing so i was like cool sweet like i’m gonna take i don’t remember half i mean a lot of people were like oh do you remember doing this i’m like no i don’t actually i’m so sorry but awesome cool it sounds like it was a fun time and i was again i still held my chivalry and my my honor i still had that i just was lost man i it’s not that i didn’t want to live there was definitely times that i got to that point tried coming into his head a few times threw over those um but you know i thank god and thank god he you know surround me with angels and hedge of angels and and i’m still here today to be able to live and give hope to people that you know have gone through that 600 milligrams of oxygen in the days a lot dude like that should be dead yeah were you just popping them i was eating them smoking them yeah yeah i never i never shot up oxycontin i got i got to smoking them and snorting them all that stuff but then when it got that expensive to the 400 500 600 milligrams a day i had to move over i had to move over to heroin so how did you how did you end up getting off of the oxy so i started taking uh i started taking suboxone i asked for one uh i asked for help uh i um there was a there was a pastor friend of mine that i knew that i had gotten invited to like some church camps like that and um this dude that you know i think he was recovered as well um either way he was he was a really awesome dude awesome man of guys named henry lopez and uh i went to him and i was like hey man like here’s here’s all my dirt here’s what’s going on um you know there’s there’s no hope for me right like i’m i’m done like it’s i need to go to jail i need to go to rehab and then you put away and you you know the ultimate public humiliation i need to be sent dragged to the dirt like there’s no way out of this right and uh he was like no man like how bad do you want out and i was like dude i need out like i need out he was like are you sure though like like you need out and i was like yeah dude like i need out he’s like oh let’s let’s uh you want to pray i was like what sure he’s alright cool let’s pray and he just laid hands on me bro and it’s not that i like i felt anything crazy even though i did um but that wasn’t that wasn’t a sign that it was like oh it happened then but like i definitely was like whoa like why did i feel like this awesome lifting of a weight on my back and uh i started i started taking suboxone at the time and um it it became the same thing it was just trading sin habits i was i was using alex cotton and i was using suboxone and then i was i would take stop taking some boxing on on thursday afternoon withdrawal basically and then start smoking oxycontin on the weekend so we can have fun on the weekend and i was like dude this is this is just trading sin happens what am i doing here like this isn’t gonna this isn’t gonna solve any issue here i’m just going from one to the other and it ended up working for me technically because i was like oh like i can not smoke my own supply over here if i can make money on this because you know i ended up you know smoking health profits or whatever yeah and then uh yeah i mean i moved to san diego i got out of my environment and got off my family and my cousin anthony and uh and john um and jared in in san diego and they took me in and i got away i just started a new life then i met some guys in san diego and got involved in a church and uh i was like i needed to transform my life this was when my transformers were a big thing and i was like there’s a sermon on like transforming your life and i was like yeah i need to transform my life i need help i need a new life what do i do but i was running an organization i had multiple guys working for me i was you know i had thousands and thousands of dollars i was you know anywhere between five and thousand dollars a week you know they called me money mike for a reason um you know i don’t i don’t sit here and glorify that mikey but there there was a time where i would tell people especially in recovery i was like dude i liked my life better back then i liked my life way better back then because people were more real than whatever this is we got here they were they took care of each other more and and that was that was very disturbing to know that you know people were like wait mikey you like the drug life more i was like no i like the people better because they were at least understanding and real and less judgmental towards people like me that used and that had you know issues like like you have issues too don’t act like i had a crazy testimony story you’re crazy you were lost and now you’re found brother or sister let’s not act like you you don’t have a crazy story as well you do so you’re talking specifically about about the christian community you were involving yourself in yeah yeah they were very judgmental and and i was but that’s the thing i was like you know i was very loud and you know but i was very passionate and if i if i you know i was like i was a pitbull man if i if i bid on something i was gonna i was gonna find out answers yeah and i was i was also not afraid to ask questions either i was like uh that doesn’t make sense let’s talk about that they didn’t like that yeah and that’s interesting i actually had a had a totally different experience with my with my christian walk at that time and i think you know i don’t know what the difference could be if there’s like a different community over here in a different community over here but i’m also the same i’m not a denominator i’m not like uh like a specific catholic or baptist or anything like that i just have a relationship with jesus and i read the bible right so did you did you go through withdrawals or how did you do that yeah definitely definitely um not just not just physical and mental withdrawals i did but you know even like spiritual withdrawals man like i i had uh i had been broken up one of the biggest issues i had was i was broken up with by a girl that told me that i had loved at the time and told me that i would you know we were going to live together forever we’re going to do a family the whole family thing and you know i was like i’m gonna stay sober for this girl and again i i hooked my identity of sobriety on this girl and the moment that we had broken up i was like that’s over dude i’m gonna just go get high again um that was a big issue but um no i mean uh i i guess i guess yeah it was there there was there was different there were different times where it was just me being me being prideful and arrogant and realizing that you know i had a story to tell it just was it was just being fleshed out uh and and it needed time to needed time to you know mikey was still highlighting my key you know like the money mic i was still money mike in the church and i wasn’t but you know at the time i was just i needed time to heal so yeah i did go through withdrawals but you know i i got down to the point where i was washing dishes from ten thousand dollars a week to washing dishes literally within a week yeah about a week like a month but still went back and then getting racially profiled because i wasn’t hispanic and i was working in the kitchen and i was racially profiled to experience racism racism for the first time i was like wow this is wild but okay cool sweet so uh and it was just it was just a test so it felt to me it was like you know i was like you’re in football you’re in baseball like we’re just you know bagging on each other but it was it was bad it was pretty bad yeah but it was character man i was like man i’m gonna wash these this is like dishes like jesus is gonna eat off them and uh it was pretty cool i would just jam and i and it wasn’t like i wasn’t during the withdrawal section yes i did withdrawal but it was it was it was it was dragged out because it was like hey i would slow micro dose myself off off of a um suboxone but then then again i wasn’t going out and drinking i was i was getting healthy again i was going back in the gym and not only that i was i was trying to get like three or four sermons in a day four or five sermons in a day i wasn’t trying to just get like one sermon in a week i was listening to sermons as i was in the back washing dishes yeah like i was listening to these these pastors these preachers um or the word of god on on cell phone on the the audio on the bible app and i was just getting fed all the time so i i needed i got i needed like the fast track like i didn’t have this time for slow thing but then i would also get to a point where back then on the 3gs the iphone i would download the music so i didn’t have to use internet so i was downloading i was listening to the same sermons over like the same series of like 10 or 15 sermons over and over and over again and it’s crazy how like i would go back and listen to them and i’m like wow dude like no wonder why i think so freely because and that that i that i am who i am today in christ jesus because that’s what these sermons were talking about and that’s why i can forgive that’s why i can forget that’s why i can love that’s why i can be who i am and accept who i am and not live in a guilt or shame uh a mindset like ever amen and what what year was this 2012. so 2012 is when i got sober my last time using um i had a quick relapse i guess you could say um i don’t really know why but i relapsed for a week in uh in 2013. so i got sober in 2012 like october 2012 when my last time using so i got sober when i moved to san diego then when i shut down my organization i was like okay cool like all the guys i was like hey i need all the pills and all the money we got one really big deal we’re gonna get this and it was a lie and uh i just didn’t know how to tell the guys i was shutting down the business and i i thank god it didn’t die because i had stopped using for like three months and got all the pills and just sat in my room and moped and was like i’m just gonna smoke my life away kind of thing and then i got sober again while surfing every day and uh then i moved back to vegas try to help my brother out he was sober for like eight months nine months my dad asked me to come back then i got back started washing dishes and uh moved my way up in restaurants and i used i think one last time in march of 2013 for like two three days and i was like this is just not who i am and i stayed still represents amen amen guys we’re gonna take a quick 30 second break and when we come back we’re going to talk about him finding the uh the door knocking business what that did for him and how he’s changed that into helping people with finances enjoy the break what’s up recovered on purpose family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing it with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message and guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out recoveredonpurpose.com after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction i’m now doing free calls that we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show

all right so lost him really quick but we’re gonna be uh aries i’m back there he is yeah so from then you’re you’re you work your way up in the restaurant industry but then something happens that you find the door knocking industry and what is what does that do for you what does that look like yeah i got i got uh so the restaurants you know for for me and this is something that mentally this was my this was my horizon i didn’t understand past the horizon right the whole like simba you know mentality i’m like yeah as far as you can go like for instance just as an example when you’re in elementary school your your mind is from your house to the elementary school and that’s about it then it’s middle school then it’s your house to the elementary school then to the middle school and that’s about your circle your sphere of like knowing what the world’s about then that’s high school then you have your like whole like section of your house of your of your you know your your community then you go to college or whatever right so so i didn’t understand when it came to business you know i knew that well my family was in in las vegas my family was in restaurants and in in uh my family was in restaurants basically right my cousins were in restaurants they’re they’re top top like the number one number two guys in wine understanding wine knowledge and like certifications certifications in a three star mission five star forward restaurants right now they’re still in it and they’re killing it making over a hundred grand a year 100 grand a year they’re just running multiple businesses they’re both super newers um and i mean my brother my other brother was in restaurants my um you know so i thought like restaurants was the way to go so i got in the restaurant i’m like okay cool sweet like you know this is gonna be great and then i realized that i’m at the bottom of the totem pole and i’m like cool sweet like i can go make eighty thousand dollars the moment i started making like forty five fifty thousand dollars a year again busting tables on our on a restaurant on the las vegas strip morale steakhouse in the in the palazzo in the finishing palazzo i was like man like i’ve got some money again this is pretty cool and like yeah i didn’t have very many expenses i wasn’t even paying my mom right at the time i wasn’t even paying for my own cell phone all the time and uh you know i i realized wow like i got some money to spend so once i realized christmas happened and i was like dude i have to work christmas thanksgiving easter halloween new year’s all the holidays and the the older guys that are in their 40s and 50s get those times off and i was like wow like this can take me 30 years i’m 20 year old mikey it’s going to take me 30 years to get the point where i can get a damn day off like that this is this is worth it it’ll be worth it right and lo and behold uh i just went in over served over delivered showed up 10 more 30 minutes before work 30 minutes after work i stayed and i helped off the clock start showing up started working before the clock clocked in boom boom never asked any questions was just like you know i never complained i was just like all right cool sweet how do i help cool you have to lock the doors down let me do your job manager you know you know key server or whatever top server let me help you out let me wash polish your dishes cool whatever and sometimes they tip you out i’m like this kind of works out so then after one of those days i was sitting on i was sitting and they’d always smoke cigarettes on the on the patio after work and i’ll be at a patio all night space boulevard so after shut down they would smoke cigarettes behind like in like the back and uh this but i would still see the strip and i was sitting out there and i remember sitting out there i was like man like what is my life going to look like in 10 years from now a 30 year old mikey which is today right now i’m like well like right like i can make 70 80 000 a year i got a house get a white picket fence two and a half kids dog named charlie and uh call it a day like that sounds pretty damn good like awesome uh i was like wow like sober mikey tune up kids white picket fence that sounds pretty awesome you know house house in summerlin this is pretty cool this is exciting you know drive a you know hyundai kia or something like that at uh you know kia sorrento or whatever that’s pretty awesome sounds good let’s get the turbo the sport one call today put some rims on it spinners and then i was like man like what does freedom actually look like like did it’s not that i’m against people working in restaurants but i was like did god call me and get me out of this to work in a restaurant well dude i don’t care where i’m at bro i could be a janitor out of school i’m going to honor god and and do what i do best which is whatever my whatever my whatever wherever mikey’s at mike’s gonna do the best that he possibly can and he’s gonna outwork everybody and that is what i believe honors god yes so i was like dude i don’t really care where i’m at but if i could adam go do more what could i do with that and i realized i started going on mission trips like that and i was like man like if we could have more money and we can go fundraise money or go get more money we can make more of an impact and i was like okay cool and then i realized how hard it was to like fundraise money and i’m like why do people raise their hands in church and they don’t want to give towards the cause of you know all tongue tribes and nations you know honoring god and surrendering to god like why aren’t people fired up about that for one the pulpit might not talk about enough but whatever uh or they don’t know the rate commission so it is what it is so i was like okay cool like how can then i turn in my business to a for purpose business where i can learn how to make more money add more value and then go and solve the problems with my own with myself i’m like i’m that crazy kid that thinks that i can change the world seem to handle it yeah that i i am i really am i’m like oh i’m gonna screw it i’ll do that too if you don’t wanna if you don’t wanna help uh i’ll do it myself yeah and uh thank god god blessed it and god knows the heart you know god knows my heart god knows my motives you know he didn’t say it was gonna be easy but then i got re then i got recruited into doing uh alarm sales uh for a summer and i asked my manager at the restaurant i was like hey we’re really dead during summer do you mind if i go and uh and do this this trip uh three month trip and uh i’ll be back can i have a job and they love me so like yeah bro go ahead or slow anyway i was like hey i’ll give the guys the security and busing like give them more hours and like why would i take one or two hours a week one or two days from them when i just go off and do my thing and they will hire me back because they love me and they i do a great job right so i did that and i got back and i was like bro this is so dope i got my teeth kicked in for one i didn’t sell very much i sold like 50 or 60 deals total that whole entire summer um so not even one a day like it took me like a month and a half you can get my first sale other than like getting in houses and like kind of like half half a half deal like oh yeah i was there to help kind of like play with the dog like distract the wife whatever right um i got some half deals my first my first actual deal came like about a month to a month and a half in and then from there i started getting a deal a day six days a week and i realized that i was like wow like if i just treat this like a sport like i’m to get better and i didn’t like that i wasn’t good at it because i was like i might be anything i do i’m great at and it was the hardest dude the hardest thing i didn’t realize you know you could be physically good but like you know mentally if you didn’t have the personal development the identity that you are there to serve people i wanted to serve people but i wasn’t personally there i was like you know i didn’t have any personal stamina i was like i could go like an hour of getting told f off uh or no or not getting answers and getting bit by mosquitoes in the east coast and that was about all i had so i realized at that time cool sweet alarms weren’t really for me um they were decent um but then i realized i ran i ran into two houses one was in maryland one was in dc and it said like basically like free solar and i was like hey lady i was an author i was like hey really quick question i work for you know a monotronics an alarm company i’m not trying to sell anything i saw you guys have solar panels what’s up with this like it says free installers like that and lower your electricity bill what’s up with this and one lady i remember until this day she was on the phone i think i was trying to sell her something i was like no like i was like just what is it like i want to know what this is like this seems really cool um and she was like oh yeah like i didn’t put anybody down and lower the power wheels now is it shutter door okay cool then the next like a month later i was in dc at that point i took over a vivint alarm system and they had vivint solar in their house and i was like hey what’s up with the solar thing this old lady was like yo like yeah we put up the solar panels didn’t cost anything it’s lower than our power bill here and i was like wait a second so i went back to my manager and said hey why are we selling solar panels like we’re charging people 70 a month for alarm system and home automation and they’re saying they’re saving seven dollars a month by not putting any money out of the pocket what what’s it what why why aren’t we doing this and he’s like no it takes too long this had any other things old school mindset like they want to do the alarm systems and i’m like whatever two years later that you got in this hole that next that next that next month we went home it was like october i got back home and i was like hey i still want to sell alarm systems and what about the solar thing and there was a there was an office in vegas and i’m like they’re saying why did i come out to baltimore dc in florida when i couldn’t stay here in vegas and done this anyways long story short whatever i ended up going out there it was awesome and i realized that i needed to change i needed to be somebody more a person of value and learn more about sales tactics and not semantics and you can’t just force somebody into doing something so now i’m so good that i literally get people to say what’s the next step how do i how do i get qualified how do i get these how do i get up you know a ticket to you know i take two tickets to paradise how do i get signed up okay is there any spots left in the neighborhood and that’s how good of a sales professional i am now the difference between me you know 10 years ago with me now so uh yeah solar was the vehicle and it got me to a point where i’m at now i’m a multi you know multi-millionaire i’ve got five figures of passive income a month and now that’s what i do i teach people how to do that amen brother amen and yeah i i mean door knocking is what i attribute a lot of my communication skills to a lot of my success to um you know i started with pest control and just i don’t know i was just i was just a natural with it like i just i always just like you were saying i always wanted to go out and serve somebody and when when i would go to the door whatever i was selling whether it was pest control or satellite or i did i did solar for one day i just told somebody you can sell anything on the door if you know what you’re doing and i set two appointments in two hours and i was like all right have a good day and then uh we were and whenever i go up the door i would figure out in the first 15 to 20 seconds if this person is someone that i could serve and if they’re not have a great day if they are then we go into it right so i think there’s a lot of people that go on the doors with the wrong mindset to sell as many as possible and it causes a lot of us to have you know a difficult time getting through to people because they see us as that other person that told them that they’re going to have the free movie channels forever when you happen for three months you know that kind of stuff so i love that heart love that heart so what does it look like now with you mentoring people you helping people and what are you doing with this now yeah so i exited my company two years ago um and i now have a crm software customer customer relations management company that helps door-to-door professionals um get off of pipeline and proposal management into prospecting and proposing proposing deals um to help them make more money so i take the top individuals in the industry guys are in solar specifically on that one that are selling 130 deals a year how to get them to 260 through a proven formula and method called the golden door formula amen amen what does that look like um yeah so basically it’s a uh it’s a it’s a software that you know it’s a lead it’s a lead nurturing system and then it’s a pipeline management tool i help them become i help them actually get virtual assistants like that to help them focus more on active income rather than trying to work on their pipeline so in other words a lot of guys what they’ll do is they spend two to two three hours a week two three hours you know a day working on their pipeline meaning hey look you have once in solar specifically it’s hey i gotta get my job from sale to actually getting installed because that’s when they get paid and i don’t really care about getting it installed i care about getting the system turned on because if you get turned on as quickly as possible you’re gonna have a happy or a a happy customer happier customer have odds of having a happier customer and to that point then you’ll get more referrals so i’ve got a 52.6 referral program inside a basis inside of my company so it’s a it’s an elite nurturing tool it’s a pipeline management tool that’s an automated system that automatically texts emails and sends ringless voicemails to your customers so that you’re not having to call your customer be like what’s up adam hey man i just want to let you know no news is good news uh hey uh you know we’re going to be waiting still waiting on the city to prove your permits i’ll let you know in the next few days if we got any any any news and if you actually have any if you guys should get the for instance of the state reaches out to you before before i know make sure you shoot me a text alright brother have a great weekend so stuff like that and we don’t say adam would say hey what’s up it’s mikey you know looking looking forward to getting this thing uh uh your system approved whatever but you know getting your your designs approved text message dm and a ringless voicemail and an email we send out to the customers um and then from there it’s a it’s a referral and a review platform so all of our guys get a get their own like we’ve helped them build their own basically their own small business inside of their business whether they work for a big corporation or they don’t work for a small epc small small installer a small sales company so they have all of their all of their like reviews customer reviews that way they can be more credible on the internet because they got a lot of guys coming out there but when they can be like hey here’s all of my you know here’s all of my customer reviews right here and they’re like wow like this atom guy is actually legit so let’s go with them and that separates you from the pack because if you’re like elon musk says if you’re going to be somebody inside of an industry or a company that’s inside of an industry which you are you’re a small business if you’re a solar professional or roofing guy or pesky or alarm guy or window guy whatever uh a meat guy right you’re you’re a small business inside of another company instead of a huge massive industry what’s going to separate you from the pack you got to be 10 times better if you’re gonna make it and that’s what i help guys get to amen i love it i might have uh a lot of people to connect you with got a lot of friends a lot of friends in the solar industry a lot of friends in the door knocking industry so yeah cool so what are the what do you think you would have been able to do any of this if you would have uh not gotten sober

uh portions of it yeah for sure um some of it yeah i definitely could have done some of it but there’s no way i could have stayed i was very weak uh mentally uh i was very very weak mentally because i relied so heavily on the power of the pill the power of smoking um to get me through my day when instead now i’ve gotten an overflowing you know fountain of fountain of youth if you will fountain of life um coming from the word of god and i know it sounds kind of cliche but uh have you tried it how’s that work how’s the pill working for you how’s the bottle working for you how’s the long working for you how’s the how’s even the gym working for you buddy like dude like every other girl you’re like like you’re like a bro like chill out bro like you know it it makes it honest to god i’m like you know what screw it it makes it easier for me like yeah go keep getting distracted distraction you’re gonna come so could i have got to where i’m at today absolutely not could i have gotten close probably would i like myself no what i’ve liked and had more of an impact no i’d have been a hypocrite i’d have been talking about oh yeah i’d go out and no i’d have been like those other all those other guys that has a you know there’s a flash in the pan two three four years of success five years of success lots of money but i’d have been an idiot i wouldn’t i couldn’t have read all these books behind me multiple times i could have read over 800 books now there’s no possible way i would have done that i would have never because my back was not against the wall i was just living day to day i wasn’t living like this you know you know living today you know being the man that today be the man today and tomorrow that sophia is going to want to replicate and marry by representing that man today being the man today doing the things today and tomorrow these things i write down every day doing the things today and tomorrow that are gonna that are gonna further the kingdom and my family in the future like i would have never never got to this point um i surely could have been successful i see guys do it all the time so it’s not that you can’t drink alcohol or smoke pills or smoke meth and be not be successful i see it all the time but is it sustainable absolutely not no 100 percent not and dude i didn’t have any i didn’t have a purpose dude like no absolutely not there’s no possible one yeah i was you know i was in the top 10 in the nation for door-to-door uh satellite sales the whole time i was there number one at basically every company i was in except for uh at uh uh the biggest directv one because there was like five of us that were in the top ten but um that whole time i was on drugs yep that whole time i was on drugs and my why for getting out there was to make the money to get the drugs right right and you talked a little bit about purpose and the day-to-day what you’re doing today and tomorrow that is going to set up for the kingdom right what are what are your daily habits that you that you always do that are non-negotiables that you know you would you would suggest people pick up yeah uh one of the one of the very super subtle easy ones that i do is i keep this pocketbook around with me a pocketbook that i write down in every single day and i write down five or it’s like eight to twelve things every single day i try to write the same things down every single day um as far as like writing down goals or writing down affirmations you know hey for instance one of them was i weigh 220 pounds and i feel outstanding right i’m at like 2 30 right now and i’m like bro i weigh 220 and i feel outstanding and i tie specific feelings to them because you know logic doesn’t sell you know i don’t have a million dollars no i have a million dollars because i’m giving back to charity you know six figures a year and that’s why so i attach feelings to them two um i write down my power list so i’ve got a i’ve got a power purpose list that i write down every single day um it’s you know five to ten things that are you know it’s four to six things really realistically that i will do every single day it’s like hey make sure you get this done make sure you get this gun did this do this do this do this it’s almost like a to-do list but it’s really it’s it’s to make sure the ball keeps moving forward it’s like i don’t know about you but i’m running multiple businesses right now and like i wake up in the middle of nights a lot of time not sometimes a lot of times i’m like i gotta do this one thing so it’s like dude write that down like like i don’t want these things to haunt me because i’m running one two three four five businesses right now and it’s if i don’t if i don’t do certain things like it’s not going to get done so i ha i know my i know my uh my strengths finder so people haven’t read the book strength finders like i would highly recommend understand getting that book and understanding yourself um i’m an achiever which is my number one so if i don’t feel achievement every single day i’m running circles around people bro honestly if i were to step back and do what my mentors say not to do and compare myself to people that are in my industry or people that are you know i don’t i don’t want to no offense but i want to play down to their level like i’m running circles around them but if i were to compare myself to most of them but if i if i if i don’t slow down and look at what i’ve actually done today then i’m going to feel like i’m not getting stuff done and i don’t know why but for whatever reason out of my i i get down on myself i’m like why aren’t you doing more i’m like bro i just worked 16 hours today yeah and i adam i track just so you know i track last year i tracked 67 of the waking hours of what i did on a micro level action i track that so i track things on a day-to-day basis i’m tracking podcasts right now on podcasts so like dude i know exactly i track like eight different things with my wife so those are things that i do every single day they’re non-negotiables i will track how much time i’m spending with my wife how much time i’m spending with the top four percent of my company how much time i’m spending on finding new money how much time i’m spending in the word of god how much time i’m spending in spiritual things how much someone spending in the gym how much time i’m spending with my dogs how much time i’m talking with my mom and my dad how much i’m spending with my nephews and nieces like those are things that are important to me and i’ve got like a hundred of them but those are things how much am i spending my coaching business how much am i spending in my fun how much time i’m spending on research and development how much am i spending in wrestling recovery how much time i’m spending again ivs and cryotherapy there’s just there’s hundreds of these things that i track and i’ve built this habit over the last few years of making sure that how do i utilize each 168 hours of my week because i’m working when i’m sleeping yeah sleep is work to me so um as far as non-negotiables in my day absolutely wake up listen to some sort of like praise and worship song sermon something motivational inspirational instructional in the morning hundred percent no matter what um wake up you know i do i will do a dry brush i drive wash myself i’ve got a rebounder i’ll balance my rebounder for 10 20 minutes i try to hit the gym if i can hit the gym in the morning great if not i’ll do it at night depending on what the day looks like as an entrepreneur as a supervener now i i have multiple businesses it it tends to be hard to fill those in but i will automatically look at my schedule and say cool where am i at what’s my day look like i don’t jump right to i don’t jump right to uh to coffee i go get i go to a glass of water i’ll drink water in the morning every single day get my gut get my gut flowing i have these greens in my probiotics that i drink every single day every morning get my get my gut floor moving and then i sit there and right now today i look out the window i stand and i power pose i look out the window and i go wow like i am here here here i am look at this like i’m proud of you bro good job i know who you are or why you started those people that you saw in greece those people those refugees you saw from afghanistan iraq iran saudi arabia or somalia rather both north africa remember those people they need you keep going so let’s go like yeah sure you got a couple cool things now but you’re just getting started bro you’re just getting started and i just i’ll just walk myself through stuff like that like i said i write my book um and then i get my day started bro there’s no i’m more of a proponent just so you know of a nighttime routine so the morning routine does work but i’m more of a proponent of the nighttime routine of winding down and turning things off like recently i’ve been watching the news just because i’m not trying to understand what the heck’s going on in oil and gas and energy because it’s been super important to me because it’s one of my one of my friends i’ve got a 50 million dollar energy fund that i run a fund manager for and i have to understand the news when it comes to energy so there’s been like this uh the inflation reduction act that was just passed so i’m like watching that actively like literally watch them vote on it um so i don’t generally speak generally speaking i don’t watch news at night but i have been so i like to wind down and then take my sleep seriously that’s what i do yeah there’s a lot there’s a lot more to that it can change here and there and it just there was a lot from that so it adapts it adapts man like i don’t do the same thing every single day the same thing i do i will write down my my power my power purpose list and i will write down my write down my book and i start drinking water right in the morning love it i mean i was taking notes because when i have these kinds of conversations there’s usually like because we all us that are constantly working on personal development on growth and and making good habits and things when we’re talking to someone else that is practicing this you know they’re going to have something that we’re not doing right and i get to do a lot of these podcasts a lot of different people that are working on personal development so i try to sit here and like take the take the notes right and something that you said that someone else told me uh i think two shows ago is that superman power post because they’ve done a they’ve done a lot of studies on it and a two minute power pose like a superman power pose will actually bring you into state for the day like a power pose and i do it when i’m speaking my affirmations but one thing you said i didn’t know about it what’s a dry brush so a dry brush um dude you’re quizzing me now and i’m like i’m not 100 but i know what it does is it helps it helps a dry brush just google dry brush amazon dry brush and it’s this it looks like a horse brush actually but what it does is you would brush yourself towards your heart your whole body to your heart um and what it does i think it’s it’s a it’s not mitochondria but it’s it breaks some sort of cell that i forget what the stinking word is i haven’t talked about in a while but um i just know that i do it uh and it breaks out middle lip fluid there it is it helps brush out lip fluid and there’s there’s other things it’s like on a cellular basis it’s really weird i’m like okay i guess this works but there’s a lot of science behind it i’ve heard it on a couple podcasts but it helps break it helps break down lip fluid and there’s something else with the emma forget what it does um anyways it helps like release get this stuff out of your out of your blood um that actually apparently doesn’t happen yeah and apparently you know and then i’ve got to do a bunch of things i don’t even necessarily know all the benefits that it does right like i cold plunge you said you were talking a little bit about cryotherapy right yeah and i don’t know all the benefits i don’t think anybody knows all the benefits but we know that it’s good for us so we do it we know that this thing here is a good habit and something also like let’s say you know even taking vitamins there’s multiple varying degrees of success and and positive studies on vitamins whether they’re doing something or not but the thing is somebody consciously purposefully taking vitamins every single day whether that vitamin is doing anything or not there’s an effect there’s an effect on someone that is habitually doing something or multiple things to work on themselves like keystone habits or or habit stacking right and if you’re taking vitamins and you’re saying this vitamin does this for me what’s actually stronger the vitamin or your mind saying that that vitamin is doing that for you right so um where can people find you where’s the best place to find you and who are you looking for right now let me let me talk about that really quick on the vitamin thing i i don’t care if it’s placebo or not um a lot of them are placebo but i actually i take a lot of vitamins a lot of minerals like that um i do a lot of bio hacking but i actually do blood work as well adam like i’ll do blood work and my ph i test my ph a lot so if you’re not testing your ph i would i would say start there go get little little like a ph tester sticks on amazon and test your pee test your saliva realize how acidic you actually are if you’re at what i was at was 5.5 my my p was at 5.5 dude i was like how am i eating a clean diet am i so acidic this is wild so i started getting on this i started getting on there’s a book called get off your acid i did that whole seven day cleanse i did it for like eight or nine days with a bunch of my guys and now i i don’t pee anything less than a six and a half it is the weirdest thing ever i’m like why do i feel more clear now why do i feel like i’ve got less brain fog and less like i’m not as strong like i now i’m now more strong i can see clear i can see better so um whether it’s placebo or not i do a lot of blood work uh i get blood work done i just got blood work done recently really big enough biohacking i take glutathione i take body i take vitamin c take glutathione i’ll take nad plus i’ll take b12 all that type of stuff and i use violin as well my biome is huge uh i’ve got i test my gut like the gut health yeah yeah i take the gut i take the gut test every nine to ten months and every single one of my guys takes it i’m not an affiliate or whatever it’s just hey look i think this is the great thing since sliced bread and i think people need to understand their gut their gut um because i believe that a lot of the people that are going through recovery are extremely chemically imbalanced and only reason one not only one of the main reasons why that god has given us the ability to now test this stuff so that you can now get sober and stay sober so we’re chemically imbalanced so if you can just go get your blood panel tested which they can hit you up out on you i’m sure you have guys and doctors will help them with this but you can get your blood panel tested test like your magnesium your zinc your your your vitamin d all this different stuff you could just be off in zinc and just and be depressed we often magne you can be low in magnesium and be depressed not having the stamina like that so i think that’s really important to to test especially going through recovery you know find out where your home hormones are at you know having hormone replacement therapy you don’t have to go take testosterone you could just stop eating soy products which isn’t everything right it’s like dude like chill on this stuff so um finding out that to be to stay sober is super helpful and i’m not saying go get on testosterone i’m saying like hey like find out like because i did a test with my top 20 guys and every single one of them 19 18 out of 19 out of 20 of them were low to toss from high estrogen none of them got off testosterone we fixed their their hormone levels yeah it was fixed fixing what to eat the nutrients and the water that we’re drinking is stripping stripping the nutrients out of the the food and the food in the in the water or drinking stripping the nutrients out of our bodies that’s a big problem why we can’t stay mentally clear and why we’re so distracted all the time so anyways how i can see me uh how you can find me is uh is on is on instagram and on youtube um at mikey lucas m-i-k-e-y-l-u-c yes that’s that’s the best place to find me in my youtube and my instagram so i’m on facebook i’m on i’m on twitter i’m on uh the same thing on tick tock the whole nine yards i just gotta tr i just got a truth social so you just gotta what a truth social apparently what is what is that i haven’t done it i think it’s donald trump’s app or something okay cool somebody last weekend was like you got to be on truth and i was like okay cool i made that the other day show me on all the platforms youtube is where a lot of all the time dude you know youtube and instagram is where you’re gonna find most of my stuff getting getting the message out mike we appreciate you uh appreciate you coming on stay on for just a minute sure guys i’m gonna play this because the the videos have been cutting off a little early so i’m gonna make sure that we get through to the end guys i love you so much keep living recovered on purpose what’s up recovered on purpose family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing it with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out recoveredonpurpose.com after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction i’m now doing free calls that we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them

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