What is your recovery worth: The value of every life

What is your life and your recovery worth to you? How much are you willing to do to gain your life back?

Everyone in recovery had to give up something they held dear and important to them in their lives for so long in their addiction. And we all had to put in work to find recovery; one way or the other.

Today, we are celebrating recovery time milestones and discussing the work necessary for finding recovery and the value of each and every life of addicts out there suffering.

Come share your recovery with the community and show those out there struggling that it is possible!

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right here on the recovered on purpose show what is the value of your recovery tonight we’re going to be talking about the value of your recovery the value of every single addict’s life out there that’s struggling enjoy the show keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came the white represents the light in which we now live and the bread represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

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what’s up family so happy to see you welcome welcome to the recovered on purpose show weekend recap we’re going to be celebrating recovery time just like we do every weekend recap so let me know where you’re coming in from drop those clean and sober dates in the comments so we can go over and we can celebrate we got the celebration lights I love turning these things on so we can uh we can celebrate the clean time we can celebrate the recovery time and just uh you know live this life and Recovery together super exciting super exciting Amanda love you too love you too love my book you got the book from change the saved got some Shameless plugs right here thank you Amanda thank you thank you guys uh tonight we’re going to be talking about you know what is your recovery worth and the value of every life that’s out there you know in my addiction I I struggled with my own value my own my own worth what I was able to bring to the table what I was able to bring to relationships or you know anything that I was doing in my life and in my recovery I’ve found that you know I’m able to bring value into the world I’m able to help other people that are struggling I’m able to you know do things that are of value to other people now and I think that if we’re able to recognize ourselves and everyone out there that’s struggling every single addict out there that’s struggling has the capability of finding recovery and being someone that’s going out and helping others that are struggling every single life out there that’s struggling in addiction has that hope for a future because at the end of my addiction and I and I know that you know even in my addiction my heart was always for this community it was always four I wanted to find recovery I wanted to help people out there struggling and in my addiction I wasn’t able to do that because I was struggling myself and you know at the end of it I I started recognizing that even the people I was hanging around with even the people that I was talking to even the addicts out there that were still struggling they all had this heart to help and something that I’ve heard a lot of in my recovery people that are you know dipping their toes into recovery thinking about finding recovery they’re still using that kind of stuff a lot of them have that same hope that same dream of being able to help people and that’s what the real value is of our recovery of of each life out there because we’re able to go out and save people that other people aren’t able to we have a unique and special gifting with our past with our addiction we have a unique special gifting to be able to go out and help people that are unreachable by people that aren’t recovered from this same thing so Jaden coming in from New York two days clean of porn hate it y’all pray for me that I find my career path Jaden we love you love you so much congratulations on the two days and God we just we do we come before you right now in Jesus name and we just we just thank you God we thank you for your power we thank you for your you know for your love for us for your love for us through everything that we’ve ever been through everything that we will ever do that your love for us never changes and God I just asked for strength and courage and discipline to fall upon everybody that watches us live God we we lift up Jaden to you and we just ask God that you would give the steps to take to just completely free themselves of any kind of issues with with sexual uh sexual sin or sexual traumas or porn God specifically we just cast that out right now and God we just thank you that that you are answering these prayers you call us to you know come in one with you to you know have a relationship with you and you’re able to do all things we are able to do all things with you God so we just come upon that right now and we thank you for answering this in Jesus name amen congratulations Jaden I actually won it on Andrew Hager oh yeah that’s what’s up I do remember that and I remember sending it to you I would love a picture of that uh because I’ve been sending books you know I’m sure that I signed it for you and and uh told you I loved you and everything so I love I love seeing pictures of old notes that I that I wrote in books uh because I published it in 2019 I don’t even know how many how many books I’ve sent out so I would love to see the notes that that I wrote if anybody on here sees this and I’ve sent you a book make sure you’re sending me the picture of those notes I’d love to see him Bobby Columbus Ohio June 1st 2018 we’re going to celebrate that let’s go let’s let’s first 2018 that means that you have four years three months and eight days let’s go congratulations Bobby thanks for being in the community um it’s really important you know we have people coming in here with all different recovery times all different times of how much they have been in recovery and the beautiful thing is is that there’s always someone that is looking up to someone else in recovery you know I remember at one point in my addiction I I was listening to the people in in the fellowships listening to people in the rooms that had this significant amount of time and I’m like I don’t I don’t even believe that I don’t even believe that he’s got to be like smoking weed or something he’s got to be doing something to make it by right and when we come together as a community and we continue to share our recovery time to share to share the power that we’ve found in our recovery the people out there struggling will be able to find that hope we’ll be able to actually realize that it’s possible like we actually are doing this we actually are living alcohol and drug free and it’s a beautiful thing beautiful thing thanks for being here Bobby Pam good afternoon from Washington State good to see you Pam always good to see you love you so much I was a year in four months sober but I had a DV and I went back to it and didn’t know how to get out now the alcohol tag helped me and nearly losing my kids got me through now I have no help Kaylee there’s there’s help There’s Hope and you know a lot of things can happen in recovery a lot of things can happen in recovery a year and four months you started to recognize the the blessings that can start coming in recovery and things that we have lost in our addiction things that we have lost in our alcoholism you know it’s possible to gain them back it’s very possible to gain them back I’ve heard testimony after testimony after testimony of women that have lost their kids that have gained them back in their recovery the number one thing though number one thing we have to recover we have to do whatever that journey is whatever our recovery path is whether it’s 12 steps whether it’s treatment whether it’s medically assisted treatment whatever it is that’s going to get us to that point where we are we are free from drugs and alcohol and and becoming the best version of ourselves that’s when we can start attracting the things back into our lives so when it comes to not having help okay I I got to a point in my addiction where I was homeless I was 86 from a homeless shelter and I literally got kicked out of line at the homeless shelter when I went back just to get lunch they didn’t open lunch for everybody that just wanted lunch even if you weren’t living there and I went to get lunch at this homeless shelter and I got kicked out of it so I got to a point where you know I felt like there was no help for me and it was the most powerful place that I was able to come from because God is always there he will guide you he will show you the path to recovery and it’s just it’s our responsibility to follow it and thank you for being here we love seeing you here um and you know there’s a bunch of people that every single person that’s on this live right now I know this community I know this community well you can reach out to any person that you see on this live commenting you can talk to them talk to them about their path of recovery talk to them about how they did it find some different Inspirations some different motivations some different Journeys that people are taking so you can find your journey love you so much thank you for being here Amanda coming in with the uh December 11th 2019 we got to get him on both let’s go let’s go Liberation lights for recovery time we got uh what do we got two years and almost nine months let’s go congratulations Amanda super happy to see you here super happy to see you here let’s turn these off these things are fun and this is the only night that I use these I only use these on weekend recap so we can celebrate with the celebration lights so love to see you all here Kaylee I’m stuck and need help before I lose my mind I get that raise your hand raise your hand in the comments if you get that if you get being stuck and need help before I lose my mind I I did lose my mind I did lose my mind there’s there’s a lot of there’s a lot there is help Kaylee I don’t know what state are you coming in from what state are you coming in from and and even City you know there’s there’s recovery communities in basically every city in the entire world now and what are we what are we willing to do so I’m going to go through these comments real quick and then I have Banners To to talk about good to see you Tammy I feel you Kaylee we can gain everything back we can gain everything back South Jersey coming in let’s go bro we got the uh we got the January 16 2022. love this family hey Adam good to see you Jeremy always good to see you brother love seeing you we got Pam coming in with July 25th 2013 333 days which is 109 months and 15 days one day at a time yes let’s go pam pam is a is an OG she’s been coming in for a while and you know look at this we got 3 333 days coming in and supporting the community making sure the community knows that that amount of clean time is possible that’s an angel number that’s an angel number right there good things are coming to you Pam love seeing you always Tammy coming in with uh February 3rd 2015. let’s go let’s go so we have what uh uh seven years seven months and six days amen seven years seven months six days tomorrow’s a big day for you seven years seven months seven days tomorrow celebrate that that’s a good one that’s an angel number two observing amen I’m scared because I nearly lost my kids so I’m just so I’m too scared I keep my kids through I kept my kids through it I hear you Kaylee I hear you it doesn’t get better by us continuing to drink and use it doesn’t get better whatever we have lost and and I thought that there was a rock bottom in my addiction I thought I thought it was Rock Bottom when I was in an apartment you know I just lost all my friends I’d lost all of my community I was in an apartment and I was trying to kill myself with with a shot of heroin I thought that was rock bottom then I thought it was Rock Bottom when I when I was on the floor calling my mentor telling him I’m gonna kill myself you know what four years later then I thought it was Rock Bottom when I was looking around in a homeless shelter at what my life had become then I got 86 from the homeless shelter so there it gets worse if we don’t take the path to make it better and I I wish there was something that I could say to someone out there struggling go to this person because they’re going to be the one to get you clean they’re going to be the one to to get you sober that’s not how it works anybody that has found recovery I have I have you know I’ve heard people talk about the help that they’ve gotten because many of us have had somebody that showed up at the right time but every single person that has found recovery and long-term recovery has recognized it’s between them and their relationship with God that’s that’s what it comes down to what are we willing to do 3 3 15 let’s go what’s up Melinda hi brother Miss tuning in now you’re right here you’re right here we’re just talking in the comments we’re just talking in the comments hi Alexandria good to see you amen amen absolutely you can reach out to anyone in this family it’s so true it’s so true we love you Kaylee we love you so much and every single person in these comments I’m telling you right now every single one of them would love to have a conversation with you and we got raised hands saying that they that they get it and Kaylee you’re in the UK you’re in the UK and if you want Kaylee if you want I know that there’s I know there’s other followers in here that that are from the UK um they might not be on this live right now but I hear the UK a lot but if you want to send me a message with the specific um with a specific City that you’re in the specific place in the UK that you’re at I can send you some resources I can send you some some different fellowships and different meetings to go to different communities um it’s really they’re really easy to find when we look for them when we look for them amen no lean coming in we got March 25th 2022 let’s go all coming up on those six months we got 16 days till we got six months powerful place to be uh I love it I love it all right I’m gonna get through these comments quick because we got some we got some things to go through coming in Ireland let’s go Florida January 18 2020 Montana here let’s go Brennan let’s go raising your hand I know I’ll talk to you messenger perfect perfect got December 13th 2021 celebration lights let’s go let’s go big love in this family Rock Bottom is whenever you put the shovel down and stop digging exactly exactly that’s what it’s about that’s what it’s about I dug the entire pit that I put myself in in my active addiction and what I found in my recovery as much as as much as I have the community as much as I have the mentors and I have the friends and things that that help me get places where I’m going It ultimately a hundred percent comes down to me about where my life is going the decisions I make right now are going to determine where I’m at in five years I’m coming up on five years in recovery the decisions I’ve made in my recovery in the last five years have brought me right to where I’m at right now and the decisions I make over the next five years will bring me right to where I’m at in five years from now and I’m very aware of this I’m very aware of it I don’t look to people to you know to get me to places that I want to go I do collaborate I do talk to people I do Network I do you know add value in places I can add value to and receive value places that I can receive value from but the whole thing is It ultimately comes down to the work that I’m willing to put in for my dreams for my recovery for my life what’s up Genesee good to see you sharing what’s on your mind will help you yes exactly does California sober count does it I think that’s up to you I personally um for my for my community for the people that for the people that come to me for help I don’t recommend it because for someone like me I’ve experienced it myself where I couldn’t just smoke weed I couldn’t do it I would always end up going back to the drugs that I was that were killing my life you know I I’m I’m really happy for the people that that do are able to find it that way that are able to live their best life that way that are comfortable that are free that are happy doing that um and I think it’s up to you if it counts it doesn’t it whatever anybody else says in recovery doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter how you’re recovering um it only matters to you it’s responsibility for yourself I’m going to be moving soon I’ll hope that will change me because it’s true I’m the one who’s not being strong Kaylee geographical change we uh we know about that in this community a lot of us have moved expecting us to be left behind we go wherever we are going we end up wherever we go so be careful expecting that to change it today was the first day I felt like drinking kids can test you way too much but thank Jesus he kept me sane and I made it through the day amen amen Portsmouth the lights are back on let’s go Thomas February 2nd 2022 let’s go we’re celebrating this let’s go brother congratulations congratulations brother proud of you proud of you hey man I get that I get that you’re California sober um and I’m gonna put it right here it’s you know I’m willing to celebrate it with you I I don’t I don’t shame you for it I don’t you know I have no opinion on somebody else’s recovery and the fact that you are honest about it says a lot about you says a lot about you it says a lot about your beliefs in it um personally I don’t I don’t I don’t have the experience in it to share with somebody that that’s a path that they should go down for Recovery personally I don’t because it didn’t work for me all right we’re gonna go into the banners I’m just thinking the devil knows our weakness man I don’t know what it’s like to be a drug addict but I have dealt with addictions I get it Jaden porn porn sex gambling food disorders they all affect the same part of the brain they all affect the same dopamine response and the same reward system that drugs do the only difference between drugs and these things is the the physical and mental addiction that happens with drugs it’s it’s just a different addiction physically and I focus on that but I but I get it brother I get it 35 months here okay I gotta hop out of these 35 months Kyle good to see you brother always good to see you love seeing you man love seeing you all right so we’re gonna hop over to these banners for this for this topic this topic let me take this off um so what is your recovery worth personally I want you to ask yourself this if if you’re if you’re in uh if you’re in addiction right now if you are in early recovery or if you’re in long-term recovery we all get to a point where we have to decide what it’s worth to us to progress to progress in our life to to progress in our recovery to you know to find recovery like Kaylee I know just I’m I’m calling calling your name out because you’ve been open in the comments about where you’re at what is it worth to find recovery to you specifically is it worth doing whatever it takes whatever it takes is it worth going to Fellowship meetings humbling yourself raising your hand saying I can’t stop I need to find help is it worth doing you know eight hours of of work on your recovery per day is it worth going to treatment is it worth doing whatever it takes that God puts in front of you to do and that’s where I had to get to in order to find recovery I had to get to a place where you know I was literally willing to do whatever God put in front of me I even like yeah I was willing to do anything I’ll just tell you that I had to go to the go to the doctor to because I got my blood work done just make sure I didn’t contract anything in my addiction and at the doctor I even said something that worried them I was like I was like I’m literally willing to cut this arm off just so I can’t shoot up in it anymore and I and what I was saying I I said it honestly I knew that I wasn’t going to actually cut my arm off but I had gotten to a point where I would literally be willing to because my addiction is going to kill me I can’t stop and if for some reason I had to lose this arm in order to find recovery I was willing to do that I was willing to do whatever it took to find recovery the first step obviously is always admitting admitting that we have a problem admitting that we need help but then that’s not enough that’s not enough we have work to put in that means that we need to go to meetings it means it means that we need to set aside time to be specifically talking with someone who has recovered about steps that we need to take in order to find that recovery in order to stay clean and sober because quitting the drugs and alcohol is is the very very first thing and it’s very small on the grand scale of being able to find recovery long term because once you quit the drugs you know most drugs are you’re you no longer have cravings within 30 days most drugs you don’t have cravings within 30 days of stopping the use of them because a craving is actually a physical a physical craving like you you feel it you physically crave it because you because you need the drugs in your system but once they’re out of your system that craving will go away the difference of a craving and obsession is once that craving goes away our mind starts playing tricks on us our mind starts telling us you know maybe I can smoke just a little bit of crap maybe I can just do it this once maybe they won’t know maybe I’ll be able to you know I made it 30 days so maybe I can figure out just managing it this time and our mind will start pilling tricks on us like that that will take us all the way back to the depths of addiction quickly quickly and the only way to get rid of that the only way to really get rid of that obsession is by putting in the work it’s putting in the work living by spiritual principles living by helping other people not thinking about ourselves thinking about other people how am I going to add value to the world how am I going to progress as a person to be able to you know add value to God to his people in as many ways as possible and when we’re constantly thinking about others the obsession of drinking and using starts to go away it starts to go away some people like for me it went away like that it went away after I did my fifth step out of the 12 steps my first time on day 25 on Day 26 the obsession had left and it hasn’t returned I’ve heard many testimonies of this through the 12-step work of people having that okay one day was like this the other day it was like this no longer obsessing I’ve also heard people many testimonies of people who it gradually came you know they started to notice that they were having it less and less and then all of a sudden you know they just realized one day oh I haven’t thought about it in a long time you know and then it just didn’t return so it happens through the work but we have to be willing to work for it what is your recovery worth is it worth doing whatever it takes okay now what have you put in

what work have you put in to recover and this is this is a really deep question if you’re out there struggling or if you’re in early recovery or even long-term recovery and you’re noticing thoughts starting to come back up right what work have you put in to recover if you’re having the obsessive thoughts of active alcoholism and addiction of of suffering from this disease the the obsession of you know drinking and using like I need to use drugs and alcohol it’s the only way to solve this problem that’s going on within me we need to take a look at what work have we done today this week this month that that is causing us to or what work of work have we been missing that is causing us to get to this point in our thought process you know for me a lot of the work that that I put in has a lot to do with recovered on purpose it has a lot to do with you know growing myself as a person to be able to get a message out to addicts struggling that recovery is possible to start you know I’m working on a on a uh speaking tour for college campuses and working on that it helps me to you know know that I’m working on helping other people I’m putting in the work to progress in my life in order to you know just know that I’m constantly going this way and not allowing myself to go this way and if we’re putting in work because it’s not nobody in recovery that I would ever listen to no one in recovery will tell you that they are a perfect person it’s you know they they just won’t I haven’t heard it um if you do hear it run away from that person the the whole the whole program of recovery whether it’s 12 steps whether it’s treatment whether it’s Church whether it’s mat the entire point of recovery is progress it’s progress for so long in our lives in addiction we were constantly digressing in our life we were doing things that were causing harm to ourself and others we were unable to fulfill on dreams we were unable to achieve goals we were unable to hold jobs we were unable to hold homes we weren’t able to progress in our life because of our addiction in our recovery we have to be progressing in life because if we’re doing things if we’re not working on progressing there’s there’s no staying still the the universe the laws of physics say that nothing stays still nothing stays the same it’s either dying or it’s progressing period so if we’re not progressing then we’re going to be digressing and we will find us find ourselves in a place where we’re unhappy we’re depressed we we feel like we can’t be of real use to anybody you know we’ll be Miss will be uh miserable you know all of these bedevilments that start to come over us because we’re not working on progressing in our life so what work have you put in to recover if you’re if you’re still out there in addiction making a list of the things you have actually done you have actually done defined recovery that could be you know I’ve gone to meetings every day I’ve gone to I’ve gone to a counselor you know I’ve I’ve talked on on live videos I’ve I’ve messaged and reached out to people to to find help that’s all great all those things are incredible things now make a list of the things the work that you have actually done to find recovery to recover and then over here write a list of the things you haven’t done that you’ve heard work you know maybe it’s depending on what drug you’re using maybe it’s uh you haven’t researched mat maybe it’s I’ve never actually done the steps maybe it’s I’ve never actually gotten a sponsor maybe it’s I’ve never actually seen if I can go to treatment you know there’s there’s a whole list of things if you have not found recovery if you have if you are still out there using there’s an entire list of things you have not done yet to find recovery because it is possible a hundred percent and it comes down to us the question before what is your recovery worth what are you willing to do when you become willing to do anything and you make a list of what work you have actually put in you’ll start to recognize okay here’s some things that I have not done or put my all into and when you’re trying to recover when you’re trying to find recovery or you know if you’re in recovery and you’re trying to progress in life right if you’re starting to have those bedevilments come up make that list of things that you are recognizing you’re not putting your all in that you that you know you should if it’s your health if it’s your relationships if it’s you know your step work if it’s the Your Spawn sees maybe you should be talking to them more maybe you should be go going to homeless shelters and volunteering you know make a list of the things that you haven’t been doing that you know you should be doing that you know you want to do hop back in the comments I see there’s a whole bunch of them love that people are in here I love that uh love that you guys are hopping in and commenting I love this community so much I love this community so much yes yes yes love you too Kaylee I’m just thinking the devil yes thank you 35 months clean and sober let’s go I think I’m going to quit smoking marijuana soon too hey bro uh I’m proud of you for even having that thought and you know if that thought is coming up that means something that means something and you know m-a-t maybe maybe marijuana is a is a form of you know medically assisted treatment for early stage recovery I don’t know if it worked for you to get you to this point and you’re starting to recognize that you know maybe you want to quit that too there’s something to that seek why why is it do you think that it would make you a better person do you think that it would make you you know a a more full individual of who you actually are then look into it that’s a good that’s a really powerful place to come from bro my opinion work whatever recovery works best for you just work it exactly whatever path you’re going to take to find recovery you gotta go a hundred percent period you have to go 100 percent

California silver and killing it we recovered too my sister had anorexia it’s a head illness yeah exactly no I’m always going to enjoy my week my mission is to heal my mind with wisdom and Infuse my body with love amen much love Chris still good to see you I hate that I let someone relapse it’s [ __ ] I hear you it’s worth taking control over my life because an addiction I was seeking an escape from a life I couldn’t control I get it what’s good Vernon good to see you bro good to see you thanks for hopping in haven’t had a cigarette in three days and I’m killing it yes yes we’re gonna celebrate that with you bro amen let’s go let’s go there is a there is a study that’s been done that if you quit smoking cigarettes around the same time you quit drugs alcohol and that kind of stuff your likelihood of staying in recovery goes up like 80 percent it just like skyrockets and when I heard I first heard that study in my very early recovery like in my first week or two weeks I found that study somehow and it made me decide on day 30 my first ever time getting 30 days clean and sober quit smoking cigarettes haven’t had a drag of a cigarette since and I did that because at that point I had I had received that power from God I understood that you know I I I have this power now I’m not powerless over this I’ve received the power of God and I’m able to do these things and I still have the journal from that day because I was journaling you know every single day in my early recovery and you know into my recovery and I still have it December 5th 2017. God I can’t believe I made 30 days it’s so amazing I made it God thank you so much for getting me here God it would be amazing if I didn’t smoke cigarettes anymore I want to show people you never have to drink use or smoke cigarettes ever again boom having that Dragon for cigarette since it’s powerful bro keep it up reminder a sign of growth is being okay with not being okay amen walking on hot coals if I had to exactly recovery is the most important thing in my life after God yes I’m willing to try new things and act in new ways yes whatever means necessary exactly exactly progress is when we forgive ourselves for taking so long to treat our bodies like a home yes

yeah rehab is good you know rehab is good the success rates for for you know you’re in the UK I don’t know what the success rates are there uh treatment centers here in America or there in America um you know our our success rates for long-term recovery are very very shallow very very low um it’s not it’s and I don’t I don’t blame treatment centers um I don’t really blame anybody but it always will come down to the individual if you have an opportunity to go to rehab to go to treatment take that time to build a foundation for when you get out of treatment period that’s what it’s about I knew I was on the right path when I started feeling peace in situations where I would normally feel tension yes first of all I kept coming back and I didn’t give up that’s putting in work exactly Vernon exactly addiction lies to us constantly makes us believe all kinds of untruths yes who understands that I put time in I’m working on self-love and letting go of my past to fully heal and mind body and spirit yes I keep calling in my journey of self-love yes

oh this sounds bad I wasn’t I didn’t know if I was going to bring it up just my ex broke me and my collarbone and I had to move then come back and waiting on a move I’m starting to see I will never go back to what I was but I just but it just the hiding that I’m doing and don’t want to even do that recovery is hard but the light at the end is amazing I miss it Kaylee you’re welcome back we welcome you with open arms you are 100 welcome back it is possible you’ve been there you’ve been there you know you know what you have to do to find recovery and now we just have to hop back on you know we have to hop back on that horse we’re we’re all here to open open up our arms to you give you a big hug tell you we love you and we support you love you all love you too Crystal I’ve done it and I’ve forgot them but they helped me yes we have a mind that lies to us yes after a period sober they cannot differentiate the truth and the false exactly Restless irritable discontent unless they can experience the sense of ease and comfort that comes at once by taking a few drinks or one little crack hit on the other hand once they have a spiritual experience psychic change the very same person finds himself easily able to control his desire provided he follows the steps a few Simple Rules a few Simple Rules and those rules are spiritual principles that many of us learned through the 12 Steps this is a quote from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and this is what I was talking about the difference between the obsession and the craving right this is the obsession the mind that lies to us that tells us that you know the ease and comfort will come from drugs and alcohol when in reality we know we know that it’s going to be very short-lived and then we’re in a very suffering State we’re in a suffering State when we use we already know that thanks to Common atom it’s perfect amen our recovery is worth more than anything yes yes watching my dear wonderful mother smoking a couple of pack packages of cigarettes daily has kept me from smoking anything in my life that’s that’s a blessing you know and a lot of people have you know and it’s really interesting because I have a lot of conversations with a lot of different people that you know um in addiction or out of addiction and I’ve heard people that you know they saw their parents doing something whether it was drugs or drinking or smoking and it made them like look at that and do it they’re like oh I’m supposed to drink I’m supposed to use I’m supposed to smoke and they’ll even use that as an excuse like I was taught it by my parents then I’ve heard a ton of other people that they saw their parents drinking using drugs and smoking and they’re like I’m never gonna do that I don’t ever want my life to be like that and it’s really interesting to see you know how it’s it’s all up to us it’s our perception of reality and I think that’s beautiful Pam it’s amazing yes because I was sober smoke free and all and then drink [ __ ] comes hand in hand and guys remember she’s in the UK [ __ ] mean cigarette oh my gosh I hate that I let him make me relapse he’s an hmp so it’s my goal to be sober before he gets out amen do it taking the time to let yourself heal this isn’t a competition yes exactly guys we’re going to take a quick 30 second break be right back what’s up recovered on purpose family I hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as I do when I’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing it with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message and guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out recoveredonpurpose.com after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction I’m now doing free calls so we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show all right amen amen so here’s a really good question and this is a question that we should ask ourselves in our recovery no matter where you’re at in your recovery whether you’re at three days 30 days three years 13 years okay how many people have you helped in your recovery how many people have I helped in my recovery and this looks a lot of different ways because this is going to be when when we really find recovery we learn that this is actually the solution is helping other people yes we can talk about the solution being God and us and doing the steps or following spiritual principles yes but ultimately all of that leads us to doing this leads us to helping people and that can look like a whole bunch of different ways right I remember and I’ve told the story a couple times but um it was 2019 and I was building a or I was I was you know opening a new branch of my company down in Colorado Springs I was staying in an Airbnb and I was living in Denver at the time and I got a call got notified that my little cousin was was killed my two-year-old cousin was killed he was a really horrible thing that happened and I had to leave Colorado Springs I had to get in get a get a flight in order to go to the funeral support my family and be with them and uh I also was on probation at the time so I had to meet with my probation officer to get a to get a pass in order to leave the state and so I’m driving from Colorado Springs to Denver and I’m like I’m talking to my probation officer she says you have to be here by this time and if you aren’t I’m going to leave I have to leave so you’re not going to be able to go and then I find out that my my flight that I booked was actually to the wrong airport in South Dakota so I’m trying to figure that out and all of this stuff is going on in my head all these things are happening I’m I’m you know freaking out basically I’m I’m not in a good state of mind and I finally get to uh Colfax on I-25 which is where I had to exit to go to my probation officer and all this stuff is going on in my mind and then I get off on Colfax and I’m going to be late to my probation officer I already know she told me if I’m late I’m not gonna be able to go but I I pull off on Colfax and it’s all backed up it’s backed up back to backed up and I start as I’m inching forward inching forward I start recognizing cars like going around like this going around and going around like like parting in the middle of the road and then I come up to this Jeep stalled in the middle of the road with a flat tire the back left tire so I pull it behind him and I’m like all right this is an opportunity God’s giving me this right now I know what I’m supposed to do and and I stopped behind the Jeep I went up and I tapped on the window and she was scared she was like oh my gosh I’ve been sitting here for 25 minutes not knowing what to do so I was able to help her really quick change this change the tire and in that process of helping someone else all the thoughts all the worries everything that we’re going that was going on inside of me it it went away it went away in that moment while I was helping her and the beautiful thing is that all those worries ended up not even happening the the airline gave me a free transfer to the other to the other uh airport so I didn’t have to worry about that my probation officer actually ended up having a client show up late so she was actually there late so it worked out and in that moment I learned that it’s not just about when we’re in recovery it’s not just about us going out just to help other addicts where to practice these principles in all our Affairs if we see someone on the side of the road you know that that has a flat tire why wouldn’t we pull over and help them if we know how to change a flat tire we have no idea what someone is going through in a moment and what we can show up as for them God has given us this this free passive life now a lot of us are living on borrowed time time that we shouldn’t even have me personally I was I was dead in my addiction found from an overdose with without breath without pulse and you know I shouldn’t be here and many of us that have found recovery are in that same state so if we’re living on borrowed time and we have an opportunity to help somebody we need to take it and not only do we need to take it but it blesses us it’s an incredible feeling to be able to show up in the world as someone that serves people just because just because I’m able to now I serve people so if we can if we can ask ourselves this question and just be like I have no idea anymore that’s the place we want to be because we’re not we’re not looking for you know how many people can I help we’re becoming someone that helps people period that’s just what our life is about now we’re out to serve we’re out to think about other people right I love I love helping people I love people so much there’s so many things there’s so many ways to do it also um and there’s new ways there’s new ways every day to help people um one thing my son says he’s 12 and he will never he tells me and I’ve told him if you want to do it but he says no um I hear you Kaylee I hear you how do you remember I only remember big events it’s mad I I hear you I hear you I I actually have a have a system for you know how I how I wrote the book how I teach people to speak how I speak how I come up with it um and there’s a process for it but number one thing for me the first thing I did to really remember all the things I needed to remember in order to recover I did the 12 steps I did the 12 Steps the fourth step is really really valuable the fourth and fifth step is really really valuable you’ll learn a lot about yourself about what makes you tick about why you’re thinking the way that you’re thinking you know and you just you’re able to remember a lot more stuff when you get a lot of stuff out it’s a really valuable process so we’re going to talk about five reasons to stay sober when you’re struggling in recovery or if you’re struggling in addiction these are five reasons to get sober or to stay sober okay number one and I put this as number one just because but not going back there there’s a lot of us in recovery we can we can sometimes forget how bad it was we can sometimes forget you know luckily for me you know I have a video of myself being pulled out of a car by the police when they found me overdosed you know I have that video I don’t have to you know try to remember how bad it was it was really bad um a lot of us can forget that though we don’t want to forget the the last use we don’t want to forget the last drink we don’t want to forget you know how bad it was how we felt you know um we want to remember that and and bring that to the Forefront if we’re struggling you know if we remember that we really don’t want to go back there nothing is worth that nothing that’s going on in my recovery is worth going back there if we can get that to the Forefront of our mind then it’ll take us into recognizing the work that we have to do to get back in a place where we’re feeling content we’re feeling you know Serene because it doesn’t Serenity Happiness joy all that stuff isn’t something that we’re able to learn and grasp and hold on to and keep for the rest of our lives the the entire process of living is in Seasons it’s in Hills and it’s in valleys it’s the whole process of life and as we’re going through these things we have to remember that no matter what no matter what we’re going through it’s never worth it to go back there to go back to using to go back to drinking because we know that that only takes us to the depths it only takes us to places we don’t even necessarily know anymore we I I don’t even know where I would end up now if I was to use I would lose all this all of this is gone everything I’m working on now is gone but that wouldn’t even be the worst for me that wouldn’t even be the worst and that’s you know that’s very very uh understood by me I’m I’m well aware that I do not ever want to eat drink your ears again I don’t want to lose everything I’ve built up I don’t want to lose you know my ability to help people I don’t want to lose that uh I have had my story recorded for women’s support groups and it’s been played all around Ireland let’s go to help so many people and I’ve not only helped vulnerable women know they are not alone and crazy I’ve also led a few to give their lives to Jesus let’s go amen amen that’s uh you know that was my first step when I like really understood that Jesus was My Savior that’s that’s when I was really given the power to do the work necessary to find recovery when I was able to do that you know when I when I really truly learned that there was no other God before him I I was able to find it so a lot of people you know by by sharing Jesus with them we don’t even know where they’re at now nolene we literally don’t even know um the the impact that that’s had because Jesus working through you is now working through them and now they’re doing their own thing with God so that’s amazing I love it that’s that’s the ultimate goal right I spent a lifetime in hell and it only took me 12 steps to get to heaven amen I love that I never read but I’ve done the 12 Steps counseling and I have two toddlers so my head don’t think of anything apart from looking after my kids I know I don’t want to be here ten thousand percent I get it Kaylee we get that anybody that has struggled with addiction gets this you know um the number one way that you are able to look after your kids is to become the best you period um the only way that you’re going to be able to to really care for them the way that you want to is finding recovery we know that you know that so now it’s what are you willing to do and go do it go do it I think for me the reason why I’m I’m Pro anything that helps people find recovery Pro treatment Pro mat Pro whatever I will always you know tell people if you haven’t done it yet go to meetings get a sponsor do the steps read the big book do what it says do it quickly do it honestly and see what happens for you do it with a hundred percent effort don’t drink or use while you’re doing it and you know see what happens nothing nothing bad could happen from not drinking and using for a little bit and doing the 12 steps never know all right number two rebuilding relationships this is this is out of the uh five reasons to stay sober when you are struggling in your recovery or struggling to get re to find recovery number two is rebuilding relationships and what I found beautiful about my recovery it’s not just about you know it was it’s been awesome to rebuild a relationship with my family I actually am flying out to Mexico tomorrow to meet my sister in Cancun and we haven’t been out of the I don’t even know if we’ve been out of the state together we haven’t even been out of Colorado together um since we were like really little so that’s a blessing of recovery that you know that’s in rebuilding relationships there’s there’s also you know not just rebuilding the ones that we lost or the ones that we really damage but rebuilding relationships that we we don’t even have yet we are if we’re in recovery we have an opportunity to be somebody that can show up in a relationship that can meet somebody and and show up for them whether it’s business whether it’s a friendship whether it’s a romantic relationship whatever it is we have an opportunity to be somebody that can show up for it so rebuilding ourselves as somebody that can have relationships that can last I know that for me in my in my addiction I struggled a lot um with the thought process of you know everybody’s going to be gone at some point um I’m gonna die or everybody else is gonna die everybody’s Gonna Leave Me I had abandonment issues and stuff like that and in my recovery now I’ve learned I still have you know trauma triggers and things like that for abandonment and that kind of stuff but it’s but it’s different now I’ve gotten to a place where I know the value that I bring to a relationship I know the boundaries I have for for friendships and and you know things like that and I keep those and I continue to be myself in the best way that I possibly can to serve the people that are around me to serve my community to serve my friends my family you know um not currently in a relationship but I do my best right and it’s a it’s a beautiful thing to to know that we’re somebody that can show up in relationships so rebuilding relationships number two number three of the five reasons to stay sober when you’re struggling or if you’re struggling to find recovery pursuing your dreams in recovery we’re actually able to do the things that we’ve always wanted to do I’ve always wanted to be a speaker I’ve always wanted to write a book I’ve always wanted to have a company I’ve always wanted to help people and I’m pursuing my dreams now and I’m well aware that all of this the power of this the power of my story it it stops having the impact that it that it’s had if I drink or use I’m I’m not going to be able to go you know tour campuses and speak at college campuses if I’m using I’m not going to be able to do any of that I’m not going to be able to pursue these dreams so it’s a beautiful place to come from having this recovery to pursue our dreams and whatever that dream looks like for you it can be anything and that’s the beauty of it in our recovery we have the freedom to to dream we have the freedom to become the person we’ve always wanted to be and that goes into the next one of the five reasons to stay sober when you’re struggling or if you’re looking for recovery feeling freedom everybody that’s been in addiction has had that moment or has had that feeling of being completely trapped of feeling like we have no control no power uh no help no hope we’ve had that feeling in our addiction and in our recovery a reason to stay sober or a reason to get sober is actually experiencing freedom we can we can know the difference between freedom and and being trapped in addiction we know that and we have to remember that at these times that we’re struggling if no matter what amount of time you have clean and sober if you’re having thoughts about drinking are you having thoughts about using we have to remember that we are free right now to have that choice I got to a point in my addiction where I was no longer choosing to use drugs and I was still using them I was using them against my will and now in my recovery I know that I’m free to make that choice I you know I don’t know if God would allow me to use now I don’t know if I don’t know what that looks like but I don’t even want to go there I make the choice not to go there I make the choice I’m not using I’m not drinking ever again that’s my life now and I have the freedom now to make that choice so number five of the five reasons to stay sober when you’re struggling in your recovery number five is giving yourself a chance giving yourself a chance at life and we don’t we really don’t have a chance in our addiction to live a happy fulfilled life period if we’re continually using drugs and alcohol if we’re if we’re trapped in addiction we we feel like we want to stop but we don’t we feel like we want to stop and we can’t we’re never going to give ourselves a chance at really having a fulfilled happy life and if we’re in our recovery and we’re struggling at a point where we’re thinking about drinking or using where we’re having those thoughts come back where you know maybe it’s not worth it maybe it’s not worth it living sober that will take away our chance to find why we actually want to live it takes our chance away if we drink or use and everything passes this too shall pass if you’re struggling right now this will pass it comes into what work are you willing to put in right now to become the person that you’ve always wanted to be what is it that’s missing in your life right now that you’re willing to work for to achieve if you’re in your recovery and you’re struggling in any facet if it’s if it’s depression if it’s anxiety if it’s Health if it’s you’re actually thinking about drinking or using if you’re actually thinking about relapsing right now is the moment to take back charge to Take Back Control make a list of things that you have done over the last week or the last month that have been good for you then make a list of the things that you’ve done over the last week or month that have been bad for you and then write down the things that you’re willing to stop doing right this moment right this moment I’m cutting this out I’m done with it and cut that out and then the things that you’ve done good keep those in and then what are you willing to do to add to that list what are you willing to do this can look like the gym it can look like Health personally I just started uh training MMA again in my first training session I could just tell this feeling in my body I knew that my nutrition wasn’t right I knew that what I was eating wasn’t right I work right here many many hours a day and it’s really easy for me to use this thing down here in Columbia called rappy and I order you know food to me and what I did now the day after I went and you know did MMA and I felt that that uncomfortable that that energy suck while I was working out and I know that that’s not how I’m supposed to feel I stopped rapping I quit rappy and I got a meal prep service to where they actually look at what your goals are they look at what your diet restrictions are they look at all that and then they bring the food to you every day they bring you three meals and I did that because I was willing to let go of this thing that I recognized was taking away from my chance at having a fulfilled life my chance of having the feeling of freedom in my health I was willing to let that go and I did it and each and every one of you is able to do that exact same thing whatever area of your life you’re thinking of whatever area

I have mine plugged into the charger amen amen best every relationship to be repaired is mine with my oldest daughter when she looks at me and tells me how proud she is of me and how she loves me that’s beautiful exactly that’s exactly what it’s about rebuilding relationships like that and we will if we continue drinking or using if we never taste that that true Freedom that comes from long-term recovery um we we will lose the opportunity we will lose the opportunity to really regain the the relationship back you know if we’re not able to be the best person that we are called to be the the potential that we have and I used to hate that word potential but it’s true we can’t reach our potential in relationships if we’re not being the best us and drugs and alcohol absolutely 100 do not take us to the best us

thanks guys and do one of you if you want to put me down he’s helped me and that’s all I care about we love you Kaylee we love you cute sweet love you all so much have an incredible incredible weekend um I will I haven’t decided what I’m doing Sunday yet because I’m going to be in Mexico we have a show tomorrow with Mikey Lucas he’s a he’s an awesome dude he was addicted to uh to opiates to Oxycontin and now he’s doing multiple seven figures uh with different businesses different streams and stuff had a conversation with him that’s Aaron tomorrow at 10 A.M Central and then Sunday I haven’t decided what I’m gonna do probably gonna go live from Mexico and talk to y’all love you guys so much keep living we’re covered

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