Who We Are: The Call In Our Recovery


On today’s episode of The Recovered On Purpose Show: Bringing The Word Wednesday, I am coming to you LIVE from Cartagena, Colombia and talking about all the things we are able to do and ARE CALLED to do in our recovery.

We dive into the Word from the letters Paul wrote from prison to the churches around the world and how this applies to us in our recovery.

Some of us went to treatment for recovery from addiction, some of us went to 12 step fellowships for addiction recovery, and some of us went to church and met Jesus for our recovery… and some of us did all these or none of these to find recovery from addiction… The powerful thing we all have in common is one responsibility to help others find freedom from addiction.

Join us for the identity shift!

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hello and welcome everybody to the recovered on purpose show bringing the word wednesday super excited to be coming in live from cartagena colombia and today we’re going to be talking about our identity in our recovery and the call that we have now that we have recovered love you guys so much enjoy the show and keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

hello hello hello everybody super excited to be here super excited to see you all i’m coming in live from cartagena colombia and i was gonna use the uh the background with the ocean and stuff but this camera i might take you guys there in a little bit but this camera kind of focuses on me and then it was like super bright so uh super excited to be coming in with you guys i’ve got some got some words to bring to you and we’re gonna be talking about who we are now in our recovery the identity that we have our call to get out and help others and we’re gonna be talking from the bible and i’ve got about you know four or five chapters that we’ve got to read today and uh just super excited about where life is right now and want to talk to you guys about you know your value and what it is that you’re able to do now that you’ve found recovery there’s so many things that we can do there’s so many things we’ve always wanted to do and now we actually have the opportunity to do this and not only the opportunity but we have a call we have a purpose we have we have a responsibility to get out and help others find recovery because when we’ve when we’ve escaped this darkness when we’ve escaped this place where we’re helpless hopeless mind body and spirit we have to be showing others that there is a way out and our way out doesn’t always mean that it’s the only way out but it is impos it is impossible for someone else to find recovery without us telling them how we recovered because they’ve got to find their own journey right tell me where you’re coming in from tell me your clean and sober day so we can celebrate with you good to see you pam love you girl good to see you good to see you guys i’ve got a few different things to read today but uh i’m just man yesterday we got here to uh to cartagena and it is beautiful here it’s pretty hot but uh we were able to go down to the beach get some fish and just take a walk around and man it is beautiful here so much art so many different things to do and i feel super super blessed to be able to travel look at the world you know find these different things in my recovery and i just think it’s possible for all of us to do this all of us to go around find the things that we love to do and then go do them every single one of us now has this opportunity because we found freedom in our recovery and there’s so many things so many visions so many dreams that we’ve always wanted to do and we’re able to do them now so i call you to go out and do that yo yo melinda good to see you good morning much love today is a beautiful opportunity for more growth amen pam pam here in washington state july 25th 2013 one day at a time just for today yes amen amen amen amen you’re you’re getting up early girl seven o’clock where you are thanks for coming in thanks for coming in so first i’m gonna hop into john and we’re reading from the passion translation i brought the passion translation with me here and uh we’re gonna start in john 1 9 for the light of truth was about to come into the world and shine upon everyone he entered into the very world he created yet the world was unaware he came to the very people he created to those who should have recognized him but they did not receive him but those who embraced him and took hold of his name were given authority to become the children of god we’re all we’re we are children of god and guys i i talk to people about this all the time because some of us in our addiction or in our life we didn’t have this uh we didn’t have this this father figure we didn’t have this male role model this person to you know give us the idea of what a father really is but if we could imagine the best father we could possibly imagine the identity of someone that raised us the identity of a father that you know did everything for us that that was that was always there for us that embraced us that helped us to become the person we were supposed to become that’s what god is whatever our idea of what the best father could possibly be multiply that by seven times seven times seven and that’s who god the father is for us

he came to the very people he created to those who should have recognized him but they did not receive him but those who embraced him and took hold of his name were given authority to become the children of god he was not born by the joining of human parents or from natural means or by a man’s desire but he was born of god and so the living expression became a man and lived among us and we gazed upon the splendor of his glory and the glory of the one and only who came from the father overflowing with tender mercy and truth tender mercy and truth oh pam it’s 6 00 at 5 00 a.m there i forgot i’m on central and you’re on pacific way to be up girl way to be up get out this day john taught the truth about him when he announced to the people he’s the one set your hearts on him i told you he would come after me even though he ranks far above me for he existed before i was even born for the beginning from the beginning and now out of his fullness we are fulfilled and from him we received grace heaped upon more grace moses gave us the law but jesus the anointed one unveils truth wrapped in tender mercy now what that’s saying there there were these laws back in the day these laws of you know having to sacrifice lambs and having to follow this there were like 580 different laws that we had to follow every single day that were basically impossible it was impossible to completely follow the law but what this does is that jesus wrapped all of the laws into two and he said love the love god with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul and love your neighbor as yourself and now some of us some of us need to learn how to love ourselves first in order that we can love others as we love ourselves and a really good way of doing that is by going out and loving people is by going out and serving people now that we’re in recovery now that we’ve found recovery now that we’ve found freedom from the thing that was taking us out that darkness that place that only addicts and alcoholics truly understand when we found freedom from that we are called to go out and share that light to share that freedom with other people and we have a new light inside of us whether we feel it whether we know it in our recovery or not if we’re feeling down if we’re feeling lonely or depressed or any of that stuff when we go out and we serve we are carrying a light with us of freedom we are carrying a light with us that it is possible it is possible to recover and it’s the best solution it is the best solution to any way that we’re feeling in our recovery for feeling down or anything like that lonely any of that when we go out and we serve we find another addict to serve if we find somebody to serve someone that’s homeless that maybe needs needs to go out to lunch or needs coffee just need someone to talk to when we go out and we do that all this stuff that that restless irritable discontentedness that we feel inside of us that all goes away in those moments where we’re serving and i think it’s beautiful that we found this solution in our recovery to anything that we are feeling and yes i believe that god is the solution all of us all of us that have experienced the the freedom that caught that comes from a relationship with jesus a relationship with god finding our higher power all of us that have found that freedom we know that that is the solution however there are things that we need to do in order to feel that solution in order to have god in our life we have to call we have to follow our call and go out and bring him to the world bring that relationship to the world and that looks like loving our neighbors as ourselves that looks like going out and treating people as if as if they were us in that moment we have to go out and when we see when we see someone suffering when we see someone in need when we see someone hurting we have to imagine that that is us in that moment that we’re able to go up and love we’re able to go up to that person and love them as if we were in that spot because we are the only ones that really know what that’s like we’re the only ones that can go up to them and truly feel how they are feeling and give back the the love and the in the and the identity and the light and all that all that stuff that we’ve gained in our recovery giving that back is how we keep it it’s how we keep it guys it’s so good to see everybody i love you all so much and again if you’re if you’re just hopping in i’m coming in live from cartagena colombia uh i’m gonna i’m gonna try in a little bit to take you out on the patio and show you the view of the ocean and stuff right now i had to close the uh close the window because with this camera the light was super super bright and it was really hard to see anything so all right we’re gonna hop over to let me see ephesians 1 and we’re going to start in seven since we are now joined to christ we have been given the treasures of redemption by his blood the total cancellation of our sins the total cancellation of our sins imagine that everything that we went through in our addiction everything that we that we blamed ourselves for the shame that we felt all that stuff we have been completely wiped away of that we are able to completely leave the past in the past no shame no guilt nothing nothing of that negative stuff from the past needs to come with us into our present needs to come with us into our future it says right here the total cancellation of our sins all because of the cascading riches of his grace and grace is a gift grace is a gift that was given to us completely freely it was given to us to to receive without we’re not able to earn it we don’t have to earn it because it was given to us for free there’s no way that we can earn it there’s things that we do in order to help others find that grace but we have received it we have received it fully this super abundant grace is already powerfully working in us releasing within us all forms of wisdom and practical understanding and through the revelation of the anointed one he unveiled his secret desires to us the hidden mystery of his long-range plan which he was delighted to implement from the very beginning of time and because of god’s unfailing purpose this detailed plan with will reign supreme through every period of time until the fulfillment of all the ages finally reaches its climax when god makes all things new in all of heaven and earth through jesus christ through our union with christ we too have been claimed by god as his own inheritance before we’re we were even born he gave us our destiny guys in our recovery you have been born again into your destiny your destiny your call your purpose right now is to live your absolute best life and serve others the people that are out there suffering you and me we are the only ones that are actually able to make the impact on the addict that’s still suffering there’s there’s doctors there’s there’s treatment centers there’s all these people that have incredible intentions they’re able to help in their own way but no addict is going to find the help they need without you and i going out and showing that it’s possible because first like and i know all of you know this as well first we had to we had to find that belief in our heart that it’s possible we had to find that that that thing in here that finally switched that said if i do this then i’m going to be able to recover all of us all of us experienced that whether we made the decision to go to treatment whether we made the decision to do the 12 steps whether we made the decision to start going to bible study in church every day some of us but we all had this thing changed within us when we didn’t think it was possible it’s when we believed it was possible if we did x y and z our call our purpose is to show others that it’s possible and that they can do x y and z also though our union with christ through our union with christ we too have been claimed by god as his own inheritance before we were even born he gave us our destiny that we would fulfill the plan of god who always accomplishes every purpose and plan in his heart so every single plan that he has for your life as long as we follow his will we follow his call it will be fulfilled in our lives there is no such thing as failure there’s no such thing as failure with destiny call and purpose if we go at it if we take the necessary steps if we go out and we we look for the people to serve we we envision the people that we can serve we think of new ways to serve people we’re never going to fail if we keep going it’s impossible it’s impossible good to see you ryan coming in on youtube good morning brother can’t listen live today since i’m at work but i’ll be listening to the facebook live when it’s available have a great day good to see you ryan good to see you brother amen amen good to see you jeremy coming in from south jersey strong january 16 2022 first day of the rest of my life amen brother amen kenda kenda built my relationship with god just like i would any other relationship daily contact amen that’s so good right there that is so good right there we some of us think about a relationship with god is some like some far-off thing some something that’s that’s way out there that isn’t isn’t attainable or we don’t even know how to practice it right but this is exactly how we do it we we follow a relationship we practice a relationship we build a relationship with god just like we would with another person just like we would with someone like like our sponsor or someone like our dad or or a best friend that’s how we build this relationship with god we talk to him on a daily basis we we bring him into things with us we know that he’s always with us but we consciously bring him in we talk to him you know and that’s beautiful kenda thank you for sharing morning good morning good morning good to see you

michelle good to see you good morning from ohio and service is the key to the success amen love all addicts in here you’re here and you’re doing it amen brother amen good day mate what’s up aaron you going scud scuba diving today aaron’s coming in from uh from australia and this dude is like he’s he’s professionally doing photography and video and just scuba diving all day and this dude’s killing it killing it in his recovery doing everything that he loves right it’s beautiful listening from cali as i do my morning meditation with coffee amen christy good to see you christy good to see you god’s purpose was that we jews who were the first to long for the messianic hope messianic hope would be the first to believe in the anointed one and bring great praise and glory to god and because of him when you who are not jews heard the revelation of truth you believed in the wonderful news of salvation oh my goodness that is that is literally how we help addicts let’s let’s replace jews with addicts in recovery and then let’s replace replace who are not jews with addicts that are suffering and because of him when you who are still suffering an addiction heard the revelation of truth you believed in the wonderful news of salvation that means that we are called to go out and give the wonderful news of salvation being saved from the misery and pain of addiction each one of us in here whether you’re at six months six years three days every single one of us in here that has found freedom even for any amount of time it is our call to go out and show that it’s possible because at points in my addiction i couldn’t get three days i didn’t think it was possible i would be sick and suffering for 24 hours and i would give up and use because i how could i possibly go for three days if i knew that i was just gonna use on the fourth day anyway because i can’t make it there is there is so much freedom on this side of addiction on in this recovery and it’s our call it’s our duty it’s our responsibility to go out and share it because it says that you believed in the wonderful news of salvation because they heard the revelation of truth now we have been stamped with the seal of the promised holy spirit each one of us is walking talking proof of god and we have him within us we’ve all been given this this spirit within us that we’re able to go out and do what we’re always called to do to fulfill our destiny to fulfill our purpose each one of you out there right now you have a call you have a purpose you have value value to contribute to this world and i’m so proud of you for being in here for for knowing that that every day every single day in recovery is a gift we’re living on borrowed time now time that you know time that some of us didn’t even believe we would ever have and now that we’re able to live in it we got to be going out and sharing it we got to be going out and giving it back that’s how we keep this thing good morning casey coming in from arizona good to see you casey

erica good morning just dropped off my son from middle for the first day amen let’s go let’s go middle school for the first day it’s amazing we all i mean there’s so many seasons in life right and i personally don’t have kids yet but i can only imagine as as you’re watching them grow because i have a nephew right and i remember being there for when he was born and watching him you know take steps from riding around his little batman mobile and riding around the house where he couldn’t uh couldn’t walk yet to walk in now talking now talking to him on facetime and things at three years old man it’s it’s a beautiful thing to be able to be there to be able to be there because eric i don’t know about you but at that point in my life points my addiction i was definitely not capable of taking a seventh grader to school for their first day was not not wise to have me do that amazing people in here yes yes yes plant seed spread the good news amen guys some of us some of us are let’s imagine that every single person out there every single addict suffering out there okay we’re gonna be talking specifically about addicts right now every addict out there suffering we have to imagine them as soil okay they are they are soil to be planted in and every single one of us in recovery each one of us is either someone that plant seeds or water seeds we will never know which one we are for each addict for each addict that we talk to each addict that we bless each addict that we take out to get a drink of coffee or take out to take out to a meeting or just go talk to on the streets we’ll never know if we were the one that planted the seed or we came along and we watered the seed but if we imagine that we are constantly the workers we are the workers that are going out and helping the addicts and we know that ultimately god will help that seed grow into a beautiful plant of recovery we are able to go out and know that we are contributing every single word that we say to an addict suffering that is that is meant to give hope that is meant to tell them our story that is meant to you know share the possibility of recovery every single word that we speak to an addict’s suffering is working for them we just don’t know which one is going to be the one that causes the sprout but if we all came together every single one of us that is in recovery came together with the common mission of going out and planting and watering seeds with addicts and we don’t have to be the one that saves them we don’t have to be the sponsor that takes them through but if we went out on a common mission to let them know that it is possible we would help a lot more there’s there’s too much infighting in recovery right now and i and i i i hope that the the marker that fell out of my bible isn’t the place that i was going to read from about this specifically but we are we are called and destined right we have this we have this call to be the workers in the field to go out and help people to go out and do that and we don’t know which one we’re going to be the planter or the water but god makes it grow good to see you jeremy love you brother ernie morning everyone it’s a beautiful day to slam some demons amen brother amen write in the comments how you’re slamming demons because there’s it’s our job as christians as as god’s children it is absolutely our job to storm the gates of hell and there are so many different ways that we do this there’s so many different ways some of us are going out and doing healing ministry going out and praying for people laying hands on people some of us are doing literal exorcisms and going out and casting out demons and things some of us are preaching the word talking about god going out and speaking about the truth speaking about god you know and i’ve had different seasons in my life for what it meant for me to be slaying demons in my life now slaying demons has a lot to do with me speaking with mentors speaking with christian mentors speaking with spiritual fathers that help me to keep them away from me myself while i do things like this while i’m while i’m you know doing live videos while i’m speaking around the world while i’m doing podcasts and things i have to keep them away from me and continue planting seas and watering seeds and and doing that on my mission i’m not doing the as much of the uh the you know spiritual warfare daily thing where i’m going out and looking for uh looking for people that need healing right now i’m gonna have that season again what are you doing ernie casey as christians we are called to do not recruit amen we need to do the work we go out in the streets and meet the needs of those around us as we do this they see our love for the lord and it gives us the opportunity to share jesus amen it’s about attraction and not promotion this is not only a tradition in 12-step fellowships but also biblically founded 100 percent true a hundred percent there’s it doesn’t call us to go out it never says you know go out and convince people to follow jesus that is not what it says it says go out and speak the truth preach the good news that the kingdom is here that the kingdom has come that the holy spirit is within each of us that jesus saved us from our sins that jesus has recalled us to a relationship with the father through him that’s what we do and the beautiful thing is that people out there listening people that hear us speaking may have had that seed planted way earlier in life and then we’re the waterer but god is the one that makes it grow and then a lot of people it’ll fall on deaf ears for that moment and what that means is that the seed will be planted but it won’t be watered because they’re not ready for it yet they’re not ready for that word they’re not ready to hear it but that doesn’t mean that we’re not still called to go out and talk about the truth go out and let people know that recovery is possible a relationship with god is amazing all the things all the blessings everything that we get to accomplish and achieve in our recovery we’re supposed to go talk about this it’s not just about you know we can we you can stop using drugs you know which is a very true message which is a very needed message and we got to include why somebody would want to quit using drugs because there’s this beautiful life on the other side you don’t have to always numb your feelings you don’t have to always numb this pain because we can start to get rid of this pain we can start to relieve this pain we can start healing from these traumas we can start healing from this pain and start mending the wounds with a relationship with god with living on purpose with going out and serving people that are suffering you know in my addiction i always wanted to help addicts i always wanted to there was always this thing inside of me always this thing inside of my heart that i wanted to help addicts even when i was suffering an addiction how is that how is that a thing and i know and i’ve talked to so many other addicts that that they just want to help addicts and if we if we could plant the seed that when you recover you are truly able to help addicts maybe that’s a really good seed maybe that’s something we need to be planting because a lot of addicts most addicts almost all addicts have this heart to give back even when they’re suffering in their addiction because they know the pain they know the suffering and their friends and people around them that they love are experiencing it right now in this moment so if we could plant that in them that the purpose in recovery is to live a beautiful life in recovery and move over and start bringing other people with us maybe that’s the seed some people that will be the thing that that sprouts them to find recovery amen meet someone where they’re at and from there i have a service position to share my experience strength and hope to either plant the seed or water amen i slay demons by going to meetings and working with my sponsor i do my best to be an example that we can recover amen ernie i love it i love it brother and that’s i mean that’s literally slaying them that’s slaying them living your best life living in relationship with god and carrying that spirit with us carrying that that light with us the ones who hate to be preached at who hate to hear the truth the most is the enemy the evil ones the demons those things that we’re trying to keep us in our addiction in life and tell us oh you can do it this time you can make it this time oh it’d be so nice to just relieve yourself of all that stuff you’re feeling right now wouldn’t it all those voices they hate to hear the truth they hate to see us walking and serving and what bringing light into a meeting and being the person that is boom sharing that powerful message that recovery is possible they hate that they hate it good job brother spitting the truth amen brother amen dear lord help heal the sick and suffering addict that’s without recovery lord hear our prayers amen in jesus name amen amen guys we’re at halfway we’re going to take a quick 30 second break and before you listen to this i have one spot left in this course so what’s up family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them and guys if you are getting value from this if you’ve heard any golden nuggets that you think other people should hear make sure that you’re sharing it with your groups or your pages so other people that are looking for a message of hope are able to find it also in case you weren’t here for the beginning of the show if you have a recovery story and you want to learn how to add impact and income through sharing it follow the link in the pinned comment to book your one time 100 free call with me where we’re going to strategize exactly how you can share your story and do just that enjoy the rest of the show keep living recovered on purpose amen amen and guys uh if you can find a a time in my calendar i know that they’re they’re getting pretty booked up and today yesterday and today i took off but i have one more spot in the course at where it’s at right now uh i’m everybody is having an amazing time we’re doing group coaching on fridays doing one-on-one coaching with everybody that’s in there and you get the digital course with it to learn how to share your story powerfully to get on podcasts to get on stages to to you know start living on mission with your story specifically and i love everybody that shows up to this man i would love to work with any of you i would love to and a lot of people you know you may not you may not understand what i’m doing and you may not understand that a bunch of the calls that i do you know i don’t actually invite to the course because they might not have that foundation of recovery yet and when i talk to them we’re just boom 45 minutes to an hour boom boom boom boom boom going at it making serious plans for recovery making this foundational work for recovery i record the call and i send it to him i do free calls with addicts that are suffering free calls with parents of addicts that are suffering and uh there’s only you know only addicts in recovery that want to share their stories you’re the only ones that i continue you know working with on a professional basis so would love to work with anybody in here pam i saw a post that said people saying he’s not acting like a christian and god’s saying but i’m not looking for actors amen amen that’s i mean there is oh there’s actually something in here i wanted to read on that too uh i believe it’s uh let me look let me look yeah we’re gonna go over to first peter in a second in a second let me start here because that’s so true pam it’s so true we have to uh we have to be watching for the fruits that somebody is actually bringing into their life i remember one time when i was still in my addiction i went to went to lunch with someone that was considering sponsoring me and he had like 20 something years and he took me out to lunch and he was like speaking really well in the meeting you know he had this powerful recovery and all this then i go to lunch with him and he treats the waitress like crap like i’m sitting there and he’s like talking like i can’t even imagine treating someone like this like yeah give me a glass of water and you know commanding things and then when his food came there was this wrong with it and he was angry and this kind of stuff and i’m like sitting here like i don’t want anything to do with that and that’s an extreme example but the people that you are listening to we have to watch the fruit that they’re bearing the fruit that they’re bringing into their life that fruit can be everything from you know the way that they think the way that they feel the way that they treat people the the things that they’re that they’re creating in their life the things that they’re getting in their life like you’re not going to listen to somebody for financial advice that’s broke with a 520 credit score you’re not going to listen to them you shouldn’t you shouldn’t listen to them you got to listen to people that have created them that are doing things that you want to do now each and every one of us okay each and every one of us that has found recovery from drug addiction that has quit sticking a needle in our arm that has quit waking up and taking a swig of vodka us that have recovered from that we all have the ability and the fruits of recovery to share that it is possible to quit using drugs and alcohol however we need to be expressing fruits in our recovery that are attractive these fruits are are joy peace happiness serenity you know love unconditional love relationship with god you know a joy of going into the day relationships with community people around us that you know are enjoy our presence that we enjoy their presence these are the things that we have to be contributing to the world and showing that that is the life that is possible in recovery and it doesn’t matter if you know if someone talks really well i don’t get up here to talk really well and make you think i look good that is not why i’m doing what i’m doing i’m doing what i’m doing because i want you to know god like i know him i want addicts out there suffering to know that recovery is possible i’ve done so much with my story in a small amount of time i published my book less than three years ago and in that time i’ve been published in treatment magazine recovery today magazine the good men project done dozens and dozens and dozens of podcasts spoken on multiple many stages at schools universities i’m about to go on a university tour these are the kind of fruits that i’m specifically telling people about this course that i can help teach you how to do because i’ve done it i’ve done it i can specifically show that and in our recovery we have to be sharing fruits of of of a life that somebody would want to recover from drugs to have right and each one of us has that every single one of you listening right now you have a life in your recovery that is attractive to people out there suffering not not using drugs and alcohol is number one thing if you’re not using drugs and alcohol period you have hope you have it now to add on to that there’s a lot of other things once you have quit using drugs and alcohol we can stop fighting we’ve ceased fighting everything and everyone including alcohol and drugs and when we get to that place we are able to stop fighting and start living and that’s where the things happen that are super attractive to the attic that’s out there suffering when we’re living a beautiful life when we’re going skydiving when we’re when we’re traveling out here to a city nearby to speak at a treatment center you know talking to those people that are in treatment the addicts that are in treatment about your story and saying yeah i actually drove here in my new car you know i i couldn’t even imagine having a new car or a home somewhere that i would live for longer than six months and since i was 18 years old until i found recovery i didn’t live in one place for longer than six months and i think it was even less than that like four or five months having a home a place that had my name on it i bought the couch i bought the bed that was like a dream a dream so those things are good to talk about we don’t talk about i got this and i got a car and i got money and all this that’s not how we talk about it we talk about it as a blessing of recovery to be able to live life and show up in life and and live the life that we want to live and as we do that we’re attracting them through truth and fruit truth and fruit sounds like sounds like a good little it sounds like good old rhyme cunning baffling and powerful it’s crazy how our addiction will creep in and try to make us believe that using is the answer amen amen sister pam that’s what i want to do i’m grateful for the opportunity adam you’re doing a great thing love you brother love you brother jeremy our disease is the only disease that tells us we don’t have a disease right amen in my opinion it’s not about what people are saying it’s in what they’re doing exactly that’s exactly what it is exactly what it is and guys there is if i don’t want to say this publicly if there was ever anything you questioned about me about my about my character about my intentions about my purpose about how i feel about this community about what i want to gain in what i’m doing if you ever have questions about who i am what i believe or my character never hesitate to ask me them never hesitate i’m not like i love you guys i love you so much and i love addicts out there suffering so much with all of my heart and if there is anything ever coming across of what i’m doing that is causing anything inside of you you that are listening right now if you ever have a question or if you ever need to say something to me don’t ever feel like you can’t message my page i i respond to every single message i try to respond to every single comment on every single post and i even like i took a screenshot the other day because it happens all the time almost every single day that i’ll be sitting and i’m like commenting and commenting and then facebook has to cut off my ability to comment because they think it might be spam they have this algorithm thing and the reason why i do that is because i truly truly love you guys and i and this i do this full-time i love you guys full time it’s my job so if you ever have questions don’t ever feel hesitant to talk to me i love going back to the treatment facility i graduated from and sharing my small successes in my recovery love you too brother awesome amen all right

this is going to be first peter

two okay 2-7 as believers you know his great worth indeed his preciousness is imparted to you but for those who do not believe the stone that the builders rejected and discarded has now become their cornerstone and a stone that makes them stumble and a rock to trip over they keep stumbling over the message because they refuse to believe it and this they were destined to do but you are god’s trojan you are god’s chosen treasure you are god’s chosen treasure you have recovered from a hopeless state of mind body and spirit addicted to drugs and alcohol there was nothing you could do and god chose you as his treasure the one the small percentage of us that are recovering and if you have that you got to go out and find other people that are called you gotta go out and find other addicts that are out there suffering but you are god’s chosen treasure priests who are kings a spiritual nation set apart as god’s devoted ones and guys a lot of this a lot of the word that we find in the bible we can specifically attribute it to addiction and recovery that’s what i love about it it’s it’s spiritual principles it’s the truth of god and there is no such thing that is one truth or the other we got to get that out there is one truth when it comes to spiritual matters one and i understand that people may not believe and that’s literally that’s like i just came up with this i just thought of this people believe or not in the truth the one truth if if there were two truths then the word truth wouldn’t exist

truth means and actually says in the word in the definition that there’s one so when we go out you know we gotta we gotta carry that with us we gotta carry that power that anointing that knowledge that we are bringing the truth with us and recovery is possible and a relationship with god is beautiful he called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light it’s like i have to keep i have to keep pausing because each sentence each phrase in this thing is speaking to you and me specifically he called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light amen and now he claims you as his very own he did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world i’m going to read that again i’m going to read it shout it again for the people in the back right he called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light and now he claims you as his very own he did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world that’s your call that’s why you were chosen to recover so that you would broadcast the light of god and recovery to the world i understand the traditions of the 12-step fellowships the anonymity of the 12-step fellowships is real and we need to keep it we don’t broadcast in our story that na got me sober and clean a.a got me clean and sober ca got me clean and sober we are supposed to talk about 12 steps we are supposed to talk about our story we leave the fellowships that we are involved with or a member of out of it there’s a reason for that and i understand that some people are starting to you know fight against this because of the because of the age of of technology and the age of social media and stuff but i i stick true to that i stick true to that because i believe the 12 steps are the solution and each and every person needs to find a fellowship of their own period god in the 12 steps and then you go find the group that you that you click with that you that you connect with that you relate to because if we if we attribute recovery and the ability to recover to a specific fellowship broadcasting that to the world and then somebody out there suffering goes to a specific group in that specific fellowship and they have a bad experience and how many people out there have been to a 12-step meeting and had a bad experience i’m just going to assume every single person on this just raised their hand now if that happens then that just took the whole power out of your message because you don’t speak for the entire fellowship period now this person if we say you know the 12 steps i i went to different meetings every day i i did the i did the 12 steps i did the work every day i was doing the work and i was doing the 12 steps on day 25 i did my first ever fifth step on day 26 the obsession to drink and use completely left me for the first time since i was 12 years old and it has not returned speaking that message talking about the 12 steps and letting them find the fellowship that works for them is what we’re supposed to do and we’re called to do we were never meant to be anonymous we were never meant to live in life and never tell anybody about our recovery we were called and i’m going to read this again he did he did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world and now this was written in in the first century a.d we are living in a state of the world right now where we can broadcast to the entire world through the internet the how long it would take for someone to get a message like we’re able to deliver to the entire world we we couldn’t do it in a lifetime but now if we are practicing this there’s people in here from australia from washington from arizona from montana from south jersey from columbia we are coming in from all over the world and a message is being broadcast and as we’re doing this i’m i’m sharing i’m doing the live video but look at this look at this there are people prayer and believing your prayers that you speak miracles will happen i love each of you just not in love with any of you amen the big book i believe god has mentioned 281 times in the first 164 pages there is definitely a spiritual principle to all this i have i have to maintain abstinence in order to connect to that the reason why i’m bringing these up look every single one of these comments every single one of these i believe anyone in this world can benefit from the 12 steps every single one of these is broadcasting this message to the world it’s not just me doing this i’m just creating a space for everybody to be talking about it because look we are together in this we are all called in our recovery to get out and help the addict that is suffering and with the state of the internet with the state of the world right now our ability to reach the attic that is suffering has changed forever and it’s only growing with tick tock and with instagram and facebook all of these different all of these different social media platforms youtube we are able to reach people that were unreachable before unreachable and it is our job it is our duty to learn how to use it and get the message out while keeping the fellowships anonymous we don’t need to be anonymous we need to tell our stories and be loud and proud about it amen amen left the only fellowship we have in my local town because of their crap i get it bro i get it calgary canada and aaron keep coming bro keep coming to these if you if you haven’t started doing zoom meetings yet there are so many dope communities all over the world doing things on the internet it even talks about it in the in the in the forward to the fourth edition of the big book that people were starting in like 2001 having internet meetings being able to have these meetings and now we’re doing a live video on facebook broadcast to that i know of four different countries right now that’s that’s the beauty of this thing so keep keep connected brother we love you calgary canada here’s another one coming in brother aaron you’ll find another fellowship my friend amen amen jeremy and that’s what i did a video about this uh uh like last week saying don’t let one group tear you out of of recovery of recovery fellowship because we are we’re all broken we’re all human and some groups just operate a certain way that doesn’t jive with some of us we got to find the groups that we are called to be in and if we don’t feel connected to a group we got to go find the group that we do because that means that we’re called to that one and it could absolutely be online it could absolutely be the internet go live from the beach before you go scuba diving and talk about your recovery and how you’re able to you know professionally do photos and videos and go scuba diving basically every single day you know how many people suffering in their addiction homeless and and shooting up dope would be ecstatic to be thinking about holy cow i could be free from drugs and alcohol and go live like that that’s possible that’s amazing share it share it share it recover out loud i was recently told at my local llano club i’ve been attending for longer than i’ve been in recovery that i couldn’t be in the closed meeting i was attending because i wasn’t an alcoholic i asked who are you to judge me


pam send me a message send me a message because i would be very interested in hearing the context around that and seeing what to do about that because um yeah that’s not right that’s not right unless here’s the thing

there are reasons that if we go to a closed meeting of alcoholics anonymous we have to identify as an alcoholic in a closed meeting of alcoholics anonymous that’s a tradition there’s reasons for it i’m a recovered addict and i have the disease of alcoholism i i completely qualify for every fellowship out there if i go to an aaa meeting i say i’m a recovered alcoholic because that carries the message there if it’s because of that identify as how you identify right but pam i would love to hear the context around that to see what that’s about because uh i have i have friends that are in you know world service for different fellowships that that uh i would love to hear what’s going on because i also had somebody that you know i was talking to on this page that was struggling and he called the inner group of a fellowship because i because i gave him the number and said you know call someone there and find a find a place to go and um you know he was he was uh talked to about treatment and offered a treatment which you know like i said guys we are all human we’re all human and we’re doing things right nobody’s perfect but there are reasons why the traditions exist and i did you know we can’t let somebody be being sold treatment when they call a fellowship so pam give me a message let me know what’s going on head the calling i’ll be speaking with you tomorrow adam at three o’clock eastern time let’s go i’m excited brother portland maine awesome brother awesome humans we’re meant to share love interact with one another help each other we’ll help you in your recovery in life amen amen when i shared i let them know that i drank to black out and i do exactly as you do

i i don’t know i don’t understand what’s going on pam i don’t understand there are there are so many different things that humans think and do and not all of them are right actually i would say less than fifty percent of everything i do is not right less than fifty percent and i think less than 50 of what everybody does on the planet is not right because think about it if you made 51 throughout your day because every single step you take is a is a choice is a is a direction right if 51 of the time you were able to make the right decision and the right choice you would be the richest person on the planet because if you made bets and you won 51 of the time every single time you’re going to come out ahead crazy so we not we’re not perfect we’re not perfect but i’m really interested in hearing about it pam i identify as a person in recovery no matter the fellowship amen eric ernie amen ernie

through christ and recovery helping others become so self-satisfying for all the right reasons amen amen thank god for another day another chance to try to get better and be better amen shazam good to see you shazam where are you coming in from where you coming in from and that’s that’s the beautiful thing thank god for another chance to try to get better and to be better that’s what we have in our recovery we in our addiction we were never able to actually fulfill on these things we wanted to do we weren’t able to do it we have an opportunity to to build a relationship with god build who we are build our character build our identity and go out and share and love people and and help the addict that’s suffering stay loyal to those who care about your life amen ernie amen brother from northwestern louisiana let’s go let’s go so true amen ernie all right living godly lives okay

my divinely loved friends since you are residents aliens and foreigners in this world i appeal to you to divorce yourselves from the evil desires that wage war within you live honorable lives as you mix with unbelievers even though they accuse you of being evil doers for they will see your beautiful works and have a reason to glorify god in the day he visits us and now what this is talking about is that all of us okay and if we’re gonna attribute this specifically to addiction and recovery unbelievers will just say that they’re addicts okay we’ll say that unbelievers are the addicts that are still suffering and then you and i that are in recovery we’re the ones that this is talking to since you are resident aliens that means that we are you know we’re called to heaven we’re going we’re we’re not where we’re destined to be when we are passed on right and foreigners in this world plus when we’re talking to addicts that are that are suffering right they see us as foreigners even though even though we talked to them about who we were and we talked to them about how we used to be they’re like how the heck did you do that like you’re it’s foreign to them to be able to recover right we have to live honorable lives as you mix with unbelievers with addicts that are suffering you have to live an honorable life bearing fruit of life and recovery the fruitful feelings the the the fruits of the spirit of attributing love peace gentleness kindness compassion empathy to people that are suffering and carrying that with us and constantly doing that is what attracts people to recovery we have to embody that and we have to be careful because there’s there’s things we can do as people in recovery that can harm addicts we can’t be kicking addicts out of certain fellowships we can’t be kicking people out of certain fellowships we just have to teach them their traditions to be able to be in this place of recovery it’s absolutely okay to keep the traditions and it’s absolutely okay to teach someone the traditions right live honorable lives as you mix with unbelievers even though they accuse you of being evil doers for they will see your beautiful works and have a reason to glorify god in the day he visits us so that’s saying that

when we attribute our recovery to god to a higher power to a relationship with god through the 12 steps maybe they don’t believe in god yet maybe they’ve never experienced god in their life but when they find recovery they do the 12 steps and they have that that experience that spiritual awakening when they find that recovery through a relationship with god they will know how to attribute it specifically to him because they will have experienced it because it’s impossible all of us we all had our own spiritual awakening our moment of clarity where we went from having to use drugs having to drink alcohol all of these things over here so all of a sudden we’re not thinking about that anymore that’s that’s not who we are anymore we’re recovered we’re living this life over here and all of us from going from here to here have a different experience in the middle of how that happens and us trying to express how that happens it’s important as well as it’s different for everyone so we want to talk about the process of how to get it so that the addict that’s suffering can find that themselves and then they’ll attribute it themselves in their own way to how they got it and through god right guys i love you all so much in uh a.a i announced myself an alcoholic and an n a an addict plus i drank to intensify the heroin which back then wasn’t too good hey erica hey recovery family unbelievers are blinded by misperceptions amen it takes sheer determination to make the choice daily to not slave our souls to things that we know is bad for our health amen amen

probably a gift that i don’t get on uh on stream yard have a blessed day everyone i’m headed to prcc to volunteer see you soon good ernie i’ll see you tomorrow brother guys it is time for me as well i uh i love you all so much thank you for being here coming in uh while i’m in media in colombia i’m gonna try really quick to uh i’m gonna see if i can if i can show you guys where i’m at and then i’m gonna then i’m gonna get off okay i’m gonna see if uh if the camera will show you hopefully it will

oh my goodness

this is the hardest thing i’ve ever pulled up

you guys see that no no too bright sorry guys love you all keep living recovered on purpose

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