Jesus Take The Wheel

Dray is a social media influencer and follower of Jesus! Dray has a past of drug addiction and other flaws, but we are going to be talking about how all this can be wiped away with a relationship with Christ!

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what’s up recovered on purpose family thank you so much for tuning in for this week’s episode of guest sundays and today i’ve got my good friend dre coming in we are live on instagram over here let me turn this volume all the way down and uh we are going to be talking about jesus taking the wheel in our recovery stick around for this make sure that you’re dropping in your your where you’re coming in from your clean and sober dates so we can celebrate with you love you guys so much enjoy the show keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

hello hello hello everybody welcome to guest sundays on the recovered on purpose show super excited about tonight got my good friend dre here we’re gonna be talking about jesus take the wheel in your recovery or if you’re out there and you are struggling right now with your addiction we’re gonna be talking about what saved both of us from that so without further ado got my boy dre hey what’s up dre what’s up y’all how you doing man good man i’m gonna turn you up a little bit here yeah kirsten coming in saying hey or hi kristin coming in saying hey what’s up what’s up kristen what’s up destiny good to see you so how do i how do i share this to facebook um you might have to do it on your uh on your phone yeah or you can have uh have your girl share it on your page hello hello everybody welcome back and welcome dre thanks for coming brother okay man yeah so for everybody on instagram i’m trying to get back to where i can see these comments there we are happy sunday we got we got comments coming over there yeah i’m going to kind of introduce you this is a this is adam gutten um we have the pleasure of meeting on the internet and actually uh flew me out to to visit him in colorado where he’s from before he left for colombia and we made a nice connection um definitely a divine connection and divine intervention so we’re live on instagram right here we’re live on facebook over here if there’s any confusion just wanted to clear that up yeah so basically we’ve got uh we’re going live on andrei’s instagram right now um dre day ministries over there and guys he’s got he’s got such a powerful message i remember when i actually got first introduced to you right my my good friend logan uh and i were making content together and you know really talking about how we can reach more people and stuff and he sent me one of your videos he was like check out what this dude’s doing and it wasn’t just it wasn’t just the fact that you were able to put videos together really well right you you had the the clarity you had the sound cuts and all that kind of stuff but the but the message was so pure and i just loved it and i had to hit you up we’ve got a little bit of echo coming from that can you can you hear that whatever you just turned up there’s quite a bit of echo

but his message i remember the first the first video that that dre that my friend logan sent me was this video of him walking by a bridge and talking about a time that you know he was considering suicide in your addiction right right so tell us that story what happened that day

man jumping right back into it yeah that’s what we do here yeah um let me try to rewind this i just remember i was in a place in my life man where um can you still hear the echo a little bit

how about now nope

okay so uh divine almost jumped off the bridge

man he took me right back to it it takes me a minute to like rewind like i don’t do a lot of reflecting so usually whenever i tell the stories you know speaking of things that led up to it but um

i guess you know i was just i was lost and i believe i’d been laid off from my job was strung out on drugs i’ve burned every bridge to you know bit every hand that was feeding me so uh i was out on this bridge man and it was storming and the water below me was just raging and just listening to the voices telling me how worthless i was that people would be better off without me

i was taking goodbye messages to my friends and family about to jump off this bridge and it was like in a moment it was just a whisper that said don’t


that’s the whisper that saved my life but in the in the midst of that happening um it just silenced everything else it was like in a weird way i wanted to keep hearing the voices like i wanted i thought for a moment that i finally figured out what i was doing i had a plan to do something and that was to jump off of this bridge yeah but you know i know that whisper you know if you listen to my testimony it’s the same whisper that came to me whenever i was

a young boy that was whispered jesus christ

yeah and i think when you’re talking about the uh and there’s there’s quite a bit of echo coming up when we’re talking about the voices of depression right when they’re when they’re telling us we’re worthless they’re telling us that you know we can’t we can’t get up there you know it’s almost like they become our friends like you were talking about it’s like we we get comforted by this depressive state you know and we want to almost stick in there because it’s comfortable but there’s a difference between the voices of you know depression and stress and anxiety and that kind of stuff and the whisper of god right because i’ve i’ve heard that whisper also i remember the uh the last day the the day after i used um for the last time and i was sitting in a car and i was at that point also you know it was before this bible study i tried everything to get clean and sober i had been going to meetings two times a day for months i was you know i was kicked out of a homeless shelter i was doing all kinds of programs i was on probation you know i tried everything and at this point i’m sitting in this car and i just knew that i couldn’t do it i knew that i couldn’t get clean it’s over there was nothing that i could do because i’ve tried everything i even went to an mma gym thinking they might be able to beat sobriety into me and nothing was working so i’m so i’m sitting in this car and i literally just sat back and i told god i’m done i’m not going to this bible study i’m not going to church i’m not going to these meetings anymore please just let me die and i remember i had this like this true honesty within me that like i wanted to die i didn’t want to be here anymore this addiction had taken complete control of my life there was nothing i could do i was completely powerless and i actually wanted him to let me die and just like you were talking about that whisper that whisper and it wasn’t like an audible whisper from out here but it was this whisper that came like into my heart and he said it’s time go and at that at that point i got angry because i you know like what’s different about this time what’s different about this time than all the other times that i’ve you know thrown dope in the toilet and said i’m never gonna use again and then i woke up in the morning and pawned my tv to go pick up dope what’s different about this time so i’m like screaming at god and i’m hitting the roof of the car and i’m hitting the steering wheel and i’m just screaming like what’s different about this time please just let me die please just let me dine through all this he’s just like let me get all of this out and then again he just repeats himself in a whisper and he said it’s time go and there was there was such a profound you know understanding that that was the voice of god you know the the whisper of god it just we just know that that’s what it is and in my recovery you know i’ve been able to decipher between you know the voices a lot of times you know if a voice if a voice tells us something that is not of our greater good you know if it tells us things like this is not going to work you’re worthless things like that those are easy to discern but sometimes you know voices that scream at us that we need to do this you need to do this it’s like a distraction it’s like it’s this thing that they’re they’re trying to take us away from god’s great call for us but that whisper you know it’s a it’s a peaceful feeling to have that whisper you know so the whisper man um not only you know can save your life but

i found that if i just live my everyday life day after day after day and i’m not seeking that whisper man i find that uh it’s getting drowned out in all the chaos and whenever i finally bring myself to seek that whisper i find that uh i haven’t been being led by that whisper and it’s just like wow so uh i think it’s an important thing to come to know that whisper and to you know seek that whisper i would say daily man the words to seek this day our daily bread to be sure that like we’re staying in alignment on that straight narrow path with what god has for us to not get distracted by the many things we could get our hands wrapped up into yeah yeah amen and i’m gonna i’m gonna pull this comment up because peter comes on and and comments this on post basically like every sunday right i’m gonna read it so you you on instagram can hear this jesus said if you love me keep my commandments so read this we have to obey god’s ten commandments and keep the sabbath day holy not sunday day but sabbath day on saturday it’s on the seventh day of the week amen amen amen the sabbath day for the people of god so if you do not belong to god then you don’t need to keep the sabbath day holy and i’ve seen this comment you know this like copy and pasted comment a lot of times on a lot of posts and i’ve replied to it a couple times you know with with the truth about this because jesus actually specifically talks about this and he says you know because he was out there healing somebody on the sabbath day and the pharisees were like yelling at him you know like and basically like saying you can’t do that you can’t heal on the sabbath day you can’t work on the sabbath day you’re called to rest on the sabbath day and jesus said you know if if a if a uh if a shepherd had a lamb that fell in a well you know on the sabbath day is he gonna leave it there he’s gonna leave the lamb there to to die in the well overnight no he’s gonna reach down he’s gonna help that lamb the sabbath day was made for for people not not for god and if we’re doing things that are you know for people we’re spreading this message because we we want to be spending our time our rest day you know loving people spreading a message of god you know helping people in recovery helping people that are still in addiction so i don’t i don’t jive really well with the religiosity of the church right now some of the church a lot of the church thinking that we have to do this thing in order for god to accept us we have to do this thing in order for god to love us because i learned a heavy lesson about this that god never loved me any different in my addiction that he does right now i had this experience when you know i was it was 2000 early 2017 and i was just broken dude i was broke and i worked for this really large uh satellite retailer i was knocking doors and stuff and i was really good at it so they would like pay for my housing they would pay for all my bills and things and i’m sitting in my apartment this corporate housing apartment at my desk and i you know had made up my shot of dope and i remember looking at it and just realizing like i really don’t want to do this but i know that i’m going to anyway because i have to because i had gotten to a point where i’m using beyond my will and against my will i remember looking at it and i’m just like i start crying and i remember the way it looked like magnified and blurry through my tears this this syringe that was taking everything from my life but i had to keep doing it and i set it down i put my my face in my hands and i just cried and cried and then i heard a voice and this is this is really interesting because i’ve looked into this also because i actually heard a voice from behind me say pray and i looked behind me and there was no one there and i put my face back in my hands and started crying deeper and deeper and then i heard the voice again say pray and i got up from my desk and i limped over to my bed not from physical pain but from emotional pain from all the things that i’ve been through i fell down on my knees and i threw my hands up in the air and all i could get out was god bro in that moment i felt arms wrap up from behind me and hug me as if to say i love you i love you at this moment your lowest point and i felt this peace come over me and i got up i walked over to my desk and shot up and that’s not a god that says you have to do this for me to love you that is not a god that says that that is a god that is with us through everything that will never leave us nor forsake us doesn’t matter you know the reason why we work on not sinning the reason why we work on progressing and growing deeper with god is because his purpose for us is so great it’s so much greater than anything the world can offer and as long as we are focusing on him and doing the right things then we’re actually going to be more fulfilled we’re going to feel more fulfilled more at peace more content and we’re going to be able to serve a lot more people it’s not if you sin god hates you it’s not if you do this he doesn’t accept you that’s not the point a lot of people struggle with that man i struggle with it sometimes you know i struggle with like if i’m not living to the t like i’m losing my connection with god or god won’t use me but i found that um times that i’ve stumbled the most god will put something on my heart to do and attempt to teach me like it’s nothing that you do into everything that i am and to you know help me in these situations is to reflect on like god loved me and my wickedest times called out to me in my wonders times i felt him in my wickedness times yeah and he led me i mean to speak of my journey to some people who have you know a really religious mindset they don’t understand it and i would have to say they’ve never experienced it you know if you can’t understand it you haven’t experienced it um you know to do drugs and get into the bible or do drugs and go out and pray because like these drugs captivated my life there was no like okay i’m going to set the drug aside i’m going to try to find jesus no i had to find jesus in the midst of my wreckage because there was no time outside of that and it didn’t it didn’t come in between us one bit if anything i feel like that might have been one of the close the most intimate times of closeness i’ve ever had was when the heart was broken yeah i think that’s that’s a that’s a point right there you know in our times of brokenness when when we need him bad you know it’s like he’s always there he’s there no matter what right but when we need him and we’re just like crying out for him and we’re we’re really just honored and he’s just begging him to help us out you know those are the times that we’re so open and receptive and and listening for his voice and hearing him and he shows up you know he shows up if there’s a way you know and if you’re out there and you’re you’re struggling in addiction right now that’s that’s the key the key to find exactly how to find recovery is first you just gotta completely fall on your foot on your face you have to fall on your face you have to ask for help you have to ask god first and then start asking for help from the workers that he puts into your life and then what you’re gonna find with that humility and following that voice following that guide that god gives you you know you’re gonna find the path that you are meant to take and then take it with everything you have and then us that are in recovery the more cause i remember bro the first like six months of my recovery i was on fire bro on fire for god and in that time there was just like nothing else around that i that i had that i was necessarily doing that you know could take me away from that focus and as things started coming and you know different different things started happening good things you know bad things different different stuff you know it’s easy in our recovery to fall away from that like broken-hearted like please help me you know state of being yeah how do you because i know bro every conversation i have with you you’re like you’re getting deeper with god you’re working on something with god and you have that that broken-hearted like seeking of god every time i talk to you how do you keep that how do you do that it’s probably something that um i strive the most to do and when i say like times that i fail that’s what i’m i’m referencing to is it’s my main pursuit is to find a way to keep this intimate connection with the lord because i go from being on fire to some days just almost forgetting what i’m supposed to be doing or what i could be doing and um what works for me the most is setting aside time to literally separate from anything that i’m doing any thing that i’m pursuing and go to my quiet place for me that’s this little trail of nature but i seek the same thing man because i remember like how on fire i was when i was brokenhearted and it’s like whenever when it heals you you lose that feverancy of seeking him so i’m on this quest to like what is it what do i gotta do to keep this humility and this intimate connection with you and i feel like the lord is leading me and i struggle sometimes to stay committed um or build a habit and right now in this season of my life is seeking him first man she came first the first moments of my waking day um you know give that first hour to him if i have to wake up earlier to do that i need to be i need to be in a mindset to do that and uh i can’t say that i’ve done that every day but i can see the fruit of my uh labor whenever i do do that yeah i mean i know that the lord has um you know blessed me with a wife to show me a whole another side of my intimate intimate connection with him that i have yet to explore and that’s through seeking that with a woman and that’s something that’s like totally brand new to me and i keep um i guess procrastinating on and the more i share with people my testimony the more i realize there was these points of disobedience that the lord was putting something on my heart because it made me uncomfortable i would delay it or try to you know maneuver around it but if god has a step-by-step order from my life of things that i need to do before you know i need to do what’s here before he takes me here yeah um i can see these patterns times that i got tripped up on certain commands that i wasn’t being obedient to and

you know in the past it would sever my connection with the lord because i would be serving the other master instead of him i haven’t experienced that this time around and i’ll i don’t think that i will because um it’s just so different you know this time yeah and i try to identify what separates this last encounter that i have with the lord from being what i would call a cold-hearted sinner to having the spirit of god breathed into me because i’ve had that experience a few times throughout my life and my addiction where i experienced the deliverance of god and i experienced um being on fire for god you know the complete 180 of your life where he was living one way and then a split moment you wake up the next day and it’s completely different yeah but i would always fall back and i’ve identified that there was something i was supposed to be being obedient to because it made me uncomfortable i pushed it to the side but at the same time i’m pushing god to the side because now every time i get close to god this commands being spoken to my heart makes me uncomfortable pushing away

so i know that um

i’m like speaking my own revelations that happens that happens a lot bro i know what seasonal life i’m in i know what i’ve been called to do and i know that it takes a closeness and an intimate connection with god to follow through with these things because ultimately the enemy seeks to kill steal and destroy the lord’s plan for my life and if he can distract me anyway you know that’s going to happen a delay so my answer to your question is seek we literally have to seek humble yourself as a child who what that speaks to me is a child who doesn’t know anything i don’t know what i’m supposed to do with this day i have an idea of what i could do with my day what what am i supposed to do with this day yeah seek the daily bread yeah he says well i’m a well that never runs dry i mean and he spoke this to me their days like i’m not a you know you’re you’re not like the plants who are rooted and i have to come to their doorstep and see them i’m a well you have i’ve created you to move and then you’re moving i need you to come see me yeah

god is able to use a a car that’s driving much better than a parked car and i saw this uh this illustration of this this uh girl that was praying that basically they they plant a seed there’s one over here and one over here same picture same girl one plants a seed the other one plants a seed and they both pray and then one sits next to it and keeps praying the other one finishes her prayer gets up and starts watering the seed and the one that gets watered grows grows into a plant god is able to you know when when we get that deep with him when we get that intimate time with him and we hear the answers that we’re looking for you know then we got to act on it then we’ve got to act on it and you said something earlier i know that you are you know you’re newly married congratulations is it have you hit the month mark oh yeah yeah yeah november um in november we’ve pretty much lived together for a year amen we got married in june actually we got married we officially got married in april we had our ceremony in june amen amen i remember i just you know time has gone really fast bro yeah i remember that day my mom was just texting me it’s been seven years today since my cousin passed an overdose on heroin and i feel like it was just yesterday man i was standing in this little kitchen my apartment and i got the call my cousin had passed away and really flipped the family upside down

yeah seven years man you know it just hit me like it was wild how time moves

yeah seven years in november is when my overdose happened that the that the video you know you’ve seen the video most people have seen the video of uh when i was found by the police my overdose um it’s crazy dude because the person that i am now you know i’m so i’m such a different person i’m a new creation like literally a totally different person than i was in my addiction or even in my first year of recovery and it’s it’s it’s good to look back and it’s really weird sometimes to look back bro like and because sometimes i’ll sit and ponder like how how far i’ve come i’ll sit and ponder like you know what life used to be like like try to remember what that was actually like and it’s like dang dude i’m like literally a totally different person than i was back then and you said something and when i was uh when i was bringing up your marriage you’re talking about seeking god in your marriage and what does that look like doing that with a woman and i know you put out a video about you know what your relationship means to you and what she means to you so explain that relationship and how you guys you know speak together

um adam man i believe it’s something that we really haven’t tapped into much yet and i believe that um i mean we’ve prayed together of course we share things with each other but um you know just reflecting on it in this moment i can see that we get so busy i get busy she’s busy she’s an addiction counselor that takes a lot out of her but ultimately i feel responsible because it’s my role as a man to be leading my family to christ

i feel like i fall short big time on that um

i know that god has brought us together for this very reason yeah god hasn’t brought us together just to you know have somebody to live with and enjoy pleasures with i know it’s so much deeper than that and we haven’t scratched the surface of it yet

um and you know like i said reflecting on that in this moment i can see the enemy working the most in that area of our lives

through distractions through uh you know just it’s like you can do anything but just don’t do that do that tomorrow do it later you don’t know what to say you know this that and the other so um i guess for uh anybody watching this pray for us man pray for me and my wife to find what the lord has for us

i believe it’s big man i believe it’s nothing i’ve ever processed it’s nothing i’ve ever experienced and to imagine that i could uncover the lord’s purpose in bringing man and woman together like the purpose of like why did why did adam need the woman um and find a deeper meaning to a man and woman coming together to be one you know in the lord to put me and her in a position to teach people this stuff because you know looking at our backgrounds he’s called me to teach people he’s called her to teach people


yeah i know that uh it just needs to be raw and intimate nothing rehearsed nothing you know to really seek the spirit to move upon us and guide us in something that we’re humble as a child and we have no idea we don’t know yeah let me say prayer right now for you father we just uh we come before you god we just thank you so much for this opportunity god we thank you for our humble hearts god we thank you that we know that you are above us you’re in us you’re around us god and you say that wherever two or more are gathered you are in their midst and god we are gathered from all over the world right now and we just we just come to you lord in jesus name we just say thank you for this god we say thank you for the blessings of life thank you that we are born into such a time as this god and god that everybody that is on this live right now has a purpose god has a purpose and god i just ask that you would reveal that to them god that they would seek you and as they seek you deeper and deeper god i ask that you would fulfill on the promise that as they seek you you seek them and you come deeper to them as they come deeper to you god i ask god that any any answers that need to be given that they be given god and god not just answers god but give us the courage the discipline and the strength to follow through on those answers to follow through on the actions that you tell us to do maybe that’s you know maybe we need time in our bible maybe we need time meditation or prayer maybe we just need time just to chill out and know that you are god and god i just asked for everybody that’s on this live everybody that watches the replay that right now god they would just feel your presence they would just know that you’re with them god whatever they’re struggling with god i just come against it in jesus name i ask for strength in that area i ask for love to be poured out on them in that area god i just ask that you would just make yourself known in a new way to each and every one of us god you would just make some kind of miraculous sign of communication to us god just to remind us how good you are we love you and god we don’t need these things to know you we don’t need these things to know your goodness we don’t need these things to know your love but god we just we just love how how good you are how powerful you are and how present you always are and god again we just lift up dre and in their relationship god we ask god that you would um utilize this marriage god as a teaching opportunity that we’re there at right now is that humble heart we were talking about earlier god and they’re seeking you god we just ask for the the direction in how to do that and god as as they begin doing that god show them how they can show others how to do the same to seek you in their relationship and have you in the front of a relationship god we thank you for this we love you and just continue to be with us in this life in jesus name amen amen

uh we’re gonna take a quick 30 second break sorry we’re a little bit late on it but we’ll be right back what’s up recovered on purpose family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing it with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction i’m now doing free calls that we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show amen amen did a quick commercial and a hello to uh instagram in the world we’re on facebook over here instagram right here amen amen so what were you what were you saying over there what were you hearing yeah um so it was about three days ago i was on a in my quiet place and i was just uh you know the lord was refreshing my mind about um where i stand in my relationship you know with my wife and it came from um seeking to structure my day and it was like the first part of my day would be seeking the lord and the kingdom the second part would be taken from my family and the third would be you know my worldly affairs whatever i’m doing in the world and you know i know that i’ve slapped a lot on pursuing my relationship with the lord as me and my wife as one body and it just hit me how patient god is that he caught us together almost 365 days ago and i still feel like i’m on step one i’m walking around step one for a year and i haven’t been chastised for it i haven’t been punished he’s still there seeking to leave me with with loving gestures

and it was a it was a beautiful moment man the patience of god far exceeds anything that we could ever understand

we’re the only ones that actually even are inside of time

don’t take the patience for granted right right and something you know

i work on my patients bro like i i legitimately work on my patients but sometimes i just feel like opera when when his opportunities knock i gotta i gotta do it i gotta jump i gotta act i gotta do this thing because i i personally believe there’s seasons of opportunity also and you know seasons of ideas seasons of opportunity and if we don’t jump on this and start building it then it then it is very likely lost and then you know we’ll have another one in this season but if we don’t jump on that you know it might be lost and that time there might be lost you know and maybe maybe it’s the wrong way to think maybe it’s not i like it it served me you know and i feel like i’ve been eating it yeah when whenever i reflect on times that the lord was putting things on my heart and i was disobedient that opportunity to come again for a long time but it was still the same opportunity yeah that’s why i say like i see it as like levels you know i got a step-to-step process of um tests and trials man and if i don’t pass the test then i got to go back and take the lessons again amen when it comes up to the testing time is the same test same test same test you pass it it’s like all right new chapter three lessons another test yeah i was talking to a friend the other day uh he was having some struggles in recovery just like you know because he just turned i think 30 31. and he’s got a you know two three years sober and he had relapsed in 2018 because he had just over a year in 2018 he relapsed and this time around he’s thinking like you know what if what if i wouldn’t have relapsed you know have i have i lost my opportunity to do what i was trying to do with my life you know he’s talking about this and i’m like i don’t know bro i don’t know i can tell you sometimes i used to reflect back what if i wouldn’t have said yes to doing cocaine at 12 years old when i was a you know straight a student and you know pretty well-off athlete home run derby hitter at the little league world series what if i didn’t say yes to cocaine or what if i would have done the 12 steps the first time i walked into a room when i was 18 years old you know or what if you know i would have figured it out at 22 and i’ve been like you know i’ve had these different times where i can look back and like what oh my gosh i would have had my 20s i would have had my 20s if i would have done that then i’m like okay so we can think that but at the same time i don’t want to look back five years from now wishing i would have done what i should have done right now wishing that i would have done back then what i could have done like nah bro we’re right here right now and if we whatever we do over the next five years whatever actions we take whatever messages we put out whatever you know things we do that we shouldn’t do all of that is leading us to the life we will be living five years from now that means if we if we relapse we are going to regret it anybody that’s on this that is in early recovery long term recovery any of that relapse never ends with us happy it just i’ve never met someone that relapsed and was like yeah it’s great out here loving it now it just doesn’t happen but you know there’s also things in our recovery that we don’t want to miss out on doing now that we have the opportunity you know we have an opportunity in our recovery to do whatever we want with our life that we couldn’t do in our addiction and right now is the time right now is the time to say hey five years from now i want to be healthy i want to feel good about my body i want to be able to you know run a mile or i want to be able to you know walk my kid down the aisle or whatever it is that our goal is you know so right now today what i’m gonna do for the next five years i’m gonna make sure to exercise three times a week you know i’m gonna cut out drinking soda because there is absolutely not one study that says that it’s good energy drinks not one study that says that it’s doing anything except for taking time off of our life you know and i i had that epiphany uh december of 2019 about soda and energy drinks i was like okay why am i drinking these if i know for a fact that they are harming me and not doing me any good and i literally like legitimately ask myself that i was like all right december 31st i’m done december 31st i drank like five energy drinks a couple sodas and then i haven’t had to drink a sip of energy drink or soda since january 1st 2020. just isn’t my thing anymore and i don’t know i don’t know how much difference that makes i don’t know because i did it but i believe that little decisions like that whatever they are whatever we do for the next five years is going to create our body our life our our family relationships our community our business our job you know our contribution to other people in recovery is is fully dependent on our actions and people will try to pass everything off off on god right like i’m powerless i’m not in control jesus take the wheel like yeah jesus take the wheel but he’s doing it through our hands we’re driving while jesus takes the wheel he gives us the power to do these things it says you know i can do all things through christ which strengthens me that doesn’t say god does all these things for me while i sit around on my couch so as we do these actions right as we find what we’re supposed to do and we go after it god blesses it favor fl favor follows action favor follows action more than in my experience just prayer praying getting the getting the answers taking the actions favor follows you’ll get to you know the relationships you need to get to you’ll get the connections you’ll get the opportunities you’ll get the ideas as long as we are taking actions on what he’s giving us just like the the parable of the servants and the talents you know one talent you know we can look at it as an idea you know he was given one idea he was like oh my gosh i’m gonna bury it and i’m i’m gonna hide it here you know he pats it down and then one gets three one gets five those guys are like thanks for the ideas i’m gonna run off and i’m going to use these i’m going to build these and you know i’m going to create something great with these and those guys were blessed with more and then the one that just like that took the idea and buried it and didn’t take action on it you know it was even stripped from him so then that’s like that’s a scary thing to me that’s what i was talking about earlier when these seasons come and i’m given an idea that i have to do right now i just feel like i have to do it because i don’t want to lose it man i would say that even goes hand-in-hand with um the way the convicting spirit works in our life like whenever we’re doing things on a daily basis we got these habits that are destroying us and we have a punch like maybe i should stop doing this drinking soda for me it was drinking coffee um smoking the vape eating processed junk this is all recent man when i made a video on here asking people to you know i went to my nature place i’m like lord give me a word for the people and he said tell the people that you vape and that you mean prayer and i’m like

oh no i wasn’t expecting that so i said all right all right this is it i made a video confessed my sin and a couple people told me i needed a fast and i fasted before i’m like i know the power fast and so like all right i’m fast fasted for three days and during those three days man i had so much energy and mental clarity and i realized it was because i wasn’t putting the stuff in my body that i had been putting in my body the processed junk beef sticks you know me so uh i was at a i was at a prime opportunity you know this seasonal opportunity to make a change and boom i did it man cut the caffeine out quit drinking coffee i stopped eating animals i stopped eating processed food i eat raw food and i feel amazing dude it’s been six or seven weeks and uh i’m probably 10 days now without vape amen hallelujah let’s go and that was a season thing man whenever i made the video so i fasted almost two months ago i continued vaping when i broke my fast i stayed vaping and i was driving home from a video shoot that i had and i had a 40 minute five-minute drive and i’m just trying to connect with the lord i’m like lord what is it what do i got to do to get closer to you and it was just vape that’s all i heard and i’m like that was my opportunity and i had a decision to make man the holy spirit put it on my heart i had two vapes in my pocket said throw them out the window drive to walmart get the losses and i’m like okay okay well i don’t have to throw them out the window i could probably smoke on them until i get to walmart and i’ll come in the trash and i knew i was arguing with my command and dude i just threw him out the window i’m like if i come out of my skin i come around my skin i was obedient to what the lord put on my heart and he’s led me this far so uh yeah going back to what you said you know we have these seasonal opportunities um had i not thrown my vapes out the window how much longer would i went vaping until that that opportunity came again where i could be delivered because it’s not by my power man i’ve been powerless to this thing for almost a year now um knowing that it’s not good for me knowing that it you know is not good for my witness and you know how can i speak that god delivered me from drugs and alcohol and here i am tripped up on this nicotine again that was a conviction of my heart and um

i put my hands back on the mantel

and i believe that uh the lord will use this as a testimony further down the road um to testify that even in the midst of my relapse on the nicotine um he never left me he never forsake me i’m not sure he was proud of me for doing that it’s his will and the moment that i’m ready to surrender it to him he’s there with open arms to lead the way if i’m obedient

yeah but the moment i tried to do it my way um i lose my my season and i gotta i gotta retake my lessons it’s like here i am i gotta go another six months of vaping to see why it’s not good for me to see that that’s a stronghold of my life and the lord will come back and knock and say hey are you ready you ready to listen

amen amen and that can be like i can be anything yeah the coffee was a big one for me man i was super convicted for drinking coffee i’m like i’m a fiend for this bean i’m i’m not there yet i am not i can tell you over there on instagram i can tell you here on facebook i am not there to give up coffee yet i am not convicted i am not convicted um you know i’ve heard other people be convicted about it and do it but i love my coffee it was a stronghold dude

those convictions i believe were the opening to that seasonal moment where you can escape it yeah because there was so many times so i mean i don’t even know how long i’ve been drinking coffee this is the longest time i’ve went drinking coffee in my life without stopping and there were times where it’s like i need to quit this i felt it i need to quit but then i wouldn’t do nothing about it oh let me have one more cup i’ll think about quitting tomorrow next thing you know i’m coffee full-blown i’ll promote it wear it on my t-shirts however many months and then i’ll have another moment like oh this coffee is probably not good for me

yeah there’s i don’t know we don’t have to go into the science of it but i’ve actually like because i because i heard it the first time i ever heard it was todd white and for anybody that doesn’t know todd white todd white’s a really awesome evangelistic speaker he came out of drug addiction and everything um i actually got the opportunity to meet him at one of his events and i heard him talk about it where he gave up coffee and you know he even said on stage it’s like i’m not saying you have to it was just something that i had to do for me to feel like i was closer with god and you know i started studying into it and everything and i found that you know there’s there’s no real studies that show that coffee is bad for us physically i understand if it’s like if it’s something that we put in front of god and by that i mean like we have to do it before we talk to god we have to do it before we um read our bible or something like that right if it’s got that kind of stronghold on us then it’s it’s a spiritual thing that’s that’s hurting us spiritually and it’s not just coffee that’s literally anything facebook social media youtube uh sex porn um all these things that a lot of people in recovery can can overlook you know taking place of their spiritual walk are things that we should take a look at you know because in my experience the happiest i will ever feel is when i’m one with god and my will is lined up with his that’s a hard place to get but when we’re there it is like it is incredible like taking a step knowing that’s the step that god literally created for you to take like i just stepped with my left foot over here to go in this direction knowing that god told me to do that and created that step from before the foundation of the earth bro and there’s a lot of things you know that can take us away from that awareness and you know for me and my what has it been in my recovery definitely at one point in my recovery um i let success do that to me i let money do that to me you know i felt comforted by the fact that i was you know making so much money and it i got to a point where i was like completely broken you know i was sitting on my couch one day and i was in a new apartment had a new car new motorcycle all these things and i built this business had 15 employees was doing great and i had suicidal thoughts come up like what the heck is this you know i’ve got i’ve got like a year and 10 months sober and i’m sitting here i’m like if this is what sobriety is i don’t even want it you know this is what i’m what i’m saying to myself like is this even worth it and i just went over to my bed because i knew that’s wrong i knew i knew that that’s not what recovery is about i mean that’s not what god is about i was i was aware of that in the moment so i went over my bed and started praying deep into it my god i’m sick of this i don’t want to feel like this i don’t want to think like this i know you have a purpose i want to help millions of people god show me how to speak to millions of people and help millions of people god and just started going deep into it and then the next day i woke up said the exact same prayer and within 10 minutes i saw an ad for a bring god into business conference out in california i was like if that’s not an answer i don’t know what is you know and the beautiful thing about being one with god and like really talking and communicating with him you understand how he communicates back to you and he communicates with us in so many ways that only he can you know we just know that that’s his answer and it’s a beautiful place to be and i’m willing you know i i like to say that i’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there right i like to say that and where i’m at right now i want to say that like you know

i don’t even know what it is right now honestly i’ve got i’ve got like four different things going on right now and this is me being really real with anybody that’s watching this right now but i’ve got like four different things opportunities uh you know ideas and things that i actually have built to you know the jumping point and right now i’m trying to figure out which one to go 100 all in with and uh it’s a sometimes it’s a you know

i need i’ve been praying and the god just gave me the answer you know and i’m wondering if this is a season where god is saying my son i’m i’ve raised you to be able to make these decisions on your own and i go with you with everyone that you go everywhere that you go any decision you make i’m gonna go with you so i’ve got this um yeah i’ll talk to you about it off air but a few different things that i’m that i’m ready to ready to jump into um that are built ready to go just gotta figure it out so yeah pam coming in watching my now 49 year old daughter get migraines when she didn’t have her coffee my limit of a cup of coffee a day if i remember yeah caffeine was a for someone that has migraines because i grew up with uh vascular migraines where i would like get you know tunnel vision i would lose my peripheral vision my limbs would start going numb it would be like i was getting a stroke my my face would like group and stuff and then all of a sudden my whole like my head would hurt like it’s it’s not a headache it’s it’s hard to under it’s hard to understand if you haven’t had one but it’s like the most intense pain all over your body centered in your head and there was only a couple things that helped certain pressure points coffee and then i found when i was 16 weed marijuana was the only thing that actually helped me in that moment um but i’m glad i grew out of those because it was a rough spot love coffee not giving it up either i really like what you just said man that you know to think that god has raised you up to be in a place that whatever you pursue he’s going to be with you um i’m kind of at a turning point in my life as far as my business goes i talked with you a little bit about that when i constantly ask myself like is this the right move is this right move should i even be pursuing this is this another one of the enemies attempts to distract me you know i’m just going to find that out later down the road um

so i like that i like the thought that uh you know we just keep god first somebody prophesied over me a couple years ago said that god was gonna polish my talents and they was going to shine with his glory you know we can do a lot of things with our talents as creatives and

it resonates because i seek to use my talents to create for the lord yeah amen and there’s there’s a question posted me on a podcast a couple weeks ago now that i that i really took to heart and it was just what what are the unique and special gifts that god gave you specifically you to bring to this world and what do you have to do to focus on those to bring those to the world more and that just hit me hard and that made it so it actually took off a couple other ideas that i was thinking about doing i was thinking about hopping back into this industry with the guy that i met and you know it was a awesome monetary you know opportunity but it would have you know taken my time away from doing what i know that i’m meant to be doing and one of the best tools of the enemy is good

he will give you something right in front of you that sounds so good that seems so easy to grab right now looks like a good life looks like you know that looks good you know and he’ll distract you from great with good from god’s best with good and i had that come to my heart when i thought about that specific opportunity and i was like no i’m not doing it i’m not doing it i’m meant to have a similar similar thing come up with my life and now you say it man it’s like whenever the enemy tempts you you can see the fullness of it think about when you attempted jesus he said i’ll make you ruler over all of this all this will be yours jesus could see it all in its entirety right then and there but it’s like the things that god is leading you to you just have that vision you don’t and you know what the next step is you don’t see the entirety of it you don’t see the harvest that’s where the faith comes in

amen so i would say uh i mean just off of what i know right now man my advice to you is you know if you can see if you’ve had the vision of the impact and you know what the first step is knock it out amen pursue it amen you want to say a prayer for everybody before we hop off yeah

lord i just thank you for this opportunity lord i thank you for blessing me with the relationship with adam morton giving us the inspiration to hop on this live and just fellowship and dwell in your presence lord i pray for anybody who’s listening to this and who might catch the replay but they would just come to know you that you will speak that soft gentle whisper to your heart to lead them or to reveal yourself to them your motives for them more than your love that you have for them i pray that we can lay our struggles down at your feet but i just pray for a fresh breath of life to be breathed into us lord to sever the distractions in our hearts and our minds that come in between us and you and strategies and weapons formed against us from the enemy lord for us to see your truth to walk in your plan and purpose for our lives or to just be blinded to the cares and concerns of the world that don’t have anything to do with your plan and purpose for our lives lord i pray that you lead me and adam as as you’ve called us to lead other people i pray that we can keep our intimate connection with you strong and we cannot just stay steadfastly searching after your heart lord and not our own agendas or things that might pop up to distract us

and i pray that you continue to inspire us to testify lord of the truth that worked for us in your hand that has worked in our lives in our hearts to free us from our turmoils and our chaos and our bondages lord that we may shine the light that you put inside of us to lead other people to find you so they can be released from their bondages as well you know to testify what you’ve done in their life i just pray that we fall under the outpouring that you’re pointing upon us lord and help guide other people to come up under a tomb in jesus name i pray amen amen amen amen love you brother thanks for coming on we love all of you stay in the stay in the chat for a minute and uh guys we love you thanks for coming on have a great rest of your sunday night and we’ll see you tomorrow morning for monday morning motivation 8 a.m central time love you guys on instagram for a second and uh covered on purpose

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