Managing Your Emotions: What a relationship with god will do.

We all deal with emotions in life… Whether we are in our addiction or in our recovery, hills and valleys come at us and we need to learn how to get through the tough times.

Today, we are taking a dive into the book of Psalms to find what it says about managing our emotions with a relationship with God.

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what’s up recovered on purpose family thank you so much for tuning in for this week’s episode of bringing the word wednesday right here on the recovered on purpose show today we’re taking a deep dive into the book of psalms to see about managing our emotions what our relationship with god will do i’ve got my coffee my french press colombian coffee i’ve got two translations of the bible here we’re going to take a deep dive in love you guys so much keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came

the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live recovered on purpose

good morning good morning good morning everybody love you all so much thanks for being here for the recovered on purpose show bringing the word wednesday i love this topic we’re gonna be going into managing our emotions all of us have emotions in our recovery we have emotions in our addiction we have emotions in our life and i’m excited to be talking about uh what a relationship with god can do for this good morning carrie good to see you good to see you love you so much carrie the og and uh today again we are talking about managing our emotions and what a relationship with god can do and this is going to be a study from the book of psalms i’ve got six different passages uh lined up to talk about i’ve got two different translations so depending what depending what we find in them you know i’ll hop around between them and see what it says jen what’s up jen good to see you great to see you guys let me know where you’re coming in from and uh guys i’m doing a a new initiative and i’m talking to parents of addicts that are struggling with opiates and you know i’ve found different ways that we can help them got a lot of resources in america and you know a lot of different people that i’ve connected with and i want to you know i want to see what we can do about this because we’re losing a lot of people so if you have a loved one that is struggling with opiate addiction if you’re personally struggling struggling with opiate addiction make sure you’re going to after the show and check out the free calls with me because i’m talking to people about this specific addiction you know i struggled with heroin fentanyl meth crack but the worst one for me physically to find freedom from was heroin and fentanyl and i’ve found something that is able to help people with this and i would love to just have conversation with people and see if it would work for them so if this is you if you know anybody that you should point in my direction make sure you’re sending them my website so that they can find the free call with me so i can talk to them find out about their situation and again let me know where you’re coming in from jen coming in from upstate new york what’s up new york south jersey coming in strong for today january 16 2020 let’s go aaron i know you’re coming in from australia good to see you brother listening in the car on the way to the dentist in indiana three years sober here and counting let’s go elizabeth great to see you great to see you good morning jeremy just for today is right fentanyl is everywhere yes there’s so many things going on with fentanyl guys i’m not gonna get too conspiracy about it but think about it it is now the number one killer of men aged 18 to 45. and this stuff is coming from china fighting age men the number one killer is fentanyl we gotta do something about this we gotta do something about this iowa coming in strong good morning recovery family good morning jewel good to see you morning family love you all keep up the amazing work speaking of which i have to get back to work have a beautiful day everyone adam love you brother love you too jeremy great to see you always dana hi happy wednesday from the uk let’s go we’ve got four countries in here right now for sure at least so we got the uk i’m coming in from medellin colombia we’ve got the united states and then we’ve got aaron coming in from australia jen congratulations elizabeth yes yes make it a great day on purpose keep our gra attitude of gratitude we do recover hey amazing you say that because that’s one of the topics we’re talking about today managing our emotions and the gratitude the gratitude emotion so they get free narcan in central new york and jen i i feel that and i think that they that they should be given free narcan everywhere and i believe that just saving someone from overdose is not enough for this problem it’s not enough we’re losing we lost over 107 000 americans last year alone and you know we have to find a solution to get people off of the fentanyl as well i love that people are doing the harm reduction i think that it’s a vital vital piece and i think there’s something new that’s going to happen because we we’re we’re not going to allow this to happen we are not going to allow this to take over our country morning jackie good to see you my nephew just got out of jail and was doing good job apartment and now list his job yet lost his job yesterday sleeping on a park bench i know he’s using again and i’m worried about him i’m sorry carrie i know the feeling good to see you jackie all right let’s hop into this so the first one the first emotion is joy we’re gonna be talking about joy and what a relationship with god does for joy and how this looks so we’re gonna go to psalm 33 1-22 let the godly sing for joy to the lord it is fitting for the pure to praise him praise the lord with melodies on the liar make music for him on the ten-stringed harp sing a new song of praise to him play skillfully on the harp and sing with joy for the word of the lord holds true and and we can trust everything he does he loves whatever is just and good the unfailing love of the lord fills the earth the lord merely spoke and the heavens were created he breathed the word and all the stars were born he assigned the sea its boundaries and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs let the whole world fear the lord and let everyone stand in awe of him for when he spoke the world began it appeared at his command the lord frustrates the plans of the nations and thwarts all their schemes but the lord’s plans stand firm forever his intentions can never be shaken what joy for the nation whose god is the lord whose people he has chosen as as his inheritance the lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race from his throne he observes all who live on the earth he made their hearts so he understands everything they do the best equipped army cannot save a king nor is great strength enough to save a warrior don’t count on your war horse to give you victory for all its strength it cannot save you but the lord watches over those who fear him those who rely on his unfailing love he rescues them from death and keeps them alive in times of famine we put our hope in the lord he is our help and our shield in him our hearts rejoice for we trust in his holy name let your unfailing love surround us lord for our hope is in you alone amen can i get an amen and this is talking about you know we have a joy within us because we have this knowledge of god this fear of god and the fear of god is we have to take that in context fearing god is not like not the same as fearing someone that’s going to harm you it’s not fearing you know it’s not fearing the future it’s not fearing monetary situations it’s not that kind of fear fear of god is like a like a reverent fear a a respect a love for him because we know that he created everything here and he created us he created our hearts our hearts desires our hearts intentions he understands everything about us and he sees everything so with that fear we can actually have joy joy having the knowledge that god is the one that created all of this and we we are in his grasp we are in his love we are protected by him and it’s talking about at the beginning of this that we should sing praise to him we should you know play music to him we should enjoy this music with him we should sing a new song and something that something that’s really fun to do and i do this at least a few times a week right when i wake up i just say hey google play worship music like literally the minute i wake up because i just start getting that that good feeling that joy inside of me that relationship with god that you know the singing of god’s love to me and i’ll sing it out loud the songs and you know i just that’s how i start a day for a relationship with him like a joy with him because there’s there’s a certain kind of peace that comes knowing that god is going into the day with you and i wish i wish that uh facebook would allow me to play worship music on here but it just it doesn’t let me play copyrighted music but i want to worship on here really bad with you guys i think there’s got there’s got to be a way that i can figure something out where we can worship together also but it’s a it’s an amazing way to get in relationship with him if you’re if you’re struggling with any kind of sadness or any kind of negative emotions going on take like 20 30 minutes in a day literally just take the time to yourself put on some worship music you can you can youtube you know you worship music hit songs for worship and just put in headphones or put it on your speakers in your house and then just listen to it if you know the song sing it out loud and and get those words into you when you when you get that chorus start singing it and you’ll start to feel that emotion of joy within you you’ll start to feel that peace within you you start to feel in oneness with god you’ll start to feel him with you and it’s just an amazing feeling it’s an amazing feeling i saved someone two or three weeks ago methadone isn’t the answer jen thank you for doing that we were talking about narcan a little bit earlier and and the importance of it and also i mean we need more people out there with it more people out there with it it should be in every single active addict’s hand because they’re gonna be around the attics that are still using the most but us that are in recovery you know if we’re gonna be going out we’re gonna be serving people on the streets obviously we should be carrying a narcan also and i am one that believes wholeheartedly with everything in me that this is not god’s will for the planet it is not god’s will that we would be losing a hundred and seven thousand people plus every year in the united states to drug overdose and if it’s not god’s will and that means that he is calling us to do something about it he’s calling you and he’s calling me to do something about this epidemic that’s taking so many people and if we’re called to do that you know what difference are we gonna bring into what’s happening right now narcan is amazing saving lives is amazing and i’m super i’m grateful for you i mean i the police saved my life in 2015. but we have to get people clean they’re we’re having a three percent success rate right now with treatment centers for for fentanyl and opiate addicts for getting over a year and if that’s the case then there has to be something new that comes out there has to be something new greg good morning brother love you brother and sharing with us with my group love you thank you amen amen can you do it on instagram i am pretty sure that facebook owns instagram also but i’m gonna google that really quick while we’re while we’re on the air because i can do it on instagram i’ll hop over to instagram also can you play copyright music on instagram live you can conditionally use copyright music on instagram live live performances of artists are permitted so there’s your safe bet streaming full-length recorded tracks may result in your stream being limited or even terminated the more full-length tracks you play the likelier your chance of being restricted oof see that’s the thing though they’ll restrict me for for playing copyright music

we got to figure something out i know that there’s also probably some unlicensed worship music that that we can get together with but i gotta look it up

if anybody out there knows of any unlicensed worship music it would be great to to have for the show praise jesus the joy of the lord is our strength amen amen methadone isn’t the answer excuse me it saved my life and guys that’s the we got to be careful with certain things that we are you know i i don’t think that any one answer is gonna be the answer for the entire problem i think that you know i’ve found people that have gotten saved by suboxone by uh naltroxone by methadone there’s everybody’s path to recovery we respect it and we love you i’m proud of you ashley and man amen the needle exchange program is harm reduction i was a stimulant user however like i said fentanyl isn’t everything yet i was part of this before i got clean i’m just i’m only just over a week proud of you jen keep it up keep it up and whatever you’re doing now add more to it we got to add more to what’s going on right now in your life in your early recovery to make sure that you are sticking with us for the long run for the forever run not just the long run the forever run build rehabs instead of prisons as a as a big majority of crime here in oz occurs from drug addiction the fentanyl intercepted in australia last week came from canada yeah there’s something going on with china to canada to wherever you know um i agree but the rehabs now and i and i love everybody that’s in that’s in the rehab space that does treatment and i know the hearts of most people in treatment today something’s not working the the success rates are way way way too low to think that we’re gonna you know solve this thing the success rates of rehabs are way too low and we have to be doing something new yes build new rehabs instead of prisons yes put addicts in rehab instead of prison and we need a new kind of rehabilitation we need a new kind of treatment we need a new kind of way to get people over the hump of detox that everybody is so afraid of when they’re addicted to opiates we need a new way of integrating them back into society with jobs opportunities with different ways of you know having a community different ways of you know having a place to live all this stuff as as much as we want to say that the problem is the drugs and get them off the drugs i’ve been clean from opiates for an extended amount of time while i was using and drinking other things and in that time i went back because of all the same habits were in my life all the same habits i went back to the same apartment i went back to the same friends all that stuff and i wasn’t integrated back into some kind of community i wasn’t rehabilitated i wasn’t treated for anything except for that specific drug problem so we got to do something else understand that it was rough for me i apologize for how it came you’re good jen you’re good

listen a lot of amen amen okay so now we’re going to go to oh this is a good one for us this is a good one for us let me pull this banner up abandonment when you feel alone um i don’t know about y’all but i have pretty extreme abandonment issues uh some some past traumas when i was when i was 22 21 22 uh i had this huge friend group this incredible huge friend group um you know i was part of the party scene the like the rave scene and all that and you know i was doing really big things in there also i had a company with shirts that i was able to get staff passes to all these different shows i was on stage with tiesto at midnight for for a uh for a decadence where uh they were doing a new year’s eve party and when people found out that i was using heroin i got completely ostracized from the entire friend group that i had built up i was kicked out of the house that i lived in and i ended up in an apartment alone no friends and trying to kill myself with drugs so a lot of us feel the abandonment and feeling alone so this is uh psalm 22

god my god why would you abandon me now why do you remain distant refusing to answer my tearful cries in the day and my desperate cries for your help in the night i can’t stop sobbing where are you my god yet i know that you are most holy it’s indisputable you are god enthroned surrounded with songs living among the shouts of praise of your princely people our father’s faith was in you through the generations they trusted and believed in you and you came through every time they cried out to you in their despair you were faithful to deliver them you didn’t just disappoint them but look at me now i’m like a woeful worm crushed and i’m bleeding crimson i don’t even look like a man anymore i’ve been abused despised and scorned by everyone mocked by their jeers despised by their sneers as all the people poke fun at me spitting their insults saying is this the one who trusted in god is this the one who claims god is pleased with him now let’s see if your god will come to your rescue we’ll just see how much he delights in you lord you delivered me safely from my mother’s womb you are the one who cared for me ever since i was a baby since the day i was born i’ve been placed in your custody you’ve cradled me throughout my days i’ve trusted in you and you’ve always been my god so don’t leave me now stay close to me for trouble is all around me and there’s no one else to help me i’m surrounded by my by many violent foes mighty forces of evil are swirling around me who want to break me to bits and destroy me curses pour out from their mouths they’re like ravenous roaring lions tearing their prey now i’m completely exhausted i’m spent every joy of my body has been pulled apart my courage has vanished and my inward parts have melted away i’m so thirsty and parched dry as a bone my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth and now you’ve left me in the dust for dead they have pierced my hands and my feet like a pack of wild dogs they tear at me swirling around me and with their hatred they gather around me like lions to pin my hands and feet guys i want you to just recognize this was written hundreds of years before jesus was crucified this is a prophecy right here prophecy all my bones stick out look at how they all gloat over me and stare with a toss of the dice they divided my clothes among themselves gambling for my garments that’s literally what it says the roman soldiers did lord my god please don’t stay far away for you are the only might and strength won’t you come quickly to my rescue give me back my life save me from this violent death save my precious one and only from the power of these demons save me from all the power of the enemy from this roaring lion raging against me in the power of his dark horde i will praise your name before all my brothers as my people gather i will praise you in their midst lovers of yahweh praise him let all the true seed of jacob glorify him with your praises stand in awe of him all you princely people the offspring of israel for he has not despised my cries of deep despair he’s my first responder to my sufferings and he didn’t look the only the other way when i was in pain he was there all the time listening to the song of the afflicted you’re the reason for my praise it comes from you and goes to you i will keep my promise to praise you before all who fear you among the congregation of your people i will invite the poor and broken and they will come and eat until satisfied bring yahweh praise and you will find him your hearts will overflow with life forever from the four corners of the earth the peoples of the world will remember and return to the lord every nation will come and worship him for the lord is king of all who takes change of all the nations there they are they’re worshipping the wealthy of this world will feast in fellowship with him right alongside the humble of heart bowing down to the dust forsaking their own souls they will all come and worship this worthy king his spiritual seed shall serve him future generations will hear from us about the wonders of the sovereign lord his generation yet to be born will glorify him and they will be they will all declare it is finished amen amen so this is talking about when jesus was crucified it’s literally talking about when jesus was crucified there’s a prophecy of it happening talking about you know because this is what jesus was calling out on the cross he was completely emptied of god he was completely emptied of it to where he felt alone he felt completely broke and he felt abandoned and he now knows every single feeling every single emotion that we could possibly have every temptation every emotion every feeling and this is telling us that he’s still going to god he still knows he still knows the truth of what’s happening and he’s still and he’s telling us and he gave us that gift of being able to go to god through him at any point at any point when we’re feeling alone we’re feeling broken when we’re feeling abandoned we can talk to god we can go to god and he will answer he’ll never leave us nor forsake us and i understand the feeling of having god and wanting people and wanting people around me knowing god having god having a relationship with him and knowing that i want some friends i want these people around me also so there’s nothing wrong with taking the time with god and praying for that also say god oh testimony when i was in my first 60 days of recovery first 60 days of recovery

i got sober in billings montana and i moved back down to denver and i was living with my sister i was downstairs in the basement in my room and i just was like overwhelmed overwhelmed with like depression and sadness and and all these different thoughts running through my head and i was crying and i was on the floor and i was literally just like feeling completely broken and this weight was coming down on me less than 60 days sober and in that moment right in that moment my friend abe from billings who’s a pastor up in billings at life source church he called me out of the blue and when i i just i decided to answer obviously and i like tried hello and when i when i answered he was like hey man i just i just felt like i needed to call you and check on you what’s going on i just broke down crying balling i was like i don’t know what’s going on right now i just feel this weight on me i’m on the floor right now crying i feel depressed i feel suicidal i feel all these things going on he’s like all right all right i’ll pray for you and he starts praying for me right and i feel this weight coming off me i feel it coming off me i stand up i’m like bro i don’t know what to do man that was that was heavy something was on me and he was like have you found fellowship yet have you found uh a group down there a christian group that you can fellowship with that you can meet with that you can start to be accountable to that kind of stuff i was like no i haven’t found that yet i don’t i don’t know how to look for it and he was like you have to find it you have to find a church family you have to find a fellowship you have to find people to be around it’s like all right i get out the phone and that night i prayed literally by my bed i was like god i i need to find fellowship here i want people that know you god and i want to get to know you deeper with a fellowship help me find people help me find a church family then in the morning i wake up and do the exact same prayer i’m just like god help me find people help me find a fellowship i need people in my recovery i need people to search for you with god and do that prayer and then i go to starbucks like i was doing every morning basically i was either doing bible study up at my sister’s counter or going to starbucks and doing it i go to starbucks and i get my coffee i sit down i open up my bible and i look over to my right and there’s a men’s bible study like six seven eight guys over there reading the bible and i was like i just like started reading the bible and i’m just like waiting for them to finish and as soon as i see them out of my peripheral stand up i walked over to the guy that i’d seen leading it neal and i was like i was like hey my name is adam uh i’m in your bible study now he was like okay then we end up being coming really good friends but he ends up being one of the pastors at denver united church and invites me to that church i go to that church and becomes my church family for the next like three years four years and that’s the power of prayer when you are praying for something that is a hundred percent in god’s will it is a hundred percent in god’s will for us to be in community together us to be in a body together as believers as people in recovery we are supposed to be around people working towards the same goal it is absolutely his will for your life don’t be afraid to pray for things like that if you are if you are in need of fellowship if you’re in need for companionship talk to god about it make sure that god’s the ultimate relationship the number one relationship you’re working on and then talk to him about the about the need for family down here fellowship down here and he’ll bless it you’ll bless it every time i’m hopping back in the comments

yep i listened to a lot of it yes you can’t heal in the environment you got sick in a hundred percent a hundred percent you cannot heal that’s exactly what happened to me i went and got clean in 2013 came back to the same apartment the same people around me the same habits the same the same business everything and i i couldn’t do it i relapse within four to six months we need to want it most people have co-occurring mental illnesses yep a lot of us do good morning christy good to see you until your country looks at addiction as a health condition and not a crime nothing is going to change we need to be holistic and care for the whole person we focus on the symptom of addiction that stems from something else within we don’t like to look at what the use of a symptom of helping people build their lives back and finding a spiritual aspect to the lives of those suffering jesus helped to fill and heal those wounds that are left behind when we got clean amen i stand in agreement with this 100 percent 100 addiction is obviously a disease it’s obviously a health issue it’s a mental health issue it’s a physical health issue and you know obviously some of us had to commit crimes in our addiction which are crimes if you committed a crime in your addiction that’s different than having drugs or being caught with drugs that kind of stuff but we do need to be focusing on people in recovery just as much as people that are addicted when i’m talking about people that are in recovery i’m talking about that 30 60 90 120 you know five months six months seven months we need to be really focusing on how are we going to reintegrate you back into life back into society back into your dreams back into your passions back into your purpose because it’s super super it’s it’s the number one thing for relapse prevention purpose the the way that we are going to reintegrate into society what our life is going to be about in recovery if our life in our recovery becomes we don’t use drugs anymore that’s that’s a recipe for failure it’s a recipe for failure if our focus and recovery is still on drugs even if it’s i don’t use drugs because if we lose some other kind of identity in our recovery whether it be we lose a job or we lose a relationship we get divorced or something like that we’ll go back to drugs because we don’t use drugs anymore because all of this is going on all this is going on in our life so what happens when all this doesn’t doesn’t go on in our life anymore so we have to be focusing on our purpose reintegrating people back into society i listen to a lot of holi lecrae and dax older stuff i do my workouts to it gets me inspired amen love it dax just came out with a new song also um dear god something like that this is my hardest thing biggest struggle that keeps me in and out of recovery abandonment and trauma i get it christy i get it make sure you’re going to god just like we were just talking about because he knows he knows the feeling of complete abandonment and aloneness he knows the actual internal feeling of that so we can talk to him about it and he knows that feeling he’s felt it you are not alone amen i have my playlist on spotify yes of course we can if we have the correct support in place doing geographical is only changing the place if we heal where we live it builds us up to confront the issues which broke us i agree with that tracy i agree with that an environment is not just the apartment it’s not just the house the environment is the way that we hold that space the way that we you know because in my addiction all i had like all i ate in 2012 11 12 13 when i was just like jamming three grams of heroin a day in my in my arm i was eating like cereal and mcdonald’s so all that was in my apartment was that stuff and it was trashed it was it was not a good place to be living and we can change that environment if it’s if it’s a healthy like neighborhood that kind of stuff if it’s not around like a whole bunch of uh you know drug dealers and things like that that we know right where they’re at but if it’s if it’s something that um you know we can clean we can create a different environment by doing new habits by you know cleaning

my phone is talking to me and i turn it on do not disturb okay if we can change the environment that we’re in we don’t have to even change geographically we can change geographically if when we get there we have all those new habits we have all those new you know ways that we’re going to take care of our space ways that we’re going to create an environment a totally different environment i agree with it’s 100 tracy we must care for the suffering addict and treat them with kindness and grace even the most lost addict is a child of god and deserves the opportunity to redeem themselves yes this does not mean we let the addict run wild our society needs to break the stigma of addiction and quit looking at it as a moral failure but as the mental physical health condition it is the diabetic is having struggles keeping their blood sugar under control or struggling to eat properly do we lock them up no no we don’t i had it literally okay not knocking on my door yep i had it literally knocking on my door yes yes yes okay uh we’re gonna take a quick 30 second break and we’ll be right back what’s up recovered on purpose family i hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as i do when i’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction i’m now doing free calls that we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show all right amen and again i talked about that at the beginning at the beginning of the show that i’m looking for you know if you have kid that is struggling with fentanyl that’s struggling with opiates i want to talk to you if you know somebody that they have a kid over 18 that is struggling with opiate addiction you know even if they’re under 18 um i want to talk to them i have i have actually i have resources for kids i just don’t um i have to connect them with people right and there’s a lot of new things going on right now in this space and we have to find a solution together you have to find a solution i moved cities and the same people and problems were there waiting yeah yeah i get that um i think it’s because when we haven’t changed ourselves yet our environment goes with us when i was when i was in active addiction i was moving around all the time i was knocking doors selling you know directv dish network different things and we would go on things called blitzes which were we would go stay in a hotel in some random city for a month and just sell seven days a week

and i learned that if i googled the homeless shelter i could go circle the homeless shelter like a two block radius and be like oh he knows where to pick up and i could pick up anywhere i went anywhere i went so we have to change in order for our environment to change but if we if we change and our environment doesn’t change our environment will begin to change us so when we change we have to then change our environment to match how we have internally changed right you need to change a heart exactly amen exactly so we’re going to go to fear when you are scared of something big or small we’re going to read this from psalm 55

psalm 55

god listen to my prayer don’t hide your heart from me when i cry out to you come close to me and give me your answer here i am moaning and restless i’m preoccupied with the threats of my enemies and crushed by the pressure of their opposition they surround me with trouble and terror in their fury they rise up against me in an angry uproar and guys remember that the the author of this is david like the the strongest king to ever live the strongest war king to ever live be able to conquer and and go basically do whatever he wanted to do with his army uh he was the one that took down goliath right with a with a sling and a rock so he feels this stuff too that’s the point i’m making my heart is trembling inside my chest as the terror of death seizes me fear and dread overwhelm me i shudder before the horror i face i say to myself if only i could fly away from all this if only i could run away to the place of rest and peace i would run far away where no one could find me escaping to a wilderness retreat has anyone else felt that has anyone else felt like i i just want to run away i just want to run away from all this stuff going on i just want to get away from all this stuff going on listen i will hurry off to hide in the higher place into my shelter safe from this raging storm and tempest and these are his thoughts these are his thoughts god confuse them until they quarrel with themselves destroy them with their own violent strife and slander they have divided the city with their discord though they patrol the walls night and day against invaders the real danger is within the city it’s the misery and strife in the hearts of its people murder is in their midst wherever you turn you find trouble and ruin it wasn’t an enemy who taunted me if it was my enemy filled with pride and hatred then i could have endured it i would have just run away but it was you my intimate friend one like a brother to me it was you my advisor the companion i walked with and worked with we once had sweet fellowship with each other we worshiped in unity as one celebrating together with god’s people now desolation and darkness has come upon you may you and all those like you descend into the pit of destruction since evil has been your home may evil now bury you alive but as for me i will call upon the lord to save me and i know he will amen so this is talking and we have a few more in here but he’s talking about his right hand man his commander his his you know his confidant turned on him started plotting against him you know this is the king of israel this is the the highest person in the land right and the person that he trusted is the one who started to turn against him his friend his best friend right the the trouble that he’s facing wasn’t coming from outside the city walls it was coming from somewhere inside which makes it even even scarier even a worse place and what does he do as for me i will call upon the lord to save me and i know he will that’s that’s the kind of faith that you know i have and i wish i had more of right that knowing when i’m talking to him that knowing that there is nothing here that can harm me every evening i will explain my need to him every morning i will move my soul toward him every waking hour i will worship only him and he will hear and respond to my cry though many wish to fight and the tide of battle turns against me by they by your power i will be safe and secure peace will be my portion god himself will hear me god enthroned through everlasting ages the god of unchanging faithfulness he will put them in their place and those who refuse to love and revere him i was betrayed by my friend though i lived in peace with him while he was stretching out his hand of friendship he was secretly breaking every promise he had ever made to me has anyone experienced that has anyone ever experienced that it’s called a frenemy a frenemy someone even if it’s not this deep because we don’t know what it’s like for a a king’s right-hand man to be plotting against us right but

if you have dreams and goals in your recovery you know there are friends that are frenemies they don’t even necessarily intend to be but subconscious little pokes at you subconscious little you know ways that they’ll tear you down right we have to be aware of those we have to be aware of those we can even ask god like god show us the relationships that we should be in show us the relationships that are harming us and let us find the ones that you would have us be in right let us find the friends that you would have us be friends with his words were smooth and charming yet his heart was disloyal and full of hatred his words soft as silk while all the time scheming my demise so here’s what i’ve learned through it all leave all your cares and anxieties at the feet of the lord and met measureless grace will strengthen you he will watch over his lovers never getting them never letting them slip or be overthrown he will send all my enemies to the pit of destruction murderers liars and betrayers will face an untimely death my life’s hope and trust is in you and you’ll never fail to rescue me that’s a that’s a huge promise that is a huge promise god has our back basically that’s what we can get out of this even with you know when david felt completely alone abandoned uh scared afraid for his life in his human body right he’s afraid that someone is literally gonna come up and stab him from behind because his right-hand man has completely betrayed him has started to plot his demise and started to plot how he’s going to tear him down off the throne and david goes to god and is like dude i know i know i’m good with you just letting you know though just letting you know it would be great if you help me out of this situation because this guy is plotting against me and i know it he doesn’t go he doesn’t go to god with like a fear if god is going to be able to do it he’s like nah i know you’re doing it i already know but it would be great if you didn’t like right now it would be nice if you did it right now because i’m sitting here afraid and stuff inside of my head and you know it would be great to to just see something happen right now and it’s okay to have have a conversation with god like that it’s right here it’s okay to have a conversation with god that’s real it’s and it’s fun it’s fun to have that kind of relationship with him where we are not we’re not necessarily just thinking about him in in reverent fear like oh my gosh god you’re so good you’re so powerful you’re so big and um i know that i’m just a meek little little human here uh god it would be great just to just to uh be able to walk in your will like that’s that’s a good kind of prayer also and we can add in there my god today has been rough today has been rough god i don’t know what to do my job is like my boss is hounding me about these things i don’t know if it’s if it’s me or if it’s something going on with with her um god would you just bless her just bless her and just show me the way show me what i’m supposed to do um and god just just be with me in this and show me what i’m supposed to do show me your will because uh i am feeling pretty crappy right now god and i would just love it if you would help me through the situation you know having a conversation with him that’s real like a person standing next to you that is your best friend that is that is just as powerful a prayer as the one where we are getting down falling down just saying you are so good god you are so good you’re so powerful right they’re both powerful and they’re both needed in a relationship with the one who created us and it’s and it’s amazing feeling it’s an amazing feeling being able to talk to our creator just like we would talk to another human and that’s what we have been gifted with this relationship with jesus we are talking to a human fully human fully god that’s the blessing we have that’s the blessing i take me wherever i go but my state is in wanting improvement and gaining purpose in my life amen jen exactly what i would so in early recovery in very early recovery the number one thing number one purpose is building a foundation program whatever that looks like for you for me i did the 12 steps rigorously not just went to meetings i understand people say go to a meeting every day and all that which is which is great it’s good to go to a meeting every day we should do we should do the 90 90 the 180 and 180 you know one every single day in early recovery so that we’re getting that recovery in our mind but we have to build the actual foundation of a spiritual program that is going to be able to carry us into the long run when we have that foundation right then we can build our house there’s there’s a pastor in the bible that says if we build our house on sand any wind or any wave is going to be able to just tear it down if we build our house on a solid rock foundation it will withstand the storm so first thing in our recovery and very early recovery we need to build a solid foundation spiritual program that we can build our house of purpose on our house of purpose is going to be the things that you’re talking about improvement gaining purpose looking for ways to serve people looking for ways to improve our life looking for ways to personally develop all that stuff is amazing and we got to be doing it in our recovery first things first we have to build the foundation to build that house on and it’s super important i’m really proud of you for being here really proud of you definitely i’ve tried it it was worse lead me not to temptation deliver me from evil amen exactly good to see you there you are coming in from youtube i’m lucky enough to say i’m blessed every single day whether it’s small or large i’m blessed through our lord jesus christ amen hallelujah even people that don’t believe it even people that are pre-christians that don’t know jesus yet are blessed every day by him every single person on the planet has been given the holy spirit it doesn’t matter if they’re atheist or not they’ve been given the holy spirit to be able to decipher between good and wrong right and wrong good and bad all that and that intuitive voice that people hear it is the holy spirit it is when we say yes to jesus we have a new relationship with him and with it with the holy spirit every single person here whether they believe it or not they have been gifted salvation they have been gifted the the the salvation from death from the from the fear of death from the feeling of death from experiencing death and all we have to do is just have faith just believe just know just study what god did what jesus did and then we’ll know we’ll have that internal just knowing what the spirit is knowing that difference between our voice the enemy’s voice god’s voice that’s the that’s one of the best things i’ve gotten out of a relationship with god is being able to decipher between the three different things trying to talk to me all at once right it’s a still soft voice it’s a soft voice and we can always discern it we can always discern it

all right hey hey so the intuitive voice has been yelling at me all right be careful with any voice inside of you that yells at you any voice that yells at you is not god it’s not god it’s a soft voice when god speaks to us if it’s a soft voice saying it over and over and over and over and over again that’s it’s good to listen to and the best way to discern the voices is to get in here get in your bible on your own don’t only listen to me talking about it the reason why i do this and the reason why i read so much out of the bible is so that we’re not you’re not listening to only my interpretation of what the bible says because the bible was written to you and it was written to me personally each and every one of us and if we read this we are going to be able to discern those voices inside of us for what is god because if it can’t be backed up by the word it’s not god it’s not god if it can’t be backed up by this it is not him saying it and it’s a really powerful thing to have a really powerful gift to have to be able to discern between god’s voice

the enemy’s voice and our voice because when we can line up our voice and god’s voice our will and god’s will knowing that what we’re saying is what god would have us say that’s purpose that’s that’s what we were talking about up here that you’re looking for

the improvement gaining purpose in your life all of that when we learn how to line up god’s voice and our voice god’s will and our will that’s where we find what we are supposed to be doing with life and this voice over here that’s yelling if if you have a voice inside of you that is making you feel shame guilt sadness any of that stuff it’s not god there’s a difference between when god tells us correction when he rebukes us when he says that there’s something we need to do to change feelings that come from that are called conviction but if that feeling turns into shame guilt remorse sadness all that all of those feelings are coming from a voice yelling at us how wrong we are and how how how wrong we are how broken we are all that that’s the enemy okay so just get in your bible you will you will really really start to understand the difference be still and know i am god amen exactly exactly it’s more of a gut feeling i get it i get it what up recovered on purpose family just hopping on real quick to show love and support god appointments love you ernie good to see you bro he’s telling me to level up amen level up level up i was taught that if you do not believe that jesus christ the son of god and that he died on the cross and took our sins on him and was raised on the third day and aren’t baptized you can’t receive so checking checking the bible what it says check in the bible what it says and there’s

there’s a difference there’s a difference of what i’m saying to this interpretation because it’s 100 true that it is impossible to have a true relationship with god without believing in jesus without knowing what he did because without knowing what he did without knowing that truth we can’t walk in its fullness we can’t truly understand the gift that we were given jesus died it says once and for all it doesn’t say jesus died once for the people who believe it says jesus died once for all and the people that that receive that gift are blessed here we’re able to bring his kingdom here to earth and i’m gonna i’m gonna because i just don’t remember exactly the verse so i’m going to know it’s at the end of uh matthew but i want to find it quick

oh it’s an axe well actually it says it in a few different places but we’re going to go to acts 217 just to show this and where the reason why i’m saying this right and i and i know exactly what you’re saying about you know you have to believe you have to be baptized you know and and all that what i’m saying is

this is what i will do in the last days so actually i’m going to read a little bit before this peter’s pentecost sermon peter stood up with the 11 apostles and shouted to the crowd listen carefully my fellow jews and residents of jerusalem you need to clearly understand what’s happening here these people are not drunk like you think they are for it is only nine o’clock in the morning this is the fulfillment of what was prophesied through the prophet joel for god says this is what i will do in the last days i will pour out my spirit on everybody and cause your sons and daughters to prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will experience dreams from god the holy spirit will come upon all my servants men and women alike and they will prophesy i will reveal start startling signs and wonders in the sky above and mighty miracles on the earth below blood and fire and pillars of clouds will appear for the sun will be turned dark in the moon blood red before the great and awesome appearance of the day of the lord but everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be saved amen and

i guess

i guess the way that i’m saying it might be wrong the way that i’m saying it might be wrong what i what i believe is that everyone here everyone here on earth has the opportunity to to believe in jesus every single person here and i believe and it says in here that the holy spirit will come down on everybody everybody and it will cause your sons and daughters to prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will experience dreams from god the the holy spirit falls on everyone on everyone it’s here he’s he’s constantly trying to you know let people know he’s here people that don’t believe he’s working on their hearts he’s working on them right but it’s our free will to accept that and even in uh it says it says later on that we are to we are to ask for spiritual giftings because when we actually receive the holy spirit when we actually receive this relationship with christ we can begin asking for gifts of that spirit to edify the church to build the church to help people to serve people uh gifts of prophesy gifts of apostolic nature gifts of service of speaking of teaching these gifts we’re able to ask the holy spirit for we can only do that when we believe every single person here on the planet has access to this period they just have to get that relationship with jesus like you’re saying you have to believe you have to know the truth and go um everybody has the opportunity the holy spirit i learned that you had to be baptized by the blood of jesus the word of our testimony and then receive the holy spirit because after you receive the lord the holy spirit is given amen amen it was him telling me that there is more for me than what i was doing amen jen 100 there’s more for every single person that’s on this live every single person that’s on here no matter where you’re at in your in your journey and your recovery and your addiction there is more for you than you’re doing right now isn’t that crazy no matter where you’re at right now in your life there is more for you because you’re alive beautiful place to be please pray for me really struggling with my addiction and really need to restore my life and my relationship with god god we just uh we just lift up leanne right now god we lift her up to you in jesus name we ask you god that you would do a new work in her god do a new work in her heart a new work in her mind and help her to find recovery god we we cast out addiction right now in jesus name we cast out any plans of the enemy in jesus name any any workers of the enemy that are going into her life god we just ask you to give her discernment and courage and strength to x them out of her own life god and god we ask you to put workers into her life that will introduce her to yuga god workers into her life that will help her find recovery let her eyes be open to these opportunities let her eyes be open to the people that will walk up to her god the people that will call her the people that will text her the people that she will meet online the the the ads that she sees for treatment or or different fellowships or whatever it is god that you put in her midst god let her have eyes that see the path to recovery god and jesus we just ask for you to walk with her in this we ask that your angels be guarding her in front of her behind her to the sides god protect her protect her mind and god whatever it is that she needs god let her know that you are with her and that she can do all things through you god all things if she hasn’t accepted you yet god i just ask for this moment this moment to be the moment god that she is she is turning to you jesus and if she has accepted you she has accepted you god we just asked for her to come back to you like the prodigal son god the prodigal son that where where you are opening up your arms wide and running towards her saying i’m so happy you’re home i’m so happy you’re home there’s nothing you have done that i’m ashamed of there is nothing you have done that makes me love you less i love you the same today yesterday and forever and god i just asked that she would not have this knowledge within her heart this knowledge within her mind and god again the people that come into her life right now give her the discernment and the strength to either say no or go with them god god let her to uh let her build a relationship with you in different practices god prayer let her be reminded to pray to you no matter what is going on in life no matter if she has used or hasn’t god remind her to pray to you personally and jesus we just thank you that you that you love us all so much god that you love us all so much that you would have us here together right now and god you say that wherever two or more are gathered you are in a in their midst so god you are literally with every single one of us right now with your hand on our shoulders with your hand on our heart telling us that you love us and god we just thank you so much for that we love you we praise you in jesus name amen amen love you land love you so much feel free to message the page um i’m i i receive and i respond to every message let me know what’s going on it’s encouragement yes yes yes good morning genesee good to see you good to see you thank you for inviting me to your group i’m truly honored i’m from rhode island and i’ve been clean 34 years let’s go i look forward to our interactions god bless 34 years still in the community still telling us she loves us still still here showing us that it’s possible 34 years thank you for being here emory love you you can do it one day at a time by each minute if need be amen exactly exactly good morning good morning nicole good to see you correct i just wanted to make sure we are all in agreement no confrontation no not at all and guys again that is exactly why we do this i i am not in a place where i think that i’m right all the time i’m not in that place i’m always open to there’s certain people that have a hundred percent access to telling me about correction correcting me with anything i’m doing with my business in my life anything like that i’ve given that power to a few certain men because i trust them with that if you are out there and you you hear anything i want to hear it i want to hear it i’m not i’m not someone that’s trying to stand up and act perfect because i’m not and a lot of people say that we’re all children of god and it actually is very specific that you have to receive jesus to be a son of god or a daughter of god you have to in order to be adopted into the spiritual family i believe that we have all been created by god we have all been created beautifully wonderfully genuinely and and uniquely by god we have to have a relationship with him we have to have a relationship with jesus in order to get the fullness of this life and the next and to find our real purpose john 3 16 for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son that whosoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life amen and the next verse to that john 3 17 for god did not send his son into the world to condemn and judge the world but to save the world through him so when we’re talking about this a lot of people out there that don’t believe yet they they feel the church is jesus the church that says you sin and you’re damned to hell that church in a lot of unbelievers minds has become the message of jesus and the real message of jesus the real message the the number one most important message is that he came to save us to save us all we have to do is have a relationship and believe in him that’s it and it’s the most fulfilling and the most blessed place we can possibly be because we were we were created by him for him period

love you too love you too i’m so flawed i appreciate you so much love you too absolutely pampa texas no meth since 2010 let’s go let’s go fruits of the spirit amen absolutely absolutely all you need to do is humble yourself before him and pray for blessings amen and pray for blessings for others pray for blessings for you know what i’ve found the most powerful place to be in prayer is praying genuinely for others to actually have like really get deep for others for them to have things that you might want things that they want things you know that they need or know that they want in their life pray deep for god to give them that and watch the blessings flow into your life amen amen i’m so angry at him my faith is weak he still loves you he still loves you i would go back to uh i think it was right after the break let me check

now it was actually probably right around right around 15 15 minutes on the on the episode we went into abandonment and when you feel alone and what that uh how that looks with god you know i get it we’ve all been there there’s seasons there’s you know learning this learning this and at seasons like this when we feel that our faith is weak that’s when discipline will bring us through discipline and discipline looks like having a habit of doing the things every single day to restore our faith do we want the faith do we do we i’ve you know i can’t remember being actually angry at god i can’t remember that actual feeling of like like anger at him i remember when i wanted to die really bad i yelled at him like why am i still here but i don’t remember being angry at him because i was i was gifted with an understanding of my relationship with god very early on that my troubles were of my own making the the real feelings that i had with god the the negative ones where i was i was so ashamed i was just so ashamed of what i was doing so ashamed of who i’d become that i had troubles you know talking to him getting close with him if we’re having these negative emotions with him we we got to get deeper with him we got to get deeper we got to get into fellowship we got to get into people that you know get into a community of people that we can discuss these things with that have that faith to get restored so your first step is good being here feel free to message my page uh we’d love to talk can’t see your name for some reason but feel free his love is endless amen jesus doesn’t run out amen i’m really glad i found recovered on purpose i’m new here been clean for a little over three years let’s go let’s go good to see you amanda love you so much thanks for being here prayers back

yes lord god touch your heart thank you for her life we love you in christ jesus amen amen amen absolutely amen oh my powerful i use this myself because i am struggling as well amen good to see you michelle love you yes yes yes amen intimacy and relationship not religion exactly exactly the spirit of religion is one of the if not the number one tool of the enemy period the spirit of religion thinking that we can earn our ticket to heaven or we can earn a relationship with him or we can earn the grace that he’s been that he’s given us freely that’s the number one and it’s also a lot of a lot of shame comes from the the religious spirit a relationship with him number one the best way to get a relationship with him read this on your own read it on your own talk with him pray with him learn from it because it’s talking to you personally so in love with this group we’re so in love with you too we love you if you are not a believer my son how can you have that relationship and believe in him

for yourself or for your son for you keep praying for him pray every day every morning every night you know in your own prayers be praying for him be praying for him there’s there’s power in a mother’s prayer there’s power in it i promise you since you started to pray i’ve been getting chills amen i love love the spirit he’s in our midst it seems contradictory i’m going to tell you that god does not care if you’re angry he wants you to talk to him i have yelled at god i’ve told god that i’ve given up i’ve told god that i felt disappointed by him he loves me amen i’ve had lots of different conversations with him lots of controversial conversations with god right i don’t remember being angry but i could i could say upset for sure you know why is this going on i’m sick of this why is this going on show me why this is going on amen love you too sarah love you too all right guys i love you guys so much thanks for being here for bringing the word wednesday we are actually going to have to continue this uh next week because we have like eight more of these emotions to go through love you guys we’ll see you soon keep living

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