Fellowship Outside of Fellowships: Finding Hobbies in Recovery

We are celebrating recovery time and spending some time together as a community! Everyone in the Recovered On Purpose family continues to amaze me with their connected heart of love and service and I want to continue getting to know all of you!

Addiction recovery is hard at times. Where do we turn to when we don’t know what to do? Our fellowships are great, our church families are great, but what about down time where there is something you want to do?

Today we are going to talk about different “fellowships” to find outside of fellowships and exactly how you can add hobbies and things you love into your life in addiction recovery!

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hey what’s up recovered on purpose family thank you so much for tuning in for this week’s episode of weekend recap right here on the recovered on purpose show today we’re going to be talking about Fellowship outside of fellowships how we can find hobbies in our recovery and then how we can actually go after them and today I have some really exciting news for you guys some exciting things to share with you so really excited you’re here keep living recovered on purpose the black represents the darkness from which we came the white represents the light in which we now live and the red represents the passion it takes to live foreign

what’s up everyone super excited that you are here for weekend recap right here on the recovered on purpose show super excited about this episode we’re going to be talking about hobbies and finding Fellowship outside of fellowships go ahead and drop in the comments if you’re watching this on the replay if you’re here live let me know where you’re coming in from where your clean and sober date is because we always celebrate recovery time right here on the weekend recap so guys I love that you’re all here super excited about this episode I have been diving into something new this week uh that’s that I’m really excited about really excited about sharing it with you guys and uh you know this is something that that all of us need to be doing in our recovery you saw last week we did a episode about relapse prevention and one of the best ways that we can start to get into a new life a new life that we can count on where we’re not thinking about drugs and alcohol is to start filling our time start filling it with things that we love start living for a purpose start living for you know something greater than ourselves and at times in our schedule we need to be living for ourselves we need to be doing things that we enjoy doing we need to be living a life that we’ve always wanted to live and that’s what recovery is all about what we’re we’re super blessed to have and uh you know we couldn’t follow our dreams we couldn’t do these things that we that we always wanted to do while we were addicted but why would we not go back to them now what are we missing out on that you know as kids we always wanted to do so Herrera Juan good to see you yes recovery greetings from Denver Denver brother let’s go that’s where I’m from love you man good to see you I wonder if we uh if we know a lot of the same people in that Community out there where are you at in Denver we’d love to know that Melissa super sorry that that’s going on right now um you know there’s there’s always a time you’re always welcome back I’ve never met any recovery community no matter what if what it was if it was a fellowship if it was you know some kind of church or anything I’ve never heard of anybody shaming someone for their relapse so just know that we’re here for you know that we love you and I’m really glad that you’re here and you know doctors have actually differentiated between something called a lapse and then a relapse and someone that relapsed they had to have actually abstained from drugs and alcohol for 30 days or more in order for it to actually be called a relapse so and what happens is after those 30 days what some doctors are saying is that the first use or or drink is a lapse and then the relapse is when we actually go back into uncontrolled drinking and using if you haven’t gotten to that point yet where you’re using and drinking out of control where you can’t stop it’s time to stop right now get back in your fellowship get back in your program get back in the foundational work that you were doing that that you know got you the clean and sober time before so let’s get back into it if there’s anything I can do to support you uh anyone in this community would love to hear from you everybody that ever comes on this page is just amazing I’m continually just blessed by the people that follow this page the people that come in so never feel you know any kind of way about it we just got to get you back in here I live in downtown Denver but you’re very welcome to come to my restaurant I actually uh I’m from Denver but right now I am coming to you from Medellin Colombia so I’m not there right now but next time I visit I would love to bro and I actually lived in Lohi the the last place I lived in Denver was like right off of uh zunai and like 29th so really close to downtown spent a lot of time there and I actually lived off of uh Curtis and 15th from like October 2020 until uh what January 2021 something like that so I’m in Denver downtown yep welcome to come to my restaurant El Taco velos 72nd and Federal Boulevard bro I am pretty sure that I’ve actually been there I’m pretty sure that I’ve actually been I don’t know if it was how long you’ve had it open but congrats brother awesome I was cleaning for C13 and I don’t know what that is Melissa but um we got you Andrew coming to you from Miami today Andrew I know that you were uh you were set to do some speaking was it Wednesday I didn’t hear from you on how that went how’d it go how’d you feel Andrew is uh Andrew’s a good friend of mine and uh he’s actually in the recovery speaker share your story powerfully course and he actually just shared his story on Wednesday so super excited about that awesome so guys let’s hop into the message for today and we’re talking about Fellowship outside of fellowships and what I mean by fellowships are like 12-step fellowships or you know Church communities things like that that a lot of us get involved in which are amazing we we need that kind of foundational work we need that spiritual Fitness that kind of fellowship with people that you know relate to us on our specific you know disease but there’s all these kinds of things that make us different from each other as well we have one common Bond when it comes to what we used to suffer with right addiction alcoholism that kind of stuff but in our recovery when we’re becoming this new person when we’re becoming into ourselves again we are not just an addict an addict is not our identity I do not take on that I’m that I’m an addict as my identity there’s so many other things to me there’s so many other things to you and we’re able to find these things now that we’re in recovery what do you love to do so one thing we have to be aware of and guys I created these banners so to make some talking points is boredom and spare time if we are in our recovery and that’s this is something this is almost like relapse prevention again so a lot of the things that we do in our recovery are not we don’t have to think about it as relapse prevention we can think of it as building our life again but building our life is relapse prevention because the ultimate goal is for us to stay clean and sober long-term permanent recovery and help others to find recovery if we have a lot of time a lot of spare time if we’re finding ourselves where we’re bored in our recovery we’re not we’re not filling our time with something that we want to do that’s a dangerous place to be because we’ll find ourselves you know with a lot of thoughts going on in our head a lot of thoughts about what we could do you know sometimes those will go to places that we don’t want to go and we’ll start going into a mental relapse where we start thinking about what it used to be like to drink and use I don’t know about you guys but it was very rare when I was in my addiction where I actually felt you know a sense of boredom because either I was using drugs or I was hunting drugs there was always something going on some kind of like drama some kind of suspense you know I don’t know how I’m gonna make the money today I don’t know how if I’m gonna get the drugs today and then if I had the drugs then I wasn’t bored because I was getting high the whole time and in a recovery we we need to find things to fill our spare time with and how do we do that how do we do that so one thing is a healthy routine and a healthy routine is you know this is not just for people in recovery but this is something that you know is extremely extremely beneficial for us in recovery having a routine and something that we do every single day whether it’s whether it’s the morning or an evening routine or if it’s something we do in the middle of the day having something that we know that we’re doing is incredibly healthy and a healthy routine could be something like you know I pray I meditate I Journal I read I read my Bible I love my Bible there’s certain things that are routine that keep us in the motion of you know going towards progress continuing to progress in our recovery continuing to build ourselves up the gym is also a really good thing to add into a healthy routine obviously we all know that we’ve all heard exercise and eat healthy eating will give us these results but a lot of us haven’t done that yet what’s stopping us what’s stopping us from actually going at having this healthy routine that we know would be good for us we know we want to do that so why is it that we haven’t done it yet I want you to ask yourself that I want you to ask yourself that right now what is that thing that you’ve wanted to add into your routine that you know would be beneficial for you and there’s an exercise I actually I teach in a video I’m going to actually share part of that video today super excited about um but it’s an if I then I exercise so if I you write at the top left of a page if I and you write you know whatever that thing is that you want to add to your life so if I go to the gym four days per week and then on the other side you say then I and you write the results that would happen from you adding that into your Healthy routine so I will feel better about my body I will be stronger I will be healthier I will release and relieve stress and anxiety there will be much less likelihood of suffering from depression if you go to the gym if you exercise that kind of stuff so then you write all the positive all the positive impact that it’ll have on your life on the other side and by doing this you’ll start to be able to pick and choose which ones you want to add now and when it comes to a healthy routine make sure that you’re not like piling on 10 different things all at once the best way to build a healthy routine is to do it by adding habits and stacking habits it’s a habit stack I can’t remember if that’s in uh Atomic habits or if it’s in the Power of Habit it’s one of the books I read and stacking these habits will actually create this routine but you do it one at a time one habit at a time because if all of a sudden you’re like I’m gonna read 10 pages a day I’m gonna go to the gym for an hour a day I’m gonna meditate 20 minutes a day I’m gonna pray four times a day you know and you add all these things in then the first couple days you might get it but then on the third day if you miss one there’s there’s a really strong possibility that you’ll just not do all of them the next day so add one pick a specific time when you’re going to do it what you’re gonna do and do it for you know 21 days 26 days something something around the month Mark and then add something else in once you’ve done it for a certain amount of time in a row where it’s become your routine this is what you’re doing now then add something else in it’s called habit stacking and by doing this you’re gonna compound the results in your life this could be you know if it’s Health that you’re after start out with I’m going to cut out you know fast food and then once you’ve cut out fast food for 21 days it’s a habit I don’t eat fast food anymore then you stack in there I’m going to go to the gym Monday Wednesday Friday in the morning at 8am and then you do that for 21 days all of a sudden you’re feeling good you’re loving this new healthy body you’re loving this this way that you feel from it all right you know what I’m going to do now I’m going to do a meal plan I’m gonna do a meal plan where they they bring healthy food to my house and that kind of stuff and I’m using these examples because these are the things that I’ve done and recently actually about uh what three weeks ago now three four weeks ago now I went to my first uh MMA training in a long time and when I went the way that my body felt when I was throwing strikes and stuff I just knew like inside of my body that I could feel that my nutrition was wrong so the next day I was like it’s done I’m not I’m not doing this wrappy service anymore because I work here so much right at this desk that ordering food is much easier than you know going and making it and spending all this time shopping and doing all this stuff so I would just order it I found this service where they literally deliver all three meals every day super healthy meals perfect and and make so I can just go in grab my food come back in and work so and then stacking these habits just makes you able to build a healthy routine I’m gonna hop back in the comments

what’s up Johanna good to see you good day Aaron coming in from uh coming in from Australia love that Johanna coming in from Columbia probably in bed and Kia it’s hard to figure out what you like to do when you just like to drink I get that we’re going to go into that today we’re gonna go into that January 16 2022 let’s go let’s go Jeremy coming in smart Day date for the rest of my best life amen Jeremy I’m super happy you’re here love to see you always love you brother Adam and family big love love this family this is a healthy routine amen Jeremy and this is something you can do um I don’t I don’t say that there’s that I’m the only page to follow in recovery I don’t I don’t act like that at all I think that there’s a lot of communities out there a lot of uh great Pages a lot of great people that are doing live videos that are creating these communities and having it in your routine to you know there’s so many pages in recovery that there’s probably one of us going live every single day every single day of the week that you can find and you can join in that Community it can be part of your routine to be in the recovery Community online be talking to people be learning from people be supporting people there’s people that are relapsing that are coming in these videos that you could literally and and Melissa is struggling right now any one of you out there right now could send her a message to say hey how you doing I saw you in the live video you know and just wanted to check on you and see if there’s anything I can do for you that’s an amazing amazing thing to do for somebody and not only will you help her well you’ll be helping yourself because we we know that the way the the the number one thing that our mind should be focused on in our recovery that guarantees guarantees permanent recovery is serving others how am I going to serve someone else today what can I do to serve someone else today because when our mind gets fixated on something that we’re going to do today to help someone else we’re not going to have the space to think about using or drinking just doesn’t happen we don’t have it that is the W few a minute a week I get it South Jersey jumping in head first and strong in my sobriety through recovery amen makes sense I get it for me the more difficult thing about keep my sobriety is fight against the cravings okay so let’s talk about this there’s a little bit of a difference between not a little bit there’s a lot of bit of a difference between cravings and obsession so a craving is actually something that happens when we are introduced to a mind-altering substance if we take a drink or we have a drug that comes into our body our body begins to Crave drugs and alcohol it’s a physical allergy it’s something that happens to us that makes us want more and more and more the thoughts that make us want to use once the drugs and alcohol are out of our system it’s an obsession it’s something that that our mind is different than other people’s minds why is it that we can’t stay stopped why is it that we can’t stop thinking about using why is it that we can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be at the bar right now I was actually on on a call with someone right before this that was explaining the same thing and he just you know I used to sit at my desk and I would at 10 30 in the morning I would be like I can’t wait for five o’clock when I go to the barn it’s just like my mind was fixated there and I didn’t know what to do that’s an obsession and the way that we get rid of that one of the things is by what we’re talking about tonight adding Hobbies not having that down time not having that boredom time and doing things that we love to do and building things that we want to build and serving people glad everyone that could make it made it you’re all amazing human beings of love and light amen amen hello from Bryan Ohio what’s up Tanya good to see you hello hello there is a lot of communities out there but this is my home group and I love my family here I do network with others but this is my favorite one I love you Jeremy you’re my favorite one too bro you’re my favorite one too all right and you’re all my favorite just to make that clear I always say that you know I’m God’s favorite because I absolutely believe 100 that I’m God’s favorite child he ever made and I also believe that you are you that are watching this and listening to this right now you are God’s absolute favorite 100 percent all right so these are actually the benefits of creating the healthy routine okay so being able to unwind and relax having the having the routine in your life that you know you know that this is gonna happen you know you know that you’re going to the gym at this time you know that you’re going to do this hobby at this time on this day you’re able to you know re like unwind relax from work from you know step work even from recovery work all that because you have this routine over here that your mind is going to be focused on you’re going to be in this present time doing your routine and one thing that I that I I just believe this 100 okay and this is this is someone that is heavily involved in fellowships I love my fellowship communities I love everybody I love the process of it I think they’re incredible and I think a meeting a day for 90 days you know at the beginning of recovery is a lifesaver and I believe that at a certain point we we can add other things in and the meetings become less of a 100 top priority in our recovery over building a life that we want to live okay that doesn’t mean that recovery moves down in the ranks for priority that means it actually moves up because adding something in if we if we’re going to a meeting every single day seven days a week we’re working nine to five we go home we you know get we eat we get dressed we get ready and we go to the meeting then we go home we sleep we do it again it’s a great routine now on Saturdays and Sundays you know there’s nothing wrong with missing a meeting to go do something you love there is nothing wrong with that and don’t let anybody tell you that there is if you want to add something into one day and take everything recovery out meetings all that kind of stuff and add in one day where it’s just for you I’m gonna go do this activity I’m gonna do this hobby I’m gonna add this into my life that is a good thing it’s healthy for you you want to build a life that you love and make sure that you’re doing things that you love because that’s ultimately going to make you in a place where you’re happy with your life you’re joyful you’re content and you’re ready to keep going with it you’re ready to keep going you’re making it worth it okay so another one is learning new skills both for professional and personal life um so something that I’ve been doing this week I’m super excited about I’ve been learning how to actually create and it’s actually been a couple weeks now that I’ve been doing it but actually created a bunch of videos that are going to start releasing tonight at in right at the end of this show it actually the first one releases on YouTube I’m gonna share part of it tonight but uh super excited about it so learning new skills is you know you can use it for personal life for business life if you want to you know increase your your value in your in your career life right maybe you take a class on you know WordPress because you want to learn how to build websites maybe that’ll help you that skill will be good for you plus that skill would be good for personal life also maybe you want to build your own website on you know your own brand maybe you want to build your own website with a blog or some something like that the learning new skills will continue to keep you going and knowing that you are progressing in your life in recovery and learning new things and constantly it gives you something up it actually is the next one um it gives you things to look forward to and this is a this is a huge huge huge value add to our recovery having something that is going on some future date some future time that we are looking forward to when we’re looking forward to something going on then the time from now to that time we can’t relapse we can’t we can’t think about going out and drinking using because this thing isn’t going to happen and I’m not talking about if you are stuck in the phenomenon of craving where you can’t stop using because setting things out in the future a lot of times will let us down because I wasn’t able to ever fulfill on most things in my addiction and I and it was like a trauma cycle it’s like constantly saying I’m going to do this thing and then oh I can’t show up constantly saying I’m going to make this thing happen and doesn’t doesn’t happen but in our recovery setting goals setting things that we’re looking forward to you know having Hobbies or activities or you know having a a class that we’re taking that we’re looking forward to the graduation or for me when I was writing my book I can’t even tell you how much I was focused and looking forward to that book releasing and for those five weeks that I was writing it my mind was nowhere else except that release date that launch date my two years clean and sober I’m gonna be an author I’m gonna be a published author and looking forward to these things Keeps Us steadfast it keeps us excited about recovery it keeps us excited about life because in our recovery we want to shift the focus as much as possible and as quick as possible from I’m battling drugs and alcohol to I’m progressing and living a life I love because if we keep our mindset focused on battling drugs then we’re constantly going to be in the battle we’re constantly going to be you know thinking that if I don’t do this then I’m going to use if I don’t do this then I’m going to drink and if we’re in that battle then what happens when we have something show up when something shows up that we can’t do this thing over here that’s going to put us in a place where you know it’s a dangerous place to be so in my in my 100 opinion and belief you know you can have your own on this but when we shift our Focus to a life we love and building a life we love we we’re able to stop thinking about using drugs and alcohol period when we’re not when we’re no longer battling it and we’re actually focused on building a life we love then we’re building a life we love and we’re no longer battling it and I know it’s like this this weird Circle in Paradox that keeps going around but it’s true we want to focus on building a life we love in our recovery in the early stages of recovery you know in the first 30 60 90 six months of recovery even in the first year sometimes we need to focus on building the foundation building the healthy Foundation of recovery the program that we’re working the things that we do every single day that keep us in the state of recovery spiritual Fitness but then on this other side when we have this Foundation built in our life and we come over here we have that built we’re doing it we’re doing it every day we’re doing these things we have to do now on this other side let’s focus on okay how do I build a life I love what could I add to my life that I love and then we do it because we have the opportunity to because our foundation has been built so another benefit of the healthy routine is you’re able to explore your creativity and this is something that you know every single one of you out there has we were created by a Creator to be creators creativity is Divinity there’s there’s something to it when we have something that we want to build that we want to make that we want to you know create and we do it we were built for that and there’s there’s all kinds of different ways that we can look at the word create um for instance I wanted to create a book there was a whole process to creating the book there was a whole process to writing it publishing it getting getting the uh the cover photos done getting the the cover done and everything and in that process I felt like I was the creator I was the creator of this book uh creating a life that you love in recovery you are the creator of that life creating you know lunch something something as simple as creating lunch cooking yourself a meal you know these kinds of things put us in a state of you know exploration of what we’re able to do maybe we want to explore you know our taste buds so we start adding new things into lunch we start adding new things into dinner whatever it is that we want to do maybe I want to try this food and see if I like that oh I really like that maybe I’ll add this kind of sauce into it or whatever it is and I’m using this as you know an example but there’s so many different ways to explore our creativity and by exploring our creativity we’re going to be excited we’re going to be excited when we when we’re doing something we love and it takes our creative mind in order to make that happen so another thing we’ll be able to discover hidden talents every single one of you out there was given unique and special gifts specifically for you you were created for a purpose on purpose and you you’re here right now you are here right now in this time to make that thing happen so by doing this by creating a healthy routine by you know if it’s reading if it’s if it’s meditating and praying these kinds of things if it’s exercise you will and you’re focused on it you’re doing this routine your mind will not be focused on work will not be focused on um you know this other thing that you’re struggling with or you’re this family life or whatever else and when you’re in this healthy routine your mind is actually being given a whole bunch of free space free space where it’s not focused on this thing over here so ideas can generate ideas can come up things things about you that you never knew will come up while you’re doing this healthy routine and you can discover hidden talents you know maybe you are incredible at writing but you never wrote Because you know one teacher one time gave you a c on a paper or something who knows there’s there’s so many different hidden talents to explore and look at and the way that you can tell a talent that you are like a gift something that God gave you to do is that when you start doing it not when you’re thinking about it when you actually start doing that thing it comes simply and you love doing it you like doing it like you don’t always have to be like really excellent and super good at it right now this moment but when you start doing it you see how you could make this good you could get better at this and you have some kind of Desire within you like that would be fun I would like doing that and that that is that’s you know my definition of talent and I just came up with that because it’s my it’s been my experience with certain things but looking at something that you that you are trying for the first time and you like it you want to do it and you could see yourself improving at it there’s certain things that I just I just can’t do I I don’t want to learn I have no talent in it um for instance let’s say you know and these some things I still do just because I need to but let’s say um you know graphic design right I have I have done certain things where you know I had to figure this out and this out and this out to put it together to make a graphic design and it took me like three hours and then I send it to a graphic design artist and he sends me something back that’s like 10 times better in five minutes so how is it that I’m like spending all this time doing this thing and then I can’t get the product that I actually like in three hours and then five minutes this other person does it right and this is for all kinds of different things I’m just using examples again this could be utilized for any talent that you find okay and discovering something that you want to do that has a talent in it doesn’t always have to have it’s not I don’t even want to use that term it doesn’t have to have any kind of money attached to it there’s there’s something to having something that you love in your life that you want to get better at that you want to keep doing and doing it it makes you feel alive it makes you feel good about yourself it makes you you know feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing and while you’re discovering that have fun with it have fun trying new things out and we’re going to talk about how to how to find things as well I see someone doing an angry reaction right now I don’t know what’s going on maybe it was a mistake but let’s go in the comments um

why is it hard to not when you say no when everything is crazy I know Melissa I know where you’re at girl you can send me Melissa you can send me a message to this page and and we can we can get chatting in there okay try new positive things with recovery it’s okay to experiment in positive ways amen mental health day yes amen exactly Adam do and try new things that you actually love and enjoy things you’ve always wanted to do but never could because of your past active addictions exactly exactly pinky good to see you a life beyond our wildest dreams that doesn’t mean there won’t be trials and tribulations Life On Life’s terms thank you exactly this is exactly it in our recovery it’s we you know it’s very rare that I hear someone promise that you know life in recovery is is nothing but rainbows butterflies and bunnies you know it would be amazing it would be amazing if everything in life was always joyful and happy and everything or maybe it wouldn’t because if everything was always happy joy bunnies rainbows all that how could we actually enjoy it without knowing the other side of it without understanding the pain without understanding the trials and I can tell you that the best feelings that I get in life are when I have to do something I have to put in hard work I have to you know set aside you know Pleasures or or other things that I want to do right now in order to sit down and do this thing it’s more fulfilling to really go through the trials the tribulations making it on the other side and becoming the person that is able to make it through those things every single person on here right now even even Melissa even even though you have relapsed right now you know how to recover each and every person on here right now is someone that can recover from drugs and alcohol even if you’re listening to this and you never have before I promise you everyone in here that’s in recovery will tell you that not only is it possible but it is likely if you do the work if you do what is what is necessary to recover you will recover period yes Adam idea will generate at the same time you will be living in the now which doesn’t give time for anxiety and worry it will fall to the Wayside the minute you focus on what you’re doing positively amen and good to see you awesome dude amen guys we’re going to take a quick 30 second break and we’ll be right right back what’s up recovered on purpose family I hope you’re enjoying this episode as much as I do when I’m making them guys if you’re getting any value from this if you’re seeing any golden nuggets that you want to share with your community make sure that you are you’re sharing it with your groups you’re sharing it with your personal page or your pages or to that one person that you’re thinking of right now and their messenger so that they get this message and guys the brand new recovered on purpose website is up and it has a whole bunch of different merchandise and resources and the free calls with me so make sure you’re checking out recoveredonpurpose.com after the show and if you are a loved one of an addict if you have a kid that’s suffering an addiction I’m now doing free calls so we can strategize and find out how we can get them clean and keep them clean love you guys so much and enjoy the rest of the show all right amen amen amen amen and for you that are just coming on right now what we’ve been talking about are the benefits of a healthy routine and being able to you know get rid of boredom and spare time things like that in our recovery in order to you know have something that we’re doing have something that we’re working on our in our recovery and it’s everything is obviously we can look back at it as relapse prevention but in reality what I like to look at is building a life we love building a purpose that we love so if you want to learn the uh how many is this uh one two three four five six seven you know like six different things for uh benefits of a healthy routine you can go back and watch that but I actually missed one so making new friends and that’s what the show is about so having these you know getting rid of this spare time getting rid of this boredom and explain exploring a healthy routine exploring Hobbies exploring activities and things that we want to do we will actually be able to build Fellowship outside of fellowships if you’re someone that loves to play basketball you know you used to love playing basketball before you were an addict before you ended up you know unable to stop using drugs and you couldn’t play basketball anymore if you love playing basketball and you go to you know the the rec center in your area and you start doing pickup games what happens is that you start making friends that like to play basketball maybe you show up two times a week and those two days a week there’s like six other guys or girls that always show up those two days all of a sudden you have a community and after a certain amount of time you get to know each other you get to know you know each other’s stories what each other do and everything like that and if you relate in other things outside of basketball maybe you hang out outside of basketball also maybe maybe you both like to go hiking so you decide to go hiking maybe you both want to try skydiving so you go skydiving together you know in these new activities these new healthy routines and these Hobbies you’re gonna find new Fellowship you’re gonna find new friends and obviously we need our fellowship we need our recovery community and the people that we relate to with that but there is there’s so much more to relate to this world than than being an addict I can’t stress enough your identity is not your addiction period especially in recovery you don’t have to hold on to that identity for the rest of your life you are loved you are different you’re unique and I love you all right so questions okay so actually I’m gonna show you guys something before we go into questions to ask yourself for finding Hobbies because I’m really excited about this so in 23 minutes the first weekly video is coming out on the YouTube channel and what I’m doing now is every Friday at 7 pm as soon as this finishes A A produced video is coming out on YouTube something that is to serve our community something that you know some kind of thing that will help addicts out there so this week’s episode or this week’s video is a full-on video for relapse prevention and if you haven’t yet make sure that you download the free worksheet I made a whole free relapse prevention worksheet it’s got you know a list of like 40 different positive affirmations it’s got exercises in it to find out who you are what you want in your life find out why you quit using drugs and alcohol in the first place what actually made it so that you could stop using drugs and alcohol and in this worksheet you’ll get clear on why doesn’t you quit how you quit and what you want to do with your life now and then there’s other exercises within there that I just really recommend that you check it out totally free so the hobby that I’ve picked up is creating videos and editing videos and I’m gonna have fun with this I’m gonna start adding new things in learning new techniques and things but this is Adam here today’s video is about relapse and relapse prevention we’re going to cover what relapse actually is the statistics relapsing during this video stages and warning signs of gradual that took me a while the best techniques to prevent relapsing your recovery using a teleprompter I don’t have it in here right now

if you are still out there in addiction first what is relapse relapse is defined as someone suffering from substance use disorder that has abstained from drugs and alcohol for 30 days or more that then goes back to using drugs or drinking since I’m going to fast forward a little bit you guys can watch this on the channel on the YouTube channel uh forward slash recovered on purpose you can just search for code on purpose on YouTube place to look back if you’re not yeah God forbid not yet please make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel um because you know it supports the community supports me supports the movement and uh I want to get this message out to as many people as possible because in this video I basically break down you know what relapse is I break down you know different ways of actually preventing relapse like the best forms of relapse prevention the three stages of relapse because uh is it uh yeah there’s a joke in it um the three stages relapse because it doesn’t just happen all of a sudden you don’t just like all of a sudden wake up and like oh I’m using drugs again now it’s stages things happen in our recovery that take us to a place where we relapse so go over all that in this video I’m trying to find something uh it’s probably back here

let me see your recovery this list can include exercise reading

expenses activities accomplished basically everything if Hobbies or activities you love to do that keep your mind completely off drugs and alcohol for me I love playing basketball care of yourself and your recovery this list can include exercise well can’t find it right now you can watch it basically uh at my six months clean and sober I went skydiving I had always wanted to go skydiving my my whole adult life my whole young adult life but I was never able to get away from drugs and alcohol for long enough to be able to actually you know go skydiving so for my six months clean and sober I went skydiving for the first time to celebrate and it changed my life I share a video of me skydiving in there and what happens when when we do these things from our bucket list these things that we’ve always wanted to do and we do them in our recovery and we reward ourselves for the hard work that we’ve put in to find recovery we’re going to be able to you know have that feeling that we deserve this because you do deserve it you deserve the life that you’ve always wanted to live there’s there was something that was happening to you in your addiction that was taking you away from the life that God actually wrote for you the purpose for your life the the the joy that you’re supposed to feel in life the happiness the love that you’re supposed to feel in your life and whatever that was that was going on over here that was taking that from you when we’re in our recovery it’s no longer there and when you when you have the opportunity to really go after what you’ve always wanted to do you got to take it you deserve it if you’re in recovery you battled something that 90 or more of the planet will never understand the battle that you went through what the work that you actually had to put in in order to find recovery you deserve to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do okay hopping in the uh hop in the comments real quick

uh I just graduated relapse prevention on Tuesday that’s a celebration let’s go let’s go Tanya congratulations and by graduating um I hope that that means that you learned all the things that you’re going to do in your recovery now to make sure that you continue to you know live in recovery I love that congratulations amen amen celebration lights off good evening Carrie good to see you sorry I’m late just got home from my cousin’s service another loss due to drug overdose Carrie I’m super sorry um you know everything I’m doing everything I do is is to lower that rate is to help people out there that are struggling that’s what all of us are doing right and I believe that us in recovery you know no matter how many people we lose there’s still someone out there that each and every person on this video right now or watching the replay is counting on you I believe that with everything inside of me that there is someone out there that will only find recovery if you help them I just believe that I’m almost two years sober God knows I had to fight my bad habits to get on a healthy routine look now almost two years sober all God’s grace almost two years I don’t know it almost means but almost is good enough for the uh the celebration lights I love it and Pinky I love seeing you you in here thank you for coming in great to see you amen amen amen how do I get my son to rehab I keep planting the seed keep telling him he is worth it I love him so much he’s homeless states away I’m so worried Dana send me a message um you can also go to recovered on purpose.com and click on get help now and it’ll take you to where you can actually book a free call with me and you can tell me what’s going on with him tell me the uh the ways that you’re able to connect with him and we’ll basically come up with a plan see what we can do if I have resources that I can connect you to um all that so go go to recovered on purpose.com and book a call with me I mean the boonies no car but I’m four years clean and sober amen let’s go four years clean and sober in the boonies no car and still able to find recovery still in the community that’s what this is about that’s what this is about and Carrie I remember when you went skydiving amen amen that was uh so I’ve been skydiving a few times now I’ve actually been skydiving in three different countries now which is a you know I just love it I I love it because it was something that I always wanted to do and now I have become the person that does things that I want to do that are good for me or good for the planet I I I’m just someone that does that now in my recovery I made that decision so amen amen I’m going to show you guys something um I did it in I did it in reels and uh this is something like I told you guys a hobby that I’m that I’ve picked up making videos something that I always did was you know write poetry I used to do it all the time I kind of left it behind um but decided yesterday I wanted to try out what would happen if I you know put poetry over motivational music for our community and uh this is what came out

there once was a homeless man wandering the streets lost in his ways and unable to feed himself much less paid for a roof over his head yet he still found Ways and Means to get the drugs he craved on one day fed up with the dirt on his face and the shame on his name he made the decision to do whatever it takes to lift himself up from the holy a dug he started with church a Bible study and meetings and groups of people just like him he showed up every day walking miles with holes in his shoes yet he failed and he failed and he failed again the people around him gave him looks of disgust as he raised his hand so many times in a row but what they didn’t know was this man’s decision didn’t include failure in the end and falling a hundred times only strengthened his legs for the battle set to begin he looked up to the sky and he screamed in Anger nothing is working God why am I alive I’ve tried everything here please I don’t want this life and obviously I am working on the audio skills because I just use this microphone right here using the videos putting them over over uh music that I find and uh you guys just heard the first cut of it the first try at it and it’s something I love it’s something I love it’s something that I want to do and I’m aware that uh that audio especially now is not to the uh to the standard that I would like it to always be but like I was talking about earlier it’s something that I love something that I want to do um it’s a skill I want to learn and I’m going to focus on it I’m going to focus some time on it and it’s gonna help it’s gonna help me helps me feel alive and that’s what this is about it’s about finding things in your recovery that you love to do and do them there is nothing stopping you from doing it nothing and then something else I’ve I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and this this next video I’m only going to share a clip of it but this because this one’s actually coming up um next Friday but positive affirmations and I wrote a whole list and I’ve got like 101 of them like original positive affirmations specifically designed for addicts in recovery things that I’ve said to myself I write affirmations down on my whiteboard and change them every once in a while and I read them out loud and everything and by doing this practice I’ve I’ve kept my mind on on a good track right and I wanted to share that with the community this video literally took me eight hours straight to figure everything out for this video and uh see what you guys think I’m only gonna share like there’s gonna be like three affirmations that come out of it that I’ll share


of my thoughts emotions and feelings

I am in control of the way I act and respond to life

I allow God to take control of all I am not in control of

one more I take deep breaths and allow my feelings to be understood amen so that’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time uh because there’s a lot of things that we have to make sure that we’re doing for ourselves and our recovery that if our mind is thinking about negative things or or you know troubles or whatever we will forget to do them we will forget the the mindset that we’re supposed to have we can we can forget things that will focus us on the Here and Now on our recovery and on living our best life and throughout that you know I plug in different things you know for Recovery specifically like um I forgive him for the harmy cosme I forgive myself for all the harm I caused others I forgive her for the harm she caused me and different you know different affirmations that if you repeat them over and over and over they become part of your subconscious mind they become part of how you you know how you respond to life how you show up to life and I’m aware that you know a lot of us say I’m I’m not in control I’m powerless and that kind of stuff but it’s just not true if you imagine yourself elf with a hula hoop on the ground you’re standing in the middle of it you are in control of everything inside that hula hoop a hundred percent everything that you think everything that you say everything that you do act the way that you the way that you move you are in control of that everything outside of that hula hoop is out of your control it’s out of your control so us having the mindset that we are in control of what we are doing now now that we’re in recovery because in our addiction when we had lost control completely that’s a different place than we are right now but taking that control and using it to serve others to live our best life to live and progress and continue to move in our life is where we want to be in our recovery so next we’re going to talk about questions for to ask yourself for finding Hobbies we’re going to go through these real quick we got like nine minutes and eight questions so what did you enjoy before your addiction and I want you to ask yourself this what were things that you used to love doing before you ever got addicted to drugs and alcohol what was it Sports was it writing was it poetry was it you know any whatever it was for you was it crocheting or drawing or writing whatever it was why did you ah what activities did you abandon that could bring you Joy so what things did you did you like to do in the past that you would enjoy doing if you brought it back up because sometimes when we leave something in the past when we when we used to do something and we decided one day I can’t do that anymore you know because I’m on drugs or whatever sometimes in our recovery we’ll forget about that thing because in our mind we have already abandoned it but would that thing bring you Joy now in your recovery what is it why why would you why would you not do it now it’s a good question to ask why would I not do that right now what’s holding me back from doing that right now if it’s an activity that I used to love that I abandoned because of drugs and alcohol that would bring me join now well you’ve recovered and you deserve that thing you deserve that thing back in your life what have you always wanted to try and again this is something that you know I did with skydiving I had always wanted to try skydiving and I rewarded myself on my six months clean and sober by going skydiving and it changed my life I was now someone that does things that he says he wants to do that does activities that he wants to do that lives the life that he wants to live because I did the work to find recovery and each and every one of you that has found recovery you deserve to live the life you’ve always wanted to live so what have you always wanted to try go try it make that bucket list what were your childhood interests and what made you stop so by asking yourself this you know oftentimes right here we’re going to find the answer because I was using drugs and drinking I I decided that my new hobby is shooting heroin that’s it that’s the only hobby I have and if that’s what was staking you was taking you away from your real interests right now your interest is a drug or now your interest is a drug or alcohol or whatever it was that trapped you in addiction but all that did was it stole something from you it stole your childhood interest from you so what’s stopping you from going back to that why wouldn’t you go back to those things that used to interest you as a child why wouldn’t you you know try out that hobby try out that activity try out you know writing or whatever it is that you want to do all of you out there can can spread a message each and every one of you can spread a message of Hope and recovery and for each of us it looks different some of us want to create videos some of us want to go live and talk to people some of us want to speak some of us want to create beanies out of crocheting that say I found recovery you can too you know or some of us want to draw and draw some super dope art figure out how to really draw some really good art and spread hope that way you know I have seen some of the coolest art on the planet that was related to drugs and alcohol and addiction something that was saying you know uh depicting the the horror of it or depicting the recovery and the hope of it so what’s stopping you from doing that who are your role models and why do you look up to them by asking yourself this you’re you’re gonna find you know what that person does that you look up to you know maybe that person is you know for me I love Gary Vee and Russell Brand those two guys mixed into a a brainchild is what I would like to become and the reason for that is Gary Vee is just he is all for it he doesn’t care what anybody thinks he says everything he means and he spreads this incredible message of doing the work and also just a hundred percent love and kindness for everyone no matter how they come at you and that has been my that’s been my belief in my heart even before I found him and that’s what I connected on him with just the way that he would talk about you know responding to messages and responding to hate and different things like that it made me look up to him in a way where I was like all right I’m gonna follow this guy not only follow him I’m going to consume his content and I’m going to find what it is that I that I really want to you know take from actually on I’m actually on his text list I get a text from him like every day so in finding why it is that you look up to them that will you know that’ll make it so that you can find the hobbies that you want to do like for instance garyvee is the reason why you know I don’t want to say the reason why but he taught me a lot about creating content he taught me a lot about just pumping out content helping the people you want to help serving the Community First Serve serve serve serve serve and you know Finding what you’re passionate about and doing it that’s what I’m doing so also you can Google new hobbies literally just Google what are some hobbies in my area or what’s a good hobby for addicts and Recovery you know you can Google and find new hobbies find new activities look for ideas pick one do it have fun you can ask friends and family what their favorite hobbies are just by asking someone what their favorite hobbies are you know maybe they’ll give you a list of three and be like oh that’s awesome I really like that and you don’t really want to do those three but you love that they do them you love that they love them and then this person over here like for instance this literally happened for me here in Colombia one of my friends told me about a hobby that he does called paddle tennis I went and played one time and I was hooked I’m a paddle tennis player now I’m not very good yet but I love it and in that Community we have a we have a WhatsApp you know Meetup Group uh where we we say what time we’re playing and we have a list and people put their names on the list and everything and that is a community that has nothing to do with my addiction or my recovery we have something in common with that and out of that I’ve made other friends also I’ve made friends that are you know I actually met a guy a lot of you may actually know him he was down here James Sweeney if you’ve ever heard of uh you know I think it’s 90 days alcohol free you know it’s a he went all over the place with marketing and everything doing programs helping people get off alcohol and uh he was actually here met him at paddle tennis when I because he asked me what I did I told him and he was like oh I’m you know I do something similar I help people you know get off alcohol I was like oh yeah what do you do and then I was like looking at him and he shared his program with me I was like dude I have literally seen your ads that’s popped up like two years ago and now we’re friends you know he actually shared shared a video of mine on Instagram for me so pretty cool look up local classes you’re interested in so it’s a good Community to get into what is something that you want to learn you know you can find really inexpensive college classes uh it doesn’t have to be headed towards a degree sometimes you just want to learn something get in that community and look you’re going to be in a class with a whole bunch of people most of them are not going to be in recovery and you can find people that you have interests with I love you guys thank you for being here um super super excited about this community excited about your recovery I love you have a good weekend keep living recovered on purpose

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